Red Carpet Rundown: The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Posted on April 12, 2022

In yet another of those nature-is-healing moments that only feels that way to people who write about red carpets, the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards are back! Yay! We realize it’s not the Met Gala, but these two opinionated bitches feel like doing a little cheer every time one of these peripheral awards shows comes back to post-lockdown life. But we feel the need to warn you: you will not be treated to NYFW or Met Gala levels of style. The name of the game is celebrity look-at-me style.



Christina Aguilera in Honayda

She’s always been too much, but our hearts have softened a bit over the years. Yes, her style is terrible, but it’s all clearly very “her.” If we could learn to let go about how tacky Britney’s style can be, then we owe it to Xtina to do the same. This color is great, but this is not a coat that can double as a dress. To be fair, it wouldn’t make a very good coat either, what with it dragging on the gown and having a defined bust. Like anyone who writes about drag on the reg, we’re always happy to see a sparkly pair of stoned fishnets, but wearing them over your sandals is just weird.



Machine Gun Kelly in Dolce & Gabbana

Another person who’s too much, but we don’t really mind it. He’s always had a surprisingly interesting and adventurous take on male style and this look is no different. We appreciate the jacket, but the cut doesn’t coordinate well with those trendy elephant pants. Granted, if he’d worn a pair of skinny pants, this would have instantly wound up looking a little “mother of the bride,” so the big pants were probably the better choice.



Megan Fox in LaQuan Smith

We can’t tell if she just folded up a knee-length skirt to make it into a mini or if the dress is designed to look like she did. Either way, it’s not a great look. We like that she’s wearing something interesting, with a high-fashion feel and a little shape to it, but we’re not loving the molded bust or the shoulder embellishments.

Thanks to reader mellorcr for pointing out she is, in fact, wearing a corset to match the dress. That makes more sense, but we still don’t like the shoulders or what the corset is doing to the bust.


Paris Hilton in Area

A perfect – and very Paris-appropriate – take on the tuxedo. That back is probably a little too sparkly, but that’s her brand.




Tiffany Haddish in Brandon Maxwell

She’s been on a real style roll lately. This is pretty great, but we can’t tell if the skirt’s riding up around her hips or if that’s a design choice (something of a theme for this night, we suppose). Judging by the awkward hem length, we think she just needs a quick downward hoik. We don’t think those shoes are doing much for it, though.



Zoey Deutch in Moschino

This is great. Just whimsical and photogenic enough, but low key in a way that makes her look a lot more elegant than some of the other attendees. Love the hair.




[Photo Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency, Jean Paul/PAPIXS/]

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