The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire

Posted on March 19, 2012

For the first time since last season, we realized at the commercial breaks that we’d been holding our breath and didn’t even know it. Welcome back, Walking Dead. We missed you.

We’re not supposed to let perfect be the enemy of good (or so we’re told), so we’ll try not to rant too much that in an episode where so many things were done right, the writers still couldn’t find a way to not make Lori look like an unreasonable bitch. But let’s shelve that for a moment so as not to sound too negative right off the bat.

Like a lot of people, we weren’t particularly invested in, or had high hopes for, the season finale. In fact, as late as yesterday evening we were asking each other, “Is there anything good on TV tonight?” forgetting completely about this show because it rarely gave us much reason to look forward to it this season. But from the opening seconds right to the very end, we got exactly the kind of show we always knew Walking Dead could be: gripping, horrifying, and full of human emotion and characters worth rooting for. With Shane and Dale gone, we truly didn’t want to see any more core members die right now and that says pretty good things to us because a couple of weeks ago, we wouldn’t have cared if the whole group got wiped out and a new one inserted into the story, so badly were these characters handled this season.

Granted, if you want to be a total bitch about (if we didn’t already know people with the name, we’d start an online campaign to turn “Lori” into a synonym for bitch, as in “if you want to be a total Lori about it…”), you could say that even in this episode, it got a little hard to root for this group because of all the incredibly stupid things they did, one right after another, but hey, we got to see zombie carnage and isn’t that at least half the reason why one watches a zombie story? Not long philosophical conversations or dysfunctional love triangles or pregnancy drama; not nameless suicidal characters or weeks-long searches for characters whose names we didn’t even know before they went missing, just a lot of terror and the occasional exploding zombie head is enough to keep us in the game. That makes us sound like a couple of mouthbreathers, but really, what’s the point of doing  zombie story if you’re not gonna occasionally take a pickaxe to some zombie head? Sure, the human drama is what drives the story, but the problem with Season 2 was that none of the human drama was particularly interesting.

But that’s what made this episode such a standout, because not only did we get zombie heads exploding left and right, when the characters stopped shooting long enough to have a conversation, they were actually talking about stuff worth listening to. That doesn’t mean everything that came of their mouths was perfectly realized, however. Lori, as we indicated, may just be the most unlikeable woman on television right now. If we thought the writers intended that, we’d applaud them for their deftness, but since she’s easily the least consistent character on the show, we doubt that was the goal. In the books, Lori’s not particularly likeable, but that’s mostly written as a result of stress. She has a tendency to argue a lot and mouth off to people when they piss her off. That’s not the worst trait in the world to have and we always liked that Lori had such a strong personality in the books. But the Lori of the TV show isn’t like that. She’s manipulative and high strung; she attacks other people at the drop of a hat; she’s somewhat appallingly retrograde in her ideas about women and men, yet still can’t manage to be a mother to her child for longer than 2 minutes at a time; she cheated on her husband and then pushed him into thinking he would have to kill her lover in order to protect her family, and then acted with revulsion when she finds out he actually did it. What exactly is this character about? Except for embodying all the very worst traits women-hating men think all women possess? If they want to go ahead and make her villainous, fine; just give her the slightest bit of consistency, would you, writers? Give us a reason why she acts the way she does. Lori wasn’t the only woman who came off a little crazy this season and even in this episode, Carole didn’t wind up looking so hot. Where did this sudden resistance come from? “We deserve better?” Really, Carole? The world has fallen apart around you, your whole family is dead, and you’re whining to Darryl about self-respect? Come on now.

But those are the only complaints about the interactions. The scene at the end where Rick finally loses it was chilling and even better, offered a philosophical question worth pondering. Enough of this paper-thin crap about hope in a hopeless world. “This is no longer a democracy” is MUCH more engrossing a concept to consider. The whole point to post-apocalyptic stories – or at least, a big part of the appeal – is to force the audience to ask the question “What would I do in this situation?” Listening to Rick coldly go just a little crazy in front of the group, and watching the group fearfully and wordlessly eye each other around that meager campfire was one of the best moments of the series yet. What WOULD you do if you needed to rely on someone to keep the group together, only to find out that person is cracking under the strain? And does Rick have a point? Is it better to just turn over the decision-making to him? It’s easy to argue that he’s made a lot of dumb choices, but it’s just as easy to point to the group and say, “None of you would be here if it weren’t for Rick.”

And it makes a certain amount of sense for the character. After all, if there was an underlying theme to this season it was about a group where too many people were trying to take control, from Herschel, to Dale, to Shane, and even in her own manipulative way, to Lori; it seems like everyone this season was up in Rick’s grill, bitching about his decisions or trying to change his mind. In Rick’s mind, the invasion of the farm was a result of all that in-fighting and if he’d just been allowed to be the dictator he thinks he should be, things would’ve gone a lot smoother.

On the other hand, it gets a little tough to root for people who are so consistently stupid. Why any of them thought they could stay on that farm indefinitely was never really explained. Why they never considered fortifying the area or coming up with defense and escape plans also eludes us. They spent their entire time on that farm arguing, but never doing anything to prepare for the inevitable day when their oasis would be challenged.

But what’s passed is past and we’d rather focus on the show’s newfound energy, hoping that the creators will be able to sustain it going forward having learned what not to do with these characters. They are finally off that frigging farm, and with the last-second introduction of one of the books’ most memorable characters and a literal last-second hint as to where the group is going next (no spoilers in the comments section, please), we’re at that place we didn’t think as recently as a week ago we’d ever be: missing the show already and counting the days until season three. In the immortal words of RuPaul, writers, don’t fuck this up.


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  • The fall season has some REAL possibilities now.

  • BigShamu

    Unlike our very fine blog hosts, I was massively wishing for two more major character deaths, Lori and Carl.
    I’m not placing a lot of hope in the writers.  I actually watched the Talking Dead silliness and got a glimpse into just how disjointed the writing is from episode to episode (even when you have the basic comic book framework all laid out for you) when they were discussing the decision to keep the Herschel character, or at least not killing him off for a few more episodes. Literally the writers had him dying in the last episode but decided after filming the next to the last episode that they would keep him alive.

    T-Dog, you shoulda let the bitch jump out the car and kept on driving.

    • FunButNutz

      Can Lori live long enough so that when she dies we get to see Zombie fetus?

      • BigShamu

        As much as I’d LOVE to see a zombie fetus……no!

        • FunButNutz

          Awww comon’ you know the show’s not going to be on long enough for the baby to grow up.  So why get her pregnant if you’re not gonna do zombie fetus?

          • BigShamu

            Great.  Now I’m going to have to buy some Lori Goggles and Headphones to deal with her until her glorious death scene.

            Bring Forth the Zombie Fetus!

          • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

            As long as the Zombie Fetus is played by Sharon Needles…

          • When she was going all crazyface on Rick at the end I actually told my boyfriend “can’t the fetus die and eat her from INSIDE?”… From the way he looked at me I realised that my feelings of hate for this character may be turning me into a bit of a psychopath.

          • JosephLamour

            That is the same thought I had. Then I was like… holy lord EW. Then I got flashbacks of the well zombie being torn in half, something I’ll never be able to unsee LOL

          • renad

            Exactly. Zombie fetus is go!

      • MilaXX

         only if the kid eats his way out alien style.

        • wait, what if lori has a miscarriage? doesn’t the fetus have the virus too? this could actually make sense… waaah! 

          • snarkmeister

            This was my exact idea about a week ago.  I am all for it: baby dies late in pregnancy, emerges from Lori all alien-style, eating his way out of her.  Ewwww, and yet: AWESOME!

          • Chantelle James

            A miscarriage would help solve the question of exactly when life begins, wouldn’t it?

      •  My husband and I wondered last night what would happen if the baby died in utero?  If everyone is infected and mom and baby share a blood supply, the fetus would be infected.  Would it eat her from the inside out?  That might be kinda cool to see on tv.

        • Glammie

          Yeah, my thoughts went the same way.  I just keep thinking of the mutant dwarf twin in that X-Files episode at the circus.  Go, zombie baby, go!

        • Not necessarily.  There are babies born without certain blood borne infections even though their mothers are infected quite regularly.  The placenta does a pretty solid job as a filter.

          • JosephLamour

            The baby could, in fact, be impervious to the virus. That would be an interesting thing to find out.

    • MilaXX

       The kid does bug, I don’t mind him living if just one of his parents or anyone of the adults in the group would give him a backhand every now and again. (I kid, but can an adult shut this kid down every now and again?)

      • cluecat

        Ha!  Last night I said to my husband, “I’ve never wanted to smack a kid backhand across the face, before.”  

        And then, “this show would be better if they had swapped Sophia for Carl” and then,  “the next time that little shit wanders off, can he please get mauled”, and then we both laughed out loud in glee when Carl cried like a little kid at Shane’s death.  

        • Glammie

          Yep, they killed the wrong kid.  I didn’t like the whole Sophia story arc, whereas I had no problem with Dale’s and Shane’s offings.

        • I take it you don’t have children, then?  ‘Cause I want to backhand one at least 3 days a week.  I don’t do it, but I WANT to…

          • snarkmeister

            I have two 13-year-olds, and I *definitely* want to backhand one of them pretty much every day.  I never do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT to.

    •  I think the writers on The Talking Dead were dancing carefully around the fact that when Frank Darabont was fired, actor Jeffrey DeMunn wanted off the show immediately.  He played Dale.  So they were going to kill of Herschel, Dale would be alive and well and everything was rosie — until DeMunn dropped that little bomb on them.  So they just switched the characters — killing Dale in the most ridiculous manner possible and letting Herschel step up and take the “wise old adviser” role that Dale would have filled.  There’s no polite way of saying, “yeah well DeMunn royally screwed that plot line up so we had to make do with what we had.”

      • BigShamu

        Depending on who you believe.   As evidenced by the writing and character development of Season Two, I’ll stick with my theory.

      • That makes perfect sense considering that DeMunn and Darabont are thisclose.  One can’t work without the other, it seems.

        • Glammie

          I don’t actually mind the swap, though.  It’s nice to not have the show in lockstep with the comics–now if Carole meets her comic-book fate it will actually make more sense given that her kid is dead.  And Dale’s comic-book fate is ridiculous.

          Plus, Herschel’s just less whiny than Dale.  

          •  I don’t mind it either.  Once Herschel came around, he became a more interesting character.  I didn’t care for the way they wrote Dale — he came off as a whiny creeper.

          •  I don’t mind it either.  Once Herschel came around, he became a more interesting character.  I didn’t care for the way they wrote Dale — he came off as a whiny creeper.

      •  I’m not so sure about that because they were planning on killing Hershel off in the episode after Dale died.  Randall was supposed to get loose, kill Herschel and then Shane would “do what he did” (their words).  They had already told Scott Wilson he was dying.  When they were breaking out the story, it didn’t fit so he lived.

        Honestly, I like that better not only because I like Herschel but then Shane wouldn’t have seemed so crazy for killing Randall.

        •  Maybe I’m too cynical for my own good but I don’t believe the writer in this instance.  Considering all the drama and anger and hurt feelings over Darabont’s firing, the fact that DeMunn is friends with Darabont etc, I really think that they have to scramble to fix things.  I will not post spoilers for the comics (though they’re amazing and well worth a read) but I believe things would have followed them more closely if Darabont/DeMunn hadn’t left. 😉 

      • beadskrit

        You’ve got me completely convinced, Daena. I just read Glen Mazzara’s interview in Entertainment Weekly online, and he didn’t pull many punches in explaining all the ways in which he had to fix the show after Darabont was fired (basically, it read as if he compiled a to-do list from T-Lo’s weekly reviews). But he clearly had to dance around this issue more on The Talking Dead when it came to possibly criticizing an actor/character that some fans might have been attached to.

  • I hate Lori so hard.

    You give Shane a glimmer of hope, he tries to make a family happen with you by attempting murder your husband, and you get pissed at your husband for defending himself? What. A. Bitch.

    • asympt

      Well, to try to give her some credit, she didn’t seem to totally get mad until she heard that Carl was the one who had to “put down” zombie Shane.  Which, whether she’d hoped Rick would kill Shane or couldn’t decide, is a whole nother level of disturbing.

      Still, I hope someone in the writers’ room starts advocating for some consistency for her character.

      • sk8tfan

        Anybody else think part of her reaction was that she thought the wrong man came back alive?

        • MinasAunt

          Yes and no.  I think that Lori wanted the affirmation that went with Shane’s constant adoration of her and now that he is dead that is gone.  She is now left with Rick and a group of people who care little or nothing for her–she’s made herself incredibly unlikable to everyone that’s left.  I am certainly n the camp that wants her to die and I wouldn’t mind seeing Carl die as well.  I think that the whole tragic zombie episode in the farm can be traced directly to those two characters and they need to “pay” for their carelessness.   I understand that Carl is a child but he has shown absolutely no growth or common sense.  I can’t believe that both of them seem to have turned on Rick because of Shane–the guy who planned to kill Rick and killed Randall as bait.  I am excited about this show again now that Rick has finally found a voice to truly lead.

        • Yes I do—some 1950s girl taunting guys playing chicken with souped up autos until the ‘wrong’ one wins and the other goes off the cliff!  I really do despise her character and agree a zombie eating way out of womb would be great!

      • turtleemily

         she didn’t seem to totally get mad until she heard that Carl was the one who had to “put down” zombie Shane

        It’s like Lori still held on to the idea of Carl being innocent despite the world, but him killing Shane ended that. And she blames Rick because Carl saw Rick put down both Sophia and Dale.

        • Actually, Daryl MF Dixon put Dale down.

          • turtleemily


            Saw Rick put Sophia down and almost put Dale down?

            And now I’m wondering if Rick couldn’t put Dale down because he’d already been thinking about what to do with Shane and the group’s discussion of Randall’s fate was really supposed to be about Shane. Randall was a potential danger to the group, like Shane, so should they send him away or kill him?

            Or maybe I’m giving the writers too much credit.

      • jeeplibby02

        I hope someone in the writers’ room starts advocating for killing her off.  She’s a nasty piece of work– and damned unattractive, to boot.  Totally did not buy Shane’s being obsessed with her, and she and Rick have as much chemistry my left shoe and the man in the moon.

        • asympt

          She absolutely looks like Carl’s mother, though.  I mean if I saw them on the street together, I’d say, yeah, that’s that woman’s kid all right.

  • GenXcellent

    I wasn’t too excited about last night’s episode either…I was dvring it but had switched on Celebrity Apprentice (I know, I know).  Then a I kept getting texts from a friend of mine: “ARE YOU WATCHING?”  “OMG” “WTF” etc, so I ended up watching.  And yeah, OMG WTF.  Good episode…Rick losing it was great, understandable in lot of ways and interesting in even more ways.  And I’m not going to lie…I’ve never read the books so I did have to google them a bit after seeing the last scene with Andrea…I just could not wait to learn wtf that was all about. The visual reminded me a lot of The Road for some reason.

    • MilaXX

       You had to google? You must not have been on twitter. My timeline was lit up seconds after the finale with the identity of that person in the woods with Andrea.

      • GenXcellent

        No, no twitter.  But as I typed in “hooded” in my google browser “stranger walking dead” filled in at “hoode”, so it didn’t take too much searching. And for anyone NOT wanting spoilers, I don’t even recommend typing in that much this morning…there’s even way more spoilery info popping now.

        • BigShamu

          Just when I got that Hoodie Ninja songworm out of my head.

    • Michonne!

  • GenXcellent

    I wasn’t too excited about last night’s episode either…I was dvring it but had switched on Celebrity Apprentice (I know, I know).  Then a I kept getting texts from a friend of mine: “ARE YOU WATCHING?”  “OMG” “WTF” etc, so I ended up watching.  And yeah, OMG WTF.  Good episode…Rick losing it was great, understandable in lot of ways and interesting in even more ways.  And I’m not going to lie…I’ve never read the books so I did have to google them a bit after seeing the last scene with Andrea…I just could not wait to learn wtf that was all about. The visual reminded me a lot of The Road for some reason.

  • sick of rick being the scapegoat for everyone’s zombie apocalypse woes. they look to him when things get tough and then blame him when things go bad. he had every right to say what he said. i was cheering him on.

    daryl zombie show spin-off PLEASE. glenn can join too, i guess. 

  • sick of rick being the scapegoat for everyone’s zombie apocalypse woes. they look to him when things get tough and then blame him when things go bad. he had every right to say what he said. i was cheering him on.

    daryl zombie show spin-off PLEASE. glenn can join too, i guess. 

  • BookishBren

    I have stayed away from the graphic novels because I really didn’t want to have anything spoiled for me regarding the show. However, last night’s finale has really made me want to read the graphic novels. I think the situation with WD comics and the WD show is enough like True Blood being different from the Charlaine Harris books that I can enjoy both. 

    I don’t really know what the writers are trying to do with the character of Lori. According to Glen Mazzara on The Talking Dead they wanted it to come across like she was a little horrified or guilty by what her words to Rick had done. That wasn’t what I got either. 

    The girl in me love love loved when Daryl rode in on his motorcycle and saved Carole. I also thought it was incredibly bad-ass of him to just be sitting there watching the barn burn until he heard her scream. 
    I am so incredibly excited about the return of this show. Robert Kirkman even said on Talking Dead that the last few episodes indicate the direction the show is going. I took that to mean they have heard the grumbling of the fans and are going to amp things up. 

    • i’m going to read the comics now btwn seasons. before i was holding off because i didn’t want to be spoiled but i think there is enough of a difference and it will tide me over until october. 

      •  You should read them. I think there are going to be many differences between the upcoming plot arc on the show and the events in the comics. If they made a literal translation from the comics to the screen you couldn’t show it on AMC at all.

        • jeeplibby02

          I wish they would republish the stories as pure text, without the graphics.  I picked one up in a bookstore and just couldn’t be bothered to read around all the illustrations to get at the text.  As a kid, comic books/strips never appealed to me for the same reason, and I can’t adjust to them now, either.

    • MilaXX

       Either the actress playing Lori can’t act or the direction they are giving her is bad, because she comes off wishy washy and annoying.

      • Glammie

        I think she can’t act.  She had a very fake look of horror during the big revelation and all her lines are delivered in a whiny tone.  The show’s not that well written, but the guy playing Rick delivered his big speeches really well last night–so I think a lot of who comes off as likeable and who doesn’t has to do with acting chops.

        • jeeplibby02

          She’s horrible.  

    • apollonia666

      There is definitely enough difference between the graphic novels and the tv show that you can read the novels without being totally spoiled for the show.  And the graphic novels are really GOOD. 

    • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

       Darryl is my new hero. I thought when I saw him on his cycle watching the barn burn that he would go off on his own. I believe that’s what he intended until he heard the scream. He’s got nobility in him that won’t let him run off alone when someone needs his help.

      I giggled when I mentioned Carol/Darryl. If they formed a couple it would still only add up to one of their names: Carryl. Darol.

      • *New* hero? Daryl has always been my favorite. 😀 When Carol told him he deserved better, I thought to myself, “Thank you, Carol, for voicing what millions of fans already feel”.

    • sockandaphone

      same! I read the first 10 issues a while ago but i think Ill finish it during spring break. Also my brothers have read the books and they told me they aren’t too spoiler-y and they haven’t really ruin the show for them overall.

  • BookishBren

    I have stayed away from the graphic novels because I really didn’t want to have anything spoiled for me regarding the show. However, last night’s finale has really made me want to read the graphic novels. I think the situation with WD comics and the WD show is enough like True Blood being different from the Charlaine Harris books that I can enjoy both. 

    I don’t really know what the writers are trying to do with the character of Lori. According to Glen Mazzara on The Talking Dead they wanted it to come across like she was a little horrified or guilty by what her words to Rick had done. That wasn’t what I got either. 

    The girl in me love love loved when Daryl rode in on his motorcycle and saved Carole. I also thought it was incredibly bad-ass of him to just be sitting there watching the barn burn until he heard her scream. 
    I am so incredibly excited about the return of this show. Robert Kirkman even said on Talking Dead that the last few episodes indicate the direction the show is going. I took that to mean they have heard the grumbling of the fans and are going to amp things up. 

  • BookishBren

    I noticed that discussion of the character of Hershel too and it made me realize that they didn’t seem to have a long term plan, or one they were sticking to anyway, regarding some of the characters. HOWEVER, I do like that they realized something wasn’t working and fixed it. Hershel is one of my favorite characters and is one I actually want to know more about. 

    • BigShamu

      Then perhaps they will hear our pleas from the wilderness and write some compelling, competent, consistent female characters.  Who do not whine, scream and fall apart.  Or watch the ONE DAMN CHILD they have left in the group.  It doesn’t help when the when the whole village helping raise a child is a village full of idiots. 

      • MilaXX

         I haven’t read the graphic novels, but I think Andrea’s character has some potential.

      • Jay Taylor

        Thank you, BigShamu.   When Maggie broke down in the car with Glen, I wanted to give up.  I thought she’d be one character who wouldn’t go all weepy and hysterical.  What would these women characters think if the men-folk acted the same way?

  • I actually hollered NOOOOOO!!!! at the tv when it turned out to be Carole rather than Andrea that Darryl swooped in and rescued–but I think I’m going to like the way things actually happened much better.  I don’t know when it happened but at some point Andrea became a favorite character for me (possibly when she stood up for the farmgirl’s right to kill herself and her honest gladness when the girl didn’t) and I hope she has a lot of story yet.

    The producers mentioned in an interview that the farm had been protected through the summer by the swamplands surrounding the farmhouse, which was alluded to with Carl’s stuck-in-the-mud walker, the one that later killed Dale.  Now that winter is coming the swamps are drying up and the walkers are getting through.  That was never really spelled out in the show, though, and it should have been.

    • EditKitten

      Ha, I had the same reaction — but if any woman was getting off that farm on her own, it was Andrea, so I kept holding out hope, and that paid off. (Not that they were making any hint that she wouldn’t make it, of course.)

      I loved the way the episode kicked off by perfectly illustrating the zombie “mentality.” I think the writers of the comic said once (not a spoiler) that the zombies start following something, i.e. the helicopter, and not long after, they just keep following it, not even knowing why or what they’re doing. Sort of inertia, if you will. My husband kept thinking there was a story in the helicopter, but there wasn’t meant to be a reason there — it just shows that once you get ’em going, it’s inevitable. And if the swamps had been explained in the same way, I think that would have been even better.

      • megancsu

        I wondered about the helicopter also.  Where did it come from?  Is it military?  The people that the original group have met this season are just as lost as they are – whether they are friendly farm folks or raping and pillaging bandits.  Nobody has any information or any real plan for the future, if there is one.  Could the helicopter be a sign of some form of civilization somewhere?  I think I could tell what kind of building was beyond the trees at the very end of the episode, I assume the group will end up there next season.  For me, it was more interesting when they were on the road, trying to make it to a place with answers – the CDC, Ft. Benning, etc. – it was more intense then watching them argue moral issues and have pissing contests on a farm.

        • Glammie

          I think the helicopter flight took place some time ago.  It’s flying over Atlanta and then after it leaves, the zombies just start following–for months.  

          In which case, the thing to do is have helicopters or whatever lead ’em to the coast and into the ocean.  

          It was nice for some character to actually mention heading toward the coast.  Finally some mention of water as the natural barrier for all of this since zombies don’t seem to swim.  

          • Exactly.  They need to find some kind of large watercraft (I’d say a cruise ship but I doubt they could pilot one), stock it with supplies, sail it out far enough that they can get back to land if they need to and anchor it.  Then they could send Glenn and Maggie back to shore for supplies when needed.  And they could catch fish.

          • Glammie

            Yep, this has been driving me crazy for ages–ever since the CDC and civilization was revealed to be totally shot.  An island would be nice, but even getting a house boat and spending one’s night in the middle of a lake, while foraging for day would be an improvement.  I’d also go for tree climbing since it looks like zombies are kind of slow at climbing ladders and scaling things.  Why not live high up and have ladders you can pull up?  

            And, oh, why not have an escape plan, meeting points and, oh yeah, some sort of system of communication–old flares foraged from cars, smoke signals, etc.  

            Also, a farm with herds of cattle not electrifying its fence? Or even doing so ex post facto?  I’d think that be the main thing you’d do with the generator.

          • As a daughter of a farming family and a friend of ranching families, I can’t say I’ve ever known anyone with cows to bother with electrifying their cattle-only fences. Horse fences, maybe, but not cows.

    • Glammie

      You think *maybe* they could have mentioned that during the endless dialogue.  Sheesh.  But, then, it would have been a lot more interesting if they had discussed those things and, oh, been seen making plans for how to survive and fortify the farm, but, oh, not have been able to finish before the walkers got there.  I’d so much have preferred a survivor story instead of the triangle and the depressing Sophia arc.  

  • I am just so freaking happy that they seem to be heading back to the comics and the compelling storyline that they have been handed on a freaking plate.  The last second introduction in Andrea’s final scene had me sitting up and jumping for joy, as did the news that they are casting the Governor for season 3

  • MilaXX

    LOVED the zombie hoard. I still can’t figure out why they didn’t fortify the surrounding area of the farm, especially since random walkers kept wandering onto the farm and getting corralled into the barn. A moat, a fence, something to slow down and/or prevent the walkers from just wandering onto the farm. Still YAY! for leaving the farm, FINALLY. And double YAY! for killing off all the red shirt extras.
    Lori remains an idiot and an unlikeable one at that. Carole finally finds her voice, and I wanted to tell her to shut up. I do wonder if they are setting us up for a Carole/Darryl pairing.

    All in all the second half of this season was much better than the first and has me eagerly anticipating season 3.

    • BigShamu

      Because they are stupid.

  • Arin McGraw

    The fact that Rick ran out of gas drove me nuts…you would think that gas would be a priority.  They had a full day to find something, either more gas or some sort of shelter, but they ended up on the side of the road which just so happens to be next to a stone fortress thing…annoying.  These people don’t think or plan anything!

    • jeeplibby02

      All those cars parked on the highway must contain non-perishable food, clothing, sleeping bags, tents, and God knows what other supplies packed by the drivers fleeing the city.  Why didn’t they forage what they could before taking off to parts unknown, to go hungry and sleep rough?  After all this time, they have developed very few survival skills (Darryl being the obvious exception, of course), and it’s a wonder that they have lasted this long.

  • I half-expected Hershel and Rick to engage in a philosophical discussion during the zombie overrun as to why Hershel should stay on his farm.  I’m glad that Rick grew a pair and got Hershel into that truck.

    Why this group didn’t have their vehicles stocked with clothes, water and non-perishable food items is beyond me. Any pregnant woman knows to pack her bag well in advance of her due date; zombie death is a touch more compelling.  I’ll also never understand why they couldn’t have picked up better vehicles along this journey.  There are literally loads of car dealers sitting wide open, and you choose an RV that needs constant repairs?  WTF?

    • BigShamu

      Because they are stupid.

    • The RV and Shane’s open-top jeep were seriously two of the worst possible vehicles they could have used. Both get horrible gas mileage, so they constantly need to be refueled. Plus, the former is a piece of shit, and the latter is practically an open invitation to walkers.

      Darryl’s motorcycle might not be hugely useful in a group setting, but it hopefully is one of the bikes that gets good mileage, and it’s maneuverable in a tight spot.

      • CarolinLA

        But it’s so noisy.  Catch-22.

        • deedeegee

          but he looks hot on it

          • Truly_Outrageous

            HERE HERE!!!

      • They’d be better off with a couple large trucks with camper covers over the beds — they could carry the bikes in them and they’d still get better mileage than an RV. 

    • jeeplibby02

      What he said. (Saw this post immediately after commenting above.)

  • Erika Swain

    Did anyone else notice Herschal smikring when Rick was losing his shit?

    • I interpreted Hershel’s facial expressions differently.  I saw it as him thinking, “It’s about time, boy” and agreeing with him.  I think Hershel wants Rick to assume the leadership position and that he fully supports Rick.

  • AllisonRae

    Ugh Lori is the absolute worst!! First off, how does she go from telling Rick that Shane is dangerous, and then in the next episode (or maybe it was 2 episodes) she talks with Shane and thanks him for everything? And then when Rick kills Shane because SHANE WAS GOING TO KILL HIM, she’s all pissed?!

    And why was everyone so mad that Rick kept the secret about the infection to himself? What help would it have done if he’d told them sooner? Everyone would’ve just freaked out and propbably would’ve lost all hope of survival. I watched a few minutes of Talking Dead and they brought up a good point; that Rick didn’t know if the CDC guy was telling him the truth cus he was kind of nutty….he only realized it was true when he saw it happen to Shane. Everyone’s being to friggen dramatic and needs to cut Rick a break…he’s helped them out numerous times, especially with getting off the farm. If he hadn’t started the fire, the situation could’ve been a lot worse 

    • I thought the same thing.  Of all the things to get mad about, that was pretty lame.  What good does it do them to know?  Other than putting the individuals in the group in the position of not trusting each other, ever again, which is a pretty sure way to end any group cohesion they might hope to achieve.

      • asympt

        Well, they do need to know that they have to head-puncture anybody that ends up dead for any reason.  Kind of valuable information.  But I wouldn’t have trusted Jenner either.

      •  Why would they not trust each other? The only difference it would make is that, if anyone died, they would know to either crush the head or burn the body so that the person can’t rise up. It’s a simple precaution they could take. Rick was arrogantly assuming that he would always be around to look out for them, an idiotic assumption that easily could have resulted in them being deprived of that info at a crucial moment.

      • CozyCat

        It would have been useful if whats-her-name had been successful in her suicide…

    • Did they not have a right to know? What if Rick died on one of his missions without ever telling them? What if Beth committed suicide in the bathroom? She would have been inside the house with Lori and Carl, zombified unexpectedly– disastrous. Rick had no right to keep that information from them, and by doing so, he put them all at grave risk. It was a patronizing thing to do, and just another of his many bad decisions.

      • ChiliP

        Rick said he didn’t know if it was true until he saw Shane come back undead, so I understand why he didn’t tell anyone. Why cause a panic over information you don’t even know is true? The Talking Dead further verified this by pointing out how unsteady and crazy Jenner seemed, which only caused Rick to be more doubtful.  Once he knew for sure that what Jenner said was true, he did tell the group, so I have a hard time holding that against him.

        • BigShamu

          Jenner.  Willing to kill the ENTIRE group because they were doomed but only willing to tell one guy that they were all infected. Brilliant.

        •  He didn’t want to cause a panic, BUT he was willing to take that info, which could have been critical to the group’s survival, to his grave rather than disclose it timely. Really– he could have died in the bar fight with the guys from Philly, and then the group would have been taken unawares by this information and possibly killed. I don’t find his patronizing need to protect the group from “panic” (oh, like being in a zombie-infested world, where their loved ones are killed daily, isn’t going to induce a near-permanent state of panic) to be a valid reason for withholding life-threatening info. It’s almost LOST-level stupidity and senseless secret-keeping. There is no sensible justification for Rick’s decision. 

          And unless I’m misremembering, Rick did not disclose the information willingly. Daryl confronted him about Randall, and he was forced to admit that he had killed Shane. I am not at all sure he would have told them unless he had to. Rick’s an idiot.

          • ChiliP

            They began to have a conversation about what happened to Randall/Shane, and Rick disclosed what Jenner told him. It’s presumptuous to say that Rick would ultimately not have said anything.  And I’m not sure I understand your argument that since they are in a zombie apocalypse, they are capable of absorbing any bad news without serious repercussions. They had just lost members of their group and almost been incinerated in the CDC (which is just another reason why Rick had little reason to trust Jenner)- who knows what might have happened if he told them immediately after that they were all infected anyways. I’m not saying I would have handled the situation the same way, but I can at least understand Rick’s thinking here.

          • Rick went off to situations where he easily could have died without disclosing this very important information. It’s safe to assume he wasn’t going to tell it without being directly confronted, as he was in this episode. Put yourself in the position of anyone besides Rick: wouldn’t you want to know? Wouldn’t you be utterly freaked out to think someone thought he knew what was best for you (trying to protect pwecious widdle you from this scary knowledge after you have already survived a zombie apocalypse!), and decided to keep something like this from you? I’d be furious, and I would doubt his judgment.

          • ChiliP

            I understand what you’re saying, and I agree that I would have handled it differently. However, I also understand Rick’s thinking here. The confrontation wasn’t about why Randall turned without being bit- Darryl had no reason to think Rick knew that information. Rick was mainly being questioned about Shane.  Again, Rick didn’t know if what Jenner said was true until he saw Shane come back undead, so it’s not like he withheld the information from them the entire time knowing it was true and potentially hazardous. He withheld information that came from a man who nearly murdered the entire group, and at a time when at least one of the characters (Andrea) was pretty close to taking her own life. I’m thinking that news probably would have put her over the edge at the time. Being asked about the Randall/Shane incident brought the news to the forefront of his mind again, so he told the group. That was really the first time since he knew for sure that they were all infected that he had the opportunity to do it (prior to that, he was a bit preoccupied with the zombie herd and figuring out what to do next once the group met up again). Again, I understand your point. And I agree that Rick’s made numerous questionable decisions. But this is one where I can at least understand why he made the decision he did, even if I don’t fully agree with it.

          •  You don’t think it was in his mind when they found the security guards who were dead and zombified with no bites?  I’m sure he did. He was deliberately withholding and treating his entire group like children, which is fitting, I guess, since most of them are pretty childish.

          • ChiliP

            I remember he and Shane mentioned they had no bites, but did appear to have scratches, are were discussing if the infection had spread that way. So, no, I don’t think he knew definitively at that point. To say you are “sure” about the thoughts of a fictional character and his underlying intentions (even when he said outright that he didn’t know they were infected definitively until Shane died) is somewhat perplexing to me. Again, we are going to have to agree to disagree. We do agree, though, that most of the characters are maddeningly childish.

          • They haven not been particularly careful about getting infectious zombie waste all over them. Shane used a knife that had been in a zombie head to cut his hand when he was on that bus… it’s no wonder everyone is infected, if you think about it. They have wallowed in zombie guts. I’m pretty sure we’re meant to look back on Rick’s convo with Shane about the security guards and realize that Rick was thinking about what Dr. Jenner said. If he wasn’t sure, it’s because he is not really all that bright. However, that said, I’m not sure what gave him the right to withhold that info. “They’ll panic!” seems to give them no credit whatsoever. If I were one of the characters in his group, I’d be furious at his presumption, but that’s just me.

          • ChiliP

            Well I definitely think Rick was considering the poosibilty that Jenner was right at that moment. And I actually thought the exact same thing when Shane cut his hand with that knife…trust me, you won’t hear me argue that any of these characters are particularly smart. Except maybe Darryl.

          • He should have disclosed part of it.  “We don’t know how it spreads or anything else, so to be safe we need to burn all bodies, or at least make sure to deal a significant head wound.”  He didn’t have to tell them that they were all infected and going to turn after death.

          • ChiliP

            Well that I agree with.  This can just be added to the list of things that these characters have done wrong.

  • It was a great ending. Killing off some useless characters etc. Finally leaving that damn farm. I think the farm was safe because the area was gated and fenced all around. But when so many walkers come out at the same time (where did they come from? Maybe I missed something?:p) Also: I used to be a fan of Rick but Daryl is my new guy. He’s got such great instincts when it comes to protecting and saving people. Also: the hooded character (I don’t know who she/he is and I intent to keep it that way): that’s very obviously a graphic novel kind of thing. I doubt whether it will work on tv. In this epi it was like watching a horror movie and all of a sudden there’s a pink elephant dancing around, know what I mean?

  • ChiliP

    I hope that when they inevitably reach that prison (I have not read the comics, so no spoilers), there will be people there who call this group out for being so unbelievably stupid. They spent weeks on the farm yet did not discuss an escape plan, or a meeting place in the event of a zombie attack? They did not have supplies readily available and packed in the event they had to make a run for it? They wasted all that ammo and risked multiple lives (not to mention precious gas) by driving around shooting those zombies, when by their own admission there were too many to kill? Why not grab all the supplies you can, run for the cars, and get the hell out of there? And WHY was Lori horrified at Rick’s admission that he killed Shane? Not only did she practically ask for just that (the Talking Dead interview did not properly address this, imo), but did she not hear Rick tell her that Shane led him into the woods to murder him? And why all the anger about Rick keeping the infection information to himself? Not only would telling the group not accomplish anything other than panic and distress, but he didn’t even know if it was true until he saw Shane come back undead.  How most of these people have managed to make it this long is shocking.

    That being said, this was a great episode, and I have high hopes for what’s to come.  Here’s hoping Lori gets eaten by a zombie first episode next season.

    • funkycamper

      I agree with everything except the part about not telling others what Jenner said.  Even though this group, as a whole, is acting like a bunch of idiots, including Rick, I don’t think they should be protected from vital information as if they are little children.  As someone else already mentioned, had Beth committed suicide and turned into a zombie, she could have easily killed Maggie, Lori and Andrea, and maybe more.  If Carl had died on the operating table, he could have killed Herschel or Mrs. Otis.  If you’re sleeping next to someone and they die in the middle of the night from a heart attack, they could kill you.  Ya know, with this news, I wouldn’t even feel sleep safe sleeping next to my honey anymore.

      Anyway, I just know that if I’m ever in a ZA and someone withholds vital information from me to “protect” me, I’d probably have a hard time not knocking the side of their head with a big stick and I’m not a violent person.  And I would immediately start regrouping to consider someone else for any leadership position because I would have a hard time trusting that person again.  I would be perpetually asking them “is that all?  Have you told us everything?”  

      I’m an adult.  Even if I prove to be an idiot in a ZA, I still have a right to know everything possible.  He could have told them what Jenner said and they would have all known it was possibly wrong or maybe just speculation until they saw it with their own eyes but knowing it would have alerted them on what to look for.  

      When Shane died, a part of me was hoping he’d eat Rick as that would have been poetic justice, imho, for him not telling the others about the possibility.

      • ChiliP

        Admittedly, I had not considered that side of the argument, but I still understand Rick’s position here.  Again, he didn’t know if the information was true, and he was trying to hold the group together. Throwing them further into despair by telling them they are already infected would not have done much for group moral. At the time, Rick probably didn’t want to believe it himself. I probably would have told everyone, but I can see why he didn’t until he knew it was true.

        The real question is- why did Jenner only tell Rick? Why not tell the whole group as they were leaving?

        • funkycamper

          Group morale?  Really?  I’m thinking that seeing most of your loved ones and people around you either killed or turned into zombies, some killed by your own hands, and society wiped out, would be so major that the knowledge that the virus might already be within ourselves would seem like nothing on top of it all.  Sure, it might create a bit of “WTF!” thinking and discussion but they are in survival mode (and should have been acting like it more often this season) and I think this is nothing more than another one of Rick’s stupider decisions (to add to the many others he’s made).

          But we are talking about a group of idiots so I guess the head idiot can be forgiven for treating them like children because, besides Daryl, they act like it most of the time and even Daryl hasn’t shown the best survival skills when it comes to planning ahead.  He just reacts amazingly well when action is needed.

          And if anybody didn’t realize Rick was an idiot before this, they should now.  I mean, come on, he drives for an hour (I think he said) with the gas in the red and doesn’t let anybody know prior to that?  Really?  No pulling over to make plans for the night, looking for gas to siphon as I’m sure they passed by many parked vehicles or farms in that hour where they could have gotten some.  And could probably have easily found a farm house or cabin to hold up in if they had been given some notice.  Even if a few zombies were in ’em, they could have been hunted up, put down, pulled outside, and the house fortified a bit if Rick would have been smart enough to say something before the Suburban ran dry.  (And, really, don’t get me started on stupidity of choosing to drive a huge gas hog in the first place.)

          And, they could not possibly have driven so far to be so lost and not realize that they might be close to a prison.  I mean, come on, there would be road signs indicating where the prison is.  And I doubt they’ve driven so far that people wouldn’t have some idea of the area since they’ve lived in that general area for awhile.  Especially Herschel, Beth and Maggie.  I could drive across my state, heck, most of the states west of the Mississippi, and have a pretty good idea where I was just by reading the road signs with names of towns, historical markers, etc.  Yet these people drive for a day and are totally lost.  Did they never leave their town on a vacation or watch the news or anything else to learn about the rest of the world, much less the rest of their state?  It’s just daffy.

          Of course, I can’t imagine not having the vehicles properly supplied and part of that would be maps.  While I love my GPS, I still have numerous maps in my car including a road atlas.  I have no idea why these people weren’t scavenging stores and other farm houses for these things.

          I love this show but it’s sometimes more to watch for how many stupid decisions this group makes and to learn what not to do when the ZA hits.  And to imagine ways that Lori, Carol and Carl die.  I keep hoping.  Right now, the only one that is redeemable is Carl.  Fingers crossed.


            We can’t spend all day editing these comments, so any further mentions will simply be deleted.

          • ChiliP

            I didn’t realize I dropped a spoiler? I haven’t read the comics so I know nothing about the story, I just thought that lingering last shot was foreshadowing what would happen next. I’ll keep future speculations to myself.

          • funkycamper

            I’ve read my two posts here several times trying to find a spoiler.  Nope, don’t see any.  I’m unclear on why you posted that in response to my post.  

          • We edited the spoilers out of your posts. That’s why it says “Edited by a moderator” underneath them.

          • funkycamper

            Oh, didn’t notice that.  I don’t recall what I even said but I’ll watch it better from now on.

          • CarolinLA

            I think it’s admirable that you think Carl is redeemable.  I mean, for Christ’s sake, look at the gene pool he comes from.  

          • funkycamper

            Touche.  It kinda gets in the nature-or-nurture debate, doesn’t it?  LOL

          • ChiliP

            By group morale, I just meant that some of the people were, at the time, pretty close to suicide (Andrea). The revelation that they were already infected probably would have pushed her over the edge.

            Agreed on everything else though. Why, why WHY was Rick driving around for an hour (yes it was that long) with the gas light on? Why not tell everyone that they needed to find some shelter for the night once he realized he was almost out of gas? Come on, writers.

          • funkycamper

            There were at least a couple of weeks, if not more (the timeline is hard to figure out), that Andrea was no longer suicidal and there was plenty of time to share this info.  Even if Rick said it was just speculation.  In the scheme of the big world we live in at this time, I can understand the president, VP, Secretary of State, yada yada not sharing everything they know with the rest of the world because, for the most part, there is nothing we can do about it anyway and knowing wouldn’t change our behavior.  But in this smaller group, survival situation, every bit of knowledge or speculation might directly impact me, my behavior, and, ultimately, my life and those around me.  It’s ridiculous that this information wasn’t shared.  Agree to disagree on this.

          • ChiliP

            Just like any piece of erroneous knowledge or speculation can have similar effects on our behavior. You don’t know for sure how that information might have affected the group (or how it will affect them going forward). I think we’re on the same page about how we would have handled the situation and why we would have wanted to know, but my underlying point is that I understand the opposing side of the argument. I agree most with what Shannon Stewart said- Rick should have warned the group to be cautious with the bodies, without having to reveal that they were all infected. Seems like all parties would have been satisfied by that solution.

          • Group morale is an issue, if they’re looking for an actual plan beyond survival.  Yeah, everything has gone to shit, but if they’re going to rebuild, they need a reason to hold on.  Telling them they’re all infected is sort of the opposite.

          • funkycamper

            We’ll have to agree to disagree.  Knowing that I would turn into a zombie no matter how I died would not diminish my will to live in the least bit.  

  • Pcuad

    It is not certain what will happen with this child. What is certain is they all carry this disease that reanimates them after death. The question is whether the mother’s placenta and the filtering that happens will produce a baby that disease free and will not reanimate and thus repopulate the world with a resistant human race. Or, if a zombie baby is produced, then it is the end for everyone and we’ll just have to coexist with humans and non-humans, where one relative seeks to devour the other…which is basically what we have now. 

    • ( Spoiler-ish)   You are giving the baby situation WAY more thought than the graphic novels gave it.  Only time will tell what the show does.

      And then there”s that helicopter- which is NOT in the novels.

      • Right? It seems like the helicopter led Rick TOWARD the giant masses of walkers when he first arrived in Atlanta, and then it led the walkers out of the city to the woods/farm…what is going ON? (Yes, I’m a year behind! Just finished Season 2.)

  • I am SO glad that this show finally got back on track in the last couple of episodes. I feel like they had a half-season worth of story but wanted to do a full season with it, so they did a whole lot of filler. Blech. They really need to stop having people do stupid things all the time, too *cough*Lori*cough* because my husband and I stopped watching “Falling Skies” because we couldn’t stand idiotic characters anymore. The “Walking Dead” crew get a pass SOMETIMES because everybody does stupid things sometimes, but it was getting to the point where I could hardly stand watching. I’m glad there were FINALLY some repercussions of their stupidity in the last couple episodes.

    I was a little disappointed when Darryl swooped in and saved Carol, because I would have been OK with her getting eaten, but it ended up working out well because Andrea apparently has now met up with the badass all my friends who have read the graphic novels keep talking about. (I haven’t read the books … yet!) If Andrea would have died I would have been SUPER pissed … even though she’s sort of crazy, she’s also a woman who isn’t mousy or hysterical or completely stupid.

    • Jay Taylor

      What troubles me more than the characters doing stupid things is that the writers don’t seem to realize such.

      • BigShamu

        Or they do and don’t care.

  • ShivaDiva

    Pretty great episode.  It makes perfect sense that Rick was pushed over the edge by all the wild histrionics of others from the past season.  Almost makes the earlier WTF moments worth it!  And I have to give them props for reintroducing the helicopter, which I’d thought they’d forgotten about, as a catalyst that helped bring the herd together.  And I suspect it also ties in with an upcoming event.  Well done.

    Lori is a psycho.  And I thought it was hilarious that no one bothered to go after Andrea.  I wouldn’t either!  But with the addition of Michonne, they have a chance to straighten out some of the gender politics.  Looking forward to Season Three!

  • CarolinLA

    I wanted T-Dog to push Lori out of the car and yell “Come and get her!”  At least he would have some dialogue…

    • jeeplibby02

      Didn’t you love Lori demanding that T-Dog pull over and “let US out”?  I don’t recall hearing Beth (Is that her name?) say that she wanted to go back, did you?  In fact, I don’t recall her say anything at all, but that didn’t deter that self-centered, entitled, overbearing bitch, Lori, from imposing her will in a situation that could have turned out differently and gotten T-Dog and a traumatized teenager killed.

  • Zippypie

    With the exception of the continued drecky writing for Lori and Carole, SOOO much more like The Walking Dead in season 1 where the tension of an possible attack was always lurking and no one was safe.  That’s what this show is and should embrace, not the bullshit of the sanctuary of the farm.  If the swamps were what was keeping the farm safe, the fact that they were drying up (which it sure didn’t look like they were drying up 2 episodes ago when Carl was taunting the zombie in the mud) should have been a part of the story, not an offhand comment.  It’s the UNKNOWN that is scary in this show and the more the show has to do with the unknown, the better it gets.

    But I digress.  I’m glad Rick finally lost it.  About time.  Ricktatorship.  The group’s reaction was priceless – with Darryl and Herschel understanding and supporting it’s about time and rest of the mealy mouthed let’s discuss every issue ad nauseum group freaking out, yet not leaving because they have no choice.  Awesome.  And so what if he kept the Jenner secret?  He wanted proof and fault him or not, I don’t blame him for wanting proof.  Jenner tried to kill them all.  I wouldn’t take the word of a person who attempted to murder me as gospel.

    Lori – Jesus on a breadstick.  She is so inconsistent, so psychotic in her actions, that the lame explanation on The Talking Dead that she was horrified at her own contribution to the situation with Shane just DID NOT READ AT ALL.  A friend remarked to me “Can she do anything but scream and yell and make bug eyes?”  No.  She can’t.  I haven’t read the novels so I don’t know what happens next, but PLEAAAAAAASE! Let her go zombie or bust!  SHE is the reason Shane is dead.  If she’s going to guilt out about it, let her guilt out about it, not blame Rick.

    And writers, please get your heads out of your ass with the female characters.  You’ve got Maggie and Andrea going well now (the past two eps, Andrea has been actually more believable) and now the new badass character.  Get on it with Carole, Beth (if you’re going to keep her around) and especially Lori, though because she’s been all over the map, I don’t see how you could write your way out of her bitchy craziness except by making her zombie fodder.  Women are not just warriors OR nurturing.  They can be both in very positive ways – figure it out!

    • BigShamu

      This is why I don’t like the after episode talk shows.  It allows the writers, producers and directors to be sloppy.  We’ll just reveal the facts, backstory and motivations on Talking Dead.  Like Lori’s reaction to Rick’s confession. 

      • Zippypie

        Agreed. I’m sure that Lori’s reaction to Rick got a lot of tweets/emails etc. that they made sure Mazzara and Kirkman answered the ambiguity in the after show.  A bunch of bullshitting if you ask me.  Sometimes when I hear these guys babbling like they did with this Lori thing, I think that they’re too much in love with their creation to step back and see the problematic issues.  The problem wasn’t just Frank Darabont, who, don’t forget, created the whole damn show in the first place.

        •  Darabont created the show but Kirkman is the creator of the source material.

  • CarolinLA

    I wish they’d cast an actor better than Andrew Lincoln as Rick.  That scene where he tells Lori about Shane was a master class in “mood” acting on both his part and hers.  Her recoiling at the story was so fucking stupid and came out of bad writing instead of being true to the character.  And that fucking Carl!  Rick lets Carl walk off in a snit in the middle of the highway!!???  Which could have zombies hidden anywhere?!  He should shoot himself for having such idiotic parents.  

    • LANDRU3000

      In his longer pieces of dialog, Rick is starting to sound like someone doing a John Wayne impression.

  • CarolinLA

    Pet peeve:  only in movie and TV dialogue do I hear anyone refer to their son as “my boy”.  How many times last night did we hear Lori say “I have to find my boy!”  None of my friends with sons refer to their progeny that way.  And that includes my friends from the South.

    • k op

       In the South, “my boy” or “my girl” refers to very young children or to older children in a humorous way.  One might refer to ones child as “my girl” in a nostalgic way, as they grow up, but the reference is to  earliest childhood.

        It’s sort of like the term “little man”.  Could you imagine Lori running around hysterically screaming “Where’s my little man?!!!”  Or how about “Where’s my baby?!!!!”  No.  This just shows out how badly the writers mangle dialect at this point, as well as the character of Lori over all.

    • I call my sons “my boy” all the time.  Though not in that fashion.

    • turtleemily

       Michael on Lost referred to Walt as “my boy” a lot, IIRC. Maybe writers think it sounds more dramatic?

  • CarolinLA

    I thought the reveal of the fact that they are all infected was too underplayed.  No one in the group responded with the most realistic of reactions:  “Oh my God, I’M infected?!”  Instead it was just condemnation of Rick for keeping the secret.  

  • CarolinLA

    Since zombies are attracted to noise, wouldn’t it be prudent to drive Prius’s?  First of all, they are the quietest cars on the road and they take less gas.  

  • Paigealicious

    Rick knew they were all infected and still gave Lori shit for not wanting to keep the baby? Oh, helll naw.

    • turtleemily

      Maybe he didn’t want to deal with a zombie!aborted embryo. You’d think, with a pregnant wife, he’d be more concerned with the group having food and water.

  • My absolute favorite scene of the night was when they were all standing in the middle of the highway talking.  In the background, we see Argyle zombie start to come back and Daryl casually, while still talking, walks over, grabs his crossbow and kills it without breaking a sweat or losing his train of thought.  I LOVE Daryl Dixon so hard!

    • dress_up_doll

      I loved that scene as well and the fact that Argyle zombie wasn’t growling or sputtering. He was just quietly lumbering along approaching the entire group, not giving a damn that clearly he was outnumbered.

  • renad

    The world goes to hell in a zombie basket and what’s one of the first imperatives? The ability to defend oneself. Yet the writers are woefully ignorant of just about all kinds of weaponry. In this story EVERYONE is a dead-on shot, and from moving, bouncing vehicles no less? And why did it seem Herschel fired off about a million rounds before having to reload, fire sputtering from the barrel like something from an old timey Western, but with seemingly no recoil whatsoever? And when Darryl shot the zombie at the end of the show, WHY was his bow sight covered up? Sloppy, sloppy stuff.

    Still, I’m now newly psyched for next season, based solely on: 1. the appearance of armless zombie slave holder and 2. the fact that Rick finally came into his own. No more Mr. Nice Guy? I’m down with that. Give that annoying wife of yours a kick in her flat ass while you’re at it, too.

    I think the point of apocalyptic stories is not just to answer the question, “What would I do?” but also, “What would I allow to be done TO me?” Juicy questions, both, and I’m excited to see how season three handles them.

    • BigShamu

      Amen Sista.  I’m going to go out and shoot at some cans so I can be an expert at shooting things in the head out the window of a wildly swerving moving vehicle. ( I did see Herschel reach into his pocket for more shells.)

      • BookishBren

        I need to learn how to use a crossbow. 

    • i kept looking for a fifty round mag on herschels rifle…

      • BigShamu

        Oh man, can you imagine a zombie head explosion with a .50?  Like an overly ripe watermelon on a hot summer’s day.

  • What’s funny is I thought, as Shane was devolving into the crazy, that the stress of being the person responsible for keeping everyone alive undid him, but we never got to see him at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse and I thought it was a “weakness” in the writing that “good” Rick just assumed the mantle of “big man” after Shane did the hard work of creating their little community.

    So now I’m intrigued that they chose to go all Shakespearean and have Rick’s final act before he falls into madness be to metaphorically cut off Shane’s head so his can grow in its place.  We’ve now started taking Rick’s descent into the madness that we never saw Shane take.

    • BookishBren

      I think they hinted that perhaps Shane wasn’t a good guy to begin with when Shane told Rick he broke the neck of the guy who shot him back in episode 1. For me, that answered the question about Shane’s character or willingness to break the rules at the very least. 

      I was actually glad to see Rick lose it/devolve a little as the weight of everything got to him. I will be curious to see what they do with him next. 

  • G

    I hope that caped person w/ the armless dead (protectors?) will be memorable for tackling Lori … my god she is annoying.

  • sockandaphone

    that was such a good finale, and yes, like tlo, my hopes were like nonexistent by then. My brother read the comic books and he nearly lost it when that new character was introduced so that got me excited. Also it was all so suspenseful the entire time! And those 5 mins were chilling as hell. Im actually super excited for fall! Lori still sucks, screw you writers!

  • Richard Baker

    I like the show and I don’t like to bitch at the small shit but there really are some WTF moments in the finale, which I liked btw. First of all it seems like every one of the characters who happens to have a gun is a Marine Scout Sniper and just doesn’t know it. Glenn, Andrea, and even Daryl…. they never miss! It’s a single shot to the center of the forehead every single time! It doesn’t matter if the walker is 50 yards away or the shooter is riding shotgun in a rickety pickup on a decrepit country road. 9mm, Shotgun, Rifle, and even a crossbow. It’s nuts. The only guy who would have any skill with a gun would be Rick and even then he’d miss more than he does on the show. On the other hand it’s nice to finally have them off the farm and back out into the shit. I think the biggest hope for season three is the exploration of the dynamic of human on human violence and what I think would be the real danger of a post apocalyptic world: the  devolution of human beings into a state of anarchy and primeval survival vis a vis each other.

    • renad

      And wasn’t that a .38 Lori killed that zombie with, at, like, at least a good 100 feet? Come on writers, toss some dough at a couple gun nuts for accuracy’s sake, will ya?

      • BigShamu

        Maybe there will be some crossover from the folks at Top Shot and pop-ups to explain these facts.

        • renad

          I wonder if Colby Donaldson’s smile will remain just as Crest-bright in the ‘pocalypse? And Rick kills three zombies! Ooops, Darryl misses his four but then T Dog picks up the slack and hits them dead center with his 9mm.

  • BookishBren

    Okay, did anyone else yell “WHAT THE HELL, JIMMY?!!!” when durky dur dur pulls the RV up so Rick and Carol can jump on, leaves the window open pretty widely when driving into a zombie hoard, doesn’t have the door locked…..That is survival of the fittest in action, right there. 

    People who have read the graphic novels—-is Compendium 1 the place to start? If I buy, it seems to be the most cost efficient option. 

    •  Go with Compendium 1- it will give you the plot line which the show has (more or less) followed to this point, and will give you a foreshadowing of where the next season (or more) will go. Don’t worry about the novels being too much of a spoiler- there are a lot of differences, both in characters and story threads.

      • BookishBren

        Thanks!!! I have read the Charlaine Harris novels and watched True Blood without ever feeling like one spoiled the other because they are so different. I just wasn’t sure how closely the show follows the novels. Awesome! Thanks again!

    • turtleemily

      I thought it was odd how the last episode had Glenn and Andrea waxing nostalgic on the RV only to hand it over to Jimmy. And how was he driving that huge thing on uneven ground, with its crappy turning radius, AND shooting at zombies?

    • CarolinLA

      I’m picking up the Compendium 1 from my library tomorrow.  That’s pretty cost efficient.

      • BookishBren

        You are fortunate. It is staying checkout out at all of the local libraries here and there is a decent sized waiting list.

  • glennethph


  • cornpicker73

    Hooray, what an awesome finale! My heart was pounding, the hour flew by. Great zombie action! Great way to drive them off the farm with only the clothes on their backs. A little neat that everyone showed at the rendezvous point, but ok. Also agree it is annoying that they didn’t have an escape plan / got too complacent. I thought it was funny that the zombies were distracted from their meal by the helicopter. Do they starve to death, ever? Seems like they just go into hibernation if they aren’t eating (ie, soldier in tank in pilot). I was bummed Andrea was left behind– agree it was too soon to lose another core character– but so intriguing when the ninja with the armless pets showed up. Yes, plenty of dipshit moments, but still great overall. Can’t wait til Fall!

    •  Do you watch Being Human?  Did you know tank zombie is Sam Witwer?  Apparently, Frank Darabont wanted to do a whole episode around the back story of that zombie but it never happened.

      • cornpicker73

        No, and no. Sounds like an interesting idea!

  • jpd3

    According to “The Talking Dead” – the building in the last scene is a prison

  • tworabbitshow

    I for one welcome this new Ricktatorship.

    And Carol needs to shut her mouth. If your greatest skills in the post-apocalypse include whining and laundry-hanging, you have no business giving direction to people who actually know what they’re doing.

    I was thoroughly pleased to see Daryl’s look of digust at her when he said “What do you want?”. I only wish he’d left her sad-sack ass behind.

  • Hissy_Fit

    On “Talking Dead” they said it was so cold outside during filming of the barn scene that the zombies’ breath was visible, and it had to be digitally edited out because “zombies don’t breathe.” Really? Since they require energy to walk, eat, moan, etc., I would think they have a metabolism and therefore need to breathe. But if they are just walking automatons without normal human functions, what happens to the “food” they eat? I don’t even want to think about what might come out the other end.

    • BigShamu

      Yes.  They spent a ton of money digitally editing out zombie hot breathe but leave gaping plot and character holes running rampant throughout the series.

  • “They spent their entire time on that farm arguing, but never doing anything to prepare for the inevitable day when their oasis would be challenged.”

    THIS. Since the only character I give the remotest rat’s ass about is Daryl (and i knew they’d never kill him off), I didn’t care what happened to any of them. Since I am so uninvested, it left me free to ponder how VERY. STUPID. THEY. ARE.

    No contingency plan? No secondary location? No meetup spots? No hidden caches of food/weapons? No NOTHING? And you were there fore how long??

    From everyone’s reaction (save Daryl), you’d think it was the first time they’d ever laid eyes on some zombie carnage. Every person on that farm had seen what they were up against; but from the shrieking mess they all turned ino, you’d never have known it. GIVE ME A BREAK. I just can’t drum up any sympathy. None. I’m not sure if I’ll watch when it comes back. I just can’t ge past the the overwhelming lack of planning.

    Sorry, but I cannot believe that in the face of absolute survival, anyone would give time or energy to the soap-opera dreck these people cannot seem to stop spewing. Keep yourselves alive is Job 1. And there are no otehr jobs. So none of the rest MATTERS.

    • funkycamper

      I know!  I still like the show but, man, the lack of planning drives me crazy.  We have bins of easily accessible emergency supplies at home, emergency packs in our cars, rendezvous points for if the house burns down and we all get out different ways, the number of a relative who lives out of state as our emergency contact in case a wide-spread event occurs, yada yada.  Basic stuff we’ve all been taught to do for emergency preparedness.  I can’t believe that absolutely none of these people even think of those things.  (Not counting, of course, the too little, too late actions last week of getting provisions in the house.  But no one thought of the cars?

      In the first days, even the first week or so, of the ZA, I could see not doing all that due to shock and being in panic modebut, since then, at least while on the farm, they’ve had ample time to pull it together.  They even had down-time back at their first camp to start doing that.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that this show is like George Constanza in that, whatever instinct he has is wrong so so doing the opposite is right.  In other words, the show is a good lesson in what not to do.

  • turtleemily

    the writers still couldn’t find a way to not make Lori look like an unreasonable bitch.

    When she got all nauseated over hearing Carl had killed zombie!Shane, I yelled, “MAYBE YOU SHOULD’VE KEPT YOUR EYE ON HIM BETTER!” Maybe she’ll actually be an attentive parent now.

  • The scene with Andrea was actually pretty good and I felt bad for her since I would definitely also be the person who somehow no one managed to pick up. I liked the weirdly comical nature of the scene where everyone is just trying to find people or get picked up or get out. Though seriously, Lori is really, really bad at watching Carl considering they live in a zombie apocalypse and he keeps wandering away.

  • I hope that someone starts homeschool Carl in S3. How about Lori?

  • Mariah J

    The show is FINALLY back on track…and of course now we have to wait 2305395784 years to see S3. 🙁

  • I watched the last 15 minutes of last week’s show again before this week and it still gave me chills and answered a lot of questions I had concerning the Shane/Rick showdown. I loved this week’s show. I, too, was holding my breath. However, Lori talking about “not without my boy” had me thinking she was channeling Little House on the Prairie. The way she turned on Rick was horrible. I think she did it because Carl shot Shane not because Rick killed Shane. I think she saw this as the final move away from the pre-apocalyptic life. Carl is no longer innocent, if he ever was. He has killed someone. But I don’t want you to think I’m sticking up for Lori. I spent most of the episode yelling “Kill the bitch.” 

  • >  if he’d just been allowed to be the dictator he thinks he should be, things would’ve gone a lot smoother.

    Ok, except wasn’t that another HUGE inconsistency?  Wasn’t Rick the one pushing back against Shane’s cold, harsh reality approach to the post-apocalypse?  So it makes little sense that Rick would assume the same approach a few minutes after putting an end to the guy looking to assume command of the group by force.

    As for stupid decisions by the characters, the writing just seems lazy.  Rick starts a fire in the barn, when his plan is to get into its loft — with his son — with no plan for escape or rescue. Why not just take the gasoline with you into the loft, and break the ladder? Use the gasoline as a last resort, or to burn the barn down, with walkers trapped inside, once help arrives.

    And what was with all the taunting of the walkers before Rick made his ascent into the loft?  I wasn’t aware that the walkers needed any particular convincing that live flesh was a tasty snack.  That was just ridiculous.

    And how nonsensical was all the driving around in the field shooting at walkers?  In reality, very few of those shots would have connected, given the effects the terrain would have had on the vehicles.  The more likely outcome would have been friendly fire, collisions with each other, or someone falling out of a vehicle.  Why not just pick a single vehicle, stereo blasting, with a driver and a single shotgun passenger, and drive at a rate marginally faster than the walkers to draw them away from the farm?

    Generally, the writing is exceedingly lazy/sloppy, with seemingly little respect for the audience.

  • SVLynn

    I’d love to know if the writers know how much the viewers loathe Lori? How many times has she lost Carl? I haven’t read the comics, but if the baby survives, as soon as it can crawl it’s a goner as Lori will be running around screaming where’s the baby, he was just here a minute ago as he crawls off into the woods. Agree with all, there was no meeting point, they all just assumed it was the highway, and then they don’t at least search the cars for supplies??? They wouldn’t survive an episode of Survivor, let alone a day in zombie land. Darryl needs to run the group, then they’d have a chance. Cannot wait to see who is under that hood, that was like the old days of a LOST finale!

    • dickylarue

      I actually think the writers believe they are doing a fantastic job with her making her performance very layered and interesting. They’re completely wrong by the way. Her character, out of all them, is the one that causes the viewer to have to try to fill in the blanks since there is no set up and pay off used with her. The show creators said she acted the way she did when Rick told her because the shock of her words leading to the stand off and Shane’s death was too much for her to take. That wasn’t what I saw in her performance. I saw her act like Rick is a monster and I miss Shane. The reason for that was last episode, completely out of the blue, she goes to Shane and talks to him like there’s still a chance. If the writers want to fix this, then make her completely bi-polar going forward and disturbed. When they get into another group of survivors have her trade up from Rick to whoever the alpha is in that group. What they’ve done to her character is a mess. The only explanation they can have to justify her actions/reactions this past season is she’s crazy and inconsistent. The performance the actress gave in the finale gave me no indication that she thought she had Shane’s blood on her hands and she all of sudden realized it in that moment. That moment read, “Rick’s a monster” to me loud and clear. That’s not what the writers intended from all accounts.

      • SVLynn

        That is interesting how that scene was meant to be played out, I got the same out of it as you, and that is so far off than what they intended! Maybe it is just bad acting, wow!

  • westmo

    I was halfway willing to overlook them not being able to hear one walker but they can’t hear a herd? It’s just so damned contrived for the plot that they can’t hear anything unless they are looking right at it and I guess the zombie infection has detoriorated their peripheral vision. I was bowled over laughing at Laundry, I mean Lori’s hysteria over Carl, the time for that was 3 or 4 episodes ago. The “why can’t he listen for once?” why should carl listen to you at all ever? He doesn’t seem to me to have any connection to Lori except for when he wants to boohoo about something into her bosom. I’m hoping next season’s setting will alleviate the wander issue, at least they have the ability to actually lock him in somewhere. I’m all for a Ricktatorship, anything to corral these soft skulled idiots in line and if they don’t like it, there’s plenty of woods to explore. Andrew Lincoln either needs some remedial acting, better direction or a visit to a chiropracter, I am so over the cocked neck, side body posture thing he does every time he talks to anyone. It’s a nitpick I’m sure but it’s so distracting and doesn’t add anything to what he’s saying. I don’t know, I guess that in a world overrun by
    dead things, it would be a slightly better place without the Grimes
    family. T-Dog (someone at least ask his name next season, Laundry straight up shouted “DOG, GO!” during the getaway and there’s just no goddamned excuse for that shit anymore), the lone voice of reason should have let her jump out and break her leg then go back. And Maggie’s sister has a real clingy problem so please let her be the first to die, I mean literally before the first commercial break of next season’s premier. I hated so much about this season and honestly don’t have a lot of faith that they won’t mess up a beloved character but I know I’ll be right back next season.

    • turtleemily

      I am so over the cocked neck, side body posture thing he does every time he talks to anyone.

      I cringe when he gets Batman!voice.


    I was intrigued by the big compound/fort that is seen at the pull back at the very end.  Army base they were headed to?? Or something more sinister!  mwahahahah! 

    And Carl’s innocence has been gone for a while!  Watching Sophia-zombie get shot, throwing rocks at the stuck walker, and encouraging his dad to kill Randall with that creepy expression on his face.  Ick!  I know he’s been exposed to alot, but that boy ain’t right!! 

  • BigShamu

    You know one of the reasons I had high hopes for Walking Dead was that it was an AMC program.  I was hoping for a quality, well written production much like Mad Men or Breaking Bad.  Watching Mad Men last night made me realize that the post apocalypse world I was hoping to see with fully developed, consistent characters and motivations is never going to happen.  Putting most of your money into zombie gore doesn’t really make me care about the cardboard non-zombie characters.  Pity.

  • DZV

    I agree with almost everything everyone has to say here.  I got totally hooked on the first season and I had to force myself to watch season 2.  The last few episodes were pretty good, but I’m afraid they’re going to botch the third season up too.
    Why the heck wasn’t anyone prepared?  Keep gas in the cars, food, and so on?  Yes, why would you waste your time buzzing around the farm killing zombies?  Those shots would be impossible.  Get the heck out and go!  When Rick and Carl are walking back after thethe Shan

  • Hi from the UK where season 2 just finished last night and a big sigh of relief from me!  During most of this season I would have preferred to watch re-runs of Sons of Anarchy or of the Peta Wilson version of La Femme Nikita!  If nothing else to be able to see and hear a 21st century woman!  My major disappointment of the finale is that Lori did not get eaten!  That would have been fine with me because of the two worse characters during this season to me were her and Dale!  Talk about pathetic whining and inconsistency!  Lori is worse than a damsel in distress playing off two male best friends in a lousey reality tv high school drama.

    And if the 3rd season does not improve on making female characters a bit more realistic and 21st century liberated and braver then I think I will go back to my old dvds and re runs!

  • I adore Daryl and see me riding off on a Harley with him!!!  LOL and I approve of Glenn who is well, sweet and even Herscel–rminder of old school Dad’s but mine never whould have given Glenn the watch!  Anyhow, doesn’t the show have to keep Glenn and T Dog to fulfill the USA racial quotas or profiling?  Seriously now, maybe they will find a Mexican or a Cuban in the prison next season!!  I am not trying to be racist but remember we are over here in Europe and only get to see the racially balanced shows and all American fatties and violence.  My very first reality show experience was Jerry Sppringer—so maybe some writers and directors should remember that USA shows are seen world wide and give us out here this reeally warped view of life in USA.  But then again if you watched the Olympics opening show you would be under the totally wrong impression that the NHS (National Health Service) here in UK actually works!!

  • Please remember that in UK the finale showed on Monday and Tuesday nights–a BBC excuse for making us pay for a TV license every year is to give us 2 or 3 opportunities during a week to see the ending.  However, I do agree that collectively the authors could have picked a group (other than Daryl and the newer Andrea) that had better survival instincts and at least some common sense.  Marsh or no marsh they had an entire steamy Georgia summer to stockpile supplies and fortify the house better.  And I have never been on a private small farm that does not have equivalent of a root cellar for drying and storing provisions for the winter—remember on the farm there were experiencedd farm types not just big city survivors.  And I thought states like Georgia were filled with those “survivalist” groups who practice living off the land and setting up small fortified areas?  I think the rude descritpion is that they are behaving like a buch of uneducated and weak spineless individuals–with some real lunies—“Georgia crackers” is what one of my  NYC friends here called them.  Years and year ago I watched the original version of The Night of the Living Dead with my brother and his girllfriend and my boyfriend.  She and I were terrified and I slept with the lights on and a kitchen knife for days afterwards.  I do not have any sense of real terror from this second season and that is a shame on the writers and directors!  Or maybe in the interim I and the rest of the world have seen such horrible things perpetuated by the living against the living that I just don’t get as terrified anymore.  Hope they get some better writing and directing for season 3 and kill off Lori in a truly ALIEN baby manner or I really am going back to my old DVDs!  And did anyone else recognize that the actual arch and falling timbers of the barn burning scene was exactly done same way as an old Nazi war movie when the townspeople were rounded up and locked in the barn and burned alive???  Really, same special effects —too eery.

  • I’m just so glad a woman in the series picked up a gun and started doing something besides crying into her laundry basket all day and not watching her kids (you have ONE JOB). Screw all of them for leaving Andrea behind. I hope she goes total bad-ass; she certainly showed herself worthy, fighting nonstop until the sun came up.

    And, yes, I’m a year behind and no one is reading this. I feel like Rick talking into that stupid walkie talkie.

    • Alana

      I read you! Just finished Seasons One and Two last night (after about a week of straight watching) and had to come and get a sanity fix. Hooray for TLO’s commentary–and everyone’s comments.

      One thing I have noticed–especially in Season One, was the “mirror” effect. It was absolutely no surprise to me that once Rick got rid of Shane and the viewpoints he expressed–that he would turn around and begin to hold those views. (What was Shane’s main gripe about Rick? That he was always leaving–and leaving the group vulnerable by it. What is the first thing Rick says? “No one’s leaving the group.”)

      What happens to RV guy right after he says he can’t live in a world without democracy and the rule of law (such as they can manage)? He dies, and boom, you know it is only a matter of time before it is a “Ricktatorship.” (Brilliant term!) Admittedly, Season 1 was full of these mirror moments a lot more than Season 2.

      Oh–and thier stupidity? Yeah, it’s frustrating–but you know there are a lot of stupid people in the world, and I bet some would survive (somehow). It does make for a strange experience as someone watching a story unfold about a group of characters. We just don’t expect the stupid to survive–especially in our (smart, cunning, sexy) hero-oriented culture. The only one we’ve seen who was truly “prepared” was nasty Ed. (see the side of the road scene on their way to the refugee centre in Atlanta where he denies food to Carl and Carole slips it to him.)

      Looking forward to Season 3–especially as TLO has a commentary every episode. Thanks guys.