Cathy Cambridge Launches the Family Action Support Line in Beulah London

Posted on January 22, 2019

May we suggest this as your new signature color, Mrs. Cathy? Because you’ve definitely got a knack for it.



It’s a sharp, sassy little dress. Not pushing the envelope or forcing her to step one royal toe outside her comfort zone, but the little touches like the ouffy shoulders, alligator-textured belt, row of buttons and the suede of the pumps give it some depth and interest. Beulah London is a brand especially committed to social justice and the cause of human-trafficking, which makes the choice a somewhat savvy one on her part as well.

Since Meghan seems to have taken navy blue as her signature color – or more accurately, the only color she wears with any regularity – we really do think it would be a good idea for Kate to push this shade into her style rotation more. She looks great in it. Blue was her signature color for a long time, largely because of her sapphire engagement ring, but she doesn’t have to constantly pay homage to her mother-in-law and she’s much more experienced and grown-up than the young woman who first put that ring on. Let Megs have blue. Take the green, girl.



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Beulah London Green Dress

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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