Lady Gaga in Liz Black

Posted on May 17, 2011

Unsurprisingly, because we’re talking Gaga here, this is beyond mere binary assessments like In, Out, Yea, or Nay. She is Gaga. She makes her own fashion. That’s a nicer way of saying she dresses cracktastically and we’d be fools to apply any conventional rules to her. But check it:

Lady Gaga in London heading to a studio.

Liz Black Fall 2011 Collection “Concentric Thoughts”

We can already here the “Are you two NUTS?” cries, but we’re sorry, that’s fabulous. Liz Black is a Central Saint Martins graduate who’s been getting a lot of buzz:

“It was initially inspired by the artist Sonia Delaunay’s Circle canvas,” Black explains. “This piece was created to frame the empowered woman in a circle, achieving a superb visual effect, where her silhouette is beautifully highlighted – whilst at the same time integrating masculine influences such as bow tie and waistcoat elements.”

We’re not always on the Gaga love train, but we really love this look. It’s a relatively simple dress that just so happens to have a giant circle surrounding it. We love the way it’s styled, with the gloves and the hat. We wouldn’t have thought one could say this about a dress like this, but she really looks put together. And it’s fun. Fashion mostly takes itself too seriously (as does Gaga), but this is cheeky chic.

Come on. Don’t you love it? Just a little bit?


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