Ellen Page at the “Tallulah” New York Special Screening

Posted on July 20, 2016

Ellen Page attends special screening for “Tallulah” hosted by Netflix at Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City.


We danced around this for a good ten minutes before we decided to go ahead and say what we think about Ellen’s style.

Ellen-Page-Tallulah-New-York-Special-Screening-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Ellen-Page-Tallulah-New-York-Special-Screening-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Ellen-Page-Tallulah-New-York-Special-Screening-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

It is officially the worst style rut we’ve ever seen.

There is nothing wrong with having a go-to look, but the trick in devising one is to make sure that it’s interpretable and update-able. You don’t literally go out in the same outfit every time you go out. That’s not a “look,” that’s a uniform. And whether you love fashion or not, there’s no need to make life so dreary that you feel you have to dress for your shift rather than dressing for yourself – or even for the sheer fun of it. She looks more like a PR drone working this event than the person that it is ostensibly being held in honor of. Give her a lanyard tag and a clipboard and the outfit would look complete.

By all means, stick to pants, boots and blazers. Nothing wrong with those choices. But they don’t always have to be the exact same color and cut. You don’t always have to wear the exact same style of untucked white shirt, buttoned to the collar. You could wear a t-shirt or a sweater or a tank top. You could wear a navy blue blazer or a plaid one or a bright yellow one if you wanted. You could wear jeans or dress slacks or leggings or even just the same old pants in a color OTHER THAN BLACK.

And we absolutely get that she’s not into fashion. That doesn’t really change our point, though. We’re not asking her to start flipping through Vogue for inspiration. You can have an easy and simple wardrobe and still manage to look like you own more than three items of clothing.



[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images – Video Credit: Netflix via Youtube.com]

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