Duchess Kate and Prince William Visit Kew Gardens and Loosen Up a Little

Posted on October 13, 2021

Cathy Cambridge loosens up a little bit and brings another old favorite back in rotation. She and Prince William visited Kew Gardens to hang out with schoolkids and talk about climate change, as part of their Earthshot Prize program



We’d normally say “But we’re here to talk about the clothes” or whatever – and we are! But it does look like this particular line of their royal work is very near and dear to the Cambridges and the sort of loosey-goosey nature of the event demonstrates once again that they’re evolving their public image quite deliberately.


It’s the same reason why her ever-present coat dresses have barely made an appearance, post-2020. The royal look now is all about pants and relatable workwear. She’s had the coat for years – again, part of a much more public and concerted effort to stick appear prudent and relatable, instead of unveiling one new ensemble after another. Can you imagine her coat closet? We have to admit, next to the royal jewel vault, we think the royal coat closets must be fairly awe-inspiring in scope and scale. The Brits do know how to outerwear, after all.

In other news, we don’t think the sweater and coat coordinate all that well. We’re fine with tone-on-tone looks, but we wouldn’t do it with such a vivid hue.



Style Credits:
Erdem ‘Allie’ Wool Crepe Coat


[Photo Credit: Instarimages.com, Courtesy of Erdem]

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