Sarah Paulson Does Not Go Quietly to the “Glass” London Premiere

Posted on January 10, 2019

One thing will always remain true about Miss Sarah: She does NOT half-ass her fashion. “Demure” just ain’t the lady’s bag.


If that isn’t a “I’M HERE BITCHES TAKE MY DAMN PICTURE” look, then we don’t know what the hell is. Elegant? No. Chic? Not on your life. Stylish? Darling, LOL. But this is such a raging sausagefest of a film and a gal’s gotta have a gimmick if she wants to remain in the forefront of that tangled mess of ego. This dress is loud as hell, as boldly declarative as graffiti on a bridge, as tasteful as an airbrushed van.

It’s perfect.

We think the attempt to match the accessories to the green of the dress was admirable, but ultimately doomed to failure. We’d have gone in a more aubergine direction on those fronts. The top knot only works when she’s got the jacket on.






Style Credits:
– Hiraeth Faux Fur Jacket
– Custom Prada Strapless Embellished Gown
– Irene Neuwirth Jewelry Emerald and Chrysoprase Earrings
– Edie Parker Clutch
– Brian Atwood Shoes

Styled by Karla Welch | Hair by Bridget Brager | Makeup by Adam Breuchaud

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Universal Pictures via]

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