Billboard Music Awards 2021: Cynthia Erivo in Carolina Herrera: IN or OUT?

Posted on May 25, 2021


We’re going to turn the final call on this one over to you; partially because we want to go make a sandwich and partially because we don’t trust our judgment on this one.







There are two issues at play here. The first is our long held dislike of ruffled tier dresses. The second is our… well, we guess reluctance is the word we’re trying to land on here. Reluctance to judge Cynthia too harshly because big, crazy fashion is entirely her game and also a sort of reluctance to over-embrace her aesthetic because we’ve been treated to a LOT of it these past months. She’s been on a hell of a promotional tear and we’ll always be grateful for the content, but it’s hard for us to get excited about any of her ensembles anymore for the simple reason of overexposure.

But YOU are (presumably) not bored and cynical celebrity fashion bloggers so maybe you can look at this with a fresh set of eyes. Is it fabulous? Or clowny? Fun or too much? Put more plainly:

Cynthia Erivo’s Polka Dot Explosion: 

IN or OUT? 








Style Credits:
Custom Carolina Herrera Black and White Strapless Ruffle Dress
Roberto Coin Jewelry
Christian Louboutin ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ Pump

Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Coree Moreno | Makeup by Terrell Mullin


[Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC, Emma McIntyre/NBC, Courtesy of Carolina Herrera]

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