SAG Awards 2021: Maria Bakalova in Dior: IN or OUT?

Posted on April 05, 2021


Lorenzo asked Tom last night if he’d seen Borat Subsequent MovieFilm star Maria Bakalova’s look for the SAG Awards yet. Tom had not. Lorenzo implored him to check it out because she looked “amazing.” Tom checked it out. His nose wrinkled. AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, DON’T WE?

That’s right! Congratulations to Miss Maria! Sure, all the awards are nice, we assume. But we’re referring now to your entry into the true high arena of A-List stardom: A T Lo “IN or OUT?” post! You have arrived, darling!

Oh, right. The dress. Check it:



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Okay, so here’s the thing. Tom agrees that she looks amazing and Lorenzo is correct to point out what a dramatic effect the dress has in these pictures. She looks like a slightly goth take on a fairy tale princess, which is kind of perfect for her. The little rose necklace is a flawless little grace note of whimsy and romanticism. But Tom tends to think the dress design is trying to do too much and certain elements – such as the skin-tone match and the sort of muddy/bloody red of the underskirt – are distractions more than enhancements. Other elements, like the dotted pointed collar, just feel unnecessary. And he insists – although Lorenzo disagrees – that the bodice needs some sort of volume, most notably in the sleeves, to balance out the skirt. Also, he says there are too many flowers. Lorenzo doesn’t think any of that matters because he’s looking at the overall style and effect it has on her. He thinks it’s dramatic and perfectly suited to her and individual elements don’t matter as much.

So who’s right, kittens? You make the final call here:


Maria Bakalova’s Dark Harlequin Romance:

IN or OUT? 




Style Credits:
Christian Dior Harlequin-print Pattern Long-sleeve Gown with Red Rose Appliqué  from the Fall 2021 Collection
Lorraine Schwartz Ruby and Diamond Jewelry

Styled by Jessica Paster | Hair by Patrick Wilson | Makeup by James Molloy


[Photo Credit: Joseph Sinclair via Maria Bakalova/Instagram, Courtesy of Christian Dior]

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