The Walking Dead: Prey

Posted on March 18, 2013

The severed heads weren’t enough. Sending people after Michonne to kill her wasn’t enough. Zombie gladiator games weren’t enough. Sexually assaulting Maggie wasn’t enough. EVERY SINGLE FORMER ALLY telling her that he was bad news and that she should get the hell away from him or kill him wasn’t enough to sway Andrea from her dreamy psychopath’s side. But oh BOY, you show Andrea a torture chair and suddenly she’s ready to put a bullet through the Governor’s other eye. TWD+S3E14+2Which she then proceeds NOT to do because Milton is creepily bonded to him, something that everyone in the audience figured out 30 seconds after the character was introduced but Andrea only figured out just now, after living and working with him for weeks. Andrea then “sneaks” out by telling the Governor’s closest confidante what she plans to do and randomly stopping near-strangers on the way out of town just to kinda-sorta tell them that the Governor’s kinda-sorta not that great, kthanxbai. Oh, and if you could not tell anyone what I just said or did, near-total strangers, that would be totally awesome of you.

The subtitle for this episode could have been “We’re Totally Going to Rehabilitate Andrea! Oh, Wait. No. She’s Still Kind of Dumb and Pointless.” Because yes, it certainly felt like we were supposed to be looking at Andrea in a new light as she makes a daring escape from Woodbury. But it’s near-impossible for us to shake our disbelief that she ever went back to Woodbury at all. The only way we were going to accept it was if she had some sort of plan to take down the Governor or stop the invasion of the prison, but it appears she had no plan at all until she saw the Governor’s Speculum o’ Doom. Then she leaves in the least discreet manner possible, except for maybe setting of fireworks in the town square, doesn’t know enough to drop to the ground when an enemy pursuer approaches, and limply runs away from a truck into the woods as if she were taking a morning jog.

And sure, the cat and mouse scenes in the darkened building were tense as hell and almost made this into a good episode for us. But even then, she just kind of randomly wandered around that empty building, knocking things over and loudly killing zombies until it dawned on her that leaving might be a good idea. And even then, she didn’t take his truck or try to disable it in any way. By the time he snuck up on her (again) outside the prison, all we could say once again was, “Oh, ANDREA. What are we going to do with you?”

Look, if you’re going to make a cat-and-mouse chase the centerpiece of the show, then it would beTWD+S3E14+1 nice if you didn’t reduce the pursued to every babysitter who ever went down into a darkened basement alone and the pursuer into a Jason Voorhees-level superhuman who never gets slowed down and always manages to be one reach away from grabbing his prey. In other words, it would be nice if the show didn’t collapse into cliche. Despite our many complaints, that’s the one thing this show has managed to avoid up until now. Of course, we’re talking about a show where wheezing, growling, teeth-snapping dead people who smell like decay can sneak up on people too, so maybe our hopes were once again a little high.

In other news, Tyreese is the New Andrea, you guys! “Oh, well. If you say you’re only going to use these zombies to scare people and not eat children, then we guess we’re behind you a hundred percent, Governor! Sorry about having that fight with that guy about stuff nobody in the audience understood or was interested in. He’s with our group, apparently, but I’m the only person who knows that.”

And the cycle continues.

Just get to the damn prison invasion, guys. You’ve stretched things out long enough. Then again, why you creators think a story set in the zombie apocalypse needs stretching out at all is probably why we get so frustrated with you.


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  • Sobaika

    This show is suffering from so many issues Lost was plagued with – aren’t there some of the same writers? haven’t they figured it out by now? – in that the show is so phenomenally slow-moving. What should have been a tense scene in that abandoned warehouse resulted in my screaming at the television, “JUST KILL him already!!! Or die yourself!”


    • Lost had a thousand different things happening at once. Subtext layered within subtext. I don’t see how there’s any comparison. I loved Lost and I love this show too, but they’re radically different beasts.

      • Angela_the_Librarian

        Though telling by the previews for next week it looks like Daryl will be giving Merle the “we live together or die alone speech.” I agree though, Lost was much more complex. I don’t think I need to watch a show like the Talking Dead to unpack what happened in each episode of the Walking Dead, but a show like that would have been really helpful with Lost.

        • Sobaika

          The two Lost showrunners had a podcast (I think it started around Season 2-ish?) that was meant to go over that week’s episode. It wasn’t all that helpful. Mainly them just being cagey and defensive for half an hour, especially towards the later seasons.

      • Sobaika

        They’re different stories but as I said they’re plagued by many of the same problems, as others have noted before: similar themes about community and the animal inside the man, characters not sharing bits of key information, thoroughly ridiculous pacing, and characters acting implausibly in service to the plot instead of how they would naturally and logically react.

        That Lost was largely more complex from a narrative point of view and handled these problems with the same aplomb is rather damning for The Walking Dead.

    • SassieCassy

      yeah there is some overlap with lost and the walking dead. whenever a new show comes on like that fairytale one or the bates motel and the previews are ‘FROM THE GUY THAT BROUGHT YOU LOST’ it just makes me laugh

      youd think bc the walking dead has such a more contained storyline and a comic to draw from that it wouldnt be such a flaming hot mess. the writers do not get pacing.

      • They’ve gone pretty far from the comic storylines. You couldn’t do those on AMC anyhow, way too much sex.

        • BigShamu

          Too much sex or too much violence/rape? Two different things.

    • MilaXX

      The keep changing show runners. This season was done by #2, the Morgan episode was directed by the guy who will be #3

      • Mismarker

        Frank Darabont was show runner for the first season. Glen Mazzarra ran the show for season 2 and the current season. The Morgan episode was written by the new show runner, Scott Gimple, but he didn’t direct it. I think (and hope) season 4 will be the best so far! Well, my fingers are crossed.

        • MilaXX

          Corrected. Nonetheless I don’t know how long we can get our hopes up that a new showrunner will make things better. I’ve become resigned to the fact that this show will always be uneven. When it’s good, it’s really good. But the bad moments are headdesk level awful.

          • Mismarker

            : ) My thoughts may be scewed because I binge-watched seasons 1 and 2 before 3 started so I didn’t have to deal with the realtime week after week of subpar episodes in season 2. I’m still a glass half full gal, I guess. Talk to me midway through season 4 and we’ll see if I still am!

    • ChiliP

      I was on the edge of my seat during the warehouse scene, but I also kept screaming “Stop knocking things over! You’re being chased by a psychopath and zombies! You deserve to get caught at this point” I don’t really understand why Andrea went into the warehouse in the first place, rather than continue through the woods where the truck couldn’t follow her. I would have doubled back through the warehouse, taken off through the woods, and climbed a tree a la Katniss Everdeen once night hit. Or used my knife to stab the Gov’s good eye. At the very least, I would have taken the damn truck, or slashed the tires if the Gov had the keys.

      During the scene where Andrea gets off the road and hides behind a tree, I somewhat hilariously leaned over to my husband and said “If this were a bad horror movie, a zombie’s arm would totally reach through the trees and grab Andrea right now.” Not eve two seconds later, exactly that happened, plus a horde of zombies appeared that apparently Andrea was previously unable to see, despite their being out in the open. Oh Andrea. Oh Walking Dead writers.

  • gsk241

    Yes. Cliche’. That’s exactly what made the abandoned building scene
    tedious rather than tense for me. It felt just like every horror movie
    I’ve ever seen. And tedious or cliche’ are not words I ever thought I
    would use to describe an episode of The Walking Dead.

  • Why was the Governor whistling? And why did he scrape the shovel across the gate? Yes, I can see wanting to freak Andrea out, but for god’s sake, IT’S THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE STAY QUIET YOU LAME VILLAIN. At this point I am rooting for the zombies.

    • Katdawg

      Omar’s coming, apparently!

      • BigShamu

        What a great character and talk about great writing. I miss The Wire.

      • MilaXX

        well Cutty’s already come and gone.

  • I was enraged that she didn’t take the truck. Honestly, it was the first time I actually didn’t care if a character died. I figured, Governor, Andrea….I don’t really give a flying fuck. She had many chances to kill him and couldn’t muster the courage. No. Oh, and then hands her gun over to Martinez. Hell no. Oh, and then DOESNT TAKE THE TRUCK. Oy.

    • I was WTF about not taking the truck too. REALLY Andrea?!?

      • Allyson Wells

        I’ve seen this question so many times. Why does everyone think the Governor would leave his keys in the truck? Was there some indication that the truck was running? She definitely should have slashed the tires. But I think we can all agree that there is no making sense of Andrea (the writer)’s logic.

    • jessieroset

      Most likely the keys wouldn’t have been in the truck but the writers/director could have given us a 10 second shot showing that at least Andrea looked there as an escape option.

  • SassieCassy

    did anyone watch the talking dead? the actor for andrea said there had been a few scenes cut that explained why she went back to woodbury even after fully realizing the governor was a psychopath

    • MilaXX

      Actors always say that. I find it difficult to believe that entirely. Andrea’s been a major tool since Amy died.

      • Mismarker

        Actors say that because it’s true. Scenes get cut in order to change the way the story is told and Laurie Holden would have no control over that. I think she has personally been taking a lot of shit for the way her character has behaved this season. That’s pretty sad.

        • BigShamu

          This is why I don’t watch Talking Dead. I feel bad for the actors that have to come on and defend their characters when the the writers are the ones who write such crap. I don’t blame Laurie Holden because she has no control over the directing, writing or final editing of her character. She may try and argue her character’s motivations and backstory but in the end she’s at the mercy of folks who don’t seem to be able to write strong women characters very well.

          • Mismarker

            And it’s a shame because Andrea is all sorts of badass in the books.

            Don’t normally watch Talking Dead because Chris Hardwick grates on my nerves. But, you’re right, it’s usually better when they have guests that are unrelated to the show and they just speculate about and ruminate over things that have happened. When I saw that Laurie Holden was going to be a guest this week, I thought this episode was going to be Andrea’s swan song!

          • MilaXX

            From what I gather most of these characters have strayed from how they were in the books to some degree or another. I don’t mind if they can still tell a compelling story, but it feels like every season we as viewers hit the wall with the level of idiocy the writers want us to believe.

          • Mismarker

            So, what keeps you watching? I’m honestly curious. Not just you, MilaXX, but anyone who thinks the writing is crap. I’m not saying this is the best written show on TV. I don’t watch enough TV to make that kind of a statement. Gun to the head scenario: of the shows I do watch on a regular basis, I would say Parenthood holds that title. For me, liking TWD is similar to loving a song even though the lyrics aren’t all that great. It’s frequently entertaining, provocative and the acting is top-notch.

            I’ve hit the wall on other shows (Lost is a good older example, Revenge more recently, and the shite storm that is Smash, even, God help me, Downton) and have simply stopped watching rather than bang my head against a desk! What, if anything, do you think TWD is getting right? What keeps you coming back?

          • MilaXX

            The moments when it’s good, and the potential to be better I guess. I’ve not quite reached hate watching just yet. Mostly though I am just a tv junkie at heart so it takes a lot for me to be done with a show.

          • BigShamu

            I know I was hoping for something better but more often I feel like The Walking Dead tries too hard to serve two masters. The first master is the gore/comic fans. Need an example? The Governor in the warehouse destroying an already dead zombie’s head. Just how many times did he slam that shovel down into the zombie’s head? One, three, five? What was the point after the second slam? To me, not much but to the gore fans I’m sure it was awesome. The other master is the quality tv that AMC aims for with shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Some of us tuned in for (hopefully) an adult version of crossing a zombie world with something like Stephen King’s The Stand. I love the genre of having today’s people dealing with our world stripped of most of our modern conveniences and how they adapt and survive (but not as bleak as The Road). Sometimes we get that with episodes like The Clear and frankly the one where Rick goes to retrieve Hershel and ends up in a gunfight. There are just enough good episodes to keep me coming back but the bad ones drive me crazy.

          • PrunellaV

            Inertia. Plus, intermittent reward (i.e. a great episode or scene every so often) is probably the best way to keep people pushing the button. I swear, the suits at AMC have studied psychology.

          • I am paying less attention to Walking Dead. One night, I might forget to tune in.

            I am now watching Vikings on History Channel. (You can watch it on the internet for now). Better written. Heads get chopped off, just like on Walking Dead, but the dead don’t live again.

          • Mismarker

            It’s funny you mention this. My husband has been watching Vikings while I watch The Walking Dead (which doesn’t interest him)!

          • Sobaika

            They can’t write women, strong or otherwise. Or black men. I guess black characters in general, actually. Basically the writers are weak on all people.

          • Mismarker

            When I think of weak writing and characterization I think of crap shows like Smash and Glee, not TWD. This show would not have been able to pull off the awesomeness of “Clear” a couple weeks ago if its writers were truly weak on all people. That was some compelling, character-driven television complete with two black actors. That the new show runner wrote it speaks volumes about the possible direction of next season.

          • Sobaika

            Clear was good because of a character that hadn’t been there since the premiere. It’s not really an example of consistent and well-written character arcs. The good stuff they’ve managed to do has been imo largely the result of great acting.

          • MilaXX

            YES ! cause now they got Tyrese looking stupid. “Oh you keep walkers as a safety precaution? okay as long as we get 3 hots & a cot.”

          • Actually, I don’t perceive Tyrese’s actions that way at all.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think Tyrese is ready to pounce and bounce.  He ain’t havin none of it…just biding his time.  

          • BigShamu

            But damn, they have that intricate zombie dialogue NAILED!

        • MilaXX

          She said there was a scene that was cut between her and Darryl that would have explained why she stayed at Woodbury. I get that scenes gets cut and edited to differently than what the original intent was, but honestly her character has been somewhat of a moron since her sister died.

    • beadskrit

      That really struck me as a new revelation about how badly this show is being run/produced. TLo rightly pointed out that last week’s episode was filled with boring dialogue that conveyed no actual information about the plot or the characters. To then hear that at least two scenes that attempted to explain Andrea’s motivations and her understanding of the Govenor’s true nature were cut was totally frustrating. I’m now working on the assumption that the editing directive behind every episode is to cut any scene that might actually move the plot or character development along and to keep all the worst scenes shot.

  • Scoobydrew


    This episode is really the only episode I’ve had a problem with the entire season…what was the point, to prove that Andrea is even more stupid than I thought?

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    Yeah, I was semi-enjoying the episode until the point that Andrea was able to escape and did not disable the Governor’s truck (really??) and did not even try to make a huge ruckus when she was so close to the prison (she could have bit his hand, kicked him, done anything to cause even a slight commotion). (Also, how did the Governor get so close to the prison in his truck without being heard. If he approached by foot, how did he drag Andrea back through zombie-infested woods?) I am holding out hope that Tyreese is only buying the Governor’s line of bull for the moment to keep his idiot companions happy (I totally didn’t understand the other guy being upset with him for saving his wife’s life at some point, maybe explained better in the comics)? Most disappointing of all, it looks like Lori’s ghost will be returning next week 🙁

  • MilaXX

    Poor Laurie Holden was on The Talking Dead trying desperately to make us think Andrea was smart and had good motives for her actions. Sadly no one’s buying. Then to have the governor survive being attacked by zombies like that was yet another “chile please!” moment. I think this show needs to be a shorter season. 8 – 10 episodes instead of 16 and maybe we won’t have episodes that are 75% filler.

    • SassieCassy

      agree on shorter seasons

    • BigShamu

      Not only survived but not bitten at all.

    • VermillionSky

      I had to turn it off, I was so annoyed. The worst was when Holden was applauding Andrea for getting the Governor and Rick together for a peace talk, even though it didn’t work out in the end, because getting them to come together to talk was a major accomplishment. Congratulations. If you’re lucky you succeeded in accomplishing nothing, but it looks like the only thing your stupid peace summit achieved is to lead Barney Fife into a trap. Hooray for you.

  • cornpicker73

    Bah, I think it was a great tension building episode! No, I can’t argue with you on much of it– it is bollocks that Andrea took this long to figure out Gov was a baddie. And that she didn’t know a place to sneak out (which Milton managed to do when he wanted to make zombie bbq). Speaking of zombie bbq– what was Milton’s objective there? To just delay the next zombie FedEx to the prison? I mean, is the Gov really planning that tired old move again?

    Yes, the faux drama between Tyrese and insecure white guy was totally contrived and didn’t see what it contributed, really.

    We did comment on the abandoned warehouse scene. “Why do people in these shows ALWAYS end up in an abandoned warehouse?” But I think that in this context, an abandoned warehouse actually makes sense. I figured she was lost so didn’t exactly know where the nearest exit was. I was hoping the zombies would at least delay Gov longer– I did jump and gasp when he grabbed her.

    LOL at Speculum of Doom. Definitely made me want to vomit. Touche, writers.

    Overall, though, really liked it as a tension builder.

  • Mismarker

    I’ll buy that this was Andrea’s vindication episode and (despite a few glaring problems all laid out in the recap) it worked for me in that respect. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone back to Woodbury after last week’s parlay but I think she still thought she had an inside track with the Gov and could maybe change his mind. Also, Hershel reminded her last week that if she went back to the prison with them it was “settled”, meaning the war was definitely on. Why didn’t she take the truck or at least disable it after leaving the Gov awash in zombies? Who knows? It’s frustrating to watch characters do things you wouldn’t do but it’s the nature of the medium sometimes.

    I think lack of pacing is one of the reasons Glen Mazzarra was fired from the show. The faster pace of the first half of the season has left them without much story to tell on these last few episodes. If Andrea had acted the way we all have wanted her to (e.g. taking out the Governor as soon as she found things amiss) the season would have been 4, 5, or 6 episodes shorter.

    Have seen some spoilery things recently and I think we’ve all got a great last two episodes coming up!

  • Anniebet

    A severely disappointing episode. Boring, every plot point a cliche and telegraphed. Dumb-as-a-stick Andrea not even checking the truck to see if the keys were in it or disabling it was…I dunno – maybe the stupidest thing in the history of television? Her character has become the biggest joke on TV.

    So WTF is with the writers/showrunners? Oh, yeah…Mazzara’s no longer running the show? Thank you, great horned toad in the sky, but it’s probably too late to save TWD. Geez, I hate it when shows like this become slack, sickly shadows of their formerly amazing selves.

    • The guy who wrote the episode “Clear” is the new show runner, so there is still some hope.

  • tereliz

    Just when I thought Andrea was about to grow some hair on her vagina, this episode just kept tripping over its own lack of plot. I kept waiting and waiting for her to do something intelligent, but it never happened. Almost NOTHING in this episode was necessary, including the flashback at the beginning that told us almost nothing except that Michonne’s pack-mule walkers “got what they deserved”.

    Everything was drawn out for no reason. The ending was just the ultimate example of that. Did we really need that long shot of the hallway and the creepy music just to see what we all expected: Andrea, captive, tied to a chair. I thought we’d at least get some kind of crazy twist there, or at least something having to do with the weird restraints the Gov was playing with earlier. Very sad.

    • MilaXX

      I guess we should be happy that her shirt wasn’t open reveling the black bra of torture.

      • tereliz

        Hers would be the white bra of righteous ignorance. I mean indignation.

    • Sabura

      Made me LOL, so please take this anal-retentive correction in the spirit it’s intended: grow some hair on her vulva

      Couldn’t agree more. And also with all those who were frustrated with her not even checking out the truck (even if the keys weren’t in it). Serious “aarrgh” out loud time there.

  • BookishBren

    I have friends who have hated the character of Andrea since early in S2. I didn’t care for her, but the writers finally lost me when she uttered “What did you say” to Michonne, implying that somehow Michonne was responsible for everyone hating the Governor (not his near-rape of Maggie or the attack on the prison). I am also becoming increasingly annoyed that I think the show believes it is presenting us with a “strong female character”. Seriously? She is a MORON.

    I have also I found Laurie Holden’s defense of her character annoying during the Paleyfest panel and various interviews. Now she is spinning it that Andrea has evolved from someone who was broken after her sister’s death and given hope back by Dale. I’m sorry….what? She was sad for an episode until she starting picking up guns, flirting with Shane, and being a bitch to Dale. And LH is saying Andrea stayed with the Governor because she cared about “the people of Woodbury”….people we saw her talking to…um… twice. On the Talking Dead, LH said she was “almost home to her people” when the Governor grabbed her last night. Andrea didn’t give a flying rat’s behind about “her people” when she was enjoying the comforts of Woodbury. And her defense last night that Andrea didn’t tell the Governor about Shane and Judith. Tyreese didn’t know about all of that and couldn’t have told him, right? There is way too much rehabilitating of this character going on. Not sure if that means they are building her up to be a hero so we will want her to live or cry when she dies.

    I am sick of this one character becoming SUCH a focus of the show. It really makes me wonder if this focus is why Glen Mazzara and AMC parted company. I am a huge, huge fan of the show but I am seriously sick of Andrea. Think about the screen time Carol has gotten this season.

    I feel like the writers think they are redeeming the character and building her into a hero, but they are just make the show really hard to watch.

    • DinahR

      Agreed 100%. Andrea is not even in my top three for ‘strong female character’ on this show. In this season Beth has been more useful. I used to really enjoy Andrea, not anymore. I know the actress has some knowledge of Andrea we don’t — she mentioned cut scenes with her and Hershel and Darrell — but unless those scenes were *vastly* different from the rest of the script I don’t see how she comes to see Andrea’s choices in this flattering light.

      • BookishBren

        She lost credibility with me when she insisted her character didn’t tell the Governor about Shane, Lori, and the baby. She said Tyreese’s group probably told him (I don’t think they even know about all that) and Merle didn’t have access to the full story either when he was with the Governor.

        • Merle did really know just enough, though, for the Governor to be able to use against Rick. Upon hearing Lori had given birth, Merle’s first reaction probably would have been to laugh and say Rick was raising Shane’s bastard.

          • fogharty

            How would have Merle known? When he last saw Rick on the rooftop in Atlanta, he had no idea Rick had family in the quarry group. He might have known Shane and Lori were hooking up, but to make the leap that Shane was a possible father? And he mentioned it in between torturing Glen?

            The likely person to tell was Andrea, no matter how much Laurie Holden tries to explain it away.

            She should just say “I don’t write the show, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing.” even if she doesn’t believe it, and is only trying to keep her job.

  • BigShamu

    I hated this episode. A lot. Maybe it’s because I find modern slasher/horror movies boring bloodfests that I found myself budgeting each scene while Andrea runs through open fields and zombie infested abandoned warehouses. There was no tension because we all knew that Andrea was not going to get away. There are two more episodes. Michonne is going to rescue Andrea. The Governor is not going to die eaten by zombies unseen by the audience. The bad bad man is going to die a horrible death. That torture chamber was going to be used whether it was Michonne or some other woman because that’s apparently what gets the Governor off. Why do the writers think this is necessary, to brutally torture a woman? Do they assume that this is what the audience wants to see? And please don’t start throwing the “We want to make the point that the Governor is a bad man” excuse. That point has been made again and again and again. This particular fan is not watching the Walking Dead for the Rape-Torture-Revenge cycle of plotting and pacing. Frankly this fan isn’t sure why she’s watching at all.

    • MilaXX

      That torture chamber was going to be used whether it was Michonne or
      some other woman because that’s apparently what gets the Governor off.
      Why do the writers think this is necessary, to brutally torture a woman?

      THIS so hard! In the beginning all the women were doing the cooking and cleaning, now any woman who shows the slightest bite of strength or badassness ends up being beaten and tortured.

    • Because man+woman equates to sex, and sex is life. Torture is death. To show a character who intermingles the two is to show a fundamental disconnect with humanity (and if you see a man torture a woman, it is ALWAYS assumed that he is deriving some degree of sexual pleasure from it, even if that’s not explicit in the scene). It’s more than mere “bad man” and into “something bad that’s not really even a man anymore.”

      • BigShamu

        I’m sorry but I’d reached that point already with the Governor’s character, that he’s psychotic and disconnected from humanity. Long ago. Violence just for the sake of violence is just throwing red meat zombie chow to the lowest common denominator of audience member. I think some of us had hoped for better.

    • DeebaCee

      Not that I’m excusing it, but the gender roles and ‘brutally torturing a woman’ were parts of the graphic novel. Who and when these things happen have dramatically changed, but they’re really just pulling themes from the graphic novel.

      • tereliz

        It would be one thing if they were actually pulling “themes” from the source material, but many of the incidents that happened in the comics/graphic novels that would put the “torture chamber” into context were eliminated from the show, making it too random, and reeking of violence for the sake of violence, imo. I’m all for eliminating multiple rapes from the episodes, but in doing that, the writers eliminated a lot of character development.

        Now they’re acting like we’re supposed to assume those things in the comics DID actually happen because that makes the Governor seem like the huge creeper he really is more than anything else he’s done all season. It’s lazy, reductive writing and I wish the whole Woodbury plot had been handled much differently from the start.

    • Jade

      That torture chamber is from the comics, and actually plays a very important role in developing certain characters, and making the story what it is. They are changing aspects of it, but otherwise, this is what happens in the comics.

      • BigShamu

        I’m sure it plays a very important part in the comics and to the audience the comic is directed to. But this is the tv show and they’ve deviated quite a bit from the comic in order to reach a wider television audience. I don’t think it plays a huge role in the tv show because we’ve already reached DefCon1 on both sides of this conflict. The graphic torturing of woman (or a man) adds nothing to the story except a violent porn-like quality. I’m sorry, torture porn is just not what I watch tv for.

      • MilaXX

        I understand that, but coupled with how poorly written pretty much every female is on the show it just bugs. The women who were badass and strong in the comics often come across as weak, and even more so stupid.

    • Mismarker

      Have we seen any rape/torture of women? I may be off base but I think what happened to Glenn at Woodbury is the closest we’ve seen of physical torture. The implications of the torture chamber are certainly enough and I hope either Andrea is rescued before anything happens or the screen fades to black before we are subjected to seeing The Speculum of Doom in all its glory. I’m guessing the Gov won’t be warming it first.

      • BookishBren

        I think what happened to Maggie at the hands of the Governor qualifies in the rape/torture/assault category, probably. I don’t think the show could do what the books did in that respect but with Maggie and the implications of what he wants to do to Michonne/may do to Andrea…..way more disturbing than Glen’s zombie attack (although that was CRAZY scary).

  • BigShamu

    By the way, TLo, love the new commenting system.

  • We (at my house) assume she did not take the truck because he held onto the keys. But honest to God she deserves every single torturous thing that’s going to happen to her in the next episode.

    • True. She might not have been able to take it (although I’d bet money Shane taught her how to hot-wire a vehicle). But even if she couldn’t take it, she could have slashed all the hoses and tires with her knife, so he couldn’t have used it to keep chasing her!

      • MilaXX

        oops should have read your post. Just said basically the same thing.

    • MilaXX

      surely in the ZA all of survivors have figured out how to hot wire a car. Even if she didn’t why not slash the tires to permanently disable the truck.

      • fogharty

        I’m gonna give Andrea the benefit of doubt and say she didn’t disable the truck because she thought he was dead, torn apart by zombies as any secondary character would have been. C’mon, a dozen zombies vs one psychopath and the shoveler is triumphant?

        I’m trying to think when Shane would have taught her to hot-wire a car since all they seemed to do with a vehicle is have a nooner in one.

        I think the writers showed their (probably subconscious) contempt for Andrea when they had the “Let me stand lookout! Let me shoot! Oopsie, sorry Daryl.” moment.

  • “The subtitle for this episode could have been “We’re Totally Going to Rehabilitate Andrea! Oh, Wait. No. She’s Still Kind of Dumb and Pointless.”

    I suggested “How Andrea Almost Got Her Groove Back”.

    • aeb1986

      Hahaha. “But then fucked it all up…again”

      My main issue with the second part of this season is that I feel that I could have skipped these episodes almost entirely and still be caught up on the plot line. Sure, theres been some minor character development, but nothing significant enough to justify 5-6 episodes of no forward movement.

  • xmixiex

    “This all could have been avoided, if only she had a sassy gay friend.”

    • NoGovernmentName

      This is fanfic that needs to happen. “You stupid bitch!”

      • xmixiex

        now, lets run along, put down some walkers, and see if
        Carl’s stayed in the damn prison. she’s a stupid bitch!

    • I don’t know who you are, but I love you. I laughed so hard I could not breathe.

  • all the sexual violence and hinted-at sexual violence in these past few episodes is making me feel wicked uncomfortable. was that a friggin pap smear gun on the table next to the cork screw?? ew ew ew ew ew. really hoping the governor bites it soon.

    also this episode was so frustrating because andrea just moved SO SLOW…but then kept moving. i was just like “FIND A PLACE AND STOP MOVING!!!” that entire time she was in there. he’d eventually figure she left and would’ve left and then she’d be home free but no, just keep letting him know you’re there.

    • MilaXX

      yes it was reveled on Talking Dead what was on the torture table and one of the items was a speculum.

  • Reading your reviews can be frustrating. Laurie, who plays Andrea, revealed on The Talking Dead that there were two scenes cut from last weeks episode that explained why she went back to Woodbury, it was to keep close watch on the Governer in last ditch efforts to keep both groups safe (keep your friends close and enemies closer), which seemed obvious. In fact, what you refer to as dumb and pointless just been an effort to keep people alive. And as Laurie said herself, Andrea’s affection for the Governor disappeared when he pit Merle and Darryl against each other. Ever since then she has merely been trying to hold onto the idea of Woodbury as a thing. And it’s way too early to tell what was going on with Tyreese, whose to say he wasn’t just saying what needed to be said? We shouldn’t take everything at face value.

    • That being said, the writing could certainly be more cohesive at times, but it is in no way worth the amount of criticism you heap onto it. It just feels like you don’t even enjoy the show. Your AHS and RPDR reviews however are perfectly balanced and super enjoyable.

      • Samantha, how can any of us enjoy this show, the way it is right now?

        I am so disappointed that this is the show we have been given. After a great start with season one, I did not mind hanging around on the farm during s2 for the character development etc. But this season has just been enormously disappointing. Especially when we all know how great it could be, how great it occasionally is. Those glimmers of gold just serve to disappoint us more when we are served up tinfoil week in, week out.

        We all know good writing when we see it – the writers have truly dropped the ball on this. They have let down a great cast and an utterly fantastic special effects team – and by extension, all of us.

        Was it the pressure of being so highly rated? Is it the lack of cash that the network is willing to put into the show? Is it the constant leadership changes with the showrunners departing?

        I don’t know what is causing it but I do know right now, it sucks to watch. 🙁

        • cornpicker73

          I’m enjoying the show as it is now. Sure, it is far from perfect, but it is some good entertainment on a Sunday night.

        • But not everyone thinks that. Here is the trick with TWD, treat it as entertainment that might, on occasion, move you and blow you away. But my issues with the writing aside (feel like they are finally addressing their lack of African American characters, and finally have women thinking and acting for themselves, for the most part). I watch it to be entertained, and I also remember a time when our only choices for Sunday night tv were 60 Minutes, WWF, and Survivor. The show does okay, and my issue is with the hating of every single aspect and moment of the show, I just feel like that energy would be better spent elsewhere. That being said, Treme is mainly what I watch now if I want to feel moved and truly invested. In terms of fantasy, bring on Game of Thrones mother-f*ckers. That show makes up for all the disappointing television (and awesomely, the night of the WD finale is the night of the GoT premiere… squee)

          • NoGovernmentName

            We should be grateful for a lazily written show because there used to be no good shows? There have been some extraordinary shows in the last two decades, shows that don’t succumb to contrived character development and inane plot points to create their big drama moments. We are complaining about TWD because we HAVE invested in it for its occasional flashes of brilliance. Those flashes are getting further and further apart.

          • I don’t know, I think it’s this totally subjective thing as well. That being said, I feel like Robert Kirkman & Co need to pay more attention to their fans.

      • NoGovernmentName

        The show deserves every scrap of criticism it gets. It is very unevenly written, and the sexism of the writing is sometimes mind boggling. I have almost stopped watching it several times. Maybe after this season, I will, depending on how it ends. Basically, I watch it for Daryl, and we haven’t seen nearly enough of him to justify it at this point.

        • See my comments above. What would you change about the show?

          • NoGovernmentName

            The same things I would have changed about LOST: try writing people as real people, not devices in service of a plot point that maybe shouldn’t or couldn’t actually be made, realistically, with the characters you have. Andrea is a perfect example of this. The Andrea that the writers want us to believe she is is torn between two worlds, two loyalties. The character they HAVE written is fatuous, willfully ignorant, delusional, and yes, a traitor, because for a long time now she has had more than enough info to realize the Governor is a psychopath. They also have not remotely depicted her being part of the Woodbury community. The conflict here is entire TOLD to us, not shown to us. If the big plot point they are working towards features Andrea as a hero, taking out the Governor, they could have gotten us there in a way that makes sense. Instead, they have written Andrea as too dumb to live in order to work around to the ending they want. That is just bad, lazy writing– or LOST-itis, as I call it. Create characters we grow to like and invest in and have them do dumb things to serve the plot.

            And while we’re at it, let’s look at the other female characters on the show. Michonne could be a strong female character, but they’ve muzzled her and turned her into a glowering, grunting cipher. The one ep where the writes bothered to let her speak, it was the best ep in recent memory. Carol, who I like a lot, and who half the fan girls and boys want to see jump Daryl, hardly gets any screen time. Beth? Who’s Beth? After how many seasons? Maggie is the only one I think has been remotely done justice by the writers, and she had to endure sexual assault. Lori died a death that just as easily could have been on American Horror Story. Why can’t we have just one well-developed, thinking woman on the show who can be rooted for and given meaningful interactions? And maybe not brutalized by some man?

          • Yeah I bailed out on Lost after season 3. I agree with what you said too. I think if it was this observational thing, like the women in the group had to deal with being marginalised (it is the Deep South, after all), and that was part of their character arc, then I could get behind that. But I am often left uncertain about what the show thinks of its women.

            That being said, I want to see some Michonne and Andrea hooking up over Winter flashback action. I completely ship them.

        • martha

          Not just the sexism but the racism is disturbing. I sometimes wonder what decade the writers are living in! I watch for the zombie make-up/special effects.

    • BigShamu

      If an audience member is confused by a character’s motivations and intentions so much so that you have to have a post episode program to hopefully explain away said confusion then there’s seriously something wrong with your program.

      • What I said below addresses that. The writing isn’t perfect, I am not trying to pretend it is. But me and the crowd I have over to watch it don’t really feel confused, either.

        • BigShamu

          I don’t think anyone here claims the writing is perfect. Hell most of us would be pretty happy with decent writing. While you may not feel confused at to Andrea’s character arc, apparently the folks here are still a bit frustrated with a character who spent a great deal of time with one group, bonding with them, helping them stay alive only to get separated from on the night of the fire. She’s saved by a total stranger who didn’t have to do jack for her but got her through the winter and sickness, building what looked like a close relationship only to kick her to curb for a new group of strangers and what she thought was security. She rejects everything that Michonne warned her before she left. Why? She’s appalled at Zombie Gladiators but does nothing except continuing sleeping with the mastermind of the entertainment. She believed every line the Governor fed her and rejected everything Michonne said to her when she left and when they talked at the prison. She went back to Woodbury and slept with him again. Stood over his sleeping form with a gun to his head. But does nothing. Despite everything she now knows she STILL believed the Governor enough to set up a peace talk which she got kicked out of by her boyfriend. And still went back to Woodbury.

          I’m trying to imagine the Mamet-like scene between Andrea and Daryl that would explain all the whys of what Andrea does and does not do.

          • Agreed. I feel like Robert Kirkman & Co need to pay more attention to their fans.

    • You’re frustrated because in our review of this week’s episode we didn’t mention the scenes NOT included in last week’s episode?

      • If you read my comments, you would see that really isn’t where my frustration lies (and again, it seemed obvious to me that is what she was doing). I have issues with the show too, but when I read a lot of your reviews I just get the feeling you don’t even like or enjoy the show (and haven’t for a while), I don’t get anything constructive, and even the episodes you like are littered with “how long before it disappoints us again” kind of energy. I would rather you review something that holds more interest to you both, and wouldn’t you rather that too?

        I am just asking you hate something, are infuriated by it, tell us why, and how it could be better? And try and find the good points, if you can. Again, I am someone who has kept up with your blog for three years, and
        rarely do you have this much rage lol. Even as Project Runway gets worse
        and worse, you still find something constructive to say. They are the best kind of reviews IMO! 🙂

        • “If you read my comments, you would see that really isn’t where my frustration lies”

          I’m responding to your original comment:

          “Reading your reviews can be frustrating. Laurie, who plays Andrea,
          revealed on The Talking Dead that there were two scenes cut from last
          weeks episode that explained why she went back to Woodbury…”

          Which makes it clear that you’re frustrated because we didn’t mention the scenes that were cut from last week’s episode.

          As for the rest of it, you’re seeing rage and fury because you love this show so much you can’t handle mild criticism of it. There is no rage and fury here. It’s a little silly of you to say so.

          As for “tell us why,” it’s all there in the review. As for “how could it be better,” that’s not really necessary for a recap, but even then it’s all there in the reviews; what we think they’re doing right, what we think they’re doing wrong, and where we think they should go next.

          What you really want is a very specific kind of review and for the life of me, I don’t understand why you don’t write that review instead of trying to get other people to write it for you.

          • Maybe I just have enjoyed your reviews for a long time, even when I have disagreed? And I have adjusted my view slightly since my original comment which really didn’t get my point across in an ideal way, which is evident in my discussion with others above (I am Australian, and i have a habit of reading your reviews at 4am when insomnia is in full force, so i know that was a factor in my original comment. My comment over being frustrated was this general feeling). And as an aside, I do criticise the show regularly with my friends, and in truth am not heavily invested in it! I have never found these characters relatable and have never expected the show to present them in that way (and my rage comment was followed by “lol”, which I though indicated I wasn’t using the term in all seriousness. I even followed my last comment with a smiley FFS). I appreciate your weirdly hurtful sweeping generalisations about my reasons for not liking *some* of your reviews though. Incidentally the slightest criticism of one of your reviews has resulted in this lengthly debate above. I honestly said it as a fan of you guys (who always tries to spread the word about your blog, all my fashion friends are taught about here is, and that needs to be rectified!).

  • cornpicker73

    Random– in that photo of Andrea at the top of the post, I keep thinking she’s got some pigtails going on.

    • editrixie

      I know! I was completely befuddled when I saw that pic and then realized it was the wall.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    I think it’s safe to say the TV take on the Governer as a bit of a fail, at least for me. I can definitely see what they were going for: charismatic, bipolar, more of a “leader.” But to me he just comes off somewhere between used car salesman and creepy pedophile, so I prefer the out-and-out evil governor who didn’t try to play politics. Somehow it doesn’t quite work.

    And Andrea. Oof. What could be worse than an entire episode centered around her? I agree that the chase scenes were tense and fun, but man.

    Someone could probably re-edit Season Three into a really good set of about 6 or 8 episodes.

  • Isabel

    The Geek guy said that he knew to Gov before all that happened. So, were they neighbors or coworkers?

    If neighbors, I think that the Gov was a used car salesman and that the Geek guy worked at the CDC or university.

    If coworkers, I think Geek guy worked in the R&D department of a pharmaceutical firm and the Gov was a salesman there.

  • Andrea is to The Walking Dead as Kate is to LOST, but dumber and blonder…er.

  • Zippypie

    I started doing my taxes during the show, that’s how compelling it was for me.

    At this point, my expectations for the last two episodes are so low that anything that actually moves the plot forward will be welcomed. Anything that ends this arc with the Governor will be welcomed. Anything that ends this endless ridiculousness of Andrea will be welcomed.

    The plot holes were HUGE this episode and the “suspense” wasn’t good enough for me to suspend my brain cells from firing long enough to just enjoy it and not think about the holes. Hole 1 – who cares if Martinez takes over if Andrea shoots the Gov? Martinez doesn’t have the psychopathic drive of the Gov and would be easier to defeat in a fight. Just shove Milton out of the way, Andrea. Oh, yeah….then there would be no big payoff when the Gov gets it in the big fight…. Hole 2 – walkers magically appearing in the sparse woods to attack Andrea and a walker actually having her mouth on Andrea’s arm but not biting down. Last time I checked, walkers would just rip into you, hands and all. Wasn’t that how Dale died? Why would the walker behind the tree act like a human and not just rip Andrea’s neck out instead? Beyond stupid. And that superwoman kill scene was even more unbelievable. Hole 3 – the whole deserted warehouse/horror movie 101 scene. Why did she go in in the first place instead of doubling back or going off in the woods? The truck, which many have mentioned. Did she check the truck for another weapon maybe? Well, no. This is Andrea we’re talking about. Like the Gov would have gone out into Zombieland with just a pistol. Please. And how could he have snuck up on her in the woods at the end if she’s such a badass warriorwoman?

    I watched about 10 minutes of Laurie Holden trying to justify Andrea going back to the prison on Talking Dead and switched it off, completely turned off by her defensiveness. Yes, she has no control over the editing and I understand that. She is also an employee of the show and can’t say how she might really feel about the hand Andrea has been dealt this season. I understand that, too. I think that’s why she comes off so testy in interviews. I know if it were me, I’d have a hard time hiding my feelings about what a train wreck I’m having to defend. But the writers effed up with Andrea since they sent her sniffing after Shane in Season 2 and treating Dale like shit and have done nothing to make her likeable. It’s one thing to play a bitchy role – it’s another thing to play a STUPID bitchy role masquerading as a “strong” woman and having to sell that. Well, that’s her job and I’m not buying.

    I don’t know if I’ll continue with TWD beyond this season. As others have said, when it’s good, it can be great, but when it’s not, which is most of the time, it can be so bad that doing my taxes is more engrossing. Disappointing, writers. Very disappointing.

  • I have to weigh in here with the people, including Tom and Lorenzo, who were annoyed that Andrea didn’t run away right and made noise in the abandoned factory. I was once chased by a madman who was trying to kill me in the Sierras in CA. And I did everything you yell at people for doing in movies. I fell. I twisted by ankle (and thought at the time, are you kidding me? I will never yell at someone in a movie again!). I made noise. It’s impossible not to make noise in an echoey empty place.
    I survived. But don’t yell at us. Please.

  • harlowish

    In previous weeks it seemed like the prison and Woodbury weren’t *that* far apart. But man, it took Andrea forever to get there last night.

  • dickylarue

    The writing is just poor on this show & I frankly can’t wait for the season to end. What could’ve been one of the best series on TV is plummeting to B movie status. It’s almost as bad as Fox’s The Following where bad guys skip into another room a foot away and the good guys don’t chase them and comment “damn, we lost them!”.

    If you go back and watch any of the first few seasons of Lost it dwarfs what this show is doing by leaps and bounds. Lost dropped the ball on the finish line, but for awhile there it did a very good job. What this show lacks is something Lost focused on – who these people/characters were before they were dropped into this situation.

    Hearing that Andrea was a Human Rights lawyer before the zombies showed up is nice, but you don’t see that reflected in her character. Lost was great in that Sawyer was a con man off the island and on it. It might be a better show if they had the capacity to draw upon who these people were as to how they write how they are now.

    What I’m saying is this show lacks depth which sounds ridiculous when talking about a zombie show, but it’s on AMC where we’re accustomed to getting a good serving of depth and intelligence in the storytelling.

    The Walking Dead writers are frankly mechanics without vision. They put together the car but they don’t know how to do it well. Last night’s show, while entertaining,was pointless in terms of advancing the story. The Gov doesn’t trust Andrea & vice versa? We knew that weeks ago.

    I’m excited for this wrapping up and getting to the real meat of Sunday night with Mad Men, Game of Thrones and eventually the end of Breaking Bad. Walking Dead is a B student who has enough going for them to wing it and pull out a B and is happy with that since getting an A takes concentration and hard work.

    • Mismarker

      The Following is just plain upsetting. And I had such hopes for that show. I thought bacon was supposed to be good in anything.

      • dickylarue

        Mis – I’m stunned by that show. It’s one thing to make a character a “follower” every time they paint themselves into a corner…but it’s entirely another thing to think your audience is so stupid that you would believe that 3 criminals and a child could easily escape a surrounded farmhouse or that ridiculous prison escape being possible. Only the warden knew the back of the truck was empty? Come on. As for Bacon, he and Kyra Sedgwick got killed by the Madoff pyramid scheme and lost a lot of money. I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s doing TV is to make a lot of that back. They renewed it for a second season which means further pain although at least The Following is bad junk TV like ABC’s ridiculous reboot of V TLo reviewed. The Walking Dead shouldn’t be placed in this class of show but that’s where it’s going.

        • Mismarker

          Ha! It is next level bonkers and you’ve just prompted me to finally delete the past 2 episodes that have been lingering unwatched on my DVR. Thank you for that! Mama loves a clean DVR.

          • dickylarue

            Ugh. I hope I didn’t spoil it for you.

          • Mismarker

            How could you spoil something that’s already rotten? No, I saw the farmhouse escape episode and then lost interest! Purefoy is BEYOND creepy and I found the whole mess unwatchable. Also, how many times are they going to reference Bacon’s pacemaker and the fact that he can’t exert himself? Frankly, I’ve just been lazy with my delete button.

    • BigShamu

      This. Squared.

  • mjude

    not that any one cares but i have had major issues trying to get disqus working. anyway, i thought it was a tense show, and truly did not expect andrea to be in the chair.

    • Mismarker

      I care. It hasn’t been working well for me either.

      • mjude

        thank you! its been messed up for days for me.

  • erinbinek

    My favorite line from “The Talking Dead” last night: “Never piss off a one-handed racist.”

  • turtleemily

    The governor pretty much stole Tyreese’s prison cafeteria scene from the comic book, which was the icing on the cake of things that drove me crazy with this episode.

    So Milton burned all the zombies… Milton, who believes that there’s still the original self in them?

    • Mismarker

      I don’t blame the writers for switching things up from the book from time to time. It’s like those Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to love as a kid. Kirkman is probably having a ball choosing different directions for his characters this time around. Being careful of spoilers, I actually didn’t see the parallel between the Gov in the warehouse and Tyreese in the book until you mentioned it. The characters intentions were certainly very different.

      Does Milton believe the “original self” stuff anymore? We haven’t seen him in the lab doing scientist-y stuff that much (if at all?) since the failed experiment with the elderly man or since Penny died….again. If he does still believe, his actions serve as an even bigger eff you to the Gov. Either way, it was a pretty bad ass move for Milton and I enjoyed the confrontation between the two of them at the end of the episode.

  • YoungSally

    You see Jason Voorhees — I saw DeNiro in Cape Fear.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    I stopped watching TWD about three…or is it four? weeks ago, when the prison turned in to the farm and Lori’s ghost was popping up here and there. The graphic novels are so good — why oh why do they do this to already fantastic stories? My sis still watches (with one eye — not literally, like the Gov, mind you) and fills me in on how awful the story is and i read TLo, but that’s it.

  • fogharty

    I suspect the Governor will reveal he got bit during the zombie free for all. Either that, or he was channeling Napoleon by keeping his hand on his stomach after returning to Woodbury. He definitely got scratched on the face, you could see them clearly, and what is it the characters are always saying? “One bite… one scratch and you’re done for.”

    Andrea’s not dumb, she’s just drawn that way.

    • I disagree, but I love the Jessica Rabbit reference. lol

  • Donald Hite

    Zombie question? If everyone already has the virus (which kicks in when they die), does a zombie bite/scratch turn them into a zombie even if it doesn’t kill them? This has never really been clarified, at least not that I can remember. It seems like most people (on the show) who have been attacked by zombies where attacked so violently that it killed them, so what’s actually turning them into the zombie?

    • fogharty

      A bite or a scratch infects them with a fever from which the bitee/scratchee dies. So it’s not the illness, per se, that turns them into a zombie (although that’s what was assumption in the beginning) but the dying.

  • There’s no reason to apologize for opening up the conversation. That’s what we’re trying to encourage here. It’s just that we were pretty confused as to why you found this review “frustrating” and that turned into exasperation when you quite incorrectly claimed we were full of “rage.” You made it clear that you wished we enjoyed the show more like you and your friends do, which is how we came to the sweeping generalization that you don’t like hearing us criticize it.

    Bottom line: it’s all good if we disagree. But you can’t order up opinions like a side of fries with your Big Mac. These are our honest opinions about the show. Rather than tell us – or anyone, really – what their opinions should be and what you think they should be writing, just engage them on their opinions and talk about how you disagree, rather than how you’re “frustrated” hearing them and how they’re “full of rage” for expressing them. That’s all we’re saying.

    • Honestly the whole thing is just miscommunication. We obviously approach the show in completely different ways, but I just wanted to try and understand where you were coming from, because that wasn’t clear to me, and that’s what I found frustrating. And my “all the rage” comment is something I use jokingly in my everyday life, and I tried to clarify that. And I have had an awesome discussion with other commenters too, the kind you are advocating! One thing is very clear, Robert Kirkman & Co need to pay more attention to their fans frustrations.

  • websydaisy

    It made us NUTS that she didn’t take the damn truck! I could not believe it when they cut to her stumbling through the damn woods again. TAKE THE TRUCK, ANDREA.

  • It’s not what “we’re” going to do with Andrea, but what the Governor is going to do “to” her, handcuffed to the Sweeney Todd Barber Chair of Doom. Yes, she’s been, I want to be kind here for some reason, written for some time as an unintelligent zombie apocalypse bunny, this woman who was in her former life an attorney and very strong in Season 1. The change in her character is very unsettling – maybe they are trying to show how someone can become unhinged in a hope and soul-sucking experience like this, but her choices make me seethe with rage.

  • This episode almost completely turned me off for to rest of the season. I got twenty minutes in, realized that the invasion wasn’t going to happen this episode, yet again, and decided that I’d just let the entire thing play as background. The ending was so annoying. Will Andrea live or die hold no drama for me. I really wish that Dale had just let her stay at the CDC.