The Walking Dead: “Hounded”

Posted on November 19, 2012

If you’ve been reading our Walking Dead reviews for any length of time, then you know we’ve been a bit nervous about the depiction of Michonne. In the books, she’s such a memorable and starkly realized character who upends a ton of conventions in fiction as to how women – especially black women – should be portrayed; complicated, taciturn, difficult, badass to the extreme, but ultimately loyal and, once you get to know her, in possession a deep, wounded heart. There’s no “sassy” here; just a dangerous woman pushed to her extremes.  She is one of the most well-realized characters in the books and part of what makes that so amazing is that she almost never says anything at all. So you might understand our trepidation regarding her on-screen portrayal. We’re thrilled to report that the show creators got her exactly right. What was so awesome – and what captured her so perfectly – was not her ability to take out 3 men pursuing her and scaring the shit out of a racist redneck; that was just the cherry on the sundae. No, what made her so awesome was that she showed up at the prison, toting the baby formula she knew was needed there. That’s Michonne to a T.

We are seriously psyched at the prospect of her joining Rick’s group. First, because the group needs some shaking up in the wake of Lori’s death, but also because it will provide the writers with opportunities to flesh her out and allow the audience to get to know her better. Her only interactions have been with Andrea, The Governor, and Merle, for the most part, which means she hasn’t had a lot to say. The members of Rick’s group are going to have a lot of questions for her, and it’ll be interesting to see her make her way through that dynamic. She’s obviously seeking some form of community. Why else would she show up at the prison after she overheard Glen and Maggie talking about it and the baby?

As for Rick, we hope he got his crazy out of his system. We don’t blame the character for going around the bend, but the telephone schtick would have been easy to figure out quickly even if we hadn’t read the books. Enough moaning and crying. We get why he’s a mess, but dramatically, it’s time to move on and regroup. We really liked the scene between Rick and Herschel. The latter seemed to know that Rick was losing it, but as a fellow taciturn man, he knew he needed to back off and let Rick work his way through things, away from the group.

Another really nice bit: Darryl talking to Carl about his own mother’s death and offering him the utmost in respect for handling it. We’re starting to fear for Darryl. He’s wearing his own wounded heart on his sleeve more and more – especially now that he’s find Carol still alive – but Merle is lurking in the wings, an interrogation away from finding out about the prison. God knows what he and the Governor are going to do once they find out about the place. And what’s Andrea going to do about it? Will she defend her former group or is she going to stick by her latest psycho man, even though she has reservations about Woodbury? Does she resent her former group for leaving her behind? Will she turn against them?

Another great episode in a string of them, and it’s setting up the major theme of the books: the danger in this world is not found in shuffling undead, it’s in the living and their competing desires and needs. After all, we can all see that the Governor is crazy and dangerous, but are we prepared to admit that Rick is too? What happens when these two men face off?


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  • If anything happens to Daryl, the interwebs are going to RIOT. 

    • I’ll be leading the charge. 

    • JasmineAM


      • JosephLamour

        They wouldn’t do that to the loins of America.

      • YolandaHawkins

        I’ll bring the torches!

  • I can’t wait. The season just keeps getting better and better. Michonne is so amazingly awesome, and I’m thrilled for her to join Rick’s group. Andrea just annoys me at this point. I understand she was left behind, however Michonne saved her, kept her alive and Andrea stayed behind in Woodbury because of a crush she has on the Governor.
    I’m excited to see the meeting between Merle and Darryl. I think Darryl has become more of his own man away from Merle and I think in the end, there will be a face off between the two of them.

    • peacockprincess

      Daryl is carrying so much childhood baggage about Merle so it won’t be easy to overcome.  So happy Daryl found Carol.  Michonne and Daryl by far the best characters in the television show.

      • Yeah, I have a feeling that Merle was abusive to Daryl which is probably why it took Daryl so long to come out of his shell. 

    • notterriblybitter

      I’m so looking forward to their reunion. Merle’s going to be all “DUDE LET’S GO GET SOME BEERS AND KILL SOME ZOMBIES” and Daryl’s going to tell him to keep his voice down or he’ll wake the baby. 

  • BigShamu

    I’ve come to eat Dead Carol Crow.  Of course now I know that the writers feel free to have their characters do anything nonsensical in order to further a plot twist.  Dig an empty grave just to pile up some dirt and keep from having a search and rescue mission for Carol – see how clever we are?  I don’t call it clever, I call it lazy.

  • Pennymac

    OMG I yelled at the TV last night. When Rick looked for Loris body and found that bloated walker instead. (Bloated from eating her, I assumed) I thought he was going to cut that belly open for sure and it downright scared me shitless for his insanity. GREAT EPISODE! 
    P.S. So glad Carole’s not dead!

    • SorayaS

       Maybe you missed it because there were so many walkers last week but he did try to cut it open last week when he was on his killing rampage- he found that walker just before he got the phone call. It was gross.

  • dress_up_doll

    The pacing of the first half of the episode was a bit off, but things picked up momentum sometime after Rick’s phone calls.
    I was pretty much on to the whole telephone plotline from the get go, but nevertheless still enjoyed it. I was really touched and slightly creeped out by the voices on the other end. I’m glad Rick worked his way through his grief and rage to rejoin the group and accept his infant daughter. I also loved the comedic touches (Merle’s contributions, Oscar, “go back” —- all totally awesome). All in all another great episode.

  • I thought this episode was great.  Was I only one screaming “SHOOT HIS ASS!  SHOOT HIM NOW!” when Maggie and Glenn both had their guns on Merle?  Have they learned nothing?  Especially after Glenn’s speech last week about preserving the group over all other and wishing they had killed the prisoners.  I know that it was necessary for the story for them to get capture, but I still wish they had just followed their gut (then again, i’m from texas, so we’re all about shooting stuff… haha).

    Also, I guess I’m an Andrea, bc I still find the Governor charming and a pleasant alternative to the outside world.  I’m still waiting for him to show some true evil (directly, not just to be inferred).  It will be very interesting to see where Andrea’s loyalties lie when all this comes to the surface.  Logically, she can’t really blame the group for leaving her at the farm (there was no way to save her honestly), but who knows.  

    I agree Michonne showing up at the prison is just what we need.  I’m starting to get bored w/ Rick and Co.  We need something new to mix things up.

    • tereliz

      I think if Merle didn’t have a brother with their group, Glen probably would have. He was too morally conflicted on that front. He respects Darryl and at this point, may even care for him in a “group” sort of way. So he knew he couldn’t kill his brother and lie about it. 

      I was all for Glen shooting Merle, too, for the record. 😉

    • True evil?  Did you miss that part where he a) slaughtered a whole troop of soldiers and b) sent Merle and the guys after Michonne?  He intended for them to kill her because he asked Merle for her head.

      Also, when Merle got Maggie, my husband said “How did that even happen?! They were both pointing guns at him!”

    • Angela Hardi

      Hasn’t the Governor already directly revealed his evil side by murdering the group of military people and by sending Merle and other able-bodied people from their settlement out into danger just to hunt down one woman (oh, and he wanted them to bring her head back on a pike…nice way to shut up dissidents!)? It’s true that Andrea hasn’t been privy to all these details yet, but her character also seems to be in active denial. She keeps sensing and seeing things that bother her, but she’s willing to ignore or at least push them down in exchange for a certain level of comfort and safety..

      I also enjoyed this episode and am excited to see what comes next!

      • turtleemily

        I thought maybe they’d have Merle kill Michonne and then bring back the head once she turns. Like, “She left, and this is what she became.”

    • He had those soldiers killed in cold blood, then put their heads in fish tanks. He sent a team out to kill Michonne for not wanting to stay, with orders to bring her head back to him. What’s not direct about that?

      • Maybe I’m just waiting for him to do something evil to somebody I care about?  His murdering the the military if he felt they were a threat doesn’t bother me anymore than rick killing those two prisoners to keep his groups safe.

        I’m waiting for him to do something directly (like on screen, HIS direct actions) to make me hate him. Right now I’m still finding him an intriguing character, partly because I want to know more of the motivation behind his actions.  He obviously has a sadistic streak with the heads, but does he genuinely think he’s doing what he needs to do to protect his community, or is there something more evil at his core?  If so, what might that be?  He’s obviously a little crazy for keeping his zombie daughter around, but Herschel essentially did the same thing, minus combing their hair, of course (and rick actually helped him round up walkers).  I feel like I don’t know enough to write him off as a complete monster just yet.

        • Rick killed those prisoners because they’d already proven themselves to be a threat. The Governor killed the soldiers because he wanted their artillery.

          And we don’t know how sending people out to kill Michonne with orders to bring back their head can be seen as anything but evil, whether you like her character or not.

          • Michonne did cause several problems at Woodbury, including almost killing the governor when she got her sword back.  From his perspective, there are ample reasons to view her as a threat (even after she left).  I’m not defending him or saying he’s good.  He’s obviously the bad guy, but I hope that we a better glimpse into his psychology/motivation in the near future.  

            Shane was “a monster” last season, but he had a lot of good points and was right on several things.  This was clear because we knew a lot about him.  We knew what he had been through and watched him unravel at the end.  It was painful to watch him lose it because a lot of times he was the voice of reason prior to that and i wanted him to still be right.  We’re dropped in on the Governor knowing nothing but his current actions, nothing that led up to them.  Is he a naturally evil person, or did things happened and he devolved into this (there were hints, like the journal with the names and drawing all the lines).  Is this just a case of absolute power corrupting absolutely, or is there something more interesting in his past that could shed light on his character?  If the first time we were introduced to Shane was in the end of Season two, we would have a much different opinion of him.  End of season 2 shane had unquestionably lost it, but in the context of his whole history he was a more sympathetic character than his later actions alone would suggest.

            This show has consistently created characters which inspire ambivalence in me (maybe they’re black and white to everyone else).  I doubt they would create a character like the Governor to be the stock bad guy.  I don’t think wanting more information to help understand him is such a bad thing.

          • You’re really stretching here. I don’t think anyone’s arguing against the idea of finding out more about his motivations, but sending a team out to kill Michonne AFTER SHE LEFT THE TOWN and ordering them to bring back her head is NOT morally ambiguous in any way.

        • tereliz

          Oh, I think it’s safe to call the Governor a monster. He’s obviously gone ’round the bend since he’s lost his wife and daughter. And I don’t think that you’re drawing a fair comparison between the people Rick killed and the people who have been murdered by the Governor and his men. The difference between Rick and the Governor can be best summed up by this example: Rick kept the rest of his group in the dark about them all being carriers of the virus because he didn’t know it for a fact at the time, and he didn’t want to scare anyone. 
          The Governor doesn’t seem to have any qualms about scaring people, but he lies and spins and covers up the actions of all his “soldiers” when they go out scavenging to keep looking like “The Governor”. He’s certainly not keeping everyone in the dark for their own good. It’s for his own good. He didn’t feel those soldier were a threat so much as he knew they were ripe for the picking. He wanted those guns and ammo and vehicles to add to his little army, and to protect his way of life. NOT the people under his protection.Whereas Rick has long since given up on his “rule” being a popularity contest. He does his best to keep his people together, and alive, and no matter what they think of his decisions, he doesn’t lie to them. 

        • MilaXX

          You may equate Rick killing the prisoners with the Governor killing the army guys, but WTF was that gladiator event with the walkers? Hershal may have been delusional about the walkers, but I found the Governor’s combing his walker daughter’s hair like she was a bite-y living doll. Add to that sending them out to kill Michonne can’t be construed as anything other than evil.

        • I think the only thing the Governor felt the military was a threat to was his power.

    • I thought the Governor murdering those soldiers and sending Merle out to murder Michonne was pretty directly evil…? Or do you mean something that Andrea knows about?

  • Vincent Macaluso

    Great wrap up…. damn I am seriously loving this season.

  • MilaXX

     Last night was all kinds of win. Last week I had all sorts of conspiracy theories about the call being from Woodbury, but this week the minute I actual heard the conversations I sussed out fairly quickly that this was Rick’s subconscious trying to process Lori’s death. I have to say I haven’t been a big Hershel fan up until now, but the way he reacted when he held that phone and new it was dead made me like him a bit. I thought it was pretty decent of him not to tell him the line was dead or try to talk since into Rick. He knows is friend is grieving and he’s going to help him through it.

    FINALLY Michonne gets to be badass. The bittergram was far better comic relief than the scene with Darryl and Not!T-dog. That stupid line about the slippers was like a bad Katt Williams joke. The show did squat with the T-Dog character until they were ready to off him and I hope Not!T-dog isn’t as badly used.

    • tereliz

      “The show did squat with the T-Dog character until they were ready to off him and I hope Not!T-dog isn’t as badly used.”


      I thought the biter-gram was hilarious, too, once I realized it didn’t say “GOI”. Michonne really thinks outside the torso. 

      • DeebaCee

         “Outside the torso” … I see what you did there!

  • There were so many things in previous seasons that were obnoxious, but in light of this season, I’m starting to wonder if it was all calculated.

    The farm/sophia stupidity has already been thoroughly discussed.  I remember in season one SO many stupid things, like Andrea freaking out because she couldn’t find anything in the RV to wrap a present for her sister.  I remember screaming “you’re in a zombie apocalypse bith!  Who cares about wrapping paper.”  Or Lori making a stink about how they needed to bury their dead “because that’s what people do…”, despite it being an inefficient pain in the butt (compared to burning them).  I originally felt patronized, like the writers where hitting me over the head with how noble these people where for clinging to any bits of civilization they could (and by extension what a horrible person I am for thinking they were morons).  Now I’m wondering if they weren’t intentionally making them look stupid, so that their eventually snap back to reality would be that much more satisfying.

    Who knows…

  • Nice_Shirt

    Just some randomness here, but is anyone else as shocked as I am to discover that Norman Reedus  was born in 1969?  I thought he was at least 10 years younger.  Then, just for shits and giggles, I looked up Michael Rooker and found out he was born in 1955.  Same surprise – I put him in his late 40’s. 

  • tereliz

    Loved Michonne’s wide-eyed surprise at how well the zombie-guts protected her and hid her scent from the walkers. Lucky for her, though, since it helped her hobble all the way to the prison with a gun shot leg AND baby formula. Love her. 

    But ugh, I hate Merle and I still can’t believe Maggie didn’t kill him on the spot. If he wasn’t Darry’s brother, Glen probably would have, so I know she had to be getting that vibe from him. I’m hoping that they’re just saving Merle’s death for Darryl, since that would be poetic and awesome and sad and then awesome again. 

    I was screaming at Darryl last night when he thought that rocking door was walker and I was like, “dammit, you idiot, that’s Carol!” I’m just glad she wasn’t dead by the time she found him. 

    And Andrea… she was practically tearing the Governor’s clothes off, so I’m only surprised they didn’t hop into bed together sooner. I haven’t liked her character since Amy died. But I guess that’s the point? 

  • Mismarker

    1) Carol’s alive and Daryl got to carry her around a la The Bodyguard.
    2) Rick and Hershel’s moment in the boiler room.  Rick needed to hear everything Hershel had to say.
    3) Michonne’s general badass-ery.  And her soft spots (bringing the baby formula to the prison)  
    4) Rick finally breaking down when he realizes he’s been imagining the phone calls and Amy, Jim, and Lori’s voices
    5) Andrew Lincoln’s acting this season.  He needs an Emmy nomination.

    1) Andrea sleeping with The Governor.  I don’t need to see any more of that, thank you.
    2) Glenn and Maggie not shooting Merle sight.
    3) Andrea’s purse.  What is in there that she needs to carry it around at all times?
    4) Oscar has already had more lines and “moments” than T-Dog ever had in the 2+ seasons he was on the show.

    • DeebaCee

      OMG… Andrea’s purse!!! I don’t know why, but that was bugging me every time I saw it. Maybe it’s just because everything about Andrea bothers me, but the bag… gahhh!!

      • Mismarker

        She’s been walking around with that sucker since Hershel’s farm, I think.  It’s not the purse so much as it is the stance she has to take in order to carry it on one shoulder.  Her right hand is constantly holding the strap in place when said strap is clearly long enough to sling that bag across her body.  Overall, it just serves to make her look less of the badass than she believes herself to be.   

        edited because punctuation is important.

      • mjude

        i was wondering last night what the hell is in it?  i bugs me too!

        • Mismarker

          I’ve thought about this off and on today.  Contents could be as follows: 

          Dale’s bucket hat
          Some of Glenn and Maggie’s condoms
          Secret stash of John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves spray and a detangling comb
          A Ziploc baggie full of the hair Shane shaved off after killing Otis
          wrapping paper
          a screwdriver

  • G

    One thing is for sure – Sunday night is amazing.  Between this fabulous season of WD, there’s Boardwalk Empire and Homeland… I try to save them for later in the week but cannot.  I simply have to see all 3 on Sunday … and will be so sad when they leave… AH.. but then there’s Game of Thrones… eventually.

    • MilaXX

      man how I wished T & Lo (or another snarky recapper) would recap Homeland.

    • LeBarron

      YES.  And Revenge for me.  I had been pretty “meh” about it so far this season, but after the preview for the Grayson Thanksgiving Extravaganza episode, I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

    • JasmineAM

      It is! I have TWD, Misfits, and Dexter (which has gotten SO much better this season) to look forward too!

      • turtleemily

         Damn. The season I’m not watching Dexter, it’s actually good?

        • JasmineAM

          YES! Soooo much better than the past two seasons, it’s unreal. The “big bad” this year is fantastic. He and Dexter’s relationship is so great. The writing has improved tons.

          • tereliz

            Yes! Titus Pullo from Rome, and he’s just amazing. His character is so well developed and helps to underscore the theme of moral ambiguity they’ve been setting up this season. 

        • Amy Ennis

          YES! This season is amazing. Definitely better than last season. 

      • LeBarron

        Ack!  I’m so behind on Dexter.  This is perfect motivation to fix that!

  • LeBarron

    I am LOVING this season so far, but Andrea just can’t die fast enough.

    • DeebaCee

      As much as I can’t stand Andrea’s character, I don’t want her to die this season (I definitely did last season though). There’s going to be conflict when her old gang (with Michonne) and her new gang meet up. I predict she’ll be annoying as all get out, but the conflict should be interesting nonetheless.

      • LeBarron

        Fair enough.  I’m hoping the payoff will be worth it (and going by the standard this season has set, I’m actually fairly optimistic) because right now, my knee-jerk reaction to her appearing onscreen is, “Die, die, DIE.”  LOL.

  • MilaXX

    Brace yourselves fellas, Yahootv just retweeted your recap post. I hope it doesn’t slow down traffic to your site today.

  • Michonne is the best thing about this incredible series so far this season.  Kudos to the actress and the writers.  Wow.

  • cornpicker73

    Loved this episode! Can’t stop thinking about it. Loved the Hershel/Rick scene. It was sweet when Daryl finds and rescues Carole. LOVED when Michonne showed up at the prison. Wow just wait til they hear her news. I also think Glenn didn’t shoot Merle b/c he’s Daryl’s bro. I wonder what the Gov’s system is as to who he decides can stay and who gets a place on Fish Tank O’ Heads Wall. 

    I am cracking up about the observations about Andrea’s purse. I guess you never know when a gal might need to powder her nose. It didn’t occur to me, but I guess the prop does allow her to flaunt some annoyingly girly mannerisms or something. 

    I was also LOL when the Gov returns to their boudoir and she is all gazing out the sunlit window wearing the sheet because THAT hasn’t happened in 1000001 soap operas. 

    Can’t wait for next week! How many episodes left in this season?

    • Mismarker

      Mid season finale in two weeks.  8 more episodes begin airing early next year.

      • cornpicker73


    • turtleemily

       I was also LOL when the Gov returns to their boudoir and she is all
      gazing out the sunlit window wearing the sheet because THAT hasn’t
      happened in 1000001 soap operas.

      I was embarrassed for the both actors when Andrea asked if everything was all right and the  Governor’s response was “Hell, yeah.”

  • ShivaDiva

    When Rick handed the baby to Carl and said, “She looks like you!”  I imagined him saying to himself, “But not me!” 

  • JasmineAM

    I loved that scene with Daryl deciding whether or not to kill (what he presumed to be) a zombified Carol. 
    -Merle confuses me a bit because I thought he cared about his brother only, but he’s doing the interrogating for the Gov. If he really cared for Daryl, he’d have waited there for him. 
    -Poor little Carlito or whatever his name was.
    – Hershel was AWESOME when he realized that Rick was having a mental breakdown, and just played along with it.

    • See, this is why I love reading the comments.  It hadn’t even occurred to me that Daryl thought that there was a Zombie!Carol behind that door.  I thought he’d just gone off by himself because finding her knife brought up a fresh wave of grief and then the door started moving.

  • cornpicker73

    Who do they play?

    • BawlmerGurl

      Norman Reedus plays Darryl
      Michael Rooker plays Merle

      • cornpicker73

        Cheers. They look their ages to me!

  • jmw1122

    On the EW recap the writer said Michael Rooker looks like he could be anywhere from 35 to 78 years old, and it’s so true. And I am kind of shocked that Norman Reedus is in his 40s. He’s aged very well, he looks even younger when he’s all cleaned up and in a suit or a tux.

  • Zippypie

    I agree with the poster below that the pacing was off in the beginning a bit, but to me it was the incessant commercial breaks chopping off the ends of the scenes abruptly – c’mon, AMC! You’re cleaning up on this show already.  You can’ cut one or two commercials to give proper lead-in and lead-out time?
    The phone scenes I thought were the weakest in the episode, except for the Lori bit and Andrew Lincoln was awesome at that point.  The Herschel-Rick scene was terrific, subtle and right on point.
    The hunt for Michonne was pretty damn awesome and it was obvious as soon as Maggie said “It’s a beautiful day” that the shit would hit the proverbial fan.  You know a Merle-Daryl showdown is a-coming and I for one can’t wait.  Norman Reedus has done such an amazing job with Daryl – his sitting in the hall, knowing that a Carol zombie was behind that door and knowing he would have to kill her was played fantastically.  And when he saw she was alive and carried her out, just awesome. 
    You are so right about Michonne, boys.  She is PERFECT.  Showing up with the baby formula with that look in her eyes.  I can’t wait for next week.
    The fly in the ointment of really loving the show completely is Andrea.  It’s not that she’s just effing the Gov and staying in Woodbury.  It’s the SIMPERING.  She simpers at everything, girly close-lipped smiling at every sentence coming out of her mouth with that stupid handbag (is she selling Mary Kay – what is that?!) – even in the scene with the kid on the wall, she was…ugh…I just don’t like the way that Laurie Holden is playing her.  Even though we know more than she does as audience, she is being so coy and Barbie-ish.  It just doesn’t make sense, given everything that she has been through, the 8 months with Michonne on the survival run, it just doesn’t cut it.  I’m disappointed in her character’s construction.  I realize that she’s being set up for either a redemption or throwing it in with the Gov, but it’s coming off so contrived.  She has taken over my incessant Lori hate.  Time for Andrea to buy the proverbial farm.

    • tereliz

      “She has taken over my incessant Lori hate.”

  • I cannot wait for next week’s ep! Michonne with the baby formula at the fence…what a cliffhanger.

  • mjude

    totally obsessed with this show, just like the good ole days of lost & xfiles.  so much going on last night.  the governor still reminds me of jim jones, just cant shake that feeling.  so many good scenes too, daryl & carl. rick & hershell.  michonne at the fence, a picture is worth a thousands words.  seeing the previews for next week, poor glen, that is going to be hard to watch.  as always the review is great & so our the many bitter kittens thoughts!

  • tereliz

    Yeah, I had no idea that Reedus has a teenage son with Helena Christensen. Danish supermodels have all the luck! 😉

  • God, I love this show.

  • HobbitGirl

    I lovelovelove Michonne. But I really could have done without Governor ass. Andrea just has TERRIBLE taste in men!

  • A. Valera

    I haven’t seen this season yet, but I have to know.  Has Carol’s hair grown any?  Because by god — they’ve been out there for months and the last time I saw her, her hair was still 1/4″ long.

    • Mismarker

      It has not grown much.  But to be fair, both Daryl and Maggie’s hair seems pretty unchanged.  There was an episode in the first season which showed Lori cutting Carl’s hair.  Maybe she was everyone’s hairdresser and now that she’s gone we can expect some changes in hairstyles? It would be awesome if Carol let her hair grow out and it was full-on Diana Ross Live in Central Park.  I’m probably over-thinking this…

      • DinahR

        I remember that scene too.  None of the chars really have the hair growth they should, but that is pretty much par for the course in these kinds of shows.  

        I actually think Carol has the wisest hair of the female chars.  I love my long hair now, but it would drive me crazy in the zombie apocalypse.  

        To me the most jarring hair mystery is Andrea.  No roots.  Seriously?? 

        • Mismarker

          She’s not a natural blonde? I guess only The Governor and Shane know for sure!

      • jtabz

         “I’m probably over-thinking this…”

        That’s the fun of it 😉

  • bellafigura1

    I loved this epidode, might have been my favorite so far this season. The story progressed a lot, and finally, the complaints that the women only keep the home fires burning is being laid to rest as Carol, Michonne and Maggie prove themselves to be fierce survivors, unlike Lori and maybe … Andrea? Doesn’t she have to be punished for sexing it up with the evil bathrobe Gov? Bathrobes can be creepy!

    I feel your worry over Darryl, whom I love. He’s exposing himself! Maybe Carol will be his protector? And finally, heaven reads Rick the riot act, and he ends up with a hot, great-fitting shirt and a nice close shave to retake his place as father and leader.

    Great episode.

  • Jimmy Mackey

    Oh Lordy, I don’t know WHAT Carl is going to do about Carol
    being alive.  I mean she’s on deaths door
    and who knows if she’s been infected or not. 
    Does he have the guts to shoot her and if not, will he kill someone else
    in the process?  Since I love the show so
    much, I have the previous seasons on DVD and I was telling my DISH coworker how
    expensive it is to buy them.  He
    suggested I get a Hopper DVR from DISH, since it has 500 hours of HD recording
    time, so I can store all of the shows from now on.  That’s exactly what I did and now I watch
    them multiple times, when previously I would have had to wait for the DVD to
    come out at the end of the season.