“The Help” LA Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on August 10, 2011

Darlings, it was the premiere of “The Help,” held at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, and the stars of the film were out in force.

Y’know, we can’t really let an opportunity to express an opinion go by, and in the interest of spurring people to yell at us in the comments section, can we just say? We read the book and hated it. Yet another story of the struggle of African-Americans as seen through the eyes of a white person. Bleh. We thought the book trivialized the period but we were blown away by the trailers for the film, which makes it seem like some sort of hilarious romp through race-based servitude. Double bleh.

Anyway, hit it, ladies.

Viola Davis in Escada

PinIt’s a gorgeous dress. It’s a little too tight across her midsection, but the overall effect is stunning and head-turning. Her hair looks great, but we can’t help thinking it’s a slightly aging style. Love the accessories, because red and gold on dark-skinned women is never NOT fierce.


Bryce Dallas Howard in Kate Spade

PinJesus, Mary, and Oprah. And we mean that literally because we could swear this is from the Oprah Winfrey Collection at Sears.

Look, we get it. We really do. You’ve got a little alien growing inside you; bloating you up, shoving your organs out of the way, bending your spine into an S, and if that wasn’t enough, the little shit keeps kicking you from inside. We sympathize about as much as two men who will never father nor bear children can possibly sympathize. Looking fierce isn’t even close to a priority at the moment and we totally agree. But looking like Betsy Ross after joining a polygamy cult isn’t really the way to go, dear.

Octavia Spencer

PinThis is a really aging look for her. The dress is pure Ethel Mertz and the all-beige aspect isn’t flattering. She needed a less-full skirt, a less obviously industrial strength bust, and a little more color. Love the earrings, though.

Allison Janney in Dolce & Gabbana

PinVery sassy, summer, and cute. Don’t love the length of the hem or the shoes, but the overall look is chic. Great jewelry.

Emma Stone in Chanel Couture

PinThank you for lifting your skirt so we can see your borrowed shoes. There’s no dignified way to do it, so you might as well just suck it up and get it over with. It would be a good idea to keep such sentiments off your face, however.

Cute ensemble, though. Even if it is a little colorless.


Jessica Chastain in Oscar de la Renta

PinThe dress is kind of standard. We’re not in love with that color on her but we’re REALLY not in love with the idea of pairing those earrings with this dress. If you’re dressing to impress, you don’t want everyone’s eyes automatically going to your ears.

Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com]

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