Michelle Obama in Prabal Gurung

Posted on April 01, 2013

FLO has worn this ensemble before, but it’s pretty enough to get a second showing:


Michelle+Obama+Prabal+Gurung+Easter+2013+1President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha, first lady Michelle Obama and daughter Malia walk across Lafayette Park from the White House on their way to Easter services at St John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. Michelle Obama is wearing a Prabal Gurung dress and matching coat from the 2010 collection.


Michelle+Obama+Prabal+Gurung+Easter+2013+3Prabal Gurung Spring 2010 Collection/Model: Martha Hunt




Yesterday was a particularly dreary, rainy, early-spring Easter on the east coast, so we can’t help thinking how well this look represents that. We keep thinking her slip is showing, but that’s the way the hem is constructed. It’s the only bit we don’t really care for because it’s so distracting. But overall, it’s a gorgeous, sophisticated look.

The girls look adorable too, of course, but we’re struck by how good Mr. FLO looks wearing that pale blue shirt. Presidents don’t get to play much with their suit/shirt/tie colors, so it really stands out.


[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com]

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    • Julie


    • disqus_sZRDWtvvVD

      Gorgeous family and it always makes me smile to see the girls in cardigans. I can hear my own mother saying “Don’t forget your sweater!”

      • That was my grandmother. No matter the weather she would tell me to bring as sweater that was when I was an adolescent and convinced that all sweaters were itchy. I remember so vividly we went to a luncheon and she asked me 3 times if was going to bring a sweater. While we were sitting I touched my arm and she immediately started nagging me “are you cold!? I told you to bring a sweater!!”

    • Isabel

      Malia’s necklace is so cute!

      • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

        That was my first thought, too! Giving away my age here, but I haven’t seen such a good-looking, all-American family in the White House since the Fords.

        • alyce1213

          Remembering the Fords doesn’t make you anything even near “old.”
          I remember the Eisenhowers.

      • Cautia

        That’s Sasha. Malia isn’t wearing a necklace.

    • StellaZafella

      “Put on your Sunday Clothes, da da da daaa, da da!” The whole family is an Easter Sunday WERQ.

      • lexilexi

        Yes! And POTUS looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g in that grey/blue combination… all gorgeous… all WERQs

        • MarissaLG

          Yes! I wish he could wear a gray suit more often. Mrs. Obama looks beautiful. It’s a perfect Easter outfit without looking clownish. The girls look lovely as always.

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      They are just the most chic, stylish family. I looked like ass from puberty until, um, now. Is it too early to eat a tub of ice cream, because I am feeling the need to cry.

      • Indigo54

        There there. You’re not alone. Rocky Road anyone?

    • Jecca2244

      they look like parents who truly love their kids and the time they spend with them. and that is the neatest thing in the world. it was beautiful in Boston yesterday! Sad others out this way didn’t get the warmth and sunshine.

      • gabbilevy

        It was pretty lovely later in the day here in DC.

      • NC_Meg

        They really do. I love that the girls are always holding hands with mom and dad.

        • I think that’s so interesting. I never would hold my parents hand, especially in public.

    • Rand Ortega

      Wow. What a gorgeous family. I love the hem, it’s an interesting twist to such a traditional ensemble.

    • dorothea_brooke

      Yes, I was thinking how good Mr. FLO looked as well. I love a man that can pull off a light grey suit. Beautiful family. Sasha’s dress is especially adorable.

      I wonder if one ever gets used to walking around with people that are ready to kill on their behalf?

      • gabbilevy

        I’m sure it’s all part of the spin machine, but it always seems to me like Shelly and Mr. FLO do a really wonderful job keeping the girls’ lives as normal as possible. Sasha, in particular, always seems like she’s checking out the crowd/cameras/security with the utmost disdain. “Oh, it’s you again. Well, if you must.”

        • dorothea_brooke

          When the girls write books in 20 years about how they all hated each other (à la Patti Davis) I’m not going to read it. (OK, I probably will.)

          • alyce1213

            I’m no so sure that will happen. The Reagan situation was . . . quite different.

    • imperfectlaura

      Is Sasha wearing Victoria, Victoria Beckham?

    • pop_top

      They all look great. I’m struck by how tall Sasha’s become.

      • barbarienne

        Yes, and I think Malia is about to pass her mom in height.

        • flamingoNW

          I think she already did – Malia is in flats, Mom is in heels…

    • pattyw

      Wow, Sasha has sprouted! Wondering if she picks out her own clothes — very chic ensemble for a tween.

      • Missy Covington

        This was my first thought: Sasha is getting so big! I still picture her as a little girl, but she’s shot up like 4 inches!

        Adorable family.

    • They love a cardigan

    • barbarienne

      I’m distracted by the striped pink tie on Very Serious Secret Service Guy behind them.

      It’s so good to have a first family who seem like real people, warm and loving. We haven’t had that in…well, ever, as far as I can tell.

    • Sheesh, that woman can wear anything. I saw tons of photos of Michelle in this outfit and didn’t realize the bodice was so weird until I saw the model in it.

    • AmeliaEve

      They are all such pretty people, but Michelle is still the star. Her pink lipstick is the perfect spring touch with the pale colors of her dress. Love this.

    • Sobaika

      Loving Mr. President’s suit.

      • Jase Sherman

        YES. He looks downright LICKABLE.

    • marilyn

      This dress looks a little too loose on her. It is a good enough dress, but does not seem to fit.

    • carolynmo

      This family rocks.

    • flamingoNW

      Love it all. They all look fabulous. Sasha is shooting up in height, now, too.

    • nannypoo

      A beautiful family, beautifully dressed. That secret service guy is looking good, too.

    • siriuslover

      They all look great. A wonderful Easter dress for them all. I like the change-up in the President’s suit here.

    • librarygrrl64

      I love that the girls rock cardigans, too. 🙂

    • The ladies in this family are seriously stunning. What I love most is to look back at the girls as they have grown up, it has been a wonderful thing to watch. I think Malia may have overtaken Michelle height wise already – Malia is wearing flats and Michelle has heels on. 🙂

    • MilaXX

      It’s a beautiful family portrait. Shelly is wearing her hair the way I think makes the bangs work the best.

    • Pres O is looking hot and the girls are adorable and age appropriate. As for Mrs. O., while I like the jacket I don’t care for the dress, too many elements and it doesn’t seem very flattering.

    • Little_Olive

      POTUS does look great but i would have preferred something more Sunday-y. A tweed jacket? A plaid tie?

      Oh and I HATE the elder girl’s dress. (I’m not from the US and don’t live there so don’t give me a hard time for not knowing which is Sasha and which is Malia).

      • nannypoo

        No hard time. It’s Malia.

      • See, I think the light grey suit is PERFECT for Easter services. That’s how a lot of the gents were dressed at my church this weekend.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      What I love most about Michelle’s outfit is THAT SHE HAS WORN IT BEFORE. I don’t remember another first lady (and I am ollllld) who so consistently recycled outfits for photo ops.

    • Guest

      MR. FLO.
      Glorious nickname

    • The first lady comes in fourth out of four with this one. Her dress is kinda sloppy looking and I’m with you – my first reaction was, why’s her slip showing? Overall they’re a great dressed family, but Michelle’s dress fell a little short this time (showing slip or not!). First place to the prez, followed by a tie between Sasha and Malia for second/third.

    • lrober03

      They look like such a happy family. Teenage daughter holding their parents’ hands and talking to each other as they walk down the street.
      Versus, me as a teenager: Didn’t want my parents to touch me in public and didn’t say much to them.

    • teensmom99

      I was thinking when I first looked at this picture and before reading on that they all look great but Mr. FLO is a personal best and really striking.

      • RebeccaKW

        I’m happy to see him out of the dark suit. He looks really great.

    • Le_Sigh

      Loves it! Her bangs are starting to grow on me too. (rimshot). I think the soft curls make it more stylish.

    • Molly

      Most beautiful family in America.

    • Eh, they look fine and are a nice looking family, but it’s certainly not worth a werq or snaps or anything else. There’s nothing that’s difficult to pull off, nothing original about a grey suit with blue shirt or a matching dress and coat. It’s not something anyone else with access to their money couldn’t have come up with or pulled off. The girls dresses are cute but ordinary. Put is on the First Family and suddenly it’s AMAZING!!! No, it’s just nice, fine, appropriate for the season, but that’s all.

      • Perhaps, but the point of most of TLo’s “celebrity” fashion posts is that – despite money and access to designers and stylists – a lot of them STILL look like a$$ when they walk out the door.

        Plus, for a first lady, Shelly O is much more adventurous than first ladies past. Sometimes she misses, and sometimes she’s WAY off the mark, but her sartorial choices are watched closely because they’re SO different than her immediate predecessors.

        • I think a simple scroll through the comments of ANY post she is featured in, but especially the ones where she is way off the mark will prove my original point, that she is way overpraised for everything she puts on, period.

          • robert paul

            Glam Dixie ???????????

          • Didn’t you experience barbara bush’s Old lady attire or a never ending sea of lady suits from Hilary…
            Compared to Flotuses like that Michelle is great. She is willing to try new shapes, colors, prints. She has current hair and looks like a lady.

      • We’re confused. There are no WERQs or snaps anywhere in this post, let alone anything that comes close to “AMAZING!!!!!”

    • formerlyAnon

      Sasha’s ensemble is the standout for me.

    • The whole family looks picture perfect.

    • Wendi126

      I love them so. Flouts looks great but Potus is drool worthy. And love the cherry blossom backdrop. And totally Spring without any pastels

      • PastryGoddess

        Those are Magnolias. The blossoms are late this year 🙁 But they should be blooming this weekend

    • The whole family looks great. I LOVE Mrs. O’s dress and coat, and I think the girls look adorable. President O… I LOVE a guy of color in a light grey suit. The whole family is an Easter Sunday “IN.”

    • Wonderful display of magnolias.

    • greyhoundgirl

      The Handsome Family.

    • Carrieanno

      Seeing these makes me miss my hometown so much.

    • conniemd

      what a gorgeous dress and jacket. Whole family looks sleek and elegant

    • MsALVA

      Sasha’s had a growth spurt! She was not this tall back in January at the Inauguration, was she?

    • MsOlympia

      Second photo down: doesn’t she look exactly like that meme of Leo DiCaprio??

    • Melanie

      I laughed out loud at “Mr. FLO!” Then scrolled back up to see (I overlooked him first), and I totally agree!

    • kimmeister

      It could just be that it’s because she’s walking, but the fit of the shoulders looks off.

    • EEKstl

      They all look great but I have to say Malia’s dress is really the standout to me. Darling with that cardigan.

    • alyce1213

      It’s a beautiful ensemble, but I keep going back and forth whether the dress has too much going on at the bodice for her.
      The cardigan sisters steal this one for me; they look chic and adorable; I love both dresses and the color pops. Mr. Flo looks terrific in the light grey suit, etc. So fine.

      • Sara__B

        Yes, the dress has too much going on at the bodice for her, and I wish the coat didn’t have the matching gigantic floral, but I’m still smiling from how adorable those “cardigan sisters” look and how fabulous the president looks in grey and blue.

    • Mariah J

      They look adorbs but I wish FLOTUS had worn the blue version, I could never get behind black and white on Easter of all days.

      • Black and white are appropriate for all things always.

    • Cousin_Rose

      But WHO is Sasha wearing?

    • with it being such a dreary day I would so love to have seen a bit of color in this! the pale blue, or yellow or a peach would have been a delight. I keep thinking I am seeing a black and white photo of this. Wonderful but… and the daughters look good, good job Shelly.

    • Lizzy

      Sweaters…. Sweaters…. Sweaters…. their sweater closets must be overflowing.

    • If Mr. FLO ever switches to a red tie he’ll be wearing a “Full Norwegian” as that look was called when Walter Mondale’s staff wore them

    • CheriCPat

      I wonder who made Sasha’s shoes? Nice to see a ballet flat with an actual sole.

    • Mrs. O looks great here, but I gotta give props to the Chief! Very nice too.

    • It is so absolutely amazing to have a first lady who doesn’t wear one designer, or solid colored boxy suits. OMG She is stunning, and her kids are beautiful. A really great, modern family.

    • Sing4yursupper

      Stunning. Before too long, Sasha and Malia will start raiding her closet.

    • I love them all and like other commenters, I love that FLOTUS wears her clothes again. Without apology.

    • ccm800

      We have one GOOD LOOKING first family!