Keira Knightley Walks the Opposite Path in Chanel at the “Colette” Paris Screening

Posted on January 11, 2019

We always hold Miss Keira up as the ultimate example of the Romance Girl style persona. Partially because of her career choices and even more likely because of her looks, Keira Knightley has served as the perfect representation of western vintage romantic style for over a decade. There is no one in entertainment who can work a pile of ruffles, bows and flowers like she can.

But here’s the thing about that. Here’s the thing that we’ve noticed in our years of exhaustively covering people who dress up as part of their job descriptions. People who are textbook examples of a certain style are usually surprisingly adept at working the exact opposite style. You know the story. The normally modest type who suddenly shows up looking like walking sex. The homeless-looking dude who stuns everyone with perfect grooming and impeccable formalwear. The party girl who shows up for her court date looking like a CEO. The frilly, ruffly romance girl who …



… has a real knack for going goth.

Yes, we know you true goths are rolling your eyes at this description. This is, of course, a very watered down high-fashion mainstream take on goth. Goth Lite. We maintain, however, that if Miss K wanted to smokey the shit out of her eyes, blacken her lips, whiten her skin, and sport a bunch of ankhs and skulls with this, she could absolutely pull it off. Which isn’t to say we think she should (because this looks pretty great as-is); just that we think she could. Every Romance Girl has a Goth inside her – and vice versa. It’s a T Lo Fashion Truism. Quote us on it.


Style Credits:
Chanel Black and White Ensemble

Styled by Leith Clark | Makeup by Christophe Danchaud | Hair by Odile Gilbert

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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