Alison Brie, Amanda Seyfried and Chrissy Teigen at Popsugar’s Play/Ground Festival

Posted on June 25, 2019

Kittens! Some ladystars got dressed up and went to a thing! And because they went to a vaguely defined thing, they all look like they’re attending different events!



Alison Brie in Ulyana Sergeenko

As a design, this is … just okay. The proportions of the peplum and skirt are a little off and the foundation garment-inspired bodice doesn’t marry well with the cha cha skirt. As a style, it’s a weird choice for a day event. This is a vampire dress. It should only come out at night. The hair’s kind of cute, but we hope the blonde is just a short-lived experiment for her.




Amanda Seyfried in Michael Kors

Now this is an outfit perfectly suitable for walking around in public in the day time sipping wine out of a plastic cup. Gosh, that sounded really backhanded. We just mean she nailed that mixture of good-enough-for-pictures with a laid-back casualness that allows her to relax a little and comes off daytime appropriate. Having said that, we don’t like the top at all. It’s too dark for a June day and it looks wrong paired with high-waisted pants.



Chrissy Teigen

This strikes us as just right. Sure, we could ding the ripped jeans or the perhaps slightly too-casual top, but she looks like what she is: a stylish mom and career woman at a semi-casual day event, kid in tow. It’s a great jacket and along with a good pair of shoes, it’s all she needed to make this look work.




[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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