RuPaul’s Drag Race: Monster Ball

Posted on March 29, 2019


We are so behind on this post today and to be honest, we’re serving you a bare-bones version because we are what? SICKENING.

No, because we just finished record a podcast where we swore we were only going to lightly touch on some Drag Race points and wound up talking about the entire episode, every look and each queen’s standing in the competition, in a ramble that went on for over three times its planned length. Oh, and we also have an interview with Katya in there. So we think we’ve served you a heaping helping of Drag Race content today. Even so, let’s jump in and toss some opinions around anyway.



Luv huh. She’s really grown on us in her time since her win. She’s one of the funniest and most original of the Drag Race winners, and she’s always been pretty gracious about the debt she owes to the show – which is not something you can say about all of the winners.




She was a LOT more fun than we ever could have predicted and she actually made some solid critiques.





Stay tuned for the podcast, in which we opine that Elvira’s look and career is the best and most famous example of a “faux queen” or cisgender female drag queen. In terms of transformational qualities and character-building through drag, there is no difference whatsoever between her and RuPaul. She’s as cinched, baked and contoured as any queen on that stage and her persona is a campy, bawdy, pop culture-based, retro-inspired look based on iconic divas of genre film.

How is that NOT a drag queen?

Anyway, there were so many look and they went by so fast that screencapping them was entirely out of the question. Gag on the video eleganza:



Trampy Trick or Treater




Far too many to run through here (it’s all in the podcast), but there are too many “pretty” looks going on here. There’s not enough tramp or “trick or treat” going on here. Scarlett did okay, Nina’s was fun and old-school campy, Plastique’s was lame, Ra’Jah’s was a cliche, but well done, Shuga’s was WAY too complicated and obscure, Yvie’s was freaky-messy but witty, etc.

MILF Eleganza (Monster I’d Like to Freak)





A’Keria’s spider was WAY too crafty-looking, Vanjie can’t help but turn everything into showgirl drag (which is a problem), Plastique’s eleganza-horror works well, Scarlett’s did NOT work, Shuga’s was a mess, Brooke Lynn nailed it, Ariel has no idea what she’s doing, Silky is clearly extremely limited in her drag, etc.

Witch Please!





Way too much generic drag going on here. Vanjie, step your pussy up, bitch. Plastique’s Maleficent was fantastic but WHY THE WHITE TIGHTS? Nina’s is witty and cute. Ra’Jah stepped herself up this week, Shuga really needs to rethink her drag, which is complicated and obscure. ARIEL HAS NO IDEA WHAT SHE’S DOING. Yvie’s witch was perfect scary drag. etc.



We’ve been a bit ambivalent about Brooke Lynn, but she really pulled it out this week and we can’t really argue with the win.



Can’t really say we have an issue wit the lip sync either. Both of these gals have very limited experience in drag and the question this week came down to which one was more likely to grow in the competition.




Shuga is an absolute mess when it comes to her drag, but she’s got a lot of personality, a willingness to learn, and a rough, but workable performance style. We give Ariel a lot of credit for working hard to prove herself but it wasn’t her lack of performing experience that ultimately tripped her up. It was the extremely limited form of drag she employs. You can’t come out in the candy-colored wigs for every challenge. The Halloween theme should’ve been an easy one for a makeup queen like her to ace, but she just didn’t have the imagination for it. Sorry, Jersey Girl. We were rooting for a semi-hometown queen, but you’re not there yet.

MUCH more opinionating – plus Katya! – in this week’s podcast:




[Stills: VH1 via Tom and Lorenzo – Video:VH1/Twitter]

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