Chris Evans at Chiltern Firehouse in London

Posted on May 23, 2014

We’re thinking of starting a category here called “Drunk Boystars in London.”

Chris-Evans-GOTS-London-BPSBJ-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (1)Chris Evans is seen leaving the Chiltern Firehouse with friends in London.

Chris-Evans-GOTS-London-BPSBJ-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Chris-Evans-GOTS-London-BPSBJ-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Chris-Evans-GOTS-London-BPSBJ-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Chris-Evans-GOTS-London-BPSBJ-Tom-Loenzo-Site-TLO (5)

It has a certain charm to it, no? He has never looked half this relaxed or happy on a red carpet.

The London paps must be much nicer than ours. If this was in L.A., he’d either have his jacket over his head or he’d be punching someone.

Also: bright red drunknose, which is kind of adorable.




[Photo Credit: Ringo/PacificCoastNews]

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  • Danielle

    He is so presh. I bet he pounded jäger bombs with Aaron Paul all night.

    • littlemac8

      Oh yea, he’s toasted!

  • gayle

    well from these pictures he looks like a happy drunk so that is nice. He looks different somehow, I cannot quite figure it out, maybe the haircut? He doesn’t look like himself and his usual self is much more handsome.

    • homofascist

      He is missing his beard. His sexy, sexy beard. It makes me sad…

      • I do miss that delicious beard. (sighing)

      • Linda LaPaz

        That is a face that needs a beard. He looks completely different (not better) without it.

      • lundibleu

        I think its also the hair and the angle of the pictures. I would happily take Chris Evans drinking… he looks fun.

    • Nicoclaws

      It’s the chin I think. Not as perfectly square from tension as usual.

      • Leah Elzinga

        I think it’s a tie between that and the hair. But I’ll take “happy and imperfect” over “stressed and impeccable” any day!

        • Nicoclaws

          As long as he doesn’t lose his beautiful butt (the only reason I can watch any scene with Captain America in it).

    • AudreysMom

      His clothes are on for one (or maybe it’s just me who has pictures of him only with his shirt off). Also, it looks like Chris has missed some sessions with his trainer. Maybe H’wood is letting him relax from serious workouts and diets for whatever action role he’s doing. And who wouldn’t be happy about that? (Sadly I heard he’s thinking of dropping out of acting – the hoo haw over his action hero work has gotten too much for him).

      • Sacha Dias

        He backtracked that statement on Good Morning America he scared me with that quitting thing he’s gonna direct and act. Anxiety is a crazy thing I know it cuz I have it it makes you say crazy things sometimes then you get all flustered & backtrack in my head he is my husband haha but he is a role model for me cuz of the business he is in & having to deal with anxiety.

    • random_poster

      I can’t figure it out either. I want to say his hair it’s because his hair is slicked down, but even when he had that buzz cut he didn’t look this different.

      • Sacha Dias

        It’s slicked that’s the word I was looking for thank you I said flat but it’s slicked it would look totally diff his hair is flat slicked but if it was buzzed it would look totally different cuz if you take one of his buzz cut pics & compared it to this it’s totally diff I think you got it so here is how I think it goes bad hair day bad angles you know sometimes we have our days well I guess this is one of his

    • GeoDiva

      No Capt America costume is what’s missing. I only find him attractive in “uniform”.

  • WendyD

    There’s a category I’d like to live in.

    • LadyVimes

      Seconded! I vote for this being a new category!

  • Being drunk obviously helps him get over his anxiety issues.

    • homofascist

      Um…*raises hand*…

      • Apparently (according to another Bitter Kitten, can’t remember which) he has a really hard time coping with public appearances, which is why he usually looks uncomfortable on the red carpet etc. In this instance he looks very comfortable! I am definitely not advocating self medication!

        • Yeah, there have been interviews (even him on a panel at a fan convention) with him talking about his anxiety. I think they should be easy to find…

    • Rhonda Shore

      He looks so trashed that it’s amusing.

  • Anna

    Happy Drunk Boystars for sure. Would love to see Hiddles stumbling out of a club after a night out of dancing (because you know he loves his dancing).

    Nice to see Chris relaxed and enjoying himself.

    • Chris

      Can you imagine Chris Evans and Tom H. out getting drunk together? The cuteness factor would be off the charts. I suspect there would be dancing involved.

      • Anna

        I like to imagine this happened many times during the filming of The Avengers!

        Love your avatar, btw.

  • Karen Belgrad

    Drunk boystars end up looking cute. If the ladystars did this, we’d be calling for an intervention… But this IS the cutest he’s looked to me.

  • @Biting Panda

    He’s all “Whaaaaat. London, Bitches. Cheerio and shit. Yey-ahhhh”

    • LadyVimes

      “Wotch-something, Bucks. SPEAKING BRITISH WOO.”

  • Jessica Freeman

    I can attest that being drunk in London is as fun as he makes it look.

  • BlairBear

    I believe the proper term is pissed ?

    • You’re quite right! We might also go for sozzled, boiled, snockered, pixilated, or just plain old smashed. I think its rather interesting that being drunk has so many variant terms. And I barely scratched the surface.

      • After surviving an English degree’s worth of lit classes, my best friend and I like to reach back to the old Hemingway-era slang: “Are you tight or are you blind, darling?”

        • BlairBear

          Haha aww Hemingway. I read his memoir. It was odd but enjoyable

      • Sophie

        I’m very partial to sloshed, myself. One of the first words I learned after first setting foot on English soil.

      • BlairBear

        Snockered has a nice ring to it

        • I also like looped, hammered, and sozzled. (grin) Or is that a law firm?

          • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

            “Looped, Hammered & Sozzled, LLP”.

          • BlairBear

            It would be the best law firm ever

      • Glam Dixie

        My friends and I always used to say ‘toasted’. I have no idea why.

  • It would take a lot of shots to get most people to wear those ugly shoes.. and rightly so! 🙂

  • James

    Cheers! He’s so cute!

  • FrigidDiva

    It’s been one of those weeks at work and these photos just made my day. Now instead of thinking about the ridiculous amount of work (which I’m obviously not doing) that I need to try and get done before days end I can imagine going drinking with Captain America in London. So much better.

  • decormaven

    Good times! This definitely is the most relaxed he’s looked in snapshots. Pour another round for all of us!

  • Chuck Barthelme

    Awww, he’s loosened up. This seems more like the Chris Evans I’d have pictured when he was acting in things like Fantastic 4. Being Captain America seems to have given him some kind of a complex about always trying to look dignified. Nice to see him relaxed. On the outfit, I like the idea, but the way the jacket fits him, especially with weirdly flipped baseball jacket lapel, and the too voluminous pants, he looks a little dated. Which is sort of interesting since his character in Captain America and The Avengers kind of has that old school 50s look even in the movies set in the present. His look here suggests the same because of the tailoring, I think. Not bad, but needs some updating.

  • Sobaika

    I so want to do naughty things to him. He straddles the line between hot and adorable really well.

    • You just had to put the word *straddles* in my head… driftsoffindaydream

  • And he looks so gosh darned happydrunk. Cute as can be. I’ll take one, thanks.

  • Wink

    Something about this look makes me think that in about 10 years he’s gonna be Val Kilmer … a bloated former superhero.

    • NBG

      Way to bring everyone down…


      • Wink

        Just saying…

        • NBG

          Probably true. We best enjoy the view while we can.

    • FibonacciSequins

      I think he’s quitting acting to direct, so he won’t have that incentive to stay in shape.

  • NBG

    Well, he clearly does not squint as much at paps when he’s hammered!

  • Lilithcat

    Reminds me of this tweet I saw: Everybody’s talking about the super obnoxious drunk guy at the bar last night. I was at that same bar and I didn’t even notice him. Weird.

  • Haley Buchanan

    “Drunk Boystars in London” is relevant to all of my interests. I’m all in favor.

  • M_E_S

    What a DORK. Now, in addition to wanting to climb him like a tree, I want to hang out and get drunk with him.

  • World of Sass

    He’s the jock who was nice to everyone in school.

    • FibonacciSequins

      That’s exactly who he is. I would like to recommend he bury that jacket somewhere.

    • fursa_saida

      EXACTLY. Finally, I can explain why watching him play beer pong on Jimmy Fallon was endearing instead of annoying.

  • marlie

    I think he looks so much better without the beard. But most importantly, he looks happy, and like he’s having fun.

  • boweryboy

    Yowza! I never found him attractive until this very moment. The lack of beard and dorky poses amps up his hotness factor tenfold, but that’s probably because he reminds me of this dorky goofball butcher I used to date back in the late ’90s. Also, there are numerous inappropriate things I could say about that first photo. Yowza.

  • ktr33

    I don’t know who he is, but he just looks douchey.

    • Alyssa

      He’s Captain America.

  • KinoEye

    A “Drunk Boystars in London” category is a glorious idea. I’m mostly loving how chuffed he looks to be out on the town, loving life. I read he suffers from anxiety attacks — always nice to see a fellow sufferer living it up and looking happy.

    Also, totally off-subject, but was looking at old family pictures recently and found one of my real-life gay uncle. He was almost a dead ringer for Chris when he was younger. I can’t tell you how thrilled he was with the comparison.

  • veleri

    Oh, Chris.
    Let’s get drunk and make beautiful babies!

  • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    “Drunk boystars in London” makes for an awesome tag, and maybe it will allow you to post more pictures of Matt Smith.

  • FancyPhilly

    This post made my morning. I love his drunk happiness!

  • Alyssa

    I would love that category. Happy Friday!!!

  • suzinrva

    I think this place values its clientele’s privacy and is a place most likely you can let your proverbial hair down a bit. The first pic is adorbs.

  • Anglow

    He was adorably relaxed on Fallon recently, too, though he did have his equally hunky younger-by-two-years brother on the show with him. And I love the laughing man in the background in the first pic!

    • zuzu

      I adore that guy in the background. He’s having an awfully good time, and gives great drunkface.

    • julnyes

      Their childhood stories were hilarious.

  • KendraMR

    Oh, how I love a happy drunk. That last photo is too cute, and I laugh every time I look at it. Also doesn’t he kinda look like Adam Levine in that first pic, no?

    ETA: I miss his beard, and the way his hair is style doesn’t work for his face; but he’s still a cutie.

  • formerlyAnon

    This is hands down the best Iook on him that I’ve ever seen. Smiling, relaxed and apparently happy.

  • MilaXX

    Isn’t this the same place Aaron Paul was drunk at? Seems to be a pretty popular place.

    • OhSheila

      It absolutely is! I want to drink there, the patrons seem so happy

  • CT14

    I saw Chris Evans and had to look to see if he had douche-bro face as usual.

    NO! He looks cute! Better than the smirk of the red carpet.

  • LadyVimes

    The adorable. It hurts.

  • Tina Power

    You will never see him like this on the red carpet because he has said that he has intense social anxiety that he’s gone to therapy for years for it. When he’s doing promo stuff he is always secretly freaking out over looking the wrong way, saying the wrong thing. He talked about the anxiety in interviews. So, yeah, when he has to do promo stuff, he’s wound up tighter than a baseball.

  • julnyes

    Chris, you meatball … he looks adorable.

  • Chameleon

    He actually smiles!

  • Sacha Dias

    Lemme see if I can figure this out he doesn’t look like his usual self well his hair is flat so I’m guessing bad hair day and bad angles I love him both with his beard and clean shaven I would put it down to be bad hair day and bad angles cuz this has been driving me nuts all day and those are the only two things I could come up with cuz we have our days where we don’t look so good and I guess it’s one of those days for him what you guys think right or wrong lemme know

  • demidaemon

    He looks so goof y I can’t help but love him a little more, despite the whole aura of fratboy around his outfit.

  • Closet Crisis

    He’s so not my type but he’s just so darn cuuuute! Just wanna pinch his cheeks and buy him another pint.

  • Man Dala

    He looks awful. Burn those pants and jacket.

  • Jacob Bowen

    I would LOOVVVEEEE to meet up with a drunk Chris Evans. The issue would be keeping my pants on (they would automatically fall off).

  • Violentcello

    I’m going to marry him. Don’t tell my husband.