Meghan The Duchess of Sussex on Advancing Women’s Equality

Posted on November 10, 2021

We haven’t had an official Meghan sighting in a while. As per the usual with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there’s a swirl of press surrounding them at the moment, from the report about bots and trolls targeting them online, to the followup report about how royal journalists engaged with the aforementioned bots, to Harry’s rather eyeroll-worthy statement that he warned Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, about the January 6th insurrection on January 5th, to the news that lawyers for The Daily Mail are arguing that Meghan may have written that letter to her father with the public in mind. It’s a LOT. Which is why we’re kind of impressed by her ability to come off so unruffled by it all. She sat down with the New York Times’ Dealbook to talk about her projects and her thoughts on stuff.



Fashion-wise, it’s pretty typical for her American Duchess style; neutral, businesslike, and very curated, from the poppy to the jewelry. She comes off “just so” while still maintaining a sense of casualness that doesn’t read as royal. Having said that, we don’t like the length of the sleeves or the highness of the waist and wearing a belt with that kind of focus-pulling potential for a sit-down interview is a rookie public style mistake. On the other hand, her hair and makeup are flawless.





Whatever else can be said about her, we think it’s more than clear that she’s far more comfortable working and existing in more of a celebrity atmosphere than a royal one. She talks like a celebrity who focuses on causes; way more Angelina Jolie than senior royal. That clearly sets some people on edge, but when you remove the royal trappings and history from her, she’s not really doing anything scandalously notable.




Style Credits:
Salvatore Ferragamo adjustable ‘Gancini’ Belt
Mateo ‘Eye of Protection’ Bracelet
Cartier ‘Love’ Bracelet
Jennifer Meyer Gold Mini Bezel Tennis Bracelet
Giorgio Armani Black Velvet Pump


[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: New York Times Events/YouTube]

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