Alia Shawkat, Javier Bardem, Nina Arianda and J.K. Simmons at the “Being the Ricardos” Premiere

Posted on December 03, 2021

We gave Being the Ricardos star Nicole Kidman her own post, because we simply must have you vote on her rather discussable frock, but the rest of the cast hit the premiere red carpet delivering various levels of style, none of which approached disastrous. Is that damning with faint praise or are we just naturally bitchy in our phrasing? Let’s scroll through and find out!



Alia Shawkat

You should definitely listen to our podcast today to hear our thoughts on the film and our falling-down praise for Alia’s work in it. When she was holding her own in one-on-one’s against Bardem and Kidman, spewing Sorkin dialogue like she was born for it, we couldn’t help but marvel how far she’s come from Arrested Development (even though she was brilliant out of the gate for that one as well). Anyway, we LOVE this for her. The waist is giving the impression that it’s not fashioned correctly, but we’re not sure what’s going on there. And we can’t say we love the white part when that ivory satin looks so good on her, but the overall style is really cute.


Javier Bardem

We realize he’s a Spanish man of middle age, which makes all of this pretty much on point, but we can’t help thinking a shiny double-breasted jacket over black pants is pretty stale. He doesn’t look bad, just more like an uncle at a wedding.




Nina Arianda

You should also listen to the podcast to hear us rave about her performance as Vivian Vance and how we could have watched a whole biopic of her in that role. Look, you should just listen to the podcast; like, all the time, okay? Anyway, we find this to be just okay. We might have liked it more in a bold or rich color. We have a feeling she looks great in them.



J.K. Simmons

We have a real thing about men wearing quirky hats in general, but especially have a bug up our ass when they wear them on the red carpet. And yet, we think he looks great. He’s so pale, beard so white, eyes so icy, that the shot of contrast up around his face frames it really well. We also really like the coat, sweater and pants for the same reasons. The kicks are a great idea but we don’t think that particular pair looks very stylish.



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