Danielle Brooks at the “Third Person” New York Screening

Posted on June 18, 2014

Oh honey, we were right there with you until we got to the bottom.



Danielle-Brooks-Third-Person-Screening-NYC-TOm-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)“Orange is the New Black” star Danielle Brooks attends  the”Third Person” screening hosted by The Cinema Society and Revlon at Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

Danielle-Brooks-Third-Person-Screening-NYC-TOm-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Danielle-Brooks-Third-Person-Screening-NYC-TOm-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Danielle-Brooks-Third-Person-Screening-NYC-TOm-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Hair, makeup and dress are all adorable, but those shoes have got to go. We’re all for a cute orange sandal to go with this dress, but these are just too heavy and focus-pulling.

On the other hand, there’s that smile.





[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Roger Wong /INFphoto.com]

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  • RussellH88

    Maxipad Flip Flips would have been a better choice.

    • Cheryl

      Yippee! The first coffee spit comment of the day.

    • Fuchsiaforever

      Those shoes actually look like two big orange pantyliners with wings stuck to her feet!

      • Raspberry2012

        Can’t unsee it now!

        • Fuchsiaforever

          Yeah, the G-string kind! LOL

          • YoungSally

            Wait — there are g-string pantyliners with wings? How does that work?

          • Raspberry2012

            There are, and I don’t know how they work! I’ve never tried them because I hate thongs, but even if I were the thong kind of girl, I just don’t know that I could so far as thong pantyliners. I could do regular panties for that week, it’s not a biggie.

          • Fuchsiaforever

            Yes! hahaha they work same as the other but more triangular shape and so the wings kind of “hug” the “G” part of the underwear….so, kinda like Tastee’s shoes 😛 LOL #Iknowcrazyshit

          • sojourneryouth

            Probably not too well. Doesn’t sound like much coverage.

    • butterflysunita

      I think Sophia’s silver duct tape flip flops would have been more on point–after all, metallics are very in.

  • Jennifer Bober

    That smile is fantastic and the dress looks summery and chic. I agree about the shoes though. Just too much.

    • evave2

      I second that emotion, Jennifer. That dress is GREAT on her. She looks wonderful.

    • sojourneryouth

      Seriously. Killa dimples!

  • random_poster

    I agree about the shoes. She looks great. I wish she’d added a bit of colored lipstick.

  • Latin Buddy

    I respectfully disagree. I think since she is a curvy gal, everything on top will be “heavy” and she needs the shoes to balance it out. Otherwise, it would look like a chicken drumstick

    • FancyPhilly

      As a heavier gal I agree with you, though perhaps not these exact ones. Maybe a little more open but still with a heavy sole.

    • MilaXX

      There’s a happier medium between these heavy shoes and barely there naked sandals. A simple wide band across the front of the foot and a stacked heel would work better.

      • Judih1


    • Denise Alden

      I respectfully agree, and yet I still think there was a better shoe choice.

      • stonecoldcuddlewhore

        as a thick legged lady, I believe you are right.

        • Denise Alden

          And I believe you have a FABULOUS screen name!

    • Molly

      I think the issue is not with the size (which i like a lot!) and more with the color. That orange is NOT the new black. I think the same pair in maybe a dark brown would have been quite nice.

      • Judih1

        or a navy blue

  • Danielle

    She gets it right about 98% of the time. I like to pretend Laverne is her stylist.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    I think a belt would have looked really cute with this dress. I like the color of the shoes, but agree they are a little clunky for such a breezy dress. Also, she’s gorgeous and I admire her ability to work any hairstyle. Seriously, she can pull any hairdo off.

  • Emily Smith

    I would wear this dress, that’s adorable.

    • evave2

      T/L don’t say who designed this dress. Does anybody know.

  • sienna elm

    That is one of the best, most genuine smiles I’ve seen in a long while!

  • elle

    Love the crisp, summery dress, but agree that the shoes are unfortunate. She should have matched her shoe to the color of her skin to elongate her leg and saved the orange pop of color for a handbag. IMHO 🙂

    • kimmeister

      I think she could have kept the orange shoe, but one that didn’t cover the entire top of her foot.

  • KES4K

    I’m not sure about the makeup, actually – it comes across as very monotone to me.

  • Sarah

    She looks cute. I think the shoe is doing a negative ankle strap number on her. As in, same effect, different shape. Something with a longer line would be less stumpifying, but I do like the color.

  • Kent Roby

    Oh, Tastee Girl, we love you, but you do not have to wear orange shoes as a reference to your show.

    • Thomas

      Taystee, Poussey, Sophia, Red and Yoga Jones are my favorite characters from that show. Miss Claudette was as well and I hope there’s a way they can bring her back somehow, but I kind of doubt it.

      • butterflysunita

        Maybe Miss Claudette gets transferred back for good behavior? A girl can dream.

        • Thomas

          I wish, but I think it would take several years of good behavior. I really felt for her character because obviously she was prone to getting violent when angry considering she took the law into her own hands and murdered somebody, but it was just really bad timing with Fischer considering she had just been told to be more strict with the inmates and Claudette’s appeal had just been denied. I think she’s just a nice lady with serious anger management issues.

          • snarkykitten

            well I mean, to be fair, she didn’t just go nuts and murder some random dude. The guy did despicable things. Not that I’m condoning murder! but that’s why the show is so good.

          • Thomas

            I know, I don’t feel sorry for the guy’s death, but that’s what the courts are for!

  • Cheryl

    Not crazy about the shoes either but she’s so darn cute in these photos, I can overlook. So nice to see her not in khaki scrubs.

  • kimmeister

    Those dimples! You could plant a seed in there and it would grow.

  • hughman

    Drag Crocs.

  • cat772

    That is an adorable, gorgeous dress that would look good on a myriad of body types. WANT. Also, I don’t hate the shoes. If you saw them with her walking, rather than with her ankles crossed in The Pose, they would look way less in your face.

    • cat772

      And she looks beautiful and very happy!

      • Kitten Mittons

        That helps me ignore my shoe quibble. She looks gorgeous, and her smile is to die for.

  • FibonacciSequins

    I think she was trying to match the centers of the flowers on her dress. Anyway, she has an awesome smile.

  • Glam Dixie

    Those dimples are killer. Watch where you point those things.

  • MilaXX

    Dem dimples are to die! Like the dress , hate the shoe.

    • J.W.

      You said it.

  • Jessica Freeman

    Completely agree this dress needs that color of shoe, just not THAT shoe. Otherwise she looks easy breezy beautiful.

  • PeaceBang

    So very want that dress! Who’s it by? As for her, she’s beaOotiful and was fantastic this season.

  • ashtangajunkie

    The hair, the eyes, the dimples (I die)!

  • quiltrx

    What a great, summery dress. And she looks so lovely, especially with that smile.
    The shoes look like the kind of shoe mistake made every day where I work…heavy, clunky shoes that really don’t relate to the outfit except (and not even this always) in color.

  • Fuchsiaforever

    The dress is amazing but the shoes…not taysteee. Yucky.

  • poorellensmith

    I agree about the shoes. But damn, she’s so pretty!

  • PastryGoddess

    Thud! goes those shoes

  • marlie

    Burn the shoes, add a little lipstick, and we’d have a look. Still, everything from the ankles up looks cute.

  • hillmad

    How can I find out where she got that dress? Love it!

  • sugarkane105

    Every time I see her, I just wanna yell “TAAAYSTEEE!”
    The dress is cute, and hair and makeup are great – she looks radiant.

  • LadyVimes

    If the shoes were lighter weight, I’d love the color with that dress. Almost snaps.

  • julnyes

    She looks adorable, but is that a surprise since she looks good even in prison scrubs?

    I would have liked a slightly simpler shoe, but that is a minor thing when we are being hit with all this cuteness.

    Does anyone know where the dress is from?

  • MannahattaMamma

    Why would anyone even think that those shoes are a good choice? Hell, crocs would’ve been a better choice.

  • BLauDGaspode

    She looks absolutely adorable, save for the shoes. That smile, though, is by far the best accessory. Really, what a shine!

  • Raspberry2012

    I literally went “DOINK!” when I got to the shoes. The color is fine, it picks up the orange in the flowers. But something in a much lighter shoe!

  • queeniethebold

    Love everything and can’t even hate on the shoeses too awfully much, though admittedly, yes, they are a wee heavy. But for me they don’t negate how great the rest of her looks. And the megawattage of that smile — wow!

  • mmhmm

    She’s so pretty! She just needs a different shoe.

  • Lower L

    Add me to the list of people who want this dress.

  • P M

    I am going to pretend the shoes don’t exist because the rest is so pretty. And because I love Taystee,

  • suzq

    Someone fell in love with a pair of shoes, didn’t she? I don’t blame her a bit. Now she needs to go find an outfit just as pretty and that fits just as well and wear them again. In the meantime, could she have a chit chat with Lena Dunham?

  • frannyprof

    I love her smile! There’s some good thinking behind this outfit. She’s definiltely on the right track.

  • That smile and those dimples! But yeah, the shoes are 100 ways of wrong.

  • SophieCollier

    Dimples!!! Yes, the shoes were not the right choice on this day.

  • msdamselfly

    She’s adorable

  • Starts with K

    Please, someone, find who makes this dress. We all want one! We can all wear it at once and call it “Bitter Kitten Tuesday”.

  • KT

    Those shoes are far from Taystee.

    I still love her though.

  • IAmJ

    The shoes are definitely too clunky-looking but all I can see is that FACE. Girl’s just gorgeous.

  • poggi

    So pretty. But yes, less chunky shoes would be better.

  • Glammie

    I was thinking the same thing about the smile. Not wild about the dress on her–but I’ll give it a pass because I’m assuming comfort matters in the summer, but in person, I’d probably notice her smile and demeanor over anything else. She and Samira Wiley both have great smiles–probably a bit of the reason I find Taystee and Poussey so appealing in their scenes.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I love that dress. And I hate those shoes.

  • alyce1213

    That dress is a summer delight — and it has pockets! Agree about the shoes — color great, but too heavy.
    I was there just the other day at the movie that opened the LES Film Festival (a documentary), but the biggest star was Calvin Trillin, who wore a shirt and pants.

  • Terri Terri

    She looks great and is handling the shoes just fine.

  • titaness25

    LOOK at how beautiful she is -ignore the shoes. God knows I am.

  • I absolutely love that dress!

  • formerlyAnon

    Cute. The shoes look like the shoes young, broke girls who are real-life broke, not t.v.-broke wear – they get one pair of summer “nice” sandals/wedges, supposedly in a neutral brown, but the off-color items left on the sale rack at the outlet store are neither brown nor coral nor orange.

  • demidaemon

    She’s so pretty! Agree on the shoes. needed something simpler and sweeter.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    It’s a fresh looking summer dress, she’s feeling it, but those shoes should go.

  • kategs

    Boy do I seriously disagree. The shoes pick up the color in the flowers and they are perfed enough to be light. She looks wonderful!

  • livesarah

    She is stunning. I was wondering what could be so bad… Cannot disagree about the shoes.

  • Mr. J.

    That face! I mean….that face!

  • Pterodactyl111

    I want that dress!! Though that white looks so lovely on her and it would almost certainly just make me look sickly.

  • GonzoDeluxe

    Whatevs, she’s gorgeous.

  • Chuck Barthelme

    I think the problem with the shoes might just be the color against her skin tone. They pop more than they would on a pale white gal, so they stand out more. Maybe a slightly toned down version of that color would have been better. I don’t mind the shoes otherwise. And yeah, she has a killer smile. And she should- she’s awesome on OITNB

  • Kikishua

    Love the dress. Does she KNOW she can take her hands out of the pockets, though?

  • JynxTheCat

    She radiates pure sunshine. But those shoes will extend her sentence.