“Bridgerton” Star Phoebe Dynevor at the Christian Dior Fashion Show

Posted on January 27, 2021

Oh, yes. Brava, sweetie. This is something Michelle Dockery and Caitriona Balfe learned pretty quickly. If you get a lot of first-time attention for portraying the more or less lead female (for this first season at least) in a period romance/melodrama, a smart young actress knows she best get herself out in front of people wearing the least romantic or period-looking clothes she can snag. In other words, it’s time to go hard and modern. Miss Phoebe, fresh off the success of Bridgerton’s first season, has learned the lesson:


We don’t know if she, her team, or the folks at Dior picked this ensemble, but we think it’s a great bit of branding for her as an actress. We’re not inclined to love the leather … semi-pinafore? Vest? Whatever it is, we probably won’t love it paired with anything else, but it all works really well for her here. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous. We just wish the pants weren’t puddling. We spent the first 8 years of our fashion commenting career yelling at boystars for their puddling pants and now that we’ve single-handedly solved that crisis, the girlstars are gonna do it? Please. We’re begging you. Our children are hungry and our crops are failing. Don’t do this.


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Black and White Ensemble from the Resort 2021 Collection

Styled by Leith Clark


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Christian Dior]

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