Friday Leftovers for the Week of October 3rd, 2021

Posted on October 08, 2021


We have to admit, we’re a bit surprised we have any leftovers at all after this week, which was our busiest red carpet coverage week in literally two years, believe it or not. So let’s not be too harsh on these folks. Sure, some of them made questionable choices, but the only reason most of them didn’t get the spotlight this week is because, well, we ran out of spotlight. Let’s judge them anyway.


Jonathan Majors

It’s fine (in the “just okay” sense) until you get to the pants. The cut is terrible and the boots are completely wrong. The entire bottom third of this look makes a sad trombone sound every time we scroll down.



Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton

She looks like she’s a leading a fascist space army and weirdly, we’re kind of into it.




Lily Rabe in The Vampire’s Wife

This is her go-to style and we’ve always said that she’s probably the best celebrity we’ve seen at working the Vampire’s Wife aesthetic. This is all fine, but it is starting to feel a little stale.




Malin Akerman in Stella Jean

This is a perfect illustration of how the choice of textile can make or break a garment. The basic shape and design are fine, but the fabrics are garish and look cheap.




Miss Fame in Vivienne Westwood

Love this. In a way, it makes perfect sense that the best model for a Vivienne Westwood design might just be a drag queen.




Nicola Coughlan in Alberta Ferretti

She wore this on Drag Race UK this week (working on the recap right now) and it looks absolutely spectacular on her. Not sure about the red pumps, though.




Rebecca Hall in Galvan

This is somewhat similar in tone if not design to the sleek dress with the belly cutout she wore the Passing special screening this week. Even if the style is limited in its use, we can’t say it’s not an absolutely perfect choice for her. She looks fabulous. Love the bag.




Tessa Thompson in Chanel

There have been a lot of fringey, tweedy, twisty Chanels this season and we haven’t loved many of them but we may love this one the most. We’re not convinced the necklace or the booties go all that well with it, but we love the hair.




[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/, Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix, Jason Mendez/Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Aurore Marechal/ABACA/, Media Punch/, Wayman + Micah/Instagram/@waymanandmicah, Aimée Croysdill/Instagram/@aimeecroysdill]

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