Revenge S1E22: Reckoning

Posted on May 25, 2012

God bless you, Victoria Grayson. Not only have you taught us the exact tone to take with service workers and social-climbing sluts, not only did you look fabulous walking toward that plane in time with Florence Welch, not only are you a maestro when it comes to filling one’s eyes with rage AND tears AT THE SAME TIME, but you’ve also shown us wonderfully creative ways to literally wrap up our bitchery in a bow. Because bitches? We are SO doing that empty-box-as-a-gift trick someday. Victoria Grayson, you are a GENIUS in bitchery. We can only bow down.

And mourn, apparently, but you won’t catch us doing that because we don’t believe for one nano-second that she blew up in that plane. Victoria saves her blowing up for people who cross her family and people in her family who cross her. You can’t keep a good bitch in a bandage dress down. She disembarked before takeoff, leaving Lydia to scatter herself all over the eastern seabord.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Oh so very much to unpack from this episode. We had some issues about how some things went down, but that was one eventful hour of television, we have to say. Anytime the soundtrack of our while-the-episode-is-airing conversation sounds like this:




“HAHAHAHAHA! ‘Taxicab bounce!’ She is such a BITCH!”

“WHAT?!?! NO!!!”


… then you know it’s a damn good hour of television.

We’re still not going to applaud something as stupid-sounding as “The Americon Initiative” – seriously, writers; that was the best you could come up with? – and we’re still a bit annoyed that the story is apparently going to expand outward past the Graysons, casting them as pawns in a much larger game, but we can’t deny that Conrad’s terror over Victoria exposing the family to the wrath of their apparent superiors was pretty shocking, and enough to keep us damn intrigued as to where this is going.

But there was one truly weak point in the story and it left us groaning in disappointment. The name of the show is “Revenge.” The entire story hangs on Amanda Clarke getting revenge on the people who destroyed and killed her father. At the very moment she almost-literally has her hands around the neck of her father’s killer, she remembers a fucking bird from her childhood and lets him go.


Oh, Hamptons Batman! What the hell were you thinking? And you were doing so good with your impressive axe-wielding skills and ability to hop on your feet after landing on your back. We were so proud of you when you busted out the revenge Sensei moves on Bill Clinton the white-haired dude.

But she basically tore down everything she’d been working towards because her father – who was apparently gullible as hell and easily manipulated – told her to be a good girl 20 years ago. Come on now. Thank goodness Hamptons Batman has her saddle-shoed Robin to watch her back. Nolan had a personal-best episode with this one. And if the writers need Bill Clinton the white-haired dude to become a player in the story going forward, then don’t put Emily’s hands around his neck because taking them off only made her look weak and indecisive. What did she think was going to happen next? Because even though he told her they had similar anti-Grayson goals, there’s no way she could have known that he’d keep her secret. And why the hell is he keeping her secret? He definitely knows that Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke and that she’s infiltrated the Grayson family to enact her revenge? Why is he keeping that from Conrad?

BUT! We got confirmation that Amanda’s mother is going to figure into the story and apparently, she was quite the fighter herself. This is all getting into Alias-style plotting and while we’re grumpy about that, we can’t deny a “Where is my long-thought-dead mother and what the hell does she have to do with all of this?” plot for season 2 makes a pretty engrossing idea.

We’re also really glad she broke things off with the increasingly autocratic and easily manipulated Daniel. We’re tired of the “is she or isn’t she?” question hanging over that relationship. As far as we’re concerned, it was definitively answered a while ago and since she’s not in love with him in the slightest, the relationship was starting to feel like dead weight. Getting revenge on the Graysons by marrying one of them didn’t seem like the best of plans in retrospect. Let that B-level schemer Ashley have him, Ems. They deserve each other.

We’re also pretty happy that Jack doesn’t use condoms when fucking crazy strippers. We admit, after Sammy died, we almost believed that Jack and Emily could work as a couple, but we were looking for a reason for her to avoid it and Fauxmanda waddling back in the picture will do nicely. But how did she get away from Revenge Sensei? Since the show has a finely tuned sense of subtle camp, we’re really hoping next season she gives birth to an Asian baby. That would be both hilarious and it would return Jack to Emily’s arms (although it would take him a year to figure out he wasn’t the father), which the writers seem to want, even though he’s only slightly smarter than his wool-headed brother.

Oh, right. We’re supposed to care about the goings-on at Hamptons Hogwarts. Who gives a shit about Declan’s battling girlfriends? We don’t. Charlotte’s becoming more interesting in scenes where Declan never appears. Just as Daniel has turned into his father, Charlotte is very much turning into her mother. Of course the season ended with her dying on a bed with pills surrounding her. Who didn’t see that coming? But why exactly were all the pills all over the bed and floor? Was she tossing handfuls of them in the air and catching them in her mouth?

Next season? No idea where it’s going. But isn’t that awesome?

Oh, and one final note to Hamptons Batman. Change your mascara, girl. That extreme closeup of your eye showed some pretty clumpy lashes. Victoria Grayson would never allow her lashes to clump. Maybe it’s Maybelline.



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  • MilaXX

    It was all so delicious wasn’t it? My only quibble is wondering what sort of crazy timeline we’re living in because stripper girl’s belly was awfully big. That was like a 6mth preg belly.

    Still I absolutely loved this and spent half of last night quoting Victoria quips an trying to convince my sister to watch this show because it such campy Dynasty goodness.

    I hope they cast someone good for her mom. What’s Donna Mills be doing lately?

    • It was accurate. Amanda left on Labor Day. Now it’s snowing. That’s about 6 months.

      • No sweetie… Labor day is September.  Your looking at 3-4 months @ the most, and at no point did we celebrate Xmas so your looking at November esq.

        • I wonder why her prego belly is so huge, then. She shouldn’t be showing that much….

          • JosephLamour

            Unless she got pregnant before she left and didn’t tell him. Or as soon as she got to the Hamptons with someone else.

          • adnama79

             Or she didn’t know.  It’s not like she seems to be the red x’s on a calendar type.

        • adnama79

          She was probably in her first trimester long before she left – she and Jack didn’t see each other for at least a week or two before she left on Labor Day.  She was probably 2+ months in by Labor Day.

    • Alexis Keller

      Its definitely at least January because a couple episodes ago it was New Year’s

  • Funkykatt

    I suppose Morgan Fairchild is too old to be her mom but she’s perfect for this show. 

    • I’ve read speculation on other blogs that Nolan’s aunt could be Amanda’s mother. Then they’d be cousins!

      • Funkykatt

        I don’t know, I thought Tess Harper was looking a bit rough but who knows, maybe? Cousins? She was so nasty to him at times but then again, there were those two on Top Chef who discovered they’re cousins and they fought the entire season. Bring it on!

      • If Carole is Nolan’s aunt, where are his parents?  I don’t think she’s Em’s mother, but possibly her aunt also?

  • This was such a satisfying episode. Even the whole letting TWM live made sense, wasn’ t smart mind you but it made sense. It has been set up from the beginning how D.Clarke wants his daughter to forgive and move froward  and all that. Despite all the scheming she’s been doing I would think it feels a bit different when you are literally squeezing someone’s life out of their body. The flashback was stupid but I can see why she  would not take the step. 

    They so did NOT kill of Madeline Stowe! Not buying it, she is too delicious to kill off, Charlotte meh! I can live with that one but doubtful that will stick either.

    • chelwi

       Not killing him is one thing, but letting him go was ridiculously stupid. At least handcuff him to the wall and call the Feds.

      • annieanne

        They couldn’t do that without having to introduce yet another evil minion to blow up the plane. It looks like the writers are trying to keep the evil minion count to a minimum.

      • oohsparkley!

        I really wanted her to crush his knee with that ax.  At least make him suffer and go to the hospital.  I loved that it was a pretty vicious fight.

      • JosephLamour

        I really wanted her to get up, leave, wait a beat, come back and say “Wait, you stabbed my father with your right hand, right?” and chop it off with that awesome axe. See, not killing him, but getting revenge all the same.

    • adnama79

       Agreed.  Plotting is one thing, actually killing another person face to face is something else.  And we’ve seen lots of ambivalence from Emilimanda, so I think it fits. 

      The bird memory was annoying, but it’s network television and they need an explanation, right?

  • PastryGoddess

    “Maybe it’s Maybelline”  Oh TLo, how I love thee.

  • Frankly, I would have been shocked if she’d killed him. She has not once crossed that line during the series, although it’s one she’s straddling, and I’m not sure the writers are going to let her. I’m also not sure that I want them to.

    Victoria is the baddest bitch, her lines this episode were delicious especially the empty box. Unexpected and oh so fabulous. There’s no way in hell she’s dead, that hesitation before boarding the plane said it all. Also it was just too obvious, like as soon as Conrad got all rage-y and panicky I knew something was up.

    As for Fauxmanda, I doubt that baby’s even Jack’s and really dislike pregnancy plotlines in general, hope they take it somewhere interesting. Also, how pregnant is she, her belly is huge?

    Charlotte can die a miserable death, it’s save me the trouble of rolling my eyes every time she’s on screen. Her I’m so tortured, self-destructive plot line is boring as hell and I’m sad they went in that direction with her character. 

    And Daniel better watch out before getting into something with Ashley. Opportunistic is the nicest way to describe her.

    • adnama79

      Charlotte as Victoria Deux teaming up with her big sister Emily would be pretty sweet and tangled-webby.

  • You know who’d be GREAT for mom?  (Forgetting age issue, but she doesn’t look her age anyway)….I wanna see CHER as Mom. First, the woman can seriously act–as her Oscar proves. Second, she’s one actress who could out-bitch EVERYONE on screen.  That lady is FIERCE.  She’d have every male in sight pissing in their pants.

    Plus, who wouldn’t be breathless at a resurrected Victoria vs. resurrected Cher-as-Mom bitchfest?  With Emily as referee-turned-unlikely-ally for…which one?  I’m not sure.

    Groundswel movement…Cher as Mom!!!

    • vanjar

       Cher as mom would be one frozen forehead too many for me. 😉

    • MilaXX

      I love Cher, but this role needs someone with soap chops. Heather Locllear, Joan Van Ark, Donna mills or someone in that vein.

      • jblaked

        Oh, please, please, please, let it be Donna Mills or JVA! 

      • Spicytomato1

        It would probably be too “Alias” but Lena Olin would be awesome. 

  • miagain

    Of course Victoria is still with us… we have yet to see the delicious scene with Emily/Amanda confronting her!

  • FunButNutz

    Do we think the producers are reading this blog?  When Nolan called Emily “Batman” I laughed like an idiot.  Almost as funny “Don’t do anything Revenge-y until I get back”

    The only thing that rang totally false was Emily letting the white haired man go.  I mean, this guy got to her and Nolan east as pie, and NOW her knows her true identity as well.  At the very least, couldn’t she have imprisoned him somewhere for a later escape?  The fluttering bird thing was ridic, anyone could see that the original bird was a fledgling that wasn’t fully feathered…what an accomplishment, wait 2 days for the feathers to unfold and then viola!

    • I loved that line

    • CozyCat

      Quibbling here:  I think he called her Batgirl.  But I had the same reaction.  I don’t think it’s because they read the blogs, though.  I think it’s just another example of how tight the writing is–they purposely made the Batman elements so obvious let it sit there for a while (allowing the fans to “discover” it) and then played the card once in passing.

    • adnama79

      I like her letting him go, but had the same thought on the bird.

      Also laughed at Batgirl comment and loved his reaction to the sweater/needle/lockpicking “I’m so not worthy.”

  •  “But why exactly were all the pills all over the bed and floor? Was she tossing handfuls of them in the air and catching them in her mouth?”I literally just yell-laughed in my office, cause I thought the exact same thing. “Why did she sprinkle them around like confetti?”

  • NinaBoo

    Emily to White Haired Guy: “I am Amanda Clarke. You murdered my father.”
    Me: “Prepare to die!”

    Was I alone in this?

    • elemspbee

       omg so many intertextual references! yes. sooo iñigo montoya!

    • MilaXX

      I tweeted, “I am Diego Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    • I am Inigo Montoya. 
      You wore the same bandage dress as I. 
      Prepare to die!

  • vanjar

    her father – who was apparently gullible as hell and easily manipulated
    Just like Eddard Starke, he was like a kitten wandering around a snake-pit.
    LOVED that the empty box was lined with satin. 🙂
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a pond fight between Victoria and Em’s mum in bandage dresses next season.

    • Leslie Streeter

       We must, must see that scene where Victoria realizes who she’s been messing with, ie the real Amanda. It’s too delicious not to see!
      As for Ashley, obvious social-climbing skankess that she is…Daniel’s such an idiot he cannot see he’s being played. He gets played so much I think his middle name is Playstation.
      Love you guys.

      • his middle name is Playstation. – 😀

        Ashley is kinda like Victoria Light, just what Daniel needs in his new found Grayson attitude.

        • annieanne

          Victoria didn’t want Daniel involved with Emily — who at least was in the same social class. There’s no way she’s letting Daniel get involved with ‘the help’.

          • I don’t think Victoria would approve of ANYONE Daniel dates. She wants him all to herself.  There’s an Oedipus thing going on from her side. 

  • rowsella

    OMFG–this was the BEST Finale EVAH!!!!  I kept expecting gunshots to rip red holes in Victoria’s white coat but when there were none and we saw Bill there monkeying with airplane insides…. I still think that her death was faked as part of some twisted witness protection program.   The Mom being alive thing, I was wondering why Victoria was so intent on imprisoning the baby Batman in psychiatric hospitals.  It just seemed weird for her to behave so cruelly to a child who was no threat to her.  Amen to the crazy pregnant stripper who was practically glowing.  I think Revenge Senseii deployed her to head off the Jack hook-up for reason that the relationship made Em “weak” — probably not wrong there, after all–she chickened out of Killing Bill.  Speculation: Hamptons Kiddo is a pawn in bringing down Agent Bill and the Greysons (who are so emotionally labile and paranoidedly egotistic they are loose cannons and hide evidence behind ugly paintings instead of locked in safes).

  • “Maybe it’s Maybelline.” Bahaha, maybe she’s born with it?

  • Loved the episode but very disappointed Emily didn’t choke the life out of the white haired man!  Sensei will not be happy with her. Can’t wait to see who plays her mom next season.  Wish Donna Mills was the right age.  Nolan calling her Batman made me laugh out loud.

  • Joe_Willie

    Heather Locklear come on down

  • enid soto

    I felt a little bad that I was laughing so hard when they showed Charlotte had taken those pills, just remembering your prediction. I found it hilarious.

  • StelledelMare

    Loved the episode. Such a great hour of televIsion, which doesn’t happen very often these days. while I wish she’d killed the guy too, it was actually very Batman of her to not kill him. Also I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that kid isn’t jack’s

    • FunButNutz

      Gooooo Asian baby!

  • Le_Sigh

    Nolan is totally my unexpected favorite.  

    • Spicytomato1

      I’ve loved him all season…this episode only solidified it. Did you catch his shoes when he crushed the phone under his foot? Awesome!

      • The shoes were amazing! My first though was -do we really need to see him crashing the phone- (after I realized there was no trash can to toss it in to) and then went oooooooooooooooooh! preeeety! If only my step-son would let me shop for him.. sigh!

      • Le_Sigh

         YES!  So good.

  • GOD PLEASE NO REAL AMANDA/JACK ENDGAME.  HE BRINGS DOWN HER IQ AND HER HEIGHT!!!  Frankly, I’d rather see Real Amanda and Real Emily hooking up before Real Amanda and Jack.  At least Real Emily has some sass.  

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m with you. But it seems like this has been the endgame from Day 1. Maybe a recast of Jack would make it more palatable. Probably not gonna happen, though.

    • CozyCat

      But Jack is sweet, not too bright, and easy to maniupulate–just like Amanda’s dad.  Of course she would fall for him!  She has the worst case of Daddy issues in the case of the world!

      • Sobaika

        Agreed. Their match makes a lot more sense to me than it does a lot of fans though.

        • FunButNutz

          When you share the ownership of a 35 year old dog…you get close!

  • What level of bitchery will Victoria reach when Ashley and Daniel hook up?

  • Ha!  Clumpy lashes!!  I saw that too and wondered about the makeup artistry there.  

  • I have a crazy/wild theory…David Clarke got custody of and took off with little Amanda because her mother was/is mentally unstable or something.  Em remembers her mother being sick but doesn’t specify.  Maybe her mother is the “higher power” pulling all the strings.  She put everything in motion to set DC up to get her own Revenge.  That would also go with the “got her fight from her mother” crack and could also explain why the White Haired Man didn’t give up her secret.  He works for her mother.

    Also, everyone is going for strictly TV actresses for dream casting of Amanda’s mother.  I saw this suggestion somewhere and think it’s great…Michelle Pfeiffer.  She would be excellent going up against Madeleine Stowe.

    There’s a spoiler-y interview with the show runners here: 

  • Victoria Grayson would never allow her lashes to clump.nuff said. 

    and UGH, I don’t believe for a SECOND that they killed of Victoria. If they actually did, I will riot.

  • Joshau Norton

    Moldavian Massacre.
    You know damned well everyone who’s life is hanging by a thread or supposedly dead is going to rise up next season and just brush themselves offf and walk away.

  • Qitkat

    Almost a perfect season finale. Much much better than Scandal, which initially had given me hope for more delicious soapy bitchery. Or Awake. What The Hell.

    I am so glad Batgirl didn’t kill Bill Clinton (haha!). As someone already said, she has not once gone that far.

    I look forward to next season, though I hope the show doesn’t go too far into Alias territory.

    I would love to see Donna Mills as her mom. I’m old enough to remember her on Love is a Many Splendored Thing. But she was born in 1940. Too old for the mom 🙁
    I’ll vote for Heather Locklear, born 1961.

  • I think Kristine Sutherland would be amazing as Emily’s mom.

    • adnama79

       Hell yeah, Buffy’s mom!

  • Redlanta

    Absolutely Fantastic Review!!!!  You guys bring a smile to my face before work!  Thank you!!

  • CozyCat

    The more I think about it (and the fact that I’m thinking about it so much  is one more sign that I need to get a life) the more sense it makes that we are ending with the revelation of the “Initiative.”  Emily has steadily worked up the food chain, starting with the Grayson minions and then the Grayson’s themselves.  It makes sense that the next step would be the terrorists.  Perhaps that’s when Revenge Sensei’s story gets told–he’s too “big” a character to just be after the Graysons.  And why did the reform school warden get involved?  My bet:  her son and his beloved wife were on the doomed plane (the first one that is)

  • Hai Yen Nguyen

    I was dying to read this! What an insane episode. And my first reaction was to Emily’s lashes too. Immaculate, always-put-together Hamptons Batman couldn’t find some non-clumping volumizing mascara? Hard to believe.

    • adnama79

       It *had* to be on purpose, girl-on-edge thing.  Too many other perfect close-ups of her eyes all season.

  • JMansm

    I thought it was really interesting that Charlotte had that conversation with Victoria right before she left and genuinely seemed to believe her when she said “If you need anything, I’m only a phone call away.” Obviously her mother dying was enough in and of itself to send her into her overdose, but I like that they set it up by giving them a moment where Charlotte seemed to trust her mother and they seemed to care for one another, so that the alleged death was even more devastating and Charlotte truly felt alone. 

  • lalagigi

    Love your theory! It ties up so many loose threads and take the idea of revenge to another level.

  • lalagigi

    Sorry. That last comment for for Goldie.

  • Susan Crawford

    Good summation of a really FUN episode! I’m wondering what exactly went down when Fauxmanda was whisked off with Sensei. I suspect he trained her to do some Manchurian Candidate (Hamptonian Candidate?) thing when somebody says the secret word, and this baby thing is going to play our totally weirdly – like discovering the baby was conceived with frozen sperm from Hampton’s Batman’s murdered father . . .

    And no WAY is Victoria dead in a plane crash! You betcha that girrl got her ass off the plane one way or another, and is hunkered down somewhere, shopping for new bandage dresses on Net-a-Porter and plotting.

    And I’m putting BIG money on Nolan and Hamptons Batman being separated at birth – yes: TWINS, kittens. And if there is any justice in the world, I am also counting on the spirit of World’s Oldest Dog to appear at critical moments.

    • Spicytomato1

      Aren’t Nolan and our Emily too far apart in age to be twins? She was a kid in juvie while he was building his tech billions, if I’m not mistaken. Also in real life she’s in her mid-20s and he’s pushing 40. Not that reality has any bearing here!

      • Susan Crawford

        Hmmm. You’re right. But still, since reality has no bearing, I’m still hoping that some weird connection exists beyond his being Rich Robin to Hamptons Batman.

        So who should end up as The Long Lost Living Mom? If only it could be Linda Evangelista! I mean how cool would THAT be? They knocked off Amber Valletta, so another supermodel might be just the ticket, and Linda has plenty of moxie to make us believe she could kick some ass and hold grudges and swan around in couture.

        Or else we ought to push for some casting against type, and go for Paula Poundstone, which would also be awesome.

        • Spicytomato1

          Even if they aren’t twins, I do think — and people have suggested it before — that there is a deeper relationship between them other than Master Revenger and Sidekick.

          As for Long Lost Mom, I suggested Lena Olin earlier because she was a great Long Lost Mom in Alias. And she also has the beautiful/badass balance that Emily has. 

          Not sure I could take another supermodel-turned-actress, as much as I give Amber props for trying to be more than a pretty face. 

          And I don’t agree that a nighttime soap legend like Donna Mills, as some have also suggested, would be quite right. Maybe a daytime legend like Susan Lucci? I can see her going head to head with Victoria, although I think she might not have the physical toughness that White Haired Man mentioned when skirmishing with Em.

          I don’t know…maybe your alternate choice is the way to go…Paula Poundstone as Mama Clarke, haha!

  • Who needs a Faery Godmother when you have Nolan? Damn… three cheers for the Techie “godmother”.

  • CarolinLA

    The mother being alive was just one twist too many for me.  That’s when I threw up my hands.  It was too Alias, too Prison Break – two shows that I started off liking and then hated when the moms came back.  And now Mike Kelley is saying that the (SPOILER maybe) mom may have psychological issues that Ems sees in herself.  Spare me.  And the fact that the Initiative knows the mom personally – double spare me.

    • CarolinLA

      And to add to my above comment:  maybe I would’ve liked it more as a storyline if they hadn’t been so heavy-handed with the mom clues.  First it was Aunt Carol (and how does SHE know about the mom?  Did David tell her?), then the WHM, then the flashback to “I forgot Mommy’s picture”.  Oh, Christ.  If the show falls into this bad territory, I will be out.

  • I just have to add … Nolan saying “I’m not worthy” made me laugh out loud and love this show all the more. Not an original line, but so perfect in that context!

    • I had to rewind that moment cause I was laughing for a full minute afterwards. It was perfect. I heart Nolan.

  • “But why exactly were all the pills all over the bed and floor? Was she tossing handfuls of them in the air and catching them in her mouth?”
    Yup, just like Tic-Tacs! *laughing heartily*

  • CarolinLA

    The fact that Emily didn’t kill WHM would’ve played better if we’d seen her make the decision in the moment.  By relying on a completely lame flashback, they took the power out of it.

  • CarolinLA

    I hope next season we see flashbacks to David and Nolan’s relationship.  

  • Funkykatt

    Heather Locklear is such a horrible actress, it would be much too insulting to that wonderful Stowe woman to put them on the same stage.  I say bring in Laura LInney.

  • butter nut

    thank you boys so much for getting me hooked on this wonderful campy show.  i love it so much.  i cannot wait for next season.  let’s hope they don’t fuck it up!

  • oh my god, you guys make Revenge watching so much fun, your recaps are just the best and I’m laughing and crying reading this. 

  • Thais Carreira Afonso

    Am I the only one who instantly (for whatever reason) thought  this baby ought to be Tyrler’s?

    As for Emily’s mother, my first thought also went to Lena Olin, because her work in alias was nothing short of amazing and she totally cornered this type of character, but considering Mike Kelley’s comments I can’t help but to think of Paula Malconsom. That woman can play unstable and bad ass in all the right ways.

  • I hope fauxmanda dies during child birth. I know that sounds rough, but its a TV show so I can say that….. UGH!! As much as I’m not sure about the whole “real” Amanda and Jack thing, I like them together better than him and fauxmanda! Also – Ashley and Daniel… I mean… really?? Queen Bitch Victoria will shut that shit down when she returns from the dead surely? And… as for Lydia… I find her spineless and irritating!

  • adnama79

    I thought the clumpy mascara was a nice touch to the girl on the edge vibe.  She’s not as put-together as she’d like to be.  No way that was a mistake, as perfect as she’s been and as many close ups of her eyes as we’ve had all season.

    Great damn finale! 

  • adnama79

     Hell yeah to Heather Locklear! 

    Or anyone from “Bad Girls.”

  • Kiara Smith

    Three months till next season! So unfair! Reckoning was really good, I loved the dramatic music at the end. “seven devils” by Florence and the Machine. Regarding Amanda’s pregnancy, it’s close enough. She left on Labor Day, which is in September, and now it’s January, because at the very end of “Legacy,” Daniel and Emily went to the Grayson’s New Year’s Eve party. So it’s January of the next year now. That’s 5 months. Close enough.

  • TropiCarla

    “We’re also pretty happy that Jack doesn’t use condoms when fucking crazy strippers.”

    I had my own private Revenge marathon last night to catch up and then came back here to re-read all your posts. Since then I’ve been randomly bursting into laughter at the thought of this line. So classic! You gentlemen are genius. <3