Style File: “Bruised” Star Halle Berry Kicks Things Up a Notch

Posted on November 16, 2021

Halle Berry has a buzzy new film coming out which not only showcases her dramatic acting chops but serves as her directorial debut. It’s a big moment for her and she’s stepped up her fashion game accordingly. We don’t think we’ve ever truly loved her style preferences, but we’ve come to accept them for their consistency and respect them because she always seems more interested in serving a vibe rather than resting on pretty. In other words, for a woman whose name became synonymous with beauty, she’s always made sure her style was full of personality and self-expression rather than just being glamorous or sexy. She’s a lot like Michelle Pfeiffer that way, except Michelle likes mod suits while Halle’s more into a breezy sort of Boho style.


At “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”



Look, if she’s comfortable looking barely covered in a dressing gown on TV, good for her. She looks fantastic – and we don’t even like the outfit all that much. The jacket is nice enough, but the skirt and belt are kind of ugly. This look is what they call wearer-specific and it landed on its best wearer, but we don’t really think any of it is well designed or pretty.



At AFI Fest’s “Bruised” Premiere

For the film’s premiere, she came out a little harder and a little more glam. This is another ensemble that we can’t say we love all that much on its own, but looks pretty great on her – or at least better than it has a right to look. The jacket is fun and the pants are workable, but that top/bodysuit is terrible. Like we said, the lady likes what she likes and it’s rarely to our tastes, but it’s distinct to her and feels like a consistent expression of her taste.




Style Credits:
First Look: Casadei Sandals
Second Look: Pamella Roland Silver Metallic Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Lindsay Flores | Hair by Kristin Ess | Makeup by Jorge Monroy


[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/, Yang Nox/ABACA/,]

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