Drew Barrymore’s Style on “The Drew Barrymore Show”

Posted on January 27, 2021


A salute, darlings! It is long past time for us to recognize the fact that Miss Drew Barrymore, to our complete surprise, has become the most stylish person on daytime television. No, really. Walk with us.




Dries Van Noten and Lafayette 184

First, let’s dispense with the idea that we’re damning her with faint praise or making a backhanded compliment. While it’s true we’d never have rated her among the highest ranks of the celebrity fashionista set, she has always had a fairly consistent style that reflected her personality well – or at least, it reflected the parts of her personality she wanted the public to see. In her case, it was always a bit of a SoCal earth mother Boho thing.



Michael Kors Collection

But that’s not what we see going on here, even though this direction – a style that feels a little schoolteacher in tone sometimes – also suits her really well. What better way to package her unique bundle of energies for daily viewing than by turning her into a sort of friendly fantasy schoolteacher? A sort of “Mrs. Frizzle in tweedy high-fashion” thing.



Smythe and Givenchy

The fact that it is high fashion is notable as well. These ensembles represent a huge step up into the world of luxury brands for her. Again, we think it’s worth applauding her style team for escalating her fashion while still making it seem very much Drew Barrymore in tone and style. The effect is to give her a much more polished and even refined look while still letting her be her fun, unpretentious self.



Marc Jacobs and Prada

We would also like to point out how much Miss Drew is feeling herself in these high-fashion ensembles. You can really tell she loves these looks. There are great mixes of print, weight and texture with each one – perfect for television because it not only pulls the eye but it gives her a sort of visual depth.



Alice + Olivia and Michael Kors Collection

You can check out the #DrewsDressingRoom entries on her Instagram to get a broader look at her style. She’s not always in these earth-toned tweedy looks, but there’s still a consistency to her style that really feels like a step forward. Think of it this way: if she was starring in a movie about a hippie chick weed dealer who becomes the CEO of a brand of best-selling CBD beauty and hemp fashion products, these would be Oscar-level costume design. It’s earth mother gone professional and she looks great in all of it.




Style Credits:
First Look: Gauge81 Vest | Dries Van Noten Shirt | Kiton Tie | Lagayette 148 New York Skirt | Raven Earrings | Dru Ring | Jennifer Fisher Ring | Jimmy Choo Boots
Second Look: Michael Kors Collection Jacket, Skirt and Blouse | Hippie Cowgirl Couture Cameo Brooch | Jimmy Choo Boots
Third Look: Smythe Suit | Givenchy Blouse | Jimmy Choo Boots
Fourth Look: Marc Jacobs Blouse | Prada Skirt | Zara Belt | Dru Ring | Jennifer Fisher Ring | Raven Earrings | Jimmy Choo Boots
Fifth Look: Alice + Olivia Blouse | Arel Studio Vest | Michael Kors Collection Culottes | J. Crew Tie | Jimmy Choo Boots

Styled by Lee Harris


[Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/Instagram]

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