Mad Men Season 6 Promo Photos

Posted on March 15, 2013

We can’t even begin to tell you how much we love these photos.

It’s never a good idea to try to divine meaning out of Mad Men’s promo shots each season. They’re too guarded about storylines to let anything slip through in the staging. The only thing we can glean is costumer Janie Bryant’s intentions for the new season, as well as what we can expect from the overall look of the show.

You also may or may not see these actual costumes in the coming season. Since the dresses tend to be quite elaborate (as befits this post-Cleopatra, Hollywood Regency-heavy period for the non-Boomers), we’re thinking they won’t go to waste, though.

Joan clearly has money to spend and she’s going that late ’60s Liz Taylor route like we noted last season.

Pete’s receding hairline and sideburns are HILAR.

Ginsberg’s tie is a typically Dylan-esque affectation.

Megan’s going a more California-inspired, Sharon Tate kind of route, which fits her character. Betty’s clearly gotten her mojo back. We’re a bit excited to see how Megan deals with a former Mrs. Draper who’s as hot as she is.

If they gave out Emmys for bitchface, January Jones would have a mantel full of them.

Peggy’s still working that Peter Pan collar, bless her.

Never gonna change.

Megan’s definitely working a showier-than-ever look. That’s partially due to the time period and her age, and partially due to her attempts to launch an acting career.

The sleeves and general shape are pure Mid-Century, but the pattern ,the curved hem of the jacket, and the giant collar give it that pre-’70s feel. You wouldn’t see this on any magazine covers, but for (somewhat) mature career women of the period, it was the perfect work outfit.


Wearing a vest for the first time, signaling his entrenched establishment lifestyle, as well as mimicking Bert and Roger.


She’s doing better. That’s more stylish and of-the-late-’60s moment than most of her other outfits. It also looks expensive.

She could wear that on the red carpet today.

Stepford wife. This period may actually be quite kind to her, if she ditches the Republican wife drag that ages her and goes for the more kittenish, slightly aristocratic styles that sprung up in this period for young or fashion-forward housewives.

Stan looks mighty fine in the beard, but his pants are hilarious.


[Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC]

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