Sarah Jessica Parker Wears Tulle Skirt While Filming “And Just Like That”

Posted on August 31, 2021

And just like that, Carrie Bradshaw returned to her go-to fave — long past the time when it may have worked for her, we’re afraid. Look, everyone knows that some of the show’s most iconic moments involve Carrie wearing something hugely impractical and hard to ignore. And sometimes, that thing is a giant, goofy skirt.


This was inevitable in a lot of ways.

It’s also of a piece with how the people behind the show and its various revivals have tended to recast or rewrite the appeal of it in the years since it first became popular. In the days when Sex and the City was a Sunday night must-watch, when people talked about the show, it wasn’t about the fashion and the cocktails so much as it was about how it was exploring female friendships and touching on topics formerly considered taboo. Certainly the glittering lifestyles were a big part of the appeal, but for the most part, it was understood as a relationship comedy about grownups in New York, not a fucking fairy tale. But with the show’s popularity came an emphasis on most of the least interesting parts. Look, we love fashion and we love costume design and we love Patricia Fields’ highly influential turn as the original series’ costume designer. But make no mistake: the Carrie Bradshaw that flounced and pouted her way through seven seasons of the series would have been appalled at the idea of wearing something like this in public. She broke out in a rash when she tried a wedding gown on, for God’s sake.

Also, it looks cheap. Also-also, there’s a hard-to-deny Miss Havisham vibe. It just flat-out does not look good and does not make sense for the character.



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