Meghan and Cathy Bury the Hatchet on Christmas Day

Posted on December 26, 2018

Kittens, if you’re silly enough to believe the Dynasty storylines the press is trying to foist on these two ladies, then you’ll be happy to know that the season finale ended with a heartwarming reconciliation. If you’re the type who think 90% of the unsourced gossip surrounding the royals is unmitigated bullshit, then two sisters-in-law simply got dressed for family Christmas and spent a lovely morning together. Personally, we think it’s a bit silly to expect these two to become besties – or even all that close. Their backgrounds are completely dissimilar, their entries into their royal roles were handled in almost totally opposite manners, and their roles (along with those of their husbands) couldn’t be more different. They are, like almost all in-laws, very different people whose only source of commonality is the relationship of their spouses. An American actress who was completely unknown to the royal family as recently as a few years ago vs. a social-climbing English woman who spent over a decade preparing for her entry into royal public life. Why would anyone think they had anything in common? Which isn’t to suggest that they can’t be friendly or aren’t enjoying a close relationship; just that the need for the press to cast them either as best friends or mortal enemies has way more to do with how we tend to view female relationships than anything having to do with either of the two women involved. Anyway, this stuff is boring. It’s much healthier to just judge their clothing and move on, don’t you think?


Works for us. Sure, Megs could’ve chosen a bit more of a festive color scheme, but we can’t say we’re surprised by the low-key feel of the look. The hat is fabulous and the boots give it just enough of a kick to come off fashionable.

Cathy’s look is sublime. Perfect Christmas realness. We could be total bitches about the slight mismatches of all the reds, but in the spirit of the holiday, we’ll be nice.


Style Credits:
Meghan Markle: Victoria Beckham Deep Navy Tailored Slim Coat | Victoria Beckham V-neck Sweater Dress | Victoria Beckham Black Powder Box | Jennifer Meyer 18K Gold Turquoise Necklace | Jennifer Meyer Huggie 18-karat Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings | Awon Golding ‘Vika’ Cocktail Hat | Victoria Beckham Black Leather Knee-high Heel Boot
Kate Middleton: Catherine Walker Coat | Asprey ‘Oak Leaf’ Earrings | Jane Taylor Hat | Mulberry ‘Bayswater’ Clutch | Gianvito Rossi Pumps

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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