Florence Welch in Mother of Pearl at The Other Ball

Posted on June 05, 2014

Well, it’s very Flo, isn’t it?

Florence-Welch-Mother-Of-Pearl-The-Ther-Ball-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Florence Welch attends The Other Ball in aid of Arms Around The World at One Mayfair in London, England in a Mother of Pearl printed suit.

Florence-Welch-Mother-Of-Pearl-The-Ther-Ball-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Florence-Welch-Mother-Of-Pearl-The-Ther-Ball-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Mother of Pearl Fall 2014 Collection

Florence-Welch-Mother-Of-Pearl-The-Ther-Ball-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Florence-Welch-Mother-Of-Pearl-The-Ther-Ball-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Florence-Welch-Mother-Of-Pearl-The-Ther-Ball-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)


Can’t fault this gal for being inconsistent, that’s for sure.

We don’t hate it. Our impulse would be to break the pieces up, but this is her style and at some point, you have to accept that, if the person is good about expressing their style and does so in a consistent manner. We’ll save our critiques for her accessorizing: those shoes look Payless and that bag is way too big and focus-pulling for the red carpet. We can buy that she’s probably not the type to walk around with a tiny little clutch in her hand all night. And we’re not opposed to a bag with a strap. But the giant tassles and the thick strap make it somewhat focus-pulling in an outfit that has more than enough things to focus on.

But we’re not gonna beat around it: everything north of her neck is terrible. Forget makeup. If you don’t want to wear it, or you only like the barest amount, we’re not gonna be bitches about it. But if minimal (or no) makeup’s your thing, and you know you’re picture’s being taken, and you dressed up in a no-doubt expensive outfit that was no-doubt loaned to you, then come on, girl. Get your hair out of your face. We’re not asking for sparkle or anything, but you’re all dressed up at a charity event getting your picture taken. This isn’t the debate team portrait for the yearbook.




[Photo Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images, style.com]

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  • Karen Belgrad

    It may be very Flo, but it’s more Alan Cumming πŸ™‚

    • smayper

      He would ROCK it.

    • formerlyAnon

      David Bowie. The skinny years.

      • Karen Belgrad

        David Bowie has non-skinny years? I’ve always thought of him as a slender build.

        • formerlyAnon

          Maybe the bony years? You’re right, he’s never been stocky or heavily built. I just associate this look on men with a *very* thin (not to say “looks like they’re subsisting on cigarettes, coffee and harder drugs”) build.

          • fursa_saida

            I think “the cocaine years” is the phrase you were looking for.

          • formerlyAnon

            That was what I was thinking. But I thought I’d be equal-opportunity.

      • Aurumgirl

        Well, on the model in particular, it does look like an outfit from his “Boys Keep Swinging” video.

    • I think you just read my mind. SPOOKY

    • Danielle

      Nailed it!

    • Leah Elzinga

      and HIS hair and makeup would have been impeccable.

  • elemspbee

    Get your hair out of your face.

  • Rhonda Shore

    Her bangs desperately need a trim.

    • MoHub

      Major chopping, I’d say.

    • They do. I had to resort to doing my own a couple of weeks ago and it is honestly not that difficult!

      • MarissaLG

        I do mine all the time. I figure, if I really mess up that bad I can always go get them fixed. But if I do it right, hey! free haircut!

        • teensmom99

          Hmmm. It’s difficult for me. I had a chopping disaster in high school and am now scared. But my hair dresser does it for free.

      • fursa_saida

        I did my own for years. Hell, my first set of bangs I cut myself on a total whim. (Oh, college.) Not difficult at all, though I definitely got better at it after that first time.

    • Anna

      Mine are at that stage and they’re driving me nuts. In this case, I pull them back and book an appointment with my stylist. Bangs in eyes is one of my top grooming pet peeves.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Yes, her bangs are eating her face.

  • ChaCha_70

    That ring on her middle finger is fierce!

  • @Biting Panda

    It’s all so… dragging… or heavy…I can’t seem to find the word, but my overall impression is that of a drowning victim.

    • Sara McMurray

      Whatever it is, she needs to shake it out.

      • Thomas

        I see what you did there.

      • slowestloris

        but she’s so heavy
        heavy in your arms..

  • Gloriana Reginata

    I’m stunned at myself for liking the colour and pattern; but I hate that cut with a passion, on both her and the model. They look like they’ve been forced to wear juice cartons, all boxy and upright.

    In other news, I find myself with an overwhelming lust for that handbag, in exactly that colour. For a woman who carries a teeny clutch that can just hold money and a cellphone as my only bag, this is unnatural.

    • Rhonda Shore

      It’s a cute pantsuit and one that i would wear with a black silk t, and minimal to no accessories.

    • Bad Idea Jeans

      When I saw that suit, the fabric immediately said “Liberty print” to me. I like it! The fabric, I mean.

    • demidaemon


  • nannypoo

    I think she looks gloomy and awful from head to toe. And those bangs are the worst.

    • Sara__B

      “Gloomy and awful” is her go-to look. I never knew what to call if before.

  • colleenjanel

    I think if the jacket were fitted at her waist and open, I would have liked this better.

  • pugluv

    She has very specific styling, lots of prints, lots of flowing fabric in somewhat prissy/matronly styles. She is not even 30 but she always looks like she is pushing 40 on the red carpet. She is tall and thin…and like 27…why does she not want to look young and chic? I love her music but dislike her style.

  • RussellH88

    It’s kind of like 70’s Hotel Wallpaper meets Bianca Jagger meets pajamas, right?

    • decormaven

      Nailed it. Wallpaper out of Conran’s “The House Book.”

    • formerlyAnon

      Yup. Precisely what I like about it. πŸ˜‰

  • d4divine

    My first thought…what bag?

  • Anna Vasquez

    “you dressed up in a no-doubt expensive outfit that was no-doubt loaned to you, then come on, girl. Get your hair out of your face.”

    Exactly. This is a gift. It comes with a price.

    • Caroline

      I hope everyone picks up on your perfect use of Flo’s lyrics right there!

    • Man Dala

      Nice use of the lyrics of Rabbit Hear (wink).

  • lecoffeeaddict

    “This isn’t the debate team portrait for the yearbook.” lmao

  • Thomas

    I kind of love it other then her bangs.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    I swear to god every time i see her i want to grab the scissors and just get 1/2 inch off those bangs.

  • frannyprof

    She looks consumptive.

    • formerlyAnon

      I spent 20 formative years being indoctrinated to find that attractive in my pop and/or rock singers.

  • Chireader

    Totally agree about Flo needing to let us see her face and giving us maybe even a hint of her being (or faking being) happy to be there …. however, I call “foul” on the debate team reference (says the person once a debate team member ….)

  • BlairBear

    That looks like a cheap copy of Prada from a few seasons ago to my eyes.

  • Grumpy Girl

    I like the outfit, but the overabundance of rings is distracting to me, especially with her death grip on that bag handle. The one with the lavender rock is so pretty and echoes the necklace; why all the others?

  • Kent Roby

    The death grip she’s giving that purse strap (as well as trying to cover her face with her bangs) indicates that she hates posing on the RC.

    • Grumpy Girl

      Or that someone really, really pissed her off right before she stepped out there.

    • kimmeister

      Or she’s flexing her fingers so that the huge honking rings can be seen.

  • JP

    If my bangs were that long, I’d be chopping them myself and then getting yelled at by my stylist.

    • Rhonda Shore

      I’d do the Hilary thing and sport a headband, but i can’t tolerate hair in my eyes…

      • Grumpy Girl

        Me too. (Note image to left.) It makes me so short-tempered to have hair in my eyes, I get near homicidal.

  • Erica

    Thank YOU. I think the suit is quite striking, and I can let go of the excessive accessories, but I just loathe her hair and always have. It takes away from any outfit she wears.

  • I don’t want to say anything mean about her because she could put my eye out with those rings.

  • numenah

    Totally agree with TLo on this. Love the fit, print, and color palette of the suit on her. The shirt doesn’t work, IMO. For some reason, even though I really dislike bags with tassels, I want this one badly

  • clatie

    LOVE the suit. But, yeah, girlfriend needs a trim.

  • B_C_J

    Too much pattern. Jacket & blouse would be better with black slacks. The hair is a huge disaster. Ditch the purse.

  • YoungSally

    I had this outfit in brown with rust accents (and in a wool double-knit) as a kid in about 73…..Had it again in 75-76 in olive with rust accents….and I liked it.

  • Shawn EH

    Somebody needs some sleep. Or maybe a toner and astringent?

    • kimmeister

      Maybe just the toner. Her skin looks too dry for astringent.

  • She’s a more polished, red headed Christine McVie. (Who wore hiking boots to interviews in 1992. HIKING. BOOTS.)

    • Kayceed

      I kind of love that. I like my jazz singers looking chic. Everyone else, bring on the crazy.

  • Goodness..This is straight out of Carnaby Street, circa @ 1965.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    I can’t help it, whenever I see that much pattern it just looks like walking wallpaper. I also can’t understand how anyone could stand to have bangs fall that far down over the eyes. That would drive me nuts!

  • Laura Livingston

    Her outfit looks so fun and her eyes look so dead.

  • Alloy Jane

    I can take the pants or the jacket, but not both together. The shaggy dog bangs? I went through that phase when I was 11. Bangs in my face, always, to hide behind because not having bangs in my face would expose the open contempt I had for everyone around me, lol.

  • kimmeister

    Those tassels are so big, I actually thought they were a scarf tied onto the bag at first. Yikes. And one big honking ring is enough. Having so many just lessens the individual impact of each one. Although I guess they saved her from having to do any handshakes.

  • jonnyf8

    nope its all horrible. I love her but there is not one good thing to say about any of this. And we shouldn’t be cutting her slack when we’re critical of so many others.

  • formerlyAnon

    Oh, I cannot express how I LOVE this ensemble. Except the purse which is too ’80s shiny for my tastes. I’d have put her in a different color, but I’m not saying this doesn’t work.

    I bet I’d love this even more if she’d push the hair back from her chest and I could see the probably very ’70s long white collar points. Other than that, I don’t mind the hair. I think “lead singer slightly disheveled & leaving via the stage door” is a better hair for this outfit than “swanning on the red carpet”. Which, I admit, is probably what others can legitimately criticize about both the ensemble and the hair.

    Edited, for, I hope, clarity.

    • Corsetmaker

      Yeah, it was a pretty casual event, so slightly dishevelled at the stage door was about the right tone πŸ™‚

  • BLauD

    I usually love her looks, but this one just swallows her alive.

  • boweryboy

    She looks like a trailblazing 40 year old business woman from the 1970s, and that’s not a compliment. I can’t believe she’s only 27.

  • marlie

    I hate the print of the suit, but this is her “thing.” But girlfriend needs a half-inch trim on those bangs. Maybe an inch.

  • Dagney

    I am currently in the midst of a 70’s fashion kick so I LOVE this.

  • SewingSiren

    She is one of my favorites, but this outfit isn’t quite there for me. Of course I don’t think anyone else could touch it with a 10 foot pole.

  • KES4K

    This looks like a retread of Marc Jacobs/LV from a few seasons back, no?

  • MilaXX

    I can’t cosign this. It’s too much everything. The hair needs to be off her face, the shoes are too clunky. I think the bag is too big, but it she changed the shoes and the hair, I’d give it a pass. I actually like the suit on her, it’s just the piling on of everything else.

  • Sabin

    That print would make fabulous wallpaper.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Why do I get the feeling her favorite color is red?

  • sherrietee

    Do you remember that scene in Sherlock Holmes when Robert Downey Jr was dressed in a suit to match the upholstery of the study chair? Yeah. That.

  • Man Dala

    I hate the hair on her eyes, she’s squinting as if she’s just had one doob too many. Or is as she’s gotten out of bed 5 seconds ago.

  • anonylind

    Cut your booms.

  • demidaemon

    This is all kinds of shapeless on her. She looks like a printed rectangle.

  • She’s wacky-cool.

  • Mr. J.

    I like this, but man, I can’t STAND the snotty vibe she puts out–just too hip to LIVE…..she seems to have catapaulted into legend–in her own mind…which always makes me laugh, because (I’m old and pretty out of it) I’m never entirely sure who she IS….

  • theblondette

    I’m constantly amazed that she is 4 years younger than me. She looks 40!! And I think it’s pretty much entirely the clothes and hair.

  • joything

    Oooh, gimme that suit. I have enough size that I’ll look like a 1930s bungalow guest room, but I don’t care.

  • anotherkate

    God, she bugs. Cut your damn bangs. Slap some mascara and blush on. She looks like Ringo Starr’s taller sister.

  • DagnyReardon

    The first time I saw her she was with Blake Lively and I thought she was Blake’s mother. Honest.

  • malarson2

    Besides being somewhat appropriate for Ms. Flo here, what I truly picture is some fabulous [male] rock star from the 70s wearing this. Imagine Steven Tyler or David Bowe in 1978 in this exact suit… AND the hair, the rings, the fringe. Everything.

    • livesarah

      That’s exactly what I’m feeling from this!

  • Stubenville

    Still miles ahead of the model with that unforgivable ascot. Or is it a dickie?

  • I was ON the debate team and my photo looked better than this.

  • quiltrx

    The suit is great…but yes the accessories are bad news. And I have a picture saved of an incredible Art Deco Bvlgari clutch she carried once, so she’ll go there when she needs to.
    I follow her on Facebook…and I just have to say that her hair and face ALWAYS look better in her candid photos than they ever do on the RC. it’s befuddling.

  • e jerry powell

    I think Flo is wearing it better than the model.

    The face is one of those Carmindy five-minute numbers. Foundation, lip gloss, and because she has the bangs so low, she doesn’t really need to do eyes.

    Also, the name of the event? I know, I’m not twelve anymore, but…

  • littlevase

    Chloe Sevigny, cut your fringe and stop pretending to be Florence Welch.

  • livesarah

    I lean towards finding her (irrationally) irritating. But this is actually kind of awesome. I disagree that the bag is too focus-pulling; I think a lesser bag would not live up to that suit. Go big or go home.

  • Corsetmaker

    I fully support a woman carrying a bag big enough to put stuff in, including maybe a half bottle to avoid the bar bill πŸ˜€ I like the suit, has a Marc Bolan feel.

  • AthenaJ

    Flo, I will completely forgive you for this entire look if you will make another album ASAP and go out on tour again so I can finally see you live.