“The Crown” and “Anna X” Star Emma Corrin Covers W Magazine’s Pop & Fall Fashion Issue

Posted on August 24, 2021

W Magazine Volume 4 The Pop & Fall Fashion Issue, on stands September 14th, features Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee, Emma Corrin, on the second of four covers. With a slew of new projects, the breakout star of The Crown is thinking outside the box. In their first major magazine cover, Corrin talks about playing the iconic Princess Diana as well as their latest role in the play Anna X, inspired by the story of the fake German heiress Anna Delvey, the Russia-born grifter who scammed New York high society before being arrested in 2017. 






Explaining how they built Princess Diana’s narrative for The Crown through her shifting mental and physical states: “There became a clear connection from Diana’s unstable childhood to her looking for something welcoming… We knew she was a very warm person who gravitated towards people. She was looking to be embraced in something very warm and very familiar, and she didn’t find that at all; she found the exact opposite with the royal family.”

On being famous and the responsibility as a public figure: “It’s hard when you have a platform, but I want to make everything feel very authentic. I think we’ve become much more aware of our positions in our communities and the circles in which we operate.”

About their new play in London, Anna X, inspired by the story of the fake German heiress Anna Delvey: “It’s a bit mad… I knew we had a good show and a gem of a script, but I thought there was going to be a massive generational divide.

On depicting the various characters and scenarios in the Anna X play: “There were so many accents to rattle through, like the tech bro who says ‘What? Wow,’ a lot to his Midwestern girlfriend. I never looked up what a Midwestern accent was; I just did a very generic one.”

On their brother coming to see the play, Anna X: “It was so much fun, because there are so many lines about how dysfunctional and hilarious dating apps are. He’s going to hate me for saying this, but he has the most amazing dating app stories. When we were taking our bows, I winked at him, and he was just screaming and applauding.



[Photo Credit: Tim Walker for W Magazine]

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