Laverne Cox at “Orange is the New Black” Panel Discussion

Posted on August 05, 2014

Apparently, she figure-skated her way over.

Laverne-Cox-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-Discussion-Panel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Laverne Cox attends Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” panel discussion at Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles, California.

Laverne-Cox-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-Discussion-Panel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Laverne-Cox-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-Discussion-Panel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Laverne-Cox-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-Discussion-Panel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Laverne-Cox-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-Discussion-Panel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)


Girl, your fishnets got a run. Let’s take this as a sign from God that you should stop wearing them, okay?

The dress is kind of cute, but we simply can’t deny the figure-skating feel of it, which is definitely not helped by the fishnets. It’s pretty on her, but it feels way off-season for August.

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it until everyone gets tired of hearing it: we wish she’d get away from looking fierce and start orienting herself toward looking chic. From the wig down to the leopard print shoes, it all reads too “drag.” She’s capable of so much more.

Look at how great her hair looks here, for instance:

Although we wouldn’t mind eventually seeing her try out a completely different hairstyle down the road. A lot of her look reads “Beyonce wannabe,” which is something she’ll hopefully get out of her system as her career progresses and she gets more opportunities to develop a public style.

Look, it isn’t for us to say what a transgender woman is “supposed” to look like, but going by Laverne’s own style, it seems pretty obvious that she’s pursuing a fairly gender-normative (in the “passing” sense) glamour look – and that’s great. She’s suited for it. We’re just saying there are other ways to interpret that style and as she becomes more high profile, we hope she gets the opportunity to explore it.



[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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  • imspinningaround

    Totally agree about her hair in the Conan cold open. It looks glorious!

    But PLEASE STOP with the little girl peepee dance pose. You’re a grown-ass woman, pose like one.

  • @Biting Panda

    Wendy Williams realness. She needs her own signature style.

    • MilaXX

      even Wendy has learned to switch up the wigs and wear something other than body con dresses.

      • @Biting Panda

        That makes it worse. : (

  • Noah

    We talked about the hair, Laverne…

  • Jaeda Laurez

    If it were knee length, I think I’d like it. But the middle part wig is getting a bit old. If she had the style in the Conan video, just with a better wig (that one is TERRIBLE), I think it would be a nice change.

  • smayer


    • MilaXX

      YES! can you imagine her in that jumpsuit Christina Hendricks wore the other day?

      • decormaven

        That would be fabulous!

  • sienna elm

    I think she looks fabulous and I bet she’ll keep getting better and better.

  • MilaXX

    I love when Conan does these series themed episodes. He always goes in hard and I love the little touches the show makes such as changing the theme song. This one did not disappoint. The entire cast looked great. However I couldn’t help but wish Laverne would move away from the body con dresses. She didn’t look as bad as she does on this picture, but the all body look is getting real old. Anyone who has heard her speak knows she has much more to offer than all body.

  • Latin Buddy

    Question, I got in trouble for saying something similar about her style, that it looks borderline “drag” and was told that is offensive (that assuming transgendered M2F is some form of drag). I immediately told them that I would say the same thing of a straight bio-woman if she looks cheap, tacky, in the same vein as drag queens.

    • In_Stitches

      Those are some dangerous, murky waters. Perhaps calling her style ‘over the top’ might express the same thought process without risking any offense.

    • snarkykitten

      in trouble with who, though? know your audience, I guess.

    • MarissaLG

      You didn’t get “in trouble”. Someone told you they didn’t appreciate your choice of words. They’re allowed to tell you that, and you’re allowed to say someone looks like they’re in drag. You can use a different choice of words in the future in order to be more polite/sensitive to the context, or you can choose not to. There’s no language police. You can say whatever you want, and people can react however they choose.

    • Gatto Nero

      I suppose “tacky” covers it.

    • Thomas

      I don’t think you said anything wrong. I think the person just read too much into your comments. I went to a lgbt group (I think it’s called qlgbt now, I can’t keep up) at my school and we had to introduce ourselves and say whether we preferred he/him pronouns, she/her pronouns or they/them pronouns. One gay boy accidentally said “male pronouns” and the group leader corrected him and went into a whole speech about why that was wrong and offensive. I felt kind of bad for him because everybody knew what he meant and that he didn’t mean to be offensive. We also had to go over all of the qlgbt words (like over 30 of them) and one was “Two Spirit,” a Native American word for bisexual that I had never heard of. Well, somebody said Native American and the group leader corrected them and said that the correct term is “First Peoples” or something like that. My mom used to work for the NYS senate and she said that they actually preferred “American Indian” when they came to Albany to lobby. Anyway, I’m all for political correctness, but the whole thing seemed so politically correct to the point of ridiculousness. I think as long as you know what somebody means and they’re not blatantly being offensive, you shouldn’t go off on them. You’re going to offend somebody at some point unless you’ve memorized every politically correct term and are always being careful enough to tiptoe around things. But who wants to have to watch what they say all of the time? Also, I think by being so politically correct and requiring knowledge of what words are acceptable and which are not, I think we’re going to alienate straight people as a community rather than providing an inclusive, welcoming environment. It’s like being too politically correct has the opposite effect of what’s intended. As long as you’re not like Katy Perry and being ignorant of other cultures and their history, I think you’re alright.

      • ShaoLinKitten

        It’s called QUILTBAG now, which is very inclusive, and an easy acronym to remember, anyway!

        • Thomas

          Lol What do the U and the I stand for though? I think it’s too much to expect people to know all these correct terms. As long as people are trying, I think that’s good.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            Unidentified and Intersex. So now you have the correct, state of the art acronym AND you know what all the letters mean. I had to look it up myself a couple of months ago when submitting a story to a publication that favored writers from the QUILTBAG community.

          • Thomas

            Lol Thank you. The A stands for asexual, right? See, the fact that you had too look it up, and I’m openly gay and I can’t keep up with this means that we’ve gone too far. Most straight people aren’t going to bother looking up this stuff or using these terms. I don’t think we want to alienate people because of too much political correctness. As I said, as long as someone is an ally and is willing to respect who we are and not use obviously offensive terms, I don’t think I can ask any more of them.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            Yes, A is asexual. The G can be gay or genderqueer, whichever. I agree that it’s hard to keep up with the correct terminology at times. I also thought that the preferred term for the people who were in the Americas first was “indigenous,” but I really am not sure anymore now…

          • If the G stands for “genderqueer,” does that mean there are no gay men represented in this acronym?

          • ShaoLinKitten

            I don’t think that’s the case. The Queer Dictionary lists both options for G. The Q is for Queer or Questioning, the T is for transgender or transsexual, and the A is Asexual or Allied. It’s a hugely inclusive term. I’m new to knowing it or using it, so take all this with a grain of salt.

            ETA: the fault in understanding here is my incorrect use of the word OR. The QD uses a / between the words. So it’s gay/genderqueer, transsexual/transgender, etc.

          • Yes, apparently the G can be used either as genderqueer or as gay, which means if one uses it to mean genderqueer, there’s no letter in the acronym for gay men.

            It’s a term so “inclusive” that it’s not only meaningless (acronyms are not supposed to have multiple uses for each letter), it actually can be used to exclude a rather huge part of the queer community. I’m quite happy calling QUILTBAG an enormous FAIL.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            You should have seen the size of the ? over my head when I first read it. As Thomas said, it sounded very “old lady at the sewing bee” to me. Yet people are using it out there in the world, so better to know about it, I guess.

          • I don’t think very many people are using it out in the real world, to be honest. It sounds very much like a tumblr thing.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            Well, if it’s as covertly exclusionary as you indicate, then I hope it’s just an internet thing. Now that I’m middle aged, I feel like I never know quite what’s real on the internet and what’s completely a concoction of people’s imaginations. That said, I needed to know what this thing meant so I could know if I was qualified to submit my story. The editors specifically used this acronym, so they at least think it’s real.

          • I think it is used a lot on feminist blogs, the kind that have trigger warnings up the wazoo. I once got banned from a feminist blog that used this term and many other terms like it simply by asking a question. The owner of the blog assumed I was male – even though a quick google would find my blog where I clearly state I am female.

            I was so offended by the assumption of male-ness having been female all my life.. I quickly decided that brand of “feminism” is not for me. 🙁 And I would never use any terms that said feminist used – I use that blog as an example of what *not* to do, in the world.

        • “It’s called QUILTBAG now”

          The hell it is.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            Hey, I don’t make these decisions, just reporting on the latest acronym as it was related to me. I had to look it up, so it hasn’t really hit the mainstream… and maybe it never will.

          • Thomas

            I’m glad to know that we’re part of the QUILTBAG community now. I feel like I should be in an Amish communty making quilts.

          • ShaoLinKitten

            I mostly mentioned it as a joke, noticing your alphabet soup of letters. The term does sound Amish, but it helpfully organizes the letters into an easy to remember word. I fear that I will never quite be caught up on what the of-the-moment correct term is for anything anymore. My only hope is not to offend anyone.

          • I’m no more a member of the QUILTBAG community than I am a part of “an LGBT couple,” which is how one journalist referred to us in an interview last year. Just as there are no lesbians, transgender people or even bisexuals in this marriage, there is no “community” in which, for instance, intersex and asexual people commingle with gay and lesbians or share similar life experiences. The problem with something like QUILTBAG is that it’s lumping in a whole bunch of people under the ridiculously broad umbrella of “We’re not straight people.” The result is that it does a disservice to all the groups involved.

          • Thomas

            Totally agree. We’re all so different.

          • demidaemon

            This is what makes me twitchy on both sides of the spectrum. On the one hand, it’s great that a bunch of different yet culturally isolated people can come together in one arena. That’s nice. On the other hand, it’s a little demeaning when it’s obviously the wrong terminology to use in the situation.

          • DonnaL

            Nobody I know actually uses QUILTBAG. The most common “alphabet soup” formulations I see are LGBT+ and LGBTQ.

      • demidaemon

        Well, I learned a new word for Native American today, though I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. In my last stint in academia, it changed so often I couldn’t keep up with the PC terminology. Some days, you just want to say “fuck it” and use what’s easiest, without getting into slurs. In my opinion, as long as it isn’t a racial/ethnic/sexual slur, it’s nothing to get up in arms about. I’m sure others will disagree with me.

        • Thomas

          I totally agree with you.

          • demidaemon

            Thank you.

        • DonnaL

          I see a lot of Native American people use NDN these days. (Not an acronym. Say it out loud.)

    • Let it out

      Weeel…. Just as it’s become Not Cool for drag queens (especially my beloved RuPaul) to use the term “tranny,” I wouldn’t use “drag” to describe the style of a transgender person. I don’t think there’s any way to know if she wants to be gender normative in her style, unless she says so. If she likes to wear her dresses up to her booty and an obvious weave, so be it. I think it’s fun.

      • demidaemon

        I think your last sentence pretty much solidified that she wanted to wear a gender normative style (which, with my limited experience with transgendered people, is where many of them start stylistically, like the rest of us. For them, though, they often don’t start until their twenties or later, so they can seem stylistically stunted at first).

        • Let it out

          I don’t understand where you think I said that she wants to be gender normative, and if I did, I didn’t mean to. As gender outlaws (yep, just made that up), transgender people aren’t beholden to conventional notions of style. For transpersons, style may or may not be an expression of sexuality, theatricality, irony, and/or parody. So I think unless she flat out says, “Katherine Hepburn is my style inspiration,” there’s no reason to assume she isn’t conveying exactly what she wants to, whether the mainstream thinks it’s tacky or whatever. Free pass, in my book.

          • demidaemon

            I’m not saying that you said it, but it’s fairly clear to me, just from what has been showcased on this blog, that her style does lean towards the gender normative.

          • “For transpersons, style may or may not be an expression of sexuality, theatricality, irony, and/or parody.”

            Which makes them no different from anyone else, really.

  • MoHub

    She lost me when I realized the hose were fishnets.

  • Mothra

    That dress is too short on anyone who isn’t 12 years old. If the skirt portion went down mid thigh, maybe 4 inches above the knee, and the leopard print shoes were actually thrown back in favor of something, well, less leopardy, and maybe a shoe that actually fit, it would be a nice look on her. When she going to do something about that hair though? Is that the only style it comes in? ALSO: those fishnets have a run in them at the foot. That is unforgivable.

  • Kent Roby

    Someone please arrange a evening with me and Laverne; after several complicated cocktails and lots of delicious gossip I am certain that I will be able to finally convince her to ditch the fishnets (other than with Halloween costumes) and to buy some pretty lace-front wigs. It’s time for the face of Time’s “Transgender Tipping Point” to tip over to a bit more sophisticated look.

    • Leah Elzinga

      you had me at “several complicated cocktails”.

  • TrixieConQueso

    Bey and Laverne have Got The Gams Going On – and they love the nude fishnets (Bey does them worn over nude tights.) But there must be an alternative…

  • Gatto Nero

    Adding several inches to the dress and cutting several inches off her hair would help, for a start. A more sophisticated shoe (that actually fits) would elevate this look tremendously.
    She’s got the raw materials to look chic and fabulous with just a few tweaks here and there. I’m rooting for her.

    • Kitten Mittons

      Agree with this. I don’t dislike this look, honestly, but I think she could easily take it up a notch or two and look just utterly fabulous.

      Confession: I am totally ignorant regarding wigs, extensions, hair pieces, et al. Even when I know that someone routinely wears wigs, I generally cannot detect it unless it literally falls off their head. This has led me to coin a new term for myself. I am wignorant, people, and I am grown enough to admit it.

      • demidaemon

        The only knowledge I have about wigs has come from TLo, the BKs, ANTM, and, of course, RPDR. I am slightly ignorant, and, if you asked me to guess what was real hair versus fake, I would be lost.

        • Kitten Mittons

          Me too. If a game show existed, I’d be the one in negative numbers that all the viewers felt sorry for. I’d feel lucky to get a consolation t-shirt.

          • demidaemon

            If this were a game show, i should think they would give you a consolation wig.

          • Kitten Mittons

            That made me belly laugh. And you’re so very right.

          • demidaemon


  • Anna

    *sigh* No.

    I want nothing but the best for Ms. Laverne, and this sweater-tunic (I really hate the embellishment around the neck AND the chiffon ruffle hem) and the too-big Victoria’s Secret catalogue leopard print shoes are not part of that equation.

    Elie Saab, won’t you please help?

    • decormaven

      Yes- designers are missing a spectacular opportunity here. Laverne should be getting A List outfits by the truckload.

  • Dino Bonačić

    Hate the wig, dislike the shoes, loathe the fishnets, like the dress (but would look amazing in a midi length). All in all – Laverne needs to hire herself a fun Hollywood stylist and I think she’d be on-the-go! With her height and nice figure she really does have nice fashion potential! FINGERS CROSSED!!

  • FibonacciSequins

    What you said. All of it.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I would like the dress if it were knee-length and worn in December.

  • Chaiaiai

    A little off topic, but did anyone here listen to Terry Gross’s episode on “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves”? I found the discussion about clothing choice very interesting.

    Laverne, love you but fall is coming – get thee a new wig!

    • snarkykitten

      no, but I’m intrigued. Is it online anywhere?

      • Chaiaiai

        Hmm, I tried to put a link but I don’t know that it will be posted. Google Terry Gross Trans Bodies, it’ll pull up that way:)

    • Thank you! This is really interesting.

  • snarkykitten

    Can someone please explain the appeal of a weave(? wig? educate me please!) that looks like you’re too lazy/poor to get your roots touched up?

    (and when TLO is critiquing your style, Miss Lady, you have arrived)

    • Guest

      But I don’t think just wearing a hair piece is the reason she has dark roots- I think that’s purely a stylistic choice.

    • MarissaLG

      Sorry, I misunderstood your question before. I think it’s supposed to look more natural. People purposefully do it to their real hair all the time.

  • Imasewsure

    Less Beyonce more Iman (hell…. do the reverse gender-f*ck and rock the Bowie even)… just less Beyonce please, dear…

  • SewingSiren

    I bet she knows that JLo and BeyBey wear those “invisible” fishnets too.

    • MarissaLG

      Bey’s don’t have holes in them though.

  • MarissaLG

    I like the dress, but think it would look better 1-2 sizes up. (That said, I’d be shocked if they made it 1-2 sizes up but that’s for another day.)

  • Vegas Girl

    I really liked the bob she had in the episode where her kids comes to visit. I wish she would wear that more in real life because it looked great on her.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Loathe as I am to say it, Ms Cox looks like a 22 year old in Vegas, before she gets shitfaced and breaks a heel.

  • kimmeister

    I love me a leopard print shoe, but never never with a mini. That’s for clubbing, Vegas, or cougars. Also, I can’t imagine that she has a small shoe size, and yet those shoes are still 1-2 sizes too big???

  • Sophia Finfer

    I wish she’d get the adorable bob in real life that she gets in season 2. Looked SO good on her.

  • traceyishere

    Shoes are too big. HATE that.

  • Wink

    Lovely woman in serious need of a make-under.

  • boweryboy

    I would be happy if she got a new wig, or rocked her real hair au naturel (has anyone seen her without the wig?). The run is sad, in a Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez kind of way.

  • cocohall

    Look, Kesha and Beyonce routinely wear all sorts of tacky things. Lots of famous people do and I honestly don’t think this is an issue of being trans, it’s just a matter of taste. We may have to accept that THIS is Laverne’s taste and preference, and not that she doesn’t have access to other choices. We can still offer all our love, help and support here at TLo and hope she evolves. But certainly if Beyonce, who cannot be said to have limited access to ANYTHING, can go out in hose with short shorts and a puffy jacket in public (I saw this look on Fashion Police – it was seared into my brain) anything is possible. That said, I am more concerned that Miss Laverne get a bigger share of screen time on OITNB, Season 3. I felt her character wasn’t given enough to do this past season. Who do we see about that?

    • demidaemon

      As I stated above, it is slightly related to being trans, as, much of the time, when you first go out into the world as your new self, you wear things that your teenaged self might have worn if you were allowed to properly express your true self. Thus, we get looks similar to this one.

      Also, Beyonce is a bit tacky, no?

      • cocohall

        I must not be expressing myself very clearly, as I was trying to make the point that Beyonce is often (most of the time?) terribly tacky. As much as it pains us to realize it, our assessments here at TLo are being routinely ignored by her and many many others. And sadly, Miss Laverne may have joined forces with Beyonce, Kesha, and even my beloved Dolly Parton, and is embracing tacky as her fashion dream. As much as I hope that Laverne does evolve, she may not. She may want to dress like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey forever.

        But to your point about creating an image for yourself as a trans person, I recently read an article that suggested that people often get stuck at the emotional age they were when they first become famous (the article was specifically about Justin Bieber). I think there is some truth to the idea that when adolescent development is disrupted or delayed, for whatever reason, you are going to see artifacts of this down the road.

        But I also just read an article in the New Yorker about radical feminists who reject transgender people, especially MTF, as men who want vulvas and breasts as a sexual fetish, and as such, cannot be counted or treated as “real” women. You read that sort of thing and realize that an overly bedazzled dress is really the LEAST of a trans person’s worries.

        • demidaemon

          You may be right on that. This may be Laverne’s style, but I do hope that she can evolve. I think it may be a two part problem: 1) She still isn’t receiving the same quality of gifted clothes, so she may have to resort to do-it-yourself-ness and whatever she’s given and 2) she may still be unsure about how she wants her public persona to be represented. I am hoping that both of these issues will be solved with time, and she will start coming out with some fabulous looks. I am expecting drop dead gorgeousness at the Emmys.

          I think the stunted development point has some merit (see also Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc) but radical feminists need to get the hell over themselves and do some fucking research. God.

          • cocohall

            I hope she hits it out of the park at the Emmys too. And I hope she wins. Chiefly because her character on OITNB is not just Laverne in orange scrubs. I’ve seen her interviewed several times and she truly has created a character complete with her own body language, speech cadences, and personality that is separate from Laverne.

            I thought the same thing about the rad fems when I was reading the article. Many trans people report knowing from a very young age that they didn’t feel congruent with their bodies; long before they were interested or aware of sex. So how are these children fetishizing female bodies? And it is pretty well understood that gender identity and sexual attraction are not inextricably linked. In general, the article just made me sad – it seems a better approach in life to operate from an inclusive, lets find some common ground than lets focus on what divides us or makes us different. Have these people never read Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches?

          • demidaemon

            I don’t get it, either. My guess is that these radical feminists (or this sect of them) just want some press attention, sadly, and what better way to get this attention than saying something offensive and completely against mainstream psychology and social mores.

          • DonnaL

            It’s way more than that, unfortunately, There have been quite a few excellent critiques of that wretched New Yorker piece, by the way.

          • demidaemon

            Thank god. I just made that assumption because radical feminism hasn’t exactly been the talk of the town in some time, both for the general public and intellectual circles.

      • DonnaL

        Laverne Cox didn’t transition yesterday. If she dresses this way, I have to assume, unless she says otherwise, that it’s because she wants to.

        • demidaemon

          Fair enough.

        • We could assume that about anyone here whose style we critique.

    • Kesha and Beyonce also routinely get criticized for wearing all sorts of tacky things. It would be wrong of us to suspend any sort of style criteria for Laverne because she’s trans.

      • cocohall

        Oh god no, I’m truly a believer in equal rights for all, even though the Constitution may not specifically cover candid critiques from fashion blogs as a right! I’m just raising the possibility that Miss Laverne may be beyond our loving reach. But someone must do the heavy lifting in the fashion world, and I’m not suggesting you or any of the BKs pack our virtual Hermes bags and go home. We MUST carry on, and hope that Kesha, Beyonce, and Miss Laverne and the many many others out there will listen some day. 😉

  • StillGary

    Thanks Uncles, cause man-o-man, my shit got jumped when I said she was she was invoking drag Beyonce — I watched a little more of season 2 again and really think she looked great with that that blunt bob do.

  • Girl, you’re sexy as hell, but I would love just a little more hem and a little less bodycon. You know you can rock anything.

  • gitchygitchymama

    the color of those nets are giving her legs a mini-crocodilliac pattern.

  • julnyes

    She is fantastic, but she seems to really like the too short and too tight look. I don’t know how old she is, but her choices scream “24 year old partying in Vegas” and that is not a good look on anyone.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    I don’t know how hot it is in LA right now, but if I were wearing stockings in this weather, the technical term for what would be happening to me is “swamp crotch.” And I think of that term any time I see a lady wearing hose in the summer. Ugh.

  • stubbornthoughts

    I liked her hair when it was cut shorter in Season 2 when her son comes to visit. I’d love to see that soft look on her with some fabulous fashion.

  • Laverne is knock dead gorgeous. I wish she would take it down a notch. On a scale from “Beyonce” to “Mayim Bialik” – I’d say she’s pushing the Beyonce card a bit too hard. Life isn’t a “Single Ladies” video, Laverne. Werq it with a bit more style.

  • marlie

    Not even Laverne Cox can fit into the shoes the stylists get for them? For shame. And the fishnets are tragic.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I think I’d like the dress more if it were just above the knee, but with legs like those, I can understand Laverne wanting to show them off. I agree that she could try some different looks and be just as, or even more bewitching.

  • livesarah

    Well said.

  • NinjaCate

    Get rid of the hose, and again, I wish her dresses were just a skotch longer.

  • Laverne is a beautiful woman with a lot to work with in terms of looks. I don’t know what she is aiming for as far as how she would like people to perceive her, but I do think her current style does a disservice. All of the male-to-female transgender people in my life are very concerned with “passing,” and it often plays out with a hypersexual style that a person raised as a woman would have been warned away from starting in her teens. As a result it draws attention to the very things they seek to minimize. I can see Laverne having a great career as an actress (no adjectives of any kind) if she can move away from this style that draws attention to her gender rather than her beauty and charisma.

    I am sweating bullets trying not to offend, but this is a conversation I have had with friends in life as well.

    • Chaiaiai

      Well said!

    • I like that observation. I’ve also noticed a heightened femininity in the way many trans* women dress. On the other hand, I can’t help but be faintly envious that, with whatever damage society may have done to their view of self, they were not warned away from those hypersexual styles! How amazing would it be to be a woman who *wasn’t* told that “only sluts…” – have pierced ears, wear red shoes, wear short skirts, talk to boys etc etc etc until they believed it?

      Anyway, I’d prefer this with 2″ more skirt and switch out the necklace for a big-arse L brooch a la Laverne & Shirley.

      • DonnaL

        I hope you understand the logical fallacy in your comment about the way “many trans* women dress.” You might more accurately have said, “many trans women whom you perceive to be trans women.” What about all the trans women you probably see whom you have no idea are trans? You can’t very well take them into account, can you?

        • Yes, I do take that into account. I was referring to the women I know who are openly trans. I apologise for making an unnecessary and hurtful generalisation – you are absolutely right, your suggested wording would have been much more appropriate.

        • I think you’re being needlessly pedantic and antagonistic over common and easily understood phrasing. If I corrected everyone who said “gay people” when what they really mean is “people they perceive to be gay,” I’d never get anything else done.

    • DonnaL

      Laverne Cox isn’t concerned with “passing” (leaving aside my strong dislike of that word) because she doesn’t. As she has repeatedly stated. Dressing differently wouldn’t change that. If you saw her in real life, perhaps you’d understand.

  • quiltrx

    I don’t like that worn-out wig on Beyoncé…come on and do your own thing, Laverne.

  • Esz

    Okay so let me understand this – her feet don’t look tiny…they look like normal largish feet….yet SOMEHOW ‘they’ still manage to give her shoes that are TOO BIG. I dont understand I dont get it are all the shoes in Hollywood a size 42????? WHO DO THEY FIT?

  • dschubba

    Girl, no.

  • snarkykitten

    Thanks! 🙂 I’ll give it a listen when my wife’s around. She’ll appreciate it, too. (unless it comes across as very “cis-gender lectures other cis-genders on transwomen. it’s not is it?)

    • Chaiaiai

      Nope! At least, not to this cis-woman so ymmv:) It helped explain a phenomenon I’ve witnessed, first-hand, that LesYeuxHiboux very eloquently stated upthread.

    • No – it’s a ciswoman asking genuine and occasionally clumsy questions, and getting well-considered and gracious answers from a trans man and a trans woman.

  • Susan Velazquez

    She seems like she gravitates towards this glam, fierce style and she keeps her hair long to keep within that wheelhouse but I think she should get her hair cut or start fixing it up instead of letting it loose all the time.In OINTB her character got a shoulder length cut and Laverne looked so good with it.

    • DonnaL

      She wears a wig.

      • Susan Velazquez

        That’s what I meant, she should get a wig with a shorter style or start fixing her hair differently.