Debra Messing in Kaufmanfranco at the Manhattan Theatre Club’s 2014 Spring Gala

Posted on May 22, 2014

Debra-Messing-Kaufmanfranco-Manhattan-Theatre-Club-2014-Spring-Gala-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Debra Messing attends the Manhattan Theatre Club’s 2014 Spring Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City in a Kaufmanfranco jumpsuit from the Spring 2014 collection.

Debra-Messing-Kaufmanfranco-Manhattan-Theatre-Club-2014-Spring-Gala-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)Kaufmanfranco Spring 2014 Collection

Debra-Messing-Kaufmanfranco-Manhattan-Theatre-Club-2014-Spring-Gala-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Debra-Messing-Kaufmanfranco-Manhattan-Theatre-Club-2014-Spring-Gala-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Debra-Messing-Kaufmanfranco-Manhattan-Theatre-Club-2014-Spring-Gala-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Debra-Messing-Kaufmanfranco-Manhattan-Theatre-Club-2014-Spring-Gala-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Why do the ladies in the gown-like pantsuits always pull on their pants like a toddler, eager to show the world the space between her legs? Stop that.

This has a bit of a “socialite in the Hamptons” feel to it, but that’s a look that really suits her. We kinda dig this on her. It has more personality and suits her better than practically anything we’ve seen on her in ages. It doesn’t look awkward or unflattering. It’s bold and relatively simple, with an interesting neckline to give it some oomph. It just works.

Now our question to you is this: Do the earrings work? We admit, we dig them too, but we wonder if they don’t take this a bit into cliche. Since she’s not in the Hamptons – and she’s at a nighttime gala – we wonder if gold wouldn’t have been the better choice here.

Still making crazy-face.




[Photo Credit: Walter McBride/, IMAXTree]

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    • Danielle

      ITS A JUMPSUIT I CAN ACTUALLY GET BEHIND!! It’s a festivus miracle!

      • kimmeister

        I think you could fit 4-5 people behind it when it’s spread out like that.

        • demidaemon

          Exactly. I just want to take shears to it and remove all the extraneous fabric. In other words, bring all your horrible jumpsuits to my Jumpsuit Butcher Shop, where the fabric can be repurposed into equally horrible yet differently eye-searing Frankendresses.

          • KateShouldBeWorking

            I say this with love, demidaemon: I hope you go out of business.

            • demidaemon

              Me too. Or, at least, it becomes a disposal office.

          • barbarienne

            I like the extra fabric. It makes it more of a split skirt than a jumpsuit. The perfect thing for well-bred ladies to wear when fencing or riding.

            (I googled “split skirt” and oh the painful parade of ugly culottes. Spare yourself the agony; don’t look.)

            • demidaemon

              You know, that would make sense. However, horses and swords seem to be absent from these photos. :)

            • barbarienne

              Obviously that’s the problem: bad accessorizing!

        • Danielle

          EVEN BETTER

    • JauntyJohn

      I liked it better on Ali MacGraw in 1974.

      And I’m sorry but pic#3 is pure Norma Desmond.

      • Sarah

        Dying. Died. Dead. So accurate! Everything about that face (but especially the eyelashes) is pure Norma.

        • 3boysful

          I think perhaps if she laid off the false lashes, or went with fewer/smaller, she might not look so crazy. It’s the lashes, wide-open eyes and tightly pulled-back hair that make her look like she’s been surprised by someone dragging her from behind.

          • Kathy_Marlow

            They must weigh a ton or something for her to have to open her eyes so wide!

          • conniemd

            I really hated the eye make-up. The jumpsuit & color are great, just the eye make-up is two extreme and she’s a pretty woman.

      • ChaquitaPhilly

        …But I sort of dig the crazy-eye! IT”S THE ORANGE THE ORANGE!

      • Tracy_Flick

        YES. I was just about to note that she’s ready for her close-up in that last one.

      • PeaceBang

        I was thinking Dramatic Chipmunk.

      • neeva

        It’s as if we never said good-bye.

    • Glam Dixie

      I love the neckline, I like the earrings and I love the color on her. I liked the pantssuit a whole lot better when I thought it was a cool, beachy dress. I guess it’s asking too much for her to knock it off with the crazy eyes.

      • Amel

        Double like

      • PlethoraofBooks

        I think I would like the over all effect better if her hair wasn’t so tightly pulled back. Because the earrings are so big, her hair can be pulled back, but in that just slightly poofy way so not to make her look like a pin head dragged down by the gigantic weight of those earrings.

        And I am cranky this morning.

        • dulcian

          Yes, exactly: those earrings need some hair volume behind and above them to balance the proportions. (And then they need to come live at my house.)

    • International Model

      Love the earrings love the pantsuit, but Deer, Baby, Jesus – that pose is unlovable.

    • cheekypinky

      Softer hair, and I could get behind this.

      • cheekypinky

        Seriously, to quote the King of Crotchety, Fred Mertz: “She’s got her hair slicked back like a wet pekingese!”

        • Trent

          LOL! Never thought I’d see Fred Mertz quoted on this blog, but I agree. And I respect her taking a chance with those earrings, but IMO those particular ones take this look into “Real Housewives of East Hampton” territory.

        • 25or6to4

          Agreed. Her hair is so severe that she might as well be wearing a turban to complete the cliché — which could actually be kind of fabulous. Like a silk scarf in a bright print/paisley… It would complement the crazy-face perfectly.

    • hughman

      I think Angelina’s cheeks on the model’s shoulders is what really makes it.

      • kimmeister

        Wow! She certainly doesn’t have the issue with shoulder bags falling off like I do.

    • gayle

      I am not sure that is her color… the hair seems severe for the look, maybe a slightly looser updo.

    • Adrianna Grężak

      I think the celebrities pull their jumpsuit gowns so awkwardly because they were instructed to do so

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        It’s the little imp hissing in their ear: Show them it’s not a gown!

    • kimmeister

      I wish she would rethink her upper lash strategy. It’s not helping the crazy eyes.

    • Trent

      Sort of off-topic, but WE network has been running “Will & Grace” marathons every weekend and I got completely sucked into them. I had forgotten what a well-acted, well-oiled machine that sitcom was in its heyday. Makes me LOL more than almost any sitcom these days, and the humor was FAR more risque and politically incorrect than I remembered. And a lot of the jokes were fashion slams at Debra’s expense, so when I see her style misfires these days I wonder if they based Grace on her…

      • MilaXX

        I watch them too!

      • AnnaleighBelle

        Every single one of the principles and secondary performers on that show were perfect. I love watching the bloopers – Messing is always laughing and McCormack is in complete control. Such great guests – Woody Harrelson, Gregory Hines. It really was a perfectly put together and performed sit-com. I even loved the series finale, and that’s saying something with such a long-running show.

        • Trent

          SO true. And despite the accepted wisdom of the time that Karen and Jack were the real stars, both Messing and McCormack were frequently laugh-out-loud, Diet Coke-snorting hilarious. And the guest stars were incredible: Madonna, Cher, Glenn Close, JLo, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Taye Diggs, Kevin Bacon, John Cleese, and on and on.

          • Anna

            I just watched “A Chorus Lie” (Matt Damon episode) last night! Hands down, my favourite episode from the series, my friends and I still quote it all the time.

            • Trent

              Loved that episode! I think that’s when Beverley Leslie said: “Why, Karen Walker. I thought I smelled gin and regret.” BURN!

            • Anna

              That’s the one! So many great lines…”Aw Beverley, you’re almost as sweet as a regular-sized person.”

      • onefifteen

        Karen and Sean made me laugh so hard. Eric was pretty to look at (and still is).

    • Snoskred

      OH THE HORROR.. GUMBY PANTS MEETS THE TELETUBBIES except they never had an orange one.. Is this Tinkywinky in disguise? Is the scooter hidden somewhere in there? Are the other 3 teletubbies hidden away in there? IS SOMEONE MAKING TOAST IN THERE.. :)

      I can’t even.. I’m totally banned from making toast. However I do think I would totally wear this myself, in a non red carpet setting.

      • demidaemon

        It would be a cute beach party outfit. However, that is exactly what disqualifies it from the RC.

        I am laughing myself silly over the Teletubbies reference, even though it also gives me PTSD from the creepy baby sun.

    • Imasewsure

      It’s almost working although a bit Gumby as pointed out by Snoskred before me… hate that hair and severe makeup. I think the earrings would work if the other parts of the head were adjusted.
      And can’t you just see her stylist yelling “NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO” when she made that toddler squat???? Would have been worth seeing really

    • SuzyQuzey

      She looks mostly good! I really wish she would follow her natural lipline on top, though. Every time I see that, I think of Lucille Ball.

      • AnnaleighBelle

        I remember someone associated with Will and Grace called her “Juicy” – the Jewish Lucy.

    • ktr33

      The jumpsuit shot forced an eye-roll, but when she doesn’t pose like that it doesn’t matter, and she looks pretty good, for her. I’m ok with the earrings, I think. Gold might’ve pushed it into 70s costume realm.
      Also, the bottom of the thing is all wrinkly.

    • FibonacciSequins

      I think the earrings take the look to casual/beachy. I do agree that this style (and color) looks good on her, although the legs needed hemming.

      I like a fake eyelash, but she needs to trim those suckers.

    • MilaXX

      I don’t know, the whole look is okay but seems out of place anywhere but on a cruise ship.

      • Snoskred

        Maybe if it had like a zillion Swarovskis added, it would be okay. :)

        If in doubt, bling it up!

    • Jean Beaton Leavitt

      Why wear a pantsuit if it looks like a dress…you have the hassle when you pee and for what?…it may as well be a dress. I don’t get it.

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        Eliminates chaffing???

        • majorbedhead

          Pfft. That’s what bike shorts are for.

          • Tracy_Flick

            AKA Spanx

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m not liking the earrings-gold earrings would have worked better.

    • GeoDiva

      Those earring, while cool, are definitely daytime and belong on a beach somewhere. I think the jumpsuit and especially the color are a good match for her.

    • Bonnie Blue

      I wondered aloud what made this a pantsuit, until I got to the 4th picture and I said, “Oh.” Thanks, Debra. I do like the color on her.

    • AnnaleighBelle

      Her red carpet posing makes me think of Mary Katherine Gallagher. And the crazy eyes…

    • Nancer

      That’s some drag makeup there…

    • appliquer

      This is the best she’s looked in a long time. I really like the sleekness of the hair and outfit on her.

    • Shawn EH

      She looks great, much more youthful and chic than some of her dowdier attire in the past.

    • musi_

      I think the earrings don’t work with her hair that sleek… it’s a bit too severe. Model looks super cute in this too, but then, she’s meant to. I’ll pay this one

    • LadyVimes

      But…how does one pee?

      • Lori

        Naked, basically.

    • Lori

      I liked this a lot more before she showed me that it’s a jumpsuit with giant pants. As a dress it’s a bit wine bag adjacent for my personal taste, but it’s interesting and she looks good in it so I’d have given it to her. As a jumpsuit it needs to be burned with fire.

      Dress or jumpsuit I agree that the earrings don’t seem to be quite right for the occasion. And of course they really draw attention to her crazy eyes, which is never the way to go. I like them, but not on this person on this occasion.

    • uprightcitizen

      I’ve thought she should just get whoever costumed her on “Will & Grace” to dress her, and she’d be golden. Even though her character’s style evolved through the arc of the show, her wardrobe always flattered and suited her. This is proof, IMHO. That’s a Grace Adler outfit, and she looks better than she has in a long time.

    • Erica Woods Tucker

      Where’s the steamer?

    • crash1212

      If one must wear a jump suit, this is the one. Beautiful. I love it all, even the earrings. Best she’s looked in a long time.

    • random_poster

      I tried, but I just don’t like it.

    • Pennymac

      “I’m ready for my closeup,Mr.Deville.” And no to the earrings because of that slicked back hair. Too focus pulling.

      • MoHub

        De Mille

        • Pennymac


    • SewingSiren

      Patio realness. Love everything except the “spread ’em” pose, which I hate.

    • Garcia Loca

      This looked like a perfectly nice poolside coverup, until she did THE THING. Shudder.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      I think she looks great here, best she’s looked in a while and she wears that color well. I agree these earrings are too daytime and I think they’re a little too big and heavy looking. What bugs me are the eyelashes, they really look faker than fake.

    • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

      Her hair is too severe with this orange, billowing jumpsuit (which I don’t love, sorry).

    • makeityourself

      Re gold earrings — she had to work with that neckpiece halter thingee and I can’t tell from the pictures what it is exactly. Maybe white metal? If so, gold earrings would not work at all. I like the way her earrings look. The grey is an interesting contrast to her hair and skin and the scale is just right.

      • alyce1213

        I like the earrings too. Mother-of-pearl suspended from the red (coral?) stone, which is matched to the dress,

    • suzq

      She needs a cocktail. I’m not digging the palazzos, either, but we’ve all seen her in worse, that’s for sure!

    • Tee

      If Karen Walker saw her in this she would need pharmacist and back up pharmacist to make it all better.

      • Miranda


    • majorbedhead

      Oh good lord. No. I was sort of OK with it until I saw that it was actually a jumpsuit and not a maxi dress.

      My mother used to scrape my hair back like that when I was a kid. It always gave me a massive headache. It’s not a good look, especially with the crazy eyes she’s got going on.

    • Trickytrisha

      I find this kind of hair style on women with strong features to be distressing. Like others, I was okay with the dress when I thought it *was* a dress. That pic is both hilarious and very unfortunate.

    • siriuslover

      Neither the earrings nor the really harsh hair work. And agreed on the pulling the pants. “Aren’t you proud of me?!? I wore pants! But they look like a dress! But they’re pants!” I mean, Who the F cares?

    • J.W.

      Like the jumpsuit. Don’t like the eyelashes – they draw the eye away from everything else.

    • J.W.

      Is that a cameo ring on her left hand?

    • Laura Livingston

      A very stylish traffic cone.

    • Jacob Bowen

      Wow, I can’t decide if I like this or not…I almost say yes till I see the “legs spread” shot and think, “WOW, WHY?!?!?”

    • boweryboy

      I love palazzo pants. I love it. Even the earrings. I love that it’s so ’70s chic. I don’t love the silly posing. That’s just tacky.

    • anyalama

      The earrings are too much with the neckline.

    • Man Dala

      I liked it until she “spread the wings” to let us know it was a jumpsuit. And then I hated it. And I agree, enough with the crazy face.

    • ItAin’tMe

      How do you pee in that?

    • Mrs. O

      Hellloooo, Mrs. roper!

      • Wink

        I couldn’t put my finger on it. Thanks!

    • Mrs. O

      But, actually, I thought she looked OK, despite the Mrs. Roper vibe and the too-big earrings and the 70’s halter neck, until she showed us the pants. After that, I wanted to cry. I like the severe hair with strong features, speaking as a woman with strong features who keeps my hair pretty sleek in order to avoid looking like a drag queen. It’s not always easy to choose, but countless photos of me looking like a Ken doll with Barbie hair have given me the courage to just “Angelica Huston” it.

    • E.Nelson

      I really wish she had worn a turban, honestly

      • Pennymac


    • MarissaLG

      The neckline and earrings take it wayyy too Hamptons (or other vacation spot) This doesn’t read theater or New York to me at all. Not really a fan.

    • Laura Abrahamsen

      Are we sure this wasn’t stolen from the dry cleaner racks in American Hustle? I can see Amy Adams rocking this (maybe not this color).

    • Sam Smith

      I like it although I think its much more suitable for a fabulous pool party. I hate the pull apart pose.

    • MoHub

      I hope she’s wearing Depends or that she has no plans to drink anything, because I shudder at the thought of her coping with that in the ladies’ room.

    • decormaven

      Gold earrings and a cuff would have really set this off. Minor niggles aside, this is a vast improvement over more recent looks.

    • Joanna

      Great color on her. Gold accessories would have felt a little too Studio 54 to me.

    • marlie

      This suits her, though I really wish that I didn’t know that they were pants. Also, I love the earrings. Her hair and makeup are a bit too severe, though.

    • Vanessa Reyes

      I love it on the runway but for some reason it loses it’s appeal on Ms. Messing. I think softer yet polished hair and not being so heavy handed with the makeup would have helped. I like the earrings but I think they detract from the neck line. Something smaller perhaps and maybe a cuff.

    • bluefish

      Way too long!

    • formerlyAnon

      The earrings work, but brighter in any way – gold, generic shininess, or color – would have been better.

      This is the best I’ve ever seen her look, for my tastes, anyway. That I can remember.

    • Stacy C

      She should have worn a kick ass turban with this.

    • MinAgain

      I love this, but I wish her hair was a little less severe and her eye make-up a little less intense.

    • VicD

      Is this some sort of call back to Bobbi Flekman (Fran Drescher) in Spinal Tap? If so, spot on.

    • OhSheila

      I’m thinking Gold hoops and high ponytail.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Most improved. Ditch the eyeliner and you’ll get a ribbon.

    • Guest

      Earrings are too casual . If youre going to a “gala” that dress needs something dramatic and sparkly, otherwise its too pool party.

    • alliekat9090

      Earrings are too casual. If she is attending a “gala” this needs something more dramatic and sparkly, otherwise its too pool party. I do like the dress.

    • traceyishere

      This looks like a beach cover-up and those eye lashes are like spiders on her face. She looks like she just got out of the pool.

    • Crystal



    • 909girl601world

      I love this! Earrings and all.

    • LJCdoc

      The earrings take this straight to Mrs. Roper, IMO. No.

    • Tracy_Flick

      The whole thing is a little two “Three’s Company” for me.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        or golden girls.

    • ReadBarbara

      She looks really good in that jumpsuit, and there’s plenty of room in the bottom for a catheter or a pair of Depends because there is absolutely no way a girl can pee wearing that get up. (Again airing my constant complaint/worry about jumpsuits.)

    • LeelaST

      The earrings match the silver hardware on the dress but they do look at tad daytime, still, they’re a good match. But the entire “gown/pantsuit/caftan/thing” is horrendous to me; she’s also one of my IRs so I can’t really be objective.

    • Gaby

      They should do lunges instead if they want to show off “PANTS.” It’d make for more interesting photos. PLIES. ARABESQUES. Weird-ass shit to give some hilarious photos.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      what the hell is she thinking with those eyelashes? when your fake lashes are bumping your eyebrows, they’re out of control. and i love me some big earrings, but these just look tacky-tacky. are they abalone shell, or what?

    • ShaoLinKitten

      Everything works but the makeup/crazy face. I like it a lot, though I agree that the “see, these are PANTS!” shot is ridic.

    • Fuchsiaforever

      Yes the earrings take it to cliche-ville :/

    • EEKstl

      I actually love this and actually want this and agree – it suits her to a T. Funky gold earrings would have been the right choice but these are pretty. Crazy face is bugging me.

    • Liza Ortiz

      Is she going to hang-glide on outta there?