Met Gala 2021: Elliot Page in Balenciaga

Posted on September 14, 2021

Let’s hear it for the boy.



This is Elliot’s first major red carpet appearance since his coming out. We’ve covered his red carpet appearances for years and the first thing we noticed here was that, despite it being one in a long line of black suits he’s worn on a red carpet (to the point that we used to complain about how dully repetitive his choices were), this suit showed a much roomier fit than any of the others. Put more bluntly: it’s way too big on him. And while we can understand lumping him in with all of the other men who took the dull route of wearing a more or less basic tuxedo to the Met Gala, we think he’s deserving of a little slack here, in both his choice of style and choice of tailoring.

Without pretending to know personally what it’s like to be trans in the world, we imagine it must be quite stressful to be presenting your true self to the world for the first time, multiplied a thousand percent when it’s at one of the most photographed celebrity events of the year. Transitioning and learning how you would like to present yourself to the world is a process that quite often takes time and emotional evolution to work out, not to mention the sort of trial-and-error approach that most people go through when working out their personal style. He was never the type of celebrity who enjoyed red carpets (that’s certainly understandable when he spent most of them showing a version of himself that felt false to him) and he’s always taken a minimalist, low-key, just-want-to-get-through-this approach to it. Maybe someday he’ll feel like experimenting more with his fashion (Note to Elliot if you’re reading: Anything Chalamet can do, you can do as good or better), but he’s more than earned a little space to just be himself. Right now, we’re just happy to see him as he was always meant to be seen.



Style Credits:
Balenciaga Black and White Ensemble


[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue]

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