Jennifer Hudson and Marlon Wayans on the Set of “Respect”

Posted on November 12, 2019

Miss Jennifer steps out in Aretha drag – and this time it’s working for us.



To be fair, you put Jennifer Hudson in a sixties bouffant, a fur coat and a gold sequined gown with matching shoes and it’s hard not to see the legendary Miss Franklin in the mix. The other costume seen on location didn’t exactly set us on fire with the Arethaness of it all, but this one’s as on point as it gets. To be fair, we don’t care so much whether an actor looks like the person they’re portraying in a biopic. We’re more concerned with how well they portray and evoke them. But we do care how they’re dressed and made up for the part. You never want to get us started on how rarely they ever get Marilyn’s makeup right in any of her onscreen portrayals.






[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/]

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