PR: Stuck in the Middle

Posted on August 09, 2011

MORE shitty dresses to rip! My God, when will it end, bitter kittens? WHEN WILL IT END?


Lorenzo was rather adamant in his response to this dress:


Tom was a little more nuanced. “What? I know the colors are gross and the concept’s been done to death, but it’s memorable and well-executed!”

Note: Tom doesn’t really talk like that. It was more like, “Shut up. It’s not that bad.”

But Lorenzo remains firm. He thinks this is a bit of a Prada ripoff, if only for the color palette.

But Tom argues that it wasn’t such a bad idea to mimic Prada colors. She looked at a pile of crap and saw a way to make certain colors work for her. No crime there.

It’s too stiff and heavy and the fact that she tended to arrange all her leaves in neat little rows doesn’t speak to her design sense, but it was exactly what the judges determined it to be: good enough to move on.



For all the smack-talk she brought to the first episode, Cecilia’s mostly been a background player so far.

It doesn’t help that her entries haven’t exactly set the judges on fire. At least not yet.

It’s another “glued-on crap” dress, i.e., an extremely simple muslin dress with unconventional materials glued to it. Not exactly a design triumph.

And while we salute her boldness in using materials that were a little risky, at some point in the design of an unconventional materials garment, the designer needs to ask him or herself:

“Is this going to turn out looking pretty? At all?”

We’re gonna have to say no on that one. She looks like a lint trap. Although we do appreciate the way she used the leashes.


Here’s where the bitter kittens are going to turn on us. The commentariat rose up as one this week and shouted the question, “Why did Josh go home for a well-made dress and Dogblankets got passed over for making a shitty paper dress?”

We’re not the judges and we don’t speak on their behalf (which is something a certain segment of the bitter kittens need to be reminded of), but to our eyes, this look, while terrible, is still better than what sent Josh home.

Josh chose the most conventional of the unconventional materials and made a totally conventional-in-every-way dress.

Say what you will about Dogblankets, but this look really isn’t conventional or safe in any way. And it’s a whole hell of a lot more difficult to construct than the pieces Josh put together.

It’s bad; no doubt about it, but she gave this dress an interesting shape and tried to do more than just a belted tunic.

There’s way too much going on, but the fact that anything is going on at all puts it ahead of entries like Josh’s, Bryce’s or Fallene’s.

So, yes; a very bad look that could have scored lower. But also a real attempt to do something different and difficult. There was no gluing of crap on muslin here and we suspect the judges automatically waved it on through just for that.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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