The Walking Dead: Home

Posted on February 18, 2013

To all those who begged us to take time off from Fashion Week to get a Walking Dead review up: you wouldn’t have liked what we had to say anyway. We found the midseason return to be a walk down a familiar road; one TWD+S3E10+1where the narrative wheels spin and Rick chews up the scenery. In other words, the prison had become a bit uncomfortably like Herschel’s farm; a place where everyone stands around and talks and talks and talks until someone goes crazy and has to be put down. Last time it was Shane, but now we’ve got Rick seeing ghosts and we can’t say we’re all that jazzed by the prospect of many more scenes like that.

And we weren’t too thrilled to see that, in the second episode, Rick is continuing his ghost tour, wandering around the prison grounds with a loaded gun, hallucinating, while the rest of the group keeps their distance and pretends not to notice. Oh, please. How silly. The minute it was clear he had lost it, they should have overpowered him and locked him in a cell. Why would they let a crazy man wander the grounds with a gun?

Other things that annoy us: Andrea is still too easily manipulated. Michonne is still mute for no good reason and subsequently remains irritatingly ill-defined. This show always works best when it moves. Wheel-spinning on a show like this is narrative death and we would have thought that the creators had learned that lesson after the poorly reviewed second season.

But then a funny thing happened around the halfway point of last night’s episode. Something actually happened. TWD+S3E10+10Oh sure, the Governor’s assault on the prison alternated between ingenious (the truck full of zombies) and oddly ineffective (white dude got T-Dog’d talking to Carol, but everyone else made it out unharmed), but it felt like a shock to the system; a way to jolt Rick out of his nuttiness and Glen out of his annoying macho posturing. It also handily got Darryl back in the group, with Merle tagging along.

It’s that last bit that works the best for us, even if Darryl was a bit too prissily moralistic with his older brother. Yes, the character has grown, and he never was presented as the racist animal his brother is, but it felt false to have him wincing over Merle’s casual epithets. Either way, we were glad to see him make his way back to the group and oddly, glad to see that the story figured out a way to get Merle to tag along. He really doesn’t have much of a choice and besides, there’s always the distinct possibility he’s still on a spy mission for the Governor.  In fact, it’s the only thing that would explain the Governor’s odd retreat without inflicting any real damage on the group.

Still, the prison assault did what it had to: it moved the story back to where it needed to be. This shouldn’t be so TWD+S3E10+13hard for the creators, but it’s something they’ve always struggled with. Now, we don’t really know where things are going to go. We’re hoping that Rick is done with the hallucinating and Glen is done with the chest-thumping for now. Let’s get Tyreese and his group back and move forward, possibly away from the prison and the Governor altogether. As long as the show moves, we’re fine. When everyone stands around arguing over petty shit, we lost interest almost immediately. That may have something to do with how under-developed most of these characters are. It seems to us, the creators need to take a page from Lost and figure out a way to keep moving the characters forward while filling in their details a little better. Extended pre-apocalypse flashbacks may be a bit of a cliche and a ripoff, but the show could benefit greatly from a couple right about now. It’s great see Darryl be awesome and all, but we need a bit more at this stage in the story.


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  • Toren Weiner

    pretty please!

  • PaulaBerman

    I liked the Glenn/Maggie story line. That rang true, though I wonder if their alienation will continue or be dropped. It did seem a bit much for Darryl to be so totally changed so fast, and I wish his discomfort with Merle could have been more agonizing for him. It was resolved too easily for belief, though I could imagine him breaking in favor of a baby, since we know he has a soft spot for women and children in need. I was sad to see Axel go– I was hoping for a love triangle between him and Darryl for Carol’s affections. And why has Andrea turned into a fatuous moron?  I feel like there is a lot of lost opportunities for real conflict and character growth, glossed over in favor of bizarre writing choices and petty bickering. The show runners of Walking Dead and Downton Abbey need to attend a writer’s workshop for writers who have squandered a great premise, cast, and characters with crappy plotting.

    • Funkykatt

      Yeah, I wonder about Andrea being stupid too. Maybe she’s just sticking around because the Gov is good in bed? 

      • PaulaBerman

        How can she resist going to the prison and seeing everyone? Because the Governor said, “If you leave you can’t come back”? Really, so now she’s a 16 year old girl taking orders from her boyfriend over her friends? Maybe she has sort of always been like that, siding with Shane over Rick. She has a penchant for bad boys, but I always thought of her as being more clever than that. How she could know about the heads in the tank and not think that the Governor was going to go and hurt her old buddies in the prison is beyond me. I hate it when writers have to make their characters behave stupidly in order for their plotlines to work. That’s just shoddy writing.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I absolutely can’t stand Andrea, so I say this with a fair amount of trepidation, but I hope she MIGHT be waking up a little bit.  Remember, during the fight last week when Daryl and Merle made their escape, she screamed for Daryl during the melee.  Could that mean she wanted to get out of there with him and back to Rick and the group?  I’d hope so.  I also would like to think that she’s not leaving Woodbury because the prison gang is already back at the prison, and she wouldn’t last two seconds outside in the Red Zone by herself trying to find them.  I hope all these things, anyway – I would like to think that they’re slowly redeeming her character, because, WOW, does she ever suck.

    • Delaney Davis

       Totally not digging Dumb Andrea: the Gov wants her to be in charge… then all his top people refuse to tell her what’s going on? I haven’t read the comics yet, but I wonder if she was this ridiculous in those.

      It seemed strange how bad a shot everyone was all of a sudden. Zombies they can kill with few misses but stationary humans, with cover fire from several angles? Not a scratch.

      • PaulaBerman

        Making characters be stupid to justify plotlines was a hallmark of LOST, one that I wish the writers of Walking Dead could have skipped. It is so frustrating to watch!

        • CozyCat

          And remember that this is basically a serialized horror movie.  Where would the horror genre be without stupid people doing stupid things?  (Oh, I’m in a house full of ravenous monsters, so I’ll think I’ll go down in the dark cellar all alone…)

      • PaulaBerman

        I don’t have the stomach for the comics. A friend of mine told me how Lori dies in the comic, and I was so glad a) the show changed that, and b) I didn’t read it. Ugh. It’s way too violent and horrifying. Read the summaries online before you subject yourself to that.

        • jeeplibby02

          More violent and horrifying that undergoing a C-section sans anesthesia, hemmorhaging to death, and having one’s mortal remains devoured in toto by a ravenous walker?  Wow!  That must have been something!

          • PaulaBerman

            I asked him to clarify, and he said it wasn’t that Lori’s death was worse, it’s that the baby also died, in a terrible way. When pressed, he said that Lori was shot and killed, but she fell on the baby and crushed her on the concrete. So while Lori’s death wasn’t worse, losing the baby in that way would have been so colossally depressing that it’s no wonder they changed it. He said said the Governor was way worse in the books, though maybe they will still do that stuff. 

        • My husband reads the comics and the show is so far off from them now there is no comparison.

        • efishfan

          Don’t want to spoil the comics, but I think your friend was mistaken and probably thinking of a different character. Her death on the show was much worse than her end in the comic.

          • ransue

            Maybe the show had more gore, and it was awful that Carl was the one who had to put her down but the comic is pretty horrific in the treatment of Lori’s death.  It was shocking.  And what happened to Michone was so violent I could hardly continue.  I put the comic down for a long time and only picked it up again because I wanted to see how the comic ended during the summer hiatus.

      • Andrea is one of my favorite characters in the comics but my least favorite character on the show. I really don’t like the direction her character is going now.

    • Totally agree with the writers missing opportunities for real conlficts. JUst watched all 3 season last weekend and I was surprised at the narrative’s lack of rhythm.  Though I must admit something (don’t know what) kind of made me continue watching it. Hope it gets better and the characters grow a bit.

      • MilaXX

         For me it’s because as stupid as the show is, they have glimmers of how good it can be so you keep going expecting them to live up to that promise.

    • Sobaika

      Re: Glenn and Maggie, it rang true for me as well. Last week’s Talking Dead had Steve Yeun as a guest, and he was talking about some of the research he’d done regarding couples who’d made it through something similar. I hope they don’t drop it either.

  • I think last night has jolted Rick back from crazy-town (and thank God). I truly cannot stand Andrea. If I were the group at the prison and she tried to come back, I’d turn her away. What took her so long?? So happy Daryl is back, however I feel Merle ruins every single moment with a laugh.Thank God Michonne has those sabers because she is a TERRIBLE shot. They all are. It should not have taken them that long to kill the man on the guard tower. If we bring Shane back for no other reason, he can teach them all to shoot. They can shoot a zombie through the head from 2 miles away but can’t hit a stationary target on a watch tower from 50 feet away.The last 20 minutes of that episode gave me heart palpitations.

    • YoungSally

      Maybe Shane will come back and give Michonne some shooting lessons.  

  • MilaXX

    I was bored last  night. Even with the Governor’s raid. Even worse once that Tyrese & co were gone, I was annoyed. What a waste of actors. I’m glad Darryl is back, but the rest? “MEH”

  • Scoobydrew

    what I really like is seeing Merle and Darryl together … in season 1 Darryl came back from hunting to discover that they left Merle on a roof, and then nothing but flashbacks … so this is all new and I like that.  Also perhaps  everyone needs to step away from Carol, she seems to be a bit of a jinx. 

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    Yeah, for the first half of the episode I alternated between yelling at Rick and Andrea. Rick for placing himself and the whole group in danger so that he could follow a ghost around (one that he recognized wasn’t real) and for not lifting a finger to care for his newborn daughter; Andrea for not questioning the Governor about the heads in the fish tanks and just accepting his transparent compliments of her leadership skills.
    I am excited to see developments between Daryl and Merle. I think by the end of the season there will be a reckoning between them and one will end up sacrificing himself to save the other. 

    • PaulaBerman

      It better be Merle, because the show would be unwatchable for me without Darryl. Norman Reedus manages to look hot even when sweating and dirty.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I think there’s no way they’d off Daryl in favor of Merle.  There would be an internet fangirl uprising!

      • I know! Sweaty Rick makes me say UGH but Darryl can look however and he’s yowza.

        • PaulaBerman

          This may be TMI, but sweaty Rick looks like he smells bad, but I bet Daryl smells best when he’s sweaty. Some dudes are like that.

      • SerpentsDance

        I think he looks hotter when sweaty and dirty. Some men are like that (I think Viggo Mortensen is another one).

    • Scoobydrew

      It better be Merle for Darryl,  because I love me some Darryl MF Dixon,  Merle not so much … although his terminator arm is cool. 

  • Zippypie

    I’m incredibly disappointed in the last two episodes.  The impact of the whole arc with Rick and the telephone is now completely lost because he’s seeing Lori running around in a nightgown.  It’s so stupid and so overblown and no, why would these people not lock his ass up?  It’s ridiculous.  And of course, he would be in the right place with the right cover to make Martinez ineffective in the shootout.  Arg.

    Andrea is so stupid and so moronic.  She was in the room with the heads in the aquariums pointing a gun at Michonne.  She knows what the Governor did to her friends.  She saw what he was planning to do to Daryl.  Yet she not only stays, she listens to him.  Consults with him.  Is lured into possibly leading Woodbury.  God, I just can’t deal with her.  She is pathetic at this point and has no common sense, no ability to discern what’s in front of her face.  She needs to go.  I don’t want to see her back with the main group.

    Daryl, Carol, Maggie and Glenn are the only interesting characters right now.  Everyone else is a cardboard cutout.  Herschel is just Dale 2.0, Rick makes no sense as a character whatsoever, Merle is too stereotyped and they killed the only character with potential to be interesting, Axel (I loved he was in jail for armed robbery with a toy gun).  PLEASE bring back Tyrese!!!!

  • mjude

    i am one who loved this episode. i was shocked when axel what shot, seriously did not expect that.  zombies from the van.  i think there is only 7 more episodes & i always have faith in a favorite show that we will not be disappointed in the end.

    • I feel like these are kind of filler episodes (and I’m OK with that). I honestly think the last three or four episodes of the season are going to drive us all to drink.

      • MilaXX

         I agree they feel like filler, but I wish these first 2 eps had been combined. With so few eps, who wants to waste time with fillers?

    • MilaXX

       It was jarring when the shot came out of nowhere, but I wasn’t surprised to see him go. All of the prisoners seem to have a short shelf life. It was the off camera exodus of Tyrese’s group that I found surprising.

      • mjude

        i agree about tyrese’s.  but i think he must go back from a clip i saw.  do you watch the talking dead too?

        • MilaXX

           Yes I watched and it was implied that Tyrese comes back

          • mjude

            i cant help myself being such a nerd that i look forward to that show too.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            I love the Talking Dead almost as much as the show itself.  Really hoping they don’t keep Tyrese and Sasha away for long.

    • JasmineAM

      I can’t deny that I didn’t laugh my ass off when it happened. It was so unexpected. Even funnier was realizing how many bullets he could take afterwards.

    • cornpicker73

      I was shocked when Axel was shot mid-sentence, too. Well done. And happy that the Gov finally showed up– FINALLY, it is ON. And of course Darryl would show up in the nick of time, you knew that was coming, but it didn’t stop me from doing a fist pump. 

  • Perfect Liar

    Totally agree about the premiere. I made it halfway through, hit “stop” on my DVR, and read a recap of the rest of the episode. I was bored silly.

  • Donald Hite

    The crazy Rick stuff is annoying.  Why does he either have to be unrealistically heroic or a mumbling crazy person?  Why can’t he have a legitimate freakout based on a SANE appraisal of the bleakness of their situation?  There’s PLENTY for him to be legitimately freaked out about, and why not use his “breakdown” to show us more about his character and what he’s thinking/feeling, rather than using some symbolic representation of his turmoil that tells us nothing?  I’m tired of trying to read his mind.

    As annoying as Glenn’s Rambo-moment was, I was at least happy to see him being assertive and trying to take the lead (even if he is misguided).  Of anyone in the group, he and Maggie (perhaps Michonne) are the only ones who have seen the true evil of the Governor, so I didn’t think it was necessarily bad to show him being disproportionately revved up compared to the other prison dwellers.I was joking with a family member that Michonne has pretty much the easiest acting gig in all of show business.  She only has to make one face, and rarely has any lines.  

    I was initially an Andrea supporter.  I felt she was justified in staying at Woodbury and that most people would overlook a fair amount for anything resembling society.  I will admit though, that her stupidity is getting old.  Any fool would have known that something was up from Milton’s stammering tap dance around her questions.

    Lastly, I’m THRILLED that the governor is finally being the true evil bad guy now.  He was always a “bad guy”, but I think they spent a lot of effort trying to humanize him at woodbury. It’s good for any character to be multi-dimensional, but I think the show needs a plain old villian at this point (we already have a cast of multi-faceted characters who inspire ambivalence. I don’t think the governor needs to fill that role). Since the “good guys” are so frustratingly flawed on this show, I feel like we need a real “bad guy” for them to united against.  Rick’s group is much easier to root for when they are united towards a common goal which the viewer sympathizes with.

  • Too bad Michonne destroyed those fish tanks, Andrea’s head would look so nice floating in one.

  • QJ321

    I didn’t think the past two episodes were that bad. I don’t mind a few “talkie” episodes because it can’t all be action. We have to have some reason to care about these people, so we have to see them doing something other than shooting. I can live with Rick’s visions if they are leading to some kind of payoff. If it is just going to be a plot device to cause a crisis when Rick goes on vacation to crazy town when it fits the script, it will bring the show down. I think the ending showed Glenn and Maggie working out their issues, so I think that conflict is resolved, which to me is the key – they need to resolve things quickly and not make everything a season long dilemma.

    My biggest issue with the last two episodes is Andrea. The moment she’s on screen, the whole pace seems to change and I get nothing but annoyed. The character is irredemable and should be written out now. I hear she was an awesome character in the comic books, but they have ruined her on TV. Write her out and start over with a character that matches the comic book Andrea.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I’m with you – Andrea’s been pissing me off since Season 2.

  • Donald Hite

    Also, am I the only one who wants Carol to have a more prominent role in the show?  She has lost everything (all her family) and has undergone the most drastic change in her character (from weak battered wife to wise to relatively cool gun wielding bad ass).  She seems to have been set up to be the “liberated woman” of the group, yet she’s still portrayed as little more than a diaper-changer who flirts with whichever guy she can find (and occasionally shoots a gun when necessary)?  Why not give her more of a voice within the group?

    For that matter, what about Maggie’s sister?  I don’t even know what her name is!  To some extent they’ve shown how a young man might adapt to this strange new world and role models operating in desperate conditions (through Carl).  Why are they completely missing an opportunity to develop this nameless character and show the female side of this process?

    It seems like Maggie is the only female character they’ve bothered giving much depth to.  

    Is it just me?

    • DinahR

      Not just you.  Carol and Maggie are my favorite female characters. Carol said and did almost nothing through the first two seasons but the actress really took the tiny bit she was given and worked Carol a story arc from fearful, needy and dependent up to a believably confident contributor that is respected within the group and has skills and life experience to offer.  I would love to see her grow into the role she once said was Lori’s — the “First Lady” of the group.  Not as Rick’s woman. Yikes.  But as a respected voice, a nurturer, a counterpoint, an armed momma bear when one is needed.  There is plenty of hotheaded crazy in that group, it would be nice if the only calm intelligent voice wasn’t always Hershel.   I’m impressed with the actress and would like to see more of her.   

      Maggie is great.  I think having a handle on the background for both of these characters helped immensely.  I agree her sister (no idea of her name!) has intriguing possibilities.  I hope we don’t have to wait two more seasons to ever get to them.  

      • Donald Hite

        You make a good point about Carol. Without much help from the writers, she has given us a pretty well realized character. It’s a testament to her skill as an actress, and makes it all the more sad that the writer seem not to want to utilize her fully.

    • PaulaBerman

      I wish they had kept Axel around to create drama between Carol and Daryl. Maybe a little competition for Carol’s devotion would cause the formidable Mr. Dixon to realize that he has feelings for Carol. She has been taken for granted, both by the writers and by the other characters, for far too long. The one guy who notices her gets his head blown off immediately. How’s that for a bummer?  I thought that Carol was too old for Daryl until I looked up their ages. Norman Reedus is only four years younger than Melissa McBride. Damn, Norman’s got either good genes or a good doctor. He does not look 44.

  • lexilexi

    We always DVR the episodes and watch a bit after it starts, and I’ll say this… there are TOO MANY COMMERCIALS in this show.  I haven’t checked, but I bet there’s about 30 minutes of new footage in each show.  I do feel sorry for people who can’t tape it and have to sit through the commercials, losing all the excitement.. I do wish it was on HBO or Showtime!

    • missnutkin

      I checked – 42 mins 8 secs 

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    “We’re hoping that Rick is done with the hallucinating and Glen is done with the chest-thumping for now. Let’s get Tyreese and his group back and move forward, possibly away from the prison and the Governor altogether.”

    From your lips to God’s ears, Uncles.  I was just starting to get drowsy last night when, BOOM!  All hell broke loose at the prison, and I LOVED it!  Let’s hope that kind of momentum continues.

  • When that arrow went through the zombie’s head and saved Rick, I cheered “Woo! Hoo! Daryl!” so loudly I annoyed my husband.  

    Also, when we first heard the rumble of that vehicle, my first thought was that Glenn was coming back to save the day. When we first saw the van, my husband thought maybe Daryl and I said “but he wouldn’t destroy the gates like that…” Was totally unprepared for the zombie-gram.

  • BookishBren

    I didn’t think it felt false at all to see Daryl wincing at his brother’s casual racism. He has grown and changed as a result of the people around him in Rick’s group. As someone who knew he sounded that way a short while ago, he would have been taken aback. That felt incredibly true to me. I thought the scene between Daryl and Merle in the woods before Daryl walked off was really wonderful. The actor playing Merle did an especially brilliant job of making us see the “why” of Merle. 

    I am bored with Rick being a loon. I am tired of Michonne being a mute. TOTALLY agree on those. 

  • When did Carol become redneck catnip?  Between her and Andrea, it appears that the most desirable women in the world of The Walking Dead are over 40. 

    Suddenly a real-world zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem nearly so horrifying to me.

  •  What happened to the person who drove the van into the compound?  I missed it….

    • m c

       I’m not going to call this a spoiler – ’cause I’m pulling it out of my ass, but I’d say the person who drove the van and then ran into the prison probably killed or kidnapped “Lil’ Ass Kicker.”

      • DonnaL

         Whoever it was didn’t run into the prison, I think.  I’m pretty sure they ran back out.  And I believe it was a woman, by the way.

  • John11581

    As if “alive” Lori wasn’t bad enough, now “ghost” Lori comes along to pick up where she left off irritating the hell out of us.

    I agree that pacing is one of this show’s biggest problems (along with yje tragic lack of characterization of most of the cast), but lately I’ve been having an even bigger problem with time.  Last season it felt like they were holed up on that farm for an erternity plus a few extra days for good measure, now it feels like they’ve been holed up in prison and Woodbury for weeks on end, but we learn last night that L’il Asskicker is only a week old.  Would it kill production to give us a better sense of how much time is passing?

    And as for Andrea, I think the writers all hope we have forgotten she was a lawyer in her past life, because as one myself, it pains me to think she wasn’t even the least bit interested in finding out what those fishtanks full of heads were all about. 

  • Hey could someone explain (or comment on) Maggie’s anger at Glen? I’m so confused is he being insensitive to her or something?

    • QJ321

      Glenn wanted Maggie to talk about what happened and Maggie wasn’t ready. Instead of giving her time, he kept pressuring her for the details. Glenn needed to know exactly what transpired, and he needed to know so badly that he didn’t consider her feelings. So he forces her to go through it which maybe made him feel better, but it made her feel worse. So Glenn, in a way, took away her control again. After hearing it all, Glenn wanted to console her, but she lashed out because she wasn’t ready to relive it, to talk about it but he forced her to.

      In the end, both have been through a traumatic experience and neither is thinking very clearly. The episode ended with signs that they will work through this and put it behind them, and I hope that’s how it goes. It was interesting seeing how they both reacted to the situation, but I don’t want to see this played out over every remaining episode of the season.

      • PaulaBerman

        On the other hand, it will be annoying if their relationship is perfectly fine after that. I imagine that was a pretty big wedge between them, even though I can see both of their points of view. They both must have some major post-traumatic stress from what happened to them, and they are both dealing with it in different ways. I would hate to see them break up over this, but I would like to see them working it out– as long as they don’t just discuss it endlessly.

  • quiltrx

    I can’t disagree with you guys on any of this…but still, for this one ep, I was perfectly glad to see Daryl return to the group, awesomely kicking ass in the process. (I actually cheered and clapped my hands when that arrow-through-the-head saved Rick.  The first moment of sheer joy I’ve had since losing my mom early this month.)

    And…well…there was that moment of his sexy, tattooed back earlier in the ep. 🙂

    But Rick, get your shit together.  Glenn, calm your ass down.  Michonne, say something.  Andrea, get your head out of your ass.

  • “…. a place where everyone stands around and talks and talks and talks until someone goes crazy and has to be put down.” I fast forward through 75% of every episode for this very reason. NO. ONE. WANTS. ALL. THAT. TALKING. The characters and their friggin “issues” are not why we watch. Giving it one more season to fix the endless gabfest and then I bail.

  • SerpentsDance

    I’m thinking good genes. He doesn’t look like he’s had work done.

  • SerpentsDance

    I was kind of amused that it apppeared to be an old ice cream truck they were delivering the zombies in. It would’ve been hilarious if they’d had the ice cream truck music playing.

  • Anniebet

    Welp, we should have all expected Axel to get the axe, as it were. Anytime a minor character starts spouting major dialogue, they’re just about ready to pop out of the toaster. 

    Anyway, I love this show. T-Lo are better fashion critics than TV, IMO.


  • cornpicker73

    I think that’s pretty standard for an hour long show w/ ads. We DVR but start watching 15 minutes after the start so we can ff through the ads. 

  • cornpicker73

    Yes, it was a good “oh shit” surprise.

  • cornpicker73

    I also liked the subtle scene ending with the sign of the creek name proving Darryl correct when Merle was criticizing his sense of direction. 

  • cornpicker73

    Agree on all points.

    I’m sorry for your loss. <3

  • cornpicker73


  • DocPooh

    Ok, I know I’m wrong, but I didn’t record the show so I can’t go back and re-watch it, so someone correct me please.  It seemed to me that the truck o’ zombies was a surprise to the Gov.  I thought I detected a surprised smile on his face.  Also, I thought that the person driving the truck was a masked woman….I’m wrong, right?  It wouldn’t make sense for Andrea to take it upon herself to attempt to show her loyalty to the Gov. and co. by deciding to destroy her old friends in such a bold manner, right?  I know I should have tried to re-watch the show before putting this out there, but correct me.  Kindly please.