2014 CFDA Fashion Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 03, 2014

All right, you guys, let’s do this. Quick n’ dirty-style.

Time to make the well-heeled cry a little. Someone has to do it.


Blake Lively in Michael Kors
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)

Interestingly, that ’60s sex kitten thing really doesn’t suit her. She’s more of a ’70s wind-blown California blonde in the Charlie’s Angels mode.

And MAN, do those shoes not go.



Coco Rocha in Christian Siriano
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)


Bow down.



Jennifer Hudson in Kaufmanfranco
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Mmm…. no. The hair’s awful and the dress does nothing for her except make her look blocky.



Busy Philipps in Honor
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Okay, why does everyone look so pissed? Were the photographers making lewd finger gestures?

She’s serving up Megan Draper realness.



Emmy Rossum in J. Mendel
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

That is one tricky-as-hell gown and one tricky-as-hell color. Kudos to her for making the attempt.

But no.


Heidi Klum in Donna Karan
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

It’s going to be really hard for us to accept peach back into our lives, but we have to admit, she looks absolutely amazing.



The Olsen Twins in The Row
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Not pictured: Their 17 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren, who came out to watch them pick up the award for Best Accessories Designer.



Zoey Deutch in Rebecca Minkoff
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (8)

Cute enough, but like Blake Lively, she looks a tad underdressed.



Olivia Wilde in Vintage Mollie Parnis
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (9)

Low-level Cher, which is not a bad thing. We never get this nitpicky, but we wish she’d sported some pop of color in her pedicure, even if it’s gray or oxblood.



Jaime King in Calvin Klein Collection
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (10)

Everyone’s trying so hard to out-chic each other. It looks exhausting.

Sorry, Jaime. This is awful.



Beth Behrs in Alice + Olivia
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (11)




Iman in Juan Carlos Obando
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (12)

We will never not bow down to Iman and her never-dying ability to work a garment, but this is … not a good dress.



Sophia Bush in Marchesa
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (13)

Table runner.



Brie Larson in Diane von Furstenberg
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (14)

Fun, but it feels like the look is missing something. Showier jewelry? A strong lip?


Keri Russell in Rosie Assoulin
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (15)

Car accident.



Anna Chlumsky
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (16)


That is…

Why did you…?

Maribou? Lucite?

Honey, we need to talk. SOON.


Solange Knowles in Calvin Klein Collection
2014-CFDA-Fashion-Awards-Red-Caroet-Rundown-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (17)

Another bit of low-level Cher – this time, on someone who can really make that look sing. Sorry, Olivia Wilde, but you just got outclassed.




[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com, Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com, Getty Images]

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  • Introspective


    (she needed her own post imo)

    • Thomas

      Yes, she definitely needed her own post! I think she even outshined Rihanna on her big night!

      • MK03

        Most definitely. As TLo said about Carmen Carrera on RPDR: “It doesn’t take a lot of talent or vision to be the naked girl.”

    • kimmeister

      Are those gloves, or attached sleeves?

      • Sarah

        I believe they are sleeves. Christian Siriano!

        • holla

          I love Christian Siriano, and with Coco wearing, that one hell of a fierce WERQ

    • The Versatile Chef

      Everything is fabulous except for the lockbox on her vajayjay.

      • Constant Reader

        I keep seeing the puking clown from yesterday’s Charlotte Olympia handbag.

      • HeidiKnox

        I see a vomiting bunny rabbit but no matter, it still ruled the night.

      • portlandmermaid

        Ach noh, that’s a sporran!

      • Fuchsiaforever

        I agree 100%

      • Alloy Jane

        *sigh* Where is Alicia? I need her to hold me…

    • SugarSnap108

      Can’t believe she didn’t get her own post, tbh. But so happy she’s here, to single-handedly save this awful fashion day.

    • ankali

      I am a mid-century Vogue cover avatar, and I approve this Coco.

  • RussellH88

    Everyone else pretty much sucks and Coco is the queen.

    I’d have fled the event the minute I saw Coco.

    • Carleenml

      as should most of the women who were there.

      • RussellH88

        Yeah, I didn’t want to say (since I’m a guy) that all of the women should have to leave because another woman is serving it, but I know that if I had been there I would have wanted to make a beeline to my car.

        • Carleenml

          in my imagination she side-eyed Blake Lively and said “bitch, you can go home now.”

    • Carly Clement

      agreed… you know that a red carpet was bad when solange Knowles aas one of the best dressed!!!

  • James

    Coco wins the night! Why doesn’t she have her own post when she looks like THAT?! Now that is some amazing fashion that speaks to you.

  • geans

    Uncles, you got your Olivias mixed up in the photo captions.

    (and I’m going to need that von Furstenberg.)

  • Sarah

    Y’know that thing on Star Search where someone would dress like a man on one side and a woman on the other? Keri Russell is doing half Lady Liberty, half reasonable evening gown.

    • decormaven

      That’s one kooky outfit.

    • 3boysful

      I was thinking along the same lines, Marianne, the French liberty icon.

  • sienna elm

    The Olsen twins look like they`re being photographed at their graduation ceremony.

    • Carleenml

      at the nursing home.

    • Beardslee

      The one on the right looks like Queen Victoria’s long lost tenth child. And look, she’s already dressed in mourning!

    • 3boysful

      These gals just get creepier as they go along, don’t they?

    • ankali

      I’m in no way defending this iteration of their look, but I really do appreciate their Boho-vintage-creepy-doll quirkiness, especially when I consider how tarty they could have turned out. Kudos for going the unexpected route.

    • Deb Oswald

      My immediate thought was aren’t they a bit young to be dressing like dowager aunties??

  • Lolo Andre

    Coco Rocha desives her own post with a WERQ on top. She is giving me life rahhhh

  • Am I high or is Emmy Rossum sporting both crimping and a Heidi braid? And how is that somehow not the worst thing about her look?

    • kimmeister

      The hair is baffling indeed. And yet, I don’t hate it.

      • Sarah

        I do enough for both us 🙂

        • kimmeister

          Let me know when it’s my turn to hate on your behalf. 🙂

      • Little_Olive

        Yes! It’s quite a confusing bunch actually, because I’m having that feeling about many an item up there. Busy Phillips, for starters.

      • Aurumgirl

        I do.

    • FuhUgh

      Yes, that is exactly the worst thing about that look – and that’s saying something.

    • eringorock

      Definitely crimped- she showed photos of her hair down afterwards on her Instagram…. She usually gets it so right, but this was so NOT.

    • Introspective

      get the fuck outta here? that wasnt a hat???

      thanks for making me go back and take in all that shittery on emmy’s head. between that and the fuckery she’s wearing, pinkslips time for the team girl.

    • madscntst

      Her hair looks like a bad macrame project.

  • Miss wks

    I thought the first one was Vanna White….

    • RussellH88

      Yeah, she looks like a famous person’s daughter who is there to hand out the awards.

  • NBG

    With the exception of Coco Rocha and Solange, this post goes into the OED under “Hot mess.”

  • RunAmuck

    Are the Olsen twins not allowed to ever stand apart and each get their own picture taken? And always with the facing each other.

    • marlie

      They’ve intentionally become conjoined twins?

    • I think I broke the code! One of them wears bottom lid liner. Now I just have to figure out which one and I’ll forever be able to tell them apart!

    • I think it’s kinda hilarious how they’ve both adopted such heavy, matronly gowns as their style now. It’s…distinctive, anyway.

  • rage_on_the_page

    And getting outclassed by a lady who beat up a dude in an elevator is saying something.

  • DaveinAlamitosBeach

    That is Olivia Wilde, not Olivia Munn, right? I ask because I have no idea who Olivia Munn is.

    Wow, this is a lot of fug. I probably like Blake Lively’s dress the best, but nothing else about what is going on. Is she shrinking?

    And Solange looks pretty good and less deranged than she has lately. I think the hair needed something, maybe a headband?

  • fungstyle

    FYI you have Olivia Wilde labeled as Olivia Munn in the header above the photo.

  • Glam Dixie

    Is it bad that I burst out laughing at the Olsen twins? Coco Rocha in the Christian Siriano shut it down, best dress in this run down. Hate that red dress on Busy Philips, it ate her neck. Iman actually only looks fabulous from the neck up. Keri Russel looks like she just got through triage.

    • RussellH88

      They dress like Shirley MaClaine going to a funeral.

      • HeidiKnox

        That’s an insult to Shirley MacLaine unless she was going as someone in one of her past lives. She claims she was the brother to a 35,000-year-old spirit, that might be a sufficient outfit.

        • Carleenml

          I definitely think she looked like that when she attended Shelby’s’ funeral in Steel Magnolias.

      • Little_Olive

        I thought Endora going to a funeral. Except Endora would’ve cat-eyes the hell outta the black outfit.

    • Kate Andrews

      Yep. Busy’s dress is No Bueno.

      • 3boysful

        The “grandma-at-the-slots” necklace isn’t helping.

    • Sophie

      Agreed on all points, except that I also love Iman’s necklace.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      No, it’s not wrong. I can understand the Olsen twins wanting to avoid looking too young, given that they are on the petite side, but here they look rather like postulants preparing to enter the Order of Sad Fashion.

  • Thomas

    Christian Siriano is designing what Christian Dior should be putting out.

    • HeidiKnox


    • Coleen

      Comment of the Day.

      • Thomas


    • demidaemon

      Why have we not realized this until now?!

      • Thomas

        Idk. It’s like I had an epiphany lol

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Was there a memo about wearing 3 more yards of fabric than necessary?

    • Kate Andrews

      Last-minute twist, just like Project Runway. Clearly Keri Russell’s contestant lost.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Blake, My Little Pony would like her hooves back, Busy, neckless is not a good look for you..Coco FTW…

  • kimmeister

    J-Hud finally chooses to wear a dress that isn’t sprayed on, and THAT’S what she goes with? Shame.
    Busy needed a belt.
    Olivia was pregnant 2 seconds ago and already looks like that.
    Jaime’s feet are on backwards and it terrifies me.
    I actually thought Sophia Bush was Kirsten Dunst, looking uncharacteristically smoky.

    • Kristi Mitchell

      I was just wondering if anyone else noticed Jamie’s feet, considering you can’t tell anywhere else in the pic that her legs are crossed – freaked me out for a minute!

  • majorbedhead

    I don’t know who Brie Larsen is, but she looks like a back up singer for the Starland Vocal Band. And are Jamie King’s feet on backwards? What the hell is going on there?

    I don’t know, even Coco cannot relieve my agita at all the awful fashion on display today.

  • Latin Buddy

    Sorry uncles but it sucks that Rihanna got her own post because she was nearly naked…and Coco outshines her with elegance. We can’t reward that attention whoring.

    • Glam Dixie

      Coco is jaw droppingly gorgeous. The most beautiful Christian Siriano design I’ve ever seen. Rihanna gives me murderous impulses.

    • Thomas

      I like both looks, but I definitely prefer Coco’s. I always say there’s room for both the Audrey Hepburn’s and the Rihanna’s of the world because I like both styles for different reasons.

      • Jaeda Laurez


      • Carleenml

        for some reason Rihanna’s nearly naked didn’t seem all that nearly naked to me. Or it just seemed fashionably nearly naked. I guess somewhere in my brain there’s a difference.

        • cowper

          “Fashionably naked” has to be one of the biggest compliments you could ever give!

  • Sarah

    Heidi’s outfit is not short, tight, OR shiny, y’all. Saints Be Praised.

    • marlie

      The lighting here is unfortunate, because I think she looked even better in a picture that I saw last night because her tan wasn’t quite so obvious, and the color of the dress was a little softer. But she still looks good…

      • Sarah

        I love it when she goes all beachy-casual.

        • Thomas

          Gives me Bo Derek vibes.

          • decormaven

            Or Dyan Cannon early 1970s.

          • Thomas

            Definitely 70s. Halston comes to mind.

      • She does. She should adopt Goldie Hawn as her style mentor, because this sort of look really works for her.

  • sugarkane105

    “Car accident.”
    So succinct, so apt, so bitchy.

  • appliquer

    Coco Rocha for the win.

  • marlie

    The picture that I saw of Blake Lively on the interwebs last night made her look REALLY ditsy. It was really unfortunate. And that’s not her, look, Plus the shoes are all sorts of wrong.
    Coco Rocha and Solange were my favorites out of this bunch – they both look stunning. Olivia Wilde is a close runner-up.
    Anna Chlumsky’s look is all sorts of unfortunate.
    The rest range from “almost but not quite,” to “girl, go home and start again.”

    • decormaven

      Why does Blake Lively have on so many bracelets? And those shooves- arrgh….

      • marlie

        She often overloads on the bracelets, and it never works.

  • Erica

    I’m not really feeling Heidi’s look, here. The peach is fine, but her hair seems to be pulled back too tightly, plus the cleavage is looking odd, somehow, and something else is bugging me that I can’t figure out.

    • kimmeister

      Is it the invisible lips?

  • sugarkane105

    Werq that Cthulhu skirt, Coco.

  • FibonacciSequins

    Can anyone explain the Olsen twins? Have they ever actually talked publicly about their grandma fetish?

    Jaime’s feet look like each is attached to the wrong leg.

    That sheer lace crap looks soooo played out when compared to a group of other red carpet dresses.

    Keri Russell girl, that is not your dress. Roll up that bandage and give it back.

  • Considering this event is about FASHION…Iyt’s all too tragic! All of it!

    • MoHub

      I’d have thought you’d at least have liked Coco in the Siriano, Bert! The rest can all go to Goodwill.

      • The skirt and top are nice…but the drag gloves and spray painted paper plate hat…. nope!

        • MoHub

          I bow to your superior expertise, Bert! I must admit that I was focused on the dress, although I rather liked the retro vibe of the hat. Didn’t even register the gloves.

  • lbl

    The top half of Coco’s gown is everything. I love it.

    Into the cut of Brie’s dress. If it was knee length and a different color I’d wear it all the time.

    • FuhUgh

      Brie’s was such an “almost.” Due to the hair, the lack of makeup, the lack of jewelery – she looks like she’s in the fitting room just trying it on. Had it been styled, that could have werq’d.

    • I think Brie is missing something red – a teeny tiny thin red belt would have kicked that up into the stratosphere for me.

      If not that, a red lip. 🙂

  • Jaeda Laurez

    I loved Heidi’s when i saw it yesterday, but this pic has left me a little unsettled- she and the dress are the same color. Coco is SERVING- I love it. IF you’re going to be over the top, fully commit to the drag. Solange’s lipstick looks terrible, but that’s not new, and the dress is fabulous.

  • Wink

    I usually hate Solange’s clothes, but she looks great here. Also, gotta love a woman with Jody Watley’s face and Diana Ross’s hair!

  • Kate Andrews

    Mercy. Someone needed to push Anna Chlumsky back into her limo before the cameramen saw her. Brie Larson’s dress is my favorite, but Coco’s got the best overall look.

  • In_Stitches

    Heidi looks like tan mom.

    Brie Larson just needs a stronger lip and she’d be one of my favorites.

    Solange I love, but is it too much of a costume?

    Iman looks like the bride of a fabulous pirate.

    • Sarah

      Iman IS the bride of a Fabulous Somebody, so I believe you’re right.

    • Best interpretation I’ve seen of Iman’s dress.

  • TM

    Sometimes it makes sense why the Olsen Twins are with much older men, doesn’t it?
    (Also–I would very much like Brie’s dress. I’d even wear a stronger lip, promise!)

  • MaryMcClelland

    I’m always so sad when I get to the last photo. I could read these posts forever.

  • Anna

    SHUT UP, COCO ROCHA! Dovima realness, FTW. I wish she’d brought the elephants with her.

    -Why is Serena dressed like Blair?
    -Ooof, Iman, no.
    -Keri Russell goes to the CFDA Fashion Awards as a banquet hall chair cover!
    -Anna Chlumsky: please block Lena Dunham’s friend requests. Please.

  • suzq

    Sorry if I’m repeating down below, but that is not Olivia Munn. She wore a white, two-piece, short outfit.

    • suzq

      Fungstyle beat me to it. It’s Wilde, not Munn. Carry on. Munn’s outfit was zzzzzz…..

  • Sam Smith

    I like both of the Cher looks, I actually like Olivia better, she would be the winner of this contest in my book. But agree with pop of color. I really luv the DVF dress, with the stars, for me, me, me. But the overall look of her Brie’s outfit (who?) doesn’t do it for me.

  • TinyDynamo

    Was lipstick banned from this event?

    • HeidiKnox

      Lipstick that looks like you’re not wearing lipstick is the thing, right now.

      • marlie

        And it makes my soul weep.

  • Denise Rambo

    LOVE most of what Christian Siriano does.

  • Jenn

    I think it’s Olivia Wilde. Although they cancel each other out.

  • boweryboy

    Coco Rocha FTW. She’s giving me life right now. That’s some serious fabulosity she’s serving up.

  • Anne Elliot

    Solange looks great

    • DB Ruberto

      Right! Channeling Dianna Ross…

  • suzq

    Solange looks fantastic. Even Jay-Z would have to give her snaps. The sash elements on Iman and Keri….is this a thing now? I hate it, if it is. I really hope the floor length fringe is not a thing because…well…revolving doors, for one.

    • scoobynacks

      I feel like I’m waiting for Solange to take the lead vocal in “One Night Only” from the film version of Dreamgirls. That’s seriously channeling her sister’s movie role right there.

  • imspinningaround

    I do not get all the Coco Rocha adulation. She always looks like a try-hard to me.


    • Sarah

      I have no opinion on Coco Rocha, but I am amazed by your use of punctuation.

    • marlie

      In general, I’m indifferent to her b/c I have no clue who she is, but here, she looks pretty stunning.

      • demidaemon

        She’s a pretty fabulous model, who can do about 1000 different poses in a minute. I adore her.

  • moppet

    “Fun, but it feels like the look is missing something. Showier jewelry? A strong lip?”
    Or stripes.

    • Constant Reader

      And a convertible to sit in and wave at the 4th of July parade crowd.

  • Janet B

    There is so much ugly, I hardly remembered Coco Rocha looking good.

  • MilaXX

    Heidi looks really pretty when she’s not giving us short, tight and shiny. The only other look like is Solange bringing Diana Ross realness & Coco Rocha looking like a vintage Vogue cover.

  • Little_Olive

    Solange is serving up Donna Summer and looks great, but somehow boring. How is that possible?

    Someone please stop Blake Lively from trying to happen.

    • Imasewsure

      I think Solange just didn’t take it far enough… there’s no Diva in that look really…. and Blake…. she should take it a lot farther (like farther down the road please)

      • Shawn EH

        Solange’s hair is pretty diva; and Blake needs a more mod silhouette, the scalloped skirt ain’t cutting it.

  • Judy_J

    Coco owns this. No contest. Random thoughts: Busy Phillips’ dress gives her the appearance of having no neck. Jennifer Hudson : why in the world would you wear something so hideous? Iman, I love you, but the uncles are right…that is a bad dress. We will not speak of it again. And Olsen Twins: why do you always pose like you are joined at the hip?

  • sherrietee

    I’d love to know how Brie Larson got into my closet and took out my grandmother’s lounging robe.

  • Miss Ruth

    Keri Russell in JESUS WHAT WAS THAT was followed immediately by Anna Chlumsky in a Gypsy Wedding Cake Topper just short-circuited my brain, and now I’m huddled under my desk, muttering unintelligibly. Hold me, kittens.

    • decormaven

      Break out the liquor. Looking at these trainwrecks is a call for strong spirits.

  • Kent Roby

    Brie Larson is missing tap shoes and a shorter skirt; those troops need to be entertained STAT!

  • E.Nelson

    I’m surprised by how well Busy Phillips pulls off sixties glamour puss.

    The Olsen girls should pose separately but I DO think they look very elegant.

    Brie Larson should have gone full pin-up girl in that gown.

    Solange looks jaw droppingly pretty.

  • Clydette Wantland

    I love you guys! You always make me laugh!! Table runner; car accident! LMAO

  • BobStPaul

    Brie Larsen for the win – at least if you’re looking for 1940’s redux.

  • Shelby

    I think Coco Roacha’s dress is my favorite thing all year. Fingers crossed it ends up on the end of the year’s Best Dressed list.

  • ashtangajunkie

    I don’t know if I can live in a world in which Iman is not best dressed.

  • AnguaVonUberwald

    I think Olivia Wilde looks amazing. She’s my favorite, here.

  • Adri Wahl

    I actually really like Emmy’s dress.
    There. I said it. The color is dying grass and it looks to be constructed like the dresses I used to macgyver for my dolls out of doilies and handkerchiefs, but I still like it.
    The Olsen twins need a horror movie.
    I hate the lipstick color on Solange.

    • Shalhevet

      I agree Emmy’s dress works for her. The Oslens ARE a horror movie as far as fashion is concerned.

  • Lily

    Christian Siriano, You ARE the winner of the CDFA awards. Bravo! As for the Drollsome twins, why do they always look like they woke up in a funeral parlor? Is morgue chic their only fashion know-how?

  • I do not understand half of these dresses.

    “Fun, but it feels like the look is missing something. Showier jewelry? A strong lip?”
    All of the above.

  • R.A.

    Heidi Klum and her dress are the exact same colour.

  • crash1212

    Christian Siriano/Coco Rocha the clear winners here. I must admit, I don’t think Heidi’s ever looked better.

  • Michelle

    I think you meant to say Olivia Wilde, not Olivia Munn.

  • trisker

    LMAO at “car accident”! What a ridiculous garment!

  • stubbornthoughts

    If Rihanna had worn (and werqed) Coco’s look to this event, it would’ve been golden for her and accepting the award. Coco wins it all and should probably just stand and pose on stage the whole time.

    • demidaemon

      I would watch that on repeat endlessly.

  • LadyVimes

    Coco is the clear winner. The rest range from “meh” to “we really need to talk”.

  • SewingSiren

    Solange Knowles and Mary Kate and Ashley are the only ones who have a clue. There clues are very different but at a least the have one.

  • smh4748

    Busy Phillips’ necklace is very Wilma Flintstone to me. I know Wilma’s was shorter, but maybe it’s Wilma’s evening necklace?

    • scoobynacks

      Wilma’s necklace for sure. She just needs Christina Hendricks’ wig and she can call it a day.

    • MartyBellerMask

      Yes. This!

  • RescueMe23

    Coco Rocha could give Rihanna some style pointers. She was the CLEAR winner of the night. Don’t even argue..

  • Heather

    Alright, time for imaginary stylist with miss Anna Chlumsky:

    Keep the top, switch to a black pencil skirt and pointy pumps. I can’t decide which color pumps would be good, maybe a metallic gunmetal? Also, add some sparkly dark purple jewelry. Like some big amethyst earrings.

    • Shawn EH

      Even Capris pants would be better, but rock some high heels (black would be fine). And stop with the loose waves, do a flip and go all out 60s, she could totally do either a Laura Petrie or Emma Peel vibe if she tried.

  • Is Rosie Assoulin the same person as Roxanne Assoulin, the jewelry designer. If so, at least she has that to fall back on. That dress is tragic.
    Coco Rocha wins. Stunning.

    • Sly

      2 different designers.

  • nannypoo

    The surgical reattachment of Jaime King’s feet has gone terribly wrong.

  • Anapestic

    The Olsen twins were pissed when their agent told them they’d have to wait another fifty years to star in a remake of Arsenic and Old Lace.

    • evave2

      No, whatever happened to Baby Jane.

  • Qitkat

    That is the most spectacularly absurd draping of fabric on Keri Russell, imagine trying to wrangle it all evening, especially in the ladies room.

    • Shawn EH

      It’s sad how the car accident only struck one boob, too.

  • alyce1213

    There’s a ton of ugly here for a fashion event. Even the Siriano, which is the best of the lot and worn to the hilt by Coco, is not all that well executed. I mean, if you compare it to the source (mid-century Vogue), the black shiny things are ever-so-slightly tacky, I think.

  • GoryDetails

    I think Christian is channeling Edward Gorey there, which is a really good thing!

    • Shawn EH

      Yeah, it’s sort of Fifties Vogue at the Addams Family.

    • Tlazolteotl

      C is for Coco, who wasted away.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    The.Most.AnnoY.IngBackdr.OpWehav.Eseen.yEt. It keeps adding weird eye pulls on most of the outfits- like antlers, or sashes, or black lines, or…please, make, the eye, twitching, stop, please? (kept wanting the clothes to spell a word or something… how about one of those cheesy Sears Photography (or Olan Mills) back grounds instead? or a picture of Disney land?

  • Katharina Ofelie

    I don’t know who Anna Chlumsky is, but WTF is she wearing!?

    Also, Coco is everything!

  • Ceur

    Jaime King’s feet look like they’re in the wrong order.

  • Shalhevet

    Anna chlumsky’s outfit, besides being ugly, disorts her to the point it’s past unflattering. She looks like her legs collapsed in. Like a collapsible straw or telescope.

    Emmy Rossum, on the other hand, looks stunning. This green is perfect for her. I think she pulled it off.

    • Gatto Nero

      Rossum’s dress works in a boho, wood sprite kind of way. A pair of sandals might have set it off better.
      That green is hard to wear, and it suits her.

  • Shawn EH

    So it’s the summer of the seventies maxi-dress, I see. I’m all for it, especially the relaxed hair. I have to give it to Busy and both low-level Chers. Heidi’s is a bit too shapeless. Busy would make the perfect Stepford Wife best friend; she could totally do the Paula Prentiss role. You know, if the make it again without Nicole and Glenn ruining it.

  • I agree with it all. 100freakin%.

  • Gatto Nero

    Michael Kors is vastly overrated, and here’s more proof.
    Jennifer Hudson in KaufmanFrankendress.
    Another Marchesa doily.
    Chlumsky — I am truly mystified.
    Coco Rocha — superb.

  • elemspbee

    watch out zoey D. lena D about to tackle you off that dress!

    • ktr33

      Yeah, but it looks cute on Zoey,

  • Snailstsichr

    If I were Olivia or Solange, I would die of happiness to be called Cher Lite by TLo. I thought they tied for second place after Coco,

  • Shawn EH

    How does Beth Behr manage to look so mature while showing her tummy?

  • Danielle


  • Gloriana Reginata

    I scrolled from Blake Lively to Coco Rocha, and couldn’t believe these two were at the same event.

  • E. D.

    Take the scarf thing off Keri Russell and it wouldn’t suck.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    That is one sorry ass red carpet, except for a couple stand outs.

  • SugarSnap108

    Coco Rocha, you are a goddess.

    Keri Russell, you look insane.

  • DesertDweller79

    Bless you Coco. And you, too, Christian Siriano. Thanks!

    Don’t worry Uncles. No matter how good people like Heidi Klum look in it, I promise to never, ever, EVER wear peach.

  • Emmy Rossum: What is on your head?
    Jaime King: Your feet ARE ON BACKWARDS! I’m not even kidding.
    Olivia Wilde: Clever, clever girl to cover up post-baby whatever with fringe.

  • Truthiness2U

    Coco Rocha was a-muh-zing looking. Adore it all.

    Solange was probably second for me. Olivia Wilde looked pretty good.

    Zooey and Blake looked cute, if not totally appropriate to the event, but considering how everyone else looked –cute isn’t that bad. Because there was a whole lot of ugly and WTFery on that red carpet.

  • demidaemon

    Well, Coco clearly won without much competition. Apparently, everyone else (even Iman!) lost every fashion clue they ever had.

  • Kirstin McAulay

    Coco is immaculate but personally my fav was Sebastian Stan in a fabulous sequin navy tux!

  • Trickytrisha

    Emmy Rossum was the only one that made me smile.

  • Zyxomma

    I just looked at all the photos at WWD. Apart from Coco Rocha (and thank you for naming her designer, WWD neglected to do so), everyone failed.

    • evave2

      Did they name every other designer in the photos but Christian?

      Question: when a designer loans out a dress for an event like this is all the styling by the person themselves (like Coco)? Do they work with the ladies modelling their clothes at a big event like this or is the ladies and/or their stylists? Because some of these clothes would’ve looked MUCH better with better styling or just styling that worked.

  • Joycelyn Watterson-Woods

    Olivia Wilde: love it, wish she’d done a bright pop of nail color and shoe. Brie Larson, wish the sleeves were taken off and there was a fun chunky bracelet or ring. Different hair. Heidi’s dress moved so well, wish it were almost any other color, or that she had worn turquise jewelry with it…i wish solange would just go for it and had gone bigger, bring your crazy, girl!
    why is everybody shiny or windswept or looking like they want to be anywhere else??

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Coco Rocha is serving up primo face. Christiano really knows how to work that particular style, too.
    As for Solange, honey, I will not say a word against her, she might hurt me.

  • ShaoLinKitten

    I’m getting better at this! I formulated my comments before I looked at TLo’s and every time, I was either verbatim or very close to their comments. I too am going to have trouble accepting peach back into my life. My mother redecorated her kitchen in peach in the 80s and I’ve had PTSD (Peach Traumatic Stress Disorder) ever since.

  • HeisenbergHattie

    Olsen Twins wearing joyless funereal fashion. Made my day.

  • Have the Olsen twins ever smiled? Ever? The time to look bored with the attention is when… you’re still getting attention.


  • In this look Solange reminds me of the Gustav Klimt painting, Judit (I believe it’s called).


  • SuzyQuzey

    Jayne Mansfield’s killer scarf, finally found! Who would have thought it wound end up on Keri Russell?

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Brie Larson — that print looks too playful for a floor-length dress. It would be a great kicky shorter dress for the Fourth of July.

    Anna Chlumsky — Heh? What? What’s this about? Did she lose the top that actually went with that skirt?

    Solange Knowles — She’s pullng that off, isn’t she? And I love the hair.

  • Laura Livingston

    I keep expecting the Olson twin to start chanting “Bettlejuice…bettlejuice….bettleju….

  • cowper

    Ill-fitting Lucite clogs FTL!

  • cat772

    Keri Russell looks like she ran through a room and that’s what stuck to her. Why, Keri, why?

    Coco looks A-ma-zing.

  • quiltrx

    Coco, I must capitalize…I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE FINALLY WORE THIS DRESS!!!!
    I’ve always been surprised that, of all my Pinterest stuff (fashion, quilting, Zentangle, etc), this Siriano is BY FAR my most liked and re-pinned item!
    I loved it because it is totally SERVING CTHULHU REALNESS…but I never dreamed other people would find it as interesting as I did. I’m glad to see someone completely WERQing that shit!

  • livesarah

    I’m not usually a Coco Rocha admirer, but wow. Stunning. Jennifer Hudson: Kaufman FugNo. Solange…. Again, wow.

  • JynxTheCat

    the Twins are two turbans from full-on Grey Gardens.

  • littlevase

    Coco is killing it. You nailed it with the mid-century Vogue comparison. I can’t stop scrolling up to look at her again. I agree that Blake L is underdressed but I think she looks really great.

  • JaymeKay

    Busy P. looks like Mrs. Howell with a chignon. No.

    Solange = Miss Diana Ross

    Gulp! Heidi edges out CoCo by a nose…..

  • Bradio311

    How/why does that outfit make Iman look so wide? It’s so unflattering on one of the most beautiful people in the world, what would it do to a mere mortal?

  • golden_valley

    Heidi looked good, but if she keeps losing weight she’s going to start looking cadaverous.

  • cocohall

    This line-up would be sad at even a country music event, but at the CFDAs? What the F*ck happened ladies? With the exception of Coco Rocha, it all looks like they found their gowns at a particularly picked over “next-to-new” shop. And the bust on Jennifer Hudson’s dress make me want to cry.

  • Ray

    Did Anthony Perkins just finish taking pictures of Solange in an out of control sports car?

  • Sunraya

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such ridiculous looking dresses and gowns in my life! Most of these women make Blake look good.

    (I don’t like that gown on Heidi. At all.)

  • Low Level Cher. I love that description. Solange wins this round albeit not much competition..

  • elzatelzabelz

    LIVING for Coco. Bow DOWN.

  • Pterodactyl111

    I think Heidi looks terrible. The peach really sets off her fake tan.

  • heartbot

    The Olsens look like they’re on the set of their latest movie about the first twins serving as Supreme Court justices.

    I would probably watch that movie.