Halle Berry in Jenny Packham at the “Extant” LA Premiere

Posted on June 17, 2014

Stop just as you scroll down to her fingertips. Doesn’t this look like it needs a cape and a pair of thigh-highs to turn it into a superhero costume?

Halle-Berry-Jenny-Packham-Extant-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Halle Berry attends the premiere of her new TV series “Extant” at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California in a Jenny Packham dress paired with Christian Louboutin pumps.

Halle-Berry-Jenny-Packham-Extant-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Halle-Berry-Jenny-Packham-Extant-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Halle-Berry-Jenny-Packham-Extant-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Halle-Berry-Jenny-Packham-Extant-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Halle-Berry-Jenny-Packham-Extant-LA-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

We were almost disappointed it ends in a standard pencil skirt. For a second there, we figured she went all Catwoman/Storm on us.

This is… okay. She really likes this pewter. It’s probably the color she wears most often on the red carpet. And it’s a great color on her. But we sure wish she’d embrace real color more often. She should be able to handle a wide range of them and yet she defaults to greys and blacks. But the real problem is that it’s too tight on her – although we doubt she’d agree with that assessment. The neckline and cuffs are a little dicey too, as far as we’re concerned. That kind of heavy trim can come off a little dowdy.

It’s not an awful look, but we think she can do a lot better. And we suspect this dress would be better suited for someone else.





[Photo Credit: Janice Ogata/PRPhotos.com, Celebrity Monitor/PacificCoastNews]

    • Jessica Freeman

      It’s pretty, but underwhelming. I think it would have been more successful as a tunic with black pants.

    • NBG

      She has a fantastic figure but this is still too tight on her. And the color is boring as hell. With her skin tone, she can rock so many great shades. Why pick GRAY?

      • Wink

        Gray is a ‘safe’ choice. Like that boring nude/beige/taupe color that refuses to die!

      • TrixieConQueso

        I think she is giving off LADYSHARK realness…whoa-ho here she comes… A man-eater. Your Hall and Oates soundbite for the day. You’re welcome.

        • DaringMiss

          Oh man…I am never going to get that out of my head!

        • NBG

          I live in Philly, I get my H&O soundbites before breakfast! :)

        • Bridget Smith

          It looks a bit like chainmail to me, which means I’m in!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m thinking chainmail too, and Halle’s giving this her “Bitches, I’ve had two children and I’m still rocking the shit out of this look” best.

            • demidaemon

              Exactly. Part of the reason I’m liking it so much.

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              I’m liking this look on Halle a lot.

        • smayper

          Random note: a friend put the quote “whoa-oh here she comes” on her yearbook page, knowing that the next photo was one of a girl she loathed.

          • TrixieConQueso

            hahhahahahahhhaha – well done.

    • mrspotts66

      i love this on her! everything about it.

      • BrianaJC

        I totally agree. Doesn’t look too tight to me. It does look like its for a holiday party, but maybe LA is unseasonably cold right now? lol

    • Sarah

      That’s not a very summery dress, is what bugs.

      • Heather

        I think that’s my problem, too. If I had her figure, I’d probably tend to wear my dresses a wee bit too tight. If it were autumn? I’d dig this a lot more. However, it’s June! If it were a bright color it may alleviate some of the heaviness, but pewter? Nope, not so much.

        • Kent Roby

          If I had her body, I’d wear thin white garments and run through sprinklers!
          ETA: She’s 47. 47. We need to all let that sink in for a while. Dayum.

          • Nikko Viquiera

            Lol! I would too!

          • Mismarker

            That body be bangin’ no matter her age.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Thin white garments ala Liz Taylor in “Suddenly Last Summer”-that swimsuit was indecent!

      • demidaemon

        That’s fair. I can definitely see that critique. Unfortunately, it’s going to start being a refrain around these parts until October, when we’ll start seeing summery dresses until March-ish. Celebrity seasons are not our seasons.

    • RussellH88

      The fit is pretty bad. It’s giving her a pooch and I highly doubt Halle Berry has a pooch.

      • Wink

        Proper fit is (almost) everything.

      • Kent Roby

        No, I think she has cats. Wait, no, never mind….it was Cat Woman, not “cat lady”. Carry on.

        • RussellH88

          Halle Berry should never be used in connection to Catwoman. There’s only one Catwoman and her name is Michelle Pfeiffer.

          • http://angrynerdgirl.net/ Jessi03

            Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt beg to differ. :)

            • RussellH88

              Unfortunately, I’ve never seen either of them as Catwoman since they didn’t have reruns of the show available when I was younger. I did see Lee Meriwether as Catwoman, since I had the Adam West Batman movie on VHS when I was a little kid.

              I even had VHS copies of the old Batman Serials from the 40’s.

            • SpillinTea

              Yasss teach the children!

            • DuBey2

              Eartha Kitt had the BEST voice & sexy growl for Catwoman

          • MilaXX

            No, her name is Eartha Kit.
            *grumbles* young’uns */grumbles*

            • RussellH88

              Wasn’t it originally Julie Newmar, though?

            • MilaXX

              I like Eartha better. That puurrrrr was divine!

            • demidaemon

              Eartha Kitt is a goddess. She sings my favorite Christmas song and I will not stand by any other version of “Santa Baby.”

      • deelup

        She has had babies. She seems to stay away from the uber skinny, wrinkle free celebrity group think. So she could have a pooch and if so, I salute her for letting it show in this way.

        • SugarSnap108

          I agree. And whether you’ve had a baby or not, lower bellies tend to curve. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with allowing that very human fact to be evident. (Giving yourself a second pooch with, say, pleated pants is another matter.)

          That said, I just don’t care for this dress, even on Halle’s slammin bod.

    • JulieTy

      This is Helen Mirren’s dress.
      But Halle has THAT FACE. Beyond gorgeous.

      • Violentcello

        Definitely Mirren’s dress.

    • LadyVimes

      It looks a bit like chain mail. I wish it was floor length and she was carrying a broadsword across her back.

      • BLauD

        My first thought was chain mail too! So glad I’m not the only one.
        (Also, always loved your choice of name!)

        • LadyVimes

          Aw, cheers! It was a tough choice between Sybil and Angua, but I just had to go with Sybil. I’m too much like her.

          • BLauD

            Haha, that’s great! I had been thinking of using Gaspode, but it didn’t feel right. You’ve got me rethinking it :)

          • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

            There’s another bitter kitten who is Angua, isn’t there?

            • LadyVimes

              Yes, I think I’ve seen them around…

    • Kim Elmore

      She’s SUPER foxy :)

    • Wink

      Ditching the sleeves would lighten this fall/winter look considerably.

    • Jaime

      Pretty, but the boob seams are stheriously distracting!

    • Introspective

      resting on pretty here. not really doing much beyond her wheelhouse, which she should do to announce her new tv show.

      metallic dress, check. tight fit, check. beautiful hair and face, despite the smokey eye she needs to leave alone, check.

      halle, youre lovely on the eyes, but youre killing me with the predictability.

    • AC Simons

      It’s just too tight. Yes, she has an amazing body, but this looks so uncomfortable, especially if she has to sit down. The shoes are underwhelming. Yes, this outfit needs a better fit and a pop of color somewhere.

    • Lilithcat

      I like the dress a lot, it’s definitely too tight over her tummy.

    • MaggieMae

      The I Just Had a Baby And Look at Me Tour?

    • http://foodycat.blogspot.co.uk/ Alicia

      Love it.

    • GorgeousThings

      The bust darts are pointing to just above her nipples, and I had to ask if she was pregnant again. Both are indicators of bad fit. Shame on her stylist.

    • julianai

      Looks like a dress made of chain mail, just as heavy and uncomfortable.

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

      If she showed up somewhere in a fire-y orange or a lime green I would be singing hosahanas.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      I wish I could look this fantastically blah in clothes. It is too tight, and I don’t like the no-makeup look; if you’re going to wear something like this, a minimal face look isn’t going to cut it.

    • Bower Bird

      The fabric is unforgiving, catches the light in strange places.

    • ashtangajunkie

      I mean, she’s Halle Berry so of course she looks great. This is just not a June dress, although I think I’m best served to just get over my thoughts on summer wear, judging by the past few weeks of red carpets.

    • http://www.snoskred.org/ Snoskred

      This is the first Jenny Packham dress I have not loved :(

      Not into the chain mail fabric. Love Halle though.

    • FibonacciSequins

      I was reminded of Nicole Kidman’s look yesterday, and how we’re not seeing Halle’s nipples here.

      I think I’d like it a lot if it weren’t quite so tight but damn, if I had Halle’s body I’d probably wear everything too tight just for the hell of it.

      • GillianHolroyd

        Closing in on 48, ladies and gentlemen. Read it and weep.

    • gitchygitchymama

      red bottoms are for hookers.

    • Lori

      Sadly, she can also do a lot worse. This is too tight, but at least it doesn’t have that air of desperation that so many of her looks had a year or so ago. Halle Berry looking desperate sort of sapped my will to live, so I’ll take this and be glad for it.

    • Constant Reader

      Christmas Party In the 90s realness. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wore something very similar to a Christmas party in the 90s (although a size looser and with a higher scoop neck instead of a deep v).

    • teensmom99

      I feel like this is Jessica Walters’s dress. Probably not what Halle was going for but I see an older ladies who lunch type in this.

    • Hoffa_w_HerHead

      That is some shopping mall Cache realness

    • MilaXX

      She’s almost pulling a Jolie with this look, but it’s not a gown with a crazy high split & she’s not giving us nips so I’m okay with giving this a pass.

    • OffToSeeHim

      Wow, she is just So. Smokin’. Hot. And we’re the same age, how is she DOING that??

    • NMMagpie

      Chain mail body con.

    • MarissaLG

      It looks like chain mail printed on to fabric, the beading on the neckline and sleeves is tacky and I am a very cranky kitten because of this look!

    • msdamselfly

      Looks very dated

    • http://lippsisters.com Roberta Lipp

      The dowdy trim could be countered by a sexier skirt, but the secretary pencil skirt cinches it. (clinches it? I never know that expression.)

    • http://lippsisters.com Roberta Lipp

      Oh and the earrings are creepy.

      • kimmeister

        I’m not liking the trend for millipede earrings.

    • Lex

      Her cleavage looks awesome. Abs region, not so much- that’s where the tightness becomes not so flattering. Weird choice overall for her but I think any of us would still kill to have her body so one can’t be too picky here. It’s not like she isn’t still a total hottie

    • SophieCollier

      Ship to to Daenerys Targaryen.

    • suzq

      That’s Kevlar, right?

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Yeah, her dress is too tight and lacks color, but look at her, She looks great.

    • Chuck Barthelme

      Underwhelming on her. Of course, she knows everyone wants to do her regardless of what she’s wearing, so she probably just doesn’t feel the need to try very hard sometimes.

    • Sofia

      she looks luscious. love the picture where the lights/fashbulbs create a sparkle in her plunging neckline and show her sensuous curves. i think it’s sexy that her tummy isn’t flat, lord knows she doesn’t have a single roll of fat on her.

    • Shawn EH

      She was going for brick house, and she hit it!

    • SistaT

      I love that it’s painted on. The softness to her tummy is really luscious. I think she looks yummy.

    • Eva_baby

      I actually dig this on her. She’ll be 48 in two months, and she had a baby like a minute ago. I like the dress and thing It may just be a little nod to her futuristic/sci-fi new tv show,

    • DagnyReardon

      And to pile on, but isn’t this a bit heavy for June?

    • MissusBee

      That thing about how all New Yorker cartoons could work with the caption ‘F*** you’. The one for all Halle Berry RC appearances is: ‘STILL HOT!!!’

    • B_C_J

      Sexy & attention getting – she looks wonderful.

    • MK03

      Dress is nice, but man oh man does her new show look terrible.

    • kmk05

      Love her face and hair and… did she just steal those earrings off Lupita Nyong’o?

    • Ashleigh

      what IS it? Chain mail? rope? braided metal? I love it. A color would have been cool too!

    • TinyDynamo

      Yes, she looks gorgeous. Yes, she’s beautiful and her figure is enviable. But I honestly feel kind of bad for her that all she thinks she has to offer is “aren’t I hot?” I mean, I understand that it’s part of her job as a celebrity to stay in tip-top shape (which I also have issues with) and of course she’s going to attempt to look gorgeous on the red carpet. But I never get the feeling that she or her styling team get any further than “make me look HOT!”, which kinda bums me out.

    • frannyprof

      And it’s the wrong season to be wearing a dress that heavy-looking. And in L.A., no less. I worry (not really) that she’s falling into the Heidi Klum short/shiny trap.

    • Synnae

      I actually do really like this dress on her but that is also because it is right into my own neutral pencil skirt loving wheelhouse. And I like that they used a larger knit to give it the idea of chain mail. And as this is premiere for a SF show, it ties in nicely too.

      She always defaults to neutrals, her pap shots don’t have her wear colour either. It is just not her thing. I do wish she’d bring her own casual style on the red carpet more because it tends to be more Halle and less Miss Hot Thing.

    • http://victoriapavlova.com Victoria Pavlova

      I don’t know, this smells like desperation. When did she start reeking of desperation? She’s so gorgeous, I don’t know how this is possible.

    • MannahattaMamma

      Isn’t this a version of the dress that Nicole Kidman is wearing? If Halle isn’t careful, she’s going to end up in the Heidi Klum/JLo camp: tight & glittery all the time, metaphorically if not literally.

    • Imasewsure

      dowdy indeed

    • smh4748

      Apparently I’m in the minority, but I like this! It’s seasonally inappropriate though.

      I want to send this to Nicole Kidman as an example of how your boobs can still look nice without visible nips.

    • bluefish

      Eartha Kitt!

    • Vtg Fashion Library

      All I see is titscrepancy.

      • http://weirdinedgewise.blogspot.com ONEWEIRDWORD

        She’s likely still nursing the baby, an unavoidable time for titscrpancy.

    • demidaemon

      I actually really like the entire look here. i think she looks slamming.

    • marlie

      I like it, and it seems to fit OK, but a half-size up would be so much better. But Halle’s showing off that she has her body back post-baby. She looks good, even if a little boring.

    • ShaoLinKitten

      She looks fantastic and is gorgeous. Any BK buzz on Extant?

    • FridaStaire

      Oh…I love it! But yes, better as a catsuit with thigh highs.

    • http://weirdinedgewise.blogspot.com ONEWEIRDWORD


    • Man Dala

      She’s got the rack.

    • kim bunchalastnames

      omg BOOBS.

    • Little_Olive

      It’s a bit “Board Meeting at Adult Video Co. Inc.” for my taste

    • Sunraya

      Geez! It’s WAY too tight in her breasts, and I don’t know when stomach bulge became sexy. I’ve spent the last 25 years trying to hide mine!

    • DuBey2

      “can come off a little dowdy”. I’LL say. Very aging look on her, overall.

    • Betsy

      It’s too shiny to be worn that tight.

    • amanda lynn

      Halle. We get it.