Lily Collins at WonderCon

Posted on April 01, 2013

Between the Walking Dead review just posted and the Doctor Who review going up later, it appears to be Nerdsday here on the site. So what better way to celebrate Nerdsday than by visiting a comic-con, amirite?


Lily+Collins+WonderCon+Valentino+Michael+Kors+1Lily Collins attends WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim, California in a Valentino blouse and Michael Kors jacket paired with leather pants and Casadei pumps.

Lily+Collins+WonderCon+Valentino+Michael+Kors+2Michael Kors Leather Jacket. Valentino Two Tone Georgette Blouse. Casadei Pump.






This outfit is freaking flawless. We really tried to find something to not like, but it’s all working like gangbusters here. She looks sharp, sexy, and stylish as hell. If there’s any criticism it’s that she’s a bit too dressed for the event. Lily, dear, when you show up at a comic convention dressed like that, you’re telling everyone in the room that you’ve never been to one before.

So while this outfit is gorgeous and she looks stunning, it fails on the question of venue-appropriateness. Next time, wear a Wonder Woman t-shirt, hon.


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  • A superhero t-shirt with the pants and jacket would have been perfect.

    • Frank_821

      Ac tually that girl who plays Nathan Fillion’s daughter on Castle did just that. She basically went in Clark Kent drag with a superman tshirt underneath

      • Jean Marie Downing

        I still love the time she dressed as Malcolm Renolds.

  • Lilithcat

    Love it, but you’re right – it’s more Mrs. Peel than Comic-con.

  • FrayedMachine

    I kind of disagree on the appropriateness for the event – I think she looks pretty fantastic for the venue. There’s a cool edginess that gives a cool air of funkiness to it that can be tied back to a lot of super cool bad ass female imagery in comics/games/etc. The only thing that makes me wince is her wearing heels at an event that involves a lot of walking around and standing around for extended periods of time. But other than that, I think she looks pretty great. Really hardcore coveting that jacket.

    • gabbilevy

      I suspect it’s that the icky stickiness of these conventions would not mix well with that jacket, as gorgeous as it is.

      Then again, her blouse is providing plenty of ventilation.

      • FrayedMachine

        A lot of major conventions actually have pretty good ventilation, it can get a little warm but that’s why a jacket is a nice thing to have on hand just because depending on what part of the convention you’re in, it can go from freezing cold (since they’re crazy pumping AC through the entire venue and not all parts of it are as highly compact as others) to decently warm. There’s rarely any “icky stickiness” at conventions unless you’re talking about the floor, to which I say she’s severely misusing that jacket if that’s what she’s using it for :p

    • Also, I’m guessing she’s there for her upcoming fantasy movie, City of Bones. THis ensemble is very evocative of the Shadowhunter gear the main characters wear to fight demons.(sans heels)

  • Gorgeous, I love her face with this makeup!

  • LOOOOOVE that jacket. I’m not 100% sold on the sheer shirt, but if one is going to wear a sheer shirt, I think this is the best way to do it. And I’d kill for those shoes. Hair and makeup are lovely.

  • teensmom99

    couldn’t figure out what you were going to criticize. She looks great.

    • random_poster

      I echo this sentiment 100%.

  • My, my Miss Lilly, aren’t we the evil vixen?

  • zenobar

    That jacket literally took my breath away. I want to hug it and love it and name it Marlene.

  • elemspbee

    Flawless indeed! and she’s in all-leather. that’s super heroine outfit to me, hence apropos for Comic Con!

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    I’ve always wondered, are photos like this (of the step and repeat nature) retouched before hitting the interwebs? Because her skin looks flawless

    • christinewithanx

      Nope. Photogs have amazing cameras and flashes, though. Photos get uploaded as the actual event is going on, probably about twenty feet away. The Getty/WireImage/FilmMagic photogs turn over the sd card to the editors, who work furiously on their laptops to listen to the voice files for names of each person, then google to confirm ID and name spelling. They get uploaded right away, but the “Best” photos are always chosen for upload. An average red carpet event with maybe 20 people on carpet could have about 1000 raw images, all tiny differences in angle, details posing, etc. and depending on the famousness/rareness/crazy outfitness of the celeb.

  • lrober03

    The only venue where I would applaud an all leather outfit.
    Love the cuffs of the shirt peaking out of the leather jacket.

  • I don’t know… I’m trying to decipher whether she’s dressing for a part or dressing how she thinks she should for the event and not realizing she looks like a costume. Something is off for me. And that jacket looks cheap (don’t ask me why, but it just does).

    Or maybe I’m just wearing my cranky pants today.

    • MilaXX

      yeah the jacket looks like PVC

    • Leather jacket *and* leather pants? That’s like wearing head-to-toe denim.

      All these are great as separates but together it’s “trying too hard”.

  • Anyone else see the pics of Molly Quinn (wih the Superman tee under the button down shirt)? Me thinks Nathan Fillion has been giving her tips on comic con dressing.

    • Frank_821

      I saw that too and was hoping Tlo would comment

    • She wears lots of cute age appropriate things 🙂

  • Indigo54

    She’s HAWT!

  • MilaXX

    I dunno, I think the jacket is a bit much. The top and pants I could see, or the jacket with girly cut nerd shirt and skinny jeans.

  • i think shes laid on the make-up a little too thick, and this jacket isnt the best to be wearing open.
    still, cute enough look.

    • out for a walk

      Yeah the face is really bothering me, actually. She looks like plastic, and it doesn’t help that I recently finally saw Lars and the Real Girl.

      • Wendi126

        🙂 she totally looks like Bianca.

  • The nerd boys are probably drooling, uncontrollably.

  • ventureforth

    This isn’t Lily’s fault but I hate the Playboy Bunny collar and cuffs. Love the jacket, pants, and heels but they’re definitely going to be uncomfortable at a sweaty event that involves lots of standing.

  • marilyn

    My only comment is that she should have done something chic and sophistocated with her hair. The runway model on the left with the severe hair and big sunglasses nailed the spirit of the look. As far as Comincon goes, I have never been, so I don’t know what people should wear.

  • tereliz

    I’m over the black bra sheer shirt thing, but I don’t discount its appropriateness to the venue. She looks edgy and cool, and those pants fit her like a glove. The sleeve length of the jacket with those shirt cuffs is a little distracting, but all said, she looks good. I hope she doesn’t have to actually walk anywhere, though…

  • Jecca2244

    my mother did always says it is better to be overdressed then underdressed….

  • flamingoNW

    One of the rare times a sheer blouse like that has worked for me

  • librarygrrl64

    She could have dressed this down simply by changing her footwear and toning down the makeup.

  • conniemd

    I;m trying to figure out how the jacket zips up like in the photo. Looks like there are two outer and one inner zipper?

  • melissaisasnob

    Lipstick too red, it is April. Also, too black, it is April.

    • Donna Tabor

      Try telling that to Dita Von Teese.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Wow, nerds sure have changed since I was in school.

  • MarissaLG

    Very cute outfit. Wearing a “geek” item to a con makes me feel yucky, like the celeb is definitely trying to hard. If you want to show that you’re a real nerd, go full-cos. Aside from that, wear what you (or your stylist) want.

    However, I do think that the makeup looks super harsh.

  • formerlyAnon

    I thought she was in costume for a character I didn’t recognize. Given that she was there to have her picture taken, I’d give this an appropriateness pass if she swapped the heels out for cool boots or chucks (I know, I’m old, but they’re still rock ‘n roll to me) and wiped off half of the makeup.

    • Kimbolina

      Yes, funkier/more casual footwear would have been much better!

  • l_c_ann

    The jacket loses a lot when it gapes open. All zipped up is so much better (we won’t talk about impractical.)

    • All zipped up in April? She doesn’t have enough skin out anywhere else for a zipped up jacket to work for me. Even the all black outside of NY is pushing it in April.

  • I originally had Hailee Steinfeld mixed up with Lily Collins but my opinion still stands just with a slightly less
    An all leather outfit and that much make up would be appropriate for an 80’s rock star.
    If that were me I would be wishing I was wearing anything else. Theres no way she’s comfortable in leather pants with a see through polyester shirt, and 4 inch stilettos to top it off. Why not knit leggings or skinny jeans? or a cute cotton top?

    • Donna Tabor

      Isn’t her dad Phil Collins, an 80’s rock star? Maybe that’s where she gets the inspiration.

  • BrooklynBomber

    “un pour tous, tous pour un!”

    All she needs is a big hat and a sword.

  • disqus_sZRDWtvvVD

    Great eyebrows to go with a great outfit!

  • luluransom

    This gets a werq from me. Flawless and venue-appropriate, far as I’m concerned.

  • I hope it’s cold as hell in San Diego, good lord.

  • I imagine Lily and her team googled “Comic Con attire” to get a general sense of what is venue appropriate and the resulting images left them horrified and confused. Therefore, I applaud their distilling it down to what we see on Miss Lily.

  • Aurumgirl

    So what if her clothing makes her look like she’s never been to a comic con before? She looks perfect and perfectly appropriate for the venue–yes, it may be her first time, but she’s raising the bar for everyone else.

  • guest2visits

    Not a fan of the see- thru blouse but she looks really beautiful anyway.

  • Contralto

    Flawless, and I would have rocked the ever-loving shit out of that outfit in my misspent youth.

  • Frank Lithium

    Screw all the geeks who can only dress in tees, jeans, and Chucks.

  • Love it all. Flawless indeed. Red lipstick, porcelain skin, really are flattered by all the black & touches of white. that Valentino Blouse

  • She looks like a grown up, chic, Wednesday Adams.

  • ccm800

    This is perfect celebrity does Comic Con – its a chance to meet fans and you should be a little elevated. This is not overdone fo rme.