The “Dear Class of 2020” Event Gave Us More Celebrity Style Than We’ve Seen in Months

Posted on June 08, 2020

The stars came out in force – and some of them even came out in style – to celebrate the graduating class of 2020, who collectively deserve a standing ovation from the country for what they were asked to give up this year. We’ve got three graduates in our family and we’re so proud of them but also so sorry they can’t partake in the festivities they planned on.







This was QUITE the lengthy extravaganza and we really wouldn’t think of giving fashion critiques like it was the Oscars or something. We’re starting to wonder if we’ll approach red carpet commentary the same way after all of this goes back to whatever the new normal is, but that’s probably a discussion for another day. For now, we’re just so damn happy to have some celebrity fashion to look at. Some highlights:



Lizzo brought just enough color and pattern to look good without looking like a grandstander. On brand, but low-key.



The Obamas served us “Chic Proud Parents” realness. Love her jacket and hoops combo.



Tay figured a rugby shirt and a strong lip was all a girl needed and honestly, we can’t say it didn’t work for her. Sporty casual was always good for her.



The Lion Queen came to serve us shimmer and hair.




J Lo came in a respectable lace floral about which we have nothing else to say because let’s face it: there’s not a lot to go on here. She beat her face for the moment, that’s for sure.





We’re not convinced on the style choice but he’s so dreamy it doesn’t matter.




They’re adorable.




Loving the stripes, which could be read as patriotic or just Thom Browne.




Cute … dress? The flame effect is fun but it looks kind of heavy for this time of year.




Steffi went hard.




That is some serious stagewear. It may not work in such a semi-intimate format, but you can’t fault Chloe x Halle for failing to bring it.




Katy is giving us “I painted your microphone to match my outfit” Barbra realness.




Kerry is serving “Proudest Aunt Who Stopped By After  Church” realness.






[Stills: YouTube via Tom and Lorenzo]

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