RuPaul’s Drag Race: Queens Everywhere

Posted on May 17, 2019

We felt a little discombobulated throughout this episode. How were we at the Tic-Tac luncheon portion of the season already? Why did everyone seem so oddly subdued throughout the entirety of the episode? Usually, when the queens are in the home stretch, the intensity ramps up considerably, but instead it was all gentle hand-holding while Brooke Lynn and Vanjie picked out china.


Maybe it’s because, despite being put through their paces like any season’s crop of queens, these girls just don’t seem ready somehow. We do not look at that quintet and see a frontrunner, we’re sorry to say. Going into this episode, we’d have argued that whoever wins the season will have done so through a process of elimination rather than a star turn worth celebrating. By the end of the episode, we might have been convinced to think otherwise.

As per the usual, the last challenge before the finale put the queens through their paces – literally – for a song and dance number, with lyrics provided by the queens themselves and choreography provided by Todrick Hall. The results weren’t bad, but we don’t think we could rate it as one of the better musical numbers in the show’s history.




Well, come on. Yvie slayed that bitch. Everyone else looked like they were just trying to get through their portion without any major fuckups. Silky punched through the screen with the force of her personality, selling her verse and giving an energetic, if typically sloppy and imprecise performance. Brooke Lynn nailed the dance parts (obviously) and acquitted herself well with the vocals, but there was definitely a wall between her and the camera. A’Keria was a pleasant surprise. She didn’t nail her choreography or her lyrics, but she gave off a looseness and a sense of fun that a lot of the other queens just couldn’t pull off. Vanjie was off in her head somewhere, barely hitting the lyrics and moving through the choreography like she was at rehearsal. We don’t know what happened there but she completely disconnected. Yvie was the only one who truly stared that camera down and dared it to stop looking at her. It never felt like she couldn’t wait for it to be someone else’s turn, which is how pretty much every other queen came across.



THIS is your “Best Drag?” Really, bitches? REALLY?


A’Keria and Silky are serving good, but fairly basic pageant drag. A’Keria’s gown is gorgeous, but we wouldn’t call this look memorable. That’s the best Silky’s looked all season, but it only tends to highlight just how piss-poor all her efforts have been up until this one look. Brooke Lynn is in a ballerina costume. There’s nothing particularly draggy or parodic or over-the-top about it. You could put it on an actual ballerina and it would look perfectly normal. Drag should be way more than that.



We adore Vanjie, but if this bridesmaid gown is her best drag, that’s kind of sad. She looks pretty. Just pretty. Not sickening or flawless or drop-dead stunning – all of which are to be expected when Mama Ru requests your best. Only Yvie managed to stick the landing here. She looked gorgeous and she looked weird, which is to be respected and admired. She really nailed it this week.

And of course, the Lip Sync that everyone predicted was going to happen (and anyone paying attention to all the scenes this episode of the two of them talking about their future together), Drag Race’s very own star-cross’d lovers were forced to attempt to bury the other one.


And once again, we are underwhelmed. This may have been an expected twist, but the show would’ve been foolish not to take advantage of this situation. What’s odd is that it’s so perfectly constructed to deliver a stunningly emotional pair of performances, but both of them kind of whiffed it. Brooke Lynn relied on her training to get her through and Vanjie gave a somewhat perfunctory performance.


We don’t disagree with the elimination, though. Love this queen, still think she’s a star, but there’s no denying she wasn’t quite there yet. We’ll see her in the next All-Stars season, we’re sure.

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[Stills: Tom and Lorenzo via VH1]

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