Red Carpet Rundown: The BRIDGERTON Season 2 World Premiere

Posted on March 23, 2022

Kittens, the stars of Bridgerton came out to celebrate the occasion of its second season premiere and they all look really weird in modern clothes! Just kidding! Mostly.



Charithra Chandran in Carolina Herrera

It’s a pretty textile, so we can understand wanting to use a lot of it, but we think we’d have rather seen just a mullet skirt or a conventional train (two things we don’t love) rather than those goofy sleeves.




Golda Rosheuvel in Mia Coco

We love that she came dressed as a queen without dressing in a costume. This is ridiculous, but as she’s shown on the show, she has a knack for making the most outrageous items look regal. We respect the resistance to wearing a tiara, because this look is just begging for one.



Jessica Madsen

This is fun! The shoes are a little businesslike to our eyes.




Jonathan Bailey

He’s very cute and that suit is very tight. Also a little dull, but not offensively so.




Kathryn Drysdale in Azzi & Osta

A semi-basic design elevated by the use of a great color and the deployment of some fabulous hair.




Luke Newton


You have been wronged, sir.




Luke Thompson

A bold choice! We don’t think the black shirt or shoes would have been our recommendation, but we like the suit.




Polly Walker in Dolce & Gabbana

That is a really great look for her. This is why D&G continues to reign on the red carpet, despite their history.




Florence-Hunt (in Chanel), Will Tilston and Ruby Stokes

There’s always that one girl at the school dance who way overdresses.

Aw, we’re just kidding, kids! You all look great. Those sleeve-trains look like more trouble than they’re worth, though.




Simone Ashley in Gucci

This is hideous, of course. Let’s get that out of the way. But you know what? It’s a flex and we respect it. She wants you to know that she is MODERN and HOT and you don’t have to see her as someone who can only do the bonnet-and-petticoat work. We used to call it the Dockery Maneuver after Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery briefly broke out and got a lot trendier and edgier in her promo style. Anyway, this takes the Dockery Maneuver further than we’ve ever seen an actress take it. Like we said, it’s a hideous design, but she looks hot and her picture is all over everywhere today. Respect.



[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS/PA Images/]

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