Smash: The Coup

Posted on March 27, 2012

Sometimes we long for the early days of serialized drama on the radio and TV. Not because we have an aversion to HD television but because sometimes, after watching a bloated, go-nowhere episode like this one, where all the most interesting things happened in the last 10 minutes, we find ourselves thinking the old fifteen-minutes-per-episode format worked better than what we have now.

We’ll take:

Derek and Tom’s rather illuminating argument.

Oh, Geez. That was supposed to be a list of the scenes we liked. Turns out? We didn’t like almost all of them!

Dev’s career? Don’t care! Julia’s son’s minor infraction? Don’t care! Eileen’s daughter’s saintliness and predilection for lecturing people? REALLY don’t care!

It’s amazing how much this show about a musical theater production is so determined to be about anything but a musical theater production. Who knows? Maybe all of the dreck we had to wade through last night will pay off somewhere down the line but we kind of doubt it. Unless you define “pay off” as “more scenes with Julia’s family.”

Derek and Eileen’s plan was a stupid one from the get-go, but the one thing it managed (aside from straining credulity with the idea that Anjelica Huston produced Meryl Streep’s daughter from her loins) was that it got Tom and Derek to have an argument that should, if the writers know what they’re doing, get to the heart of the tension in the story. Personally, we were fascinated by what Derek was saying; that Tom’s sanitized and relatively sexless take on Marilyn was coming from his gay male perspective when so much of what made Marilyn an icon arose out of the straight male point of view she spent her career courting. You could wring a ton of drama out of that very idea, with both creators making their point through musical numbers. Chances are, it’ll never get as much attention as Julia’s mouthbreathing son or Ellis and his UTTERLY POINTLESS schemes which anyone with a brain stem should be able to see right through and wave off as the delusions of a poser.

At least we got an Ivy/Karen confrontation out of it, which — oh, wait. There have been about five Ivy/Karen confrontations already. Since they’re all essentially the same dialogue, you can forgive us for getting confused. But this one was outside! Near the docks! And Ivy wasn’t medicated!

But poor Ivy’s out (and credit where it’s due: that was a nicely played scene between her and Tom). How did Karen singing an incredibly lame song wrapped in a sheet get the producers to fire Ivy? Well…just because. Because they’d spent the previous 40 minutes dicking around on a sub plot that went nowhere and they had to something to move the story forward, even if nothing in those first 40 minutes seemed to have much to do with anything that happened in the last ten.

We’re still vaguely optimistic about the show, but we’ll chalk this one up to a need to move the figures around the board, with the plot suffering from it. Of course, no one really moved around the board that much, but like we said, we’re trying to remain upbeat.

Just never make us watch anything as lame as that “Bowl to the Music” number again.

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  • Martova

    Terrible episode. I can’t watch anymore. 

    • nellcote

      I’m hanging in until they realize they need to cast McFee as Norma Jean and Ivy as Marilyn.  The old alter ego trope.  Or at least until Angela Houston finds a way to torture Ellis.

      • TaurusKW

        I agree.  I think they should combine the ideas.  Create a musical the contrasts two worlds – the historical Marilyn (Ivy) vs a modern, “what if” Maryilyn (Karen).  This is going to sound trite, but it would be an interesting way to explore the same ideas that Lady Gaga evokes in “paparazzi,” the way that the costs of fame simply evolve over time as media develops.  I want to watch THAT show, just as I’d like to see that musical.

  • StelledelMare

    Easily the worst episode thus far. I just kept remembering sitting through the whole thing thinking “Is something going to happen or not?”

  • NinaBoo

    I was done with it after the “no means yes” rape scene.

    • tignor

       YES! to this. I finally got around to watching it and was amazed that either they had no idea that whole thing came across as a gang rape that ends up impersonating the woman or, worse, that is what they were going with? I couldn’t decide, but I was highly uncomfortable with that. I mean, maybe that’s what they wanted, and I realize that Marilyn’s life was no bed of roses, but they really need to watch scenes like this. It glamorized rape, whether they intended to or not. I’m a huge Broadway fan so I can’t stop watching, but if it goes into 2 Broke Girls territory, where women are constantly making fun of themselves just for being women, I am not sure I can take it.

  • GenXcellent

    I didn’t hate the episode, but I didn’t understand why Derek and Eileen’s plan was such a betrayal…or why it had to be secret…or why Karen was so wrong to take to work and do the song…or why once they all saw that train wreck production on the bed with the sheet, anyone was still threatened.

    But really, I think I’m just watching for Derek…

    • Malice Grant

      “But really, I think I’m just watching for Derek…”
      Amen. Except he makes me dislike Ivy that much more because she totally fell for his “show up, apologize, get action” routine that made me want to slap her, and not him. I’m such a misogynist sometimes.

      • GenXcellent

        Oh, I’d have gladly fallen for that. 😉

    • Terence Ng

      Me too. I thought it was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Show your creative team some radically different ideas. They might have understood or taken a liking to it or been inspired by it or hated it. They acted like they had re-written the entire show without them on opening night. If I was supposed to agree with Tom and Julia (which, by indication of Mahatma Katie, I was supposed to believe it was one of the shadiest, evil things someone can do in theater), I certainly couldn’t see past their enormous egos.

      • Agreed. I spent the last half of the show trying to figure out why it was such a betrayal. They didn’t fire them, they didn’t harm their reputations, they just showed them an alternative approach. and frankly i think derek had a point. ignoring the sex in marilyn doesn’t make for a good story.

    • exactly. 

    • Rroxy

      Oh, good. I didn’t see anything wrong with it either (aside from the totally smarmy bedsheet thing), since Derek CALLED THEM OVER TO SEE THE BLOODY NUMBER! Hardly the work of a devious monster. And I kind of agree with him about Tom’s Marilyn being a gay man’s icon instead of a flesh and blood woman. I don’t love most of the Di Maggio numbers. And I think Karen would make a much better Marilyn than Ivy, who just tries to imitate her instead of creating a new Marilyn for the play. Derek is my favority character. And for once, Ivy didn’t smile like a moron, whatever happened to her. About time!

  • lisaepc

    Too true what a nowhere episode. One thing more to add to your list of annoying things never to be repeated…NO MORE SCENES WITH ELLIS IN BED WITH ANYONE! That was truly crenching and absolutely not believable.


      • JosephLamour

        Why has no one but the character in the show with the least sense shown that they dislike that (seemingly closeted) Ellis guy? HE IS THE WORST.

    • I remember when TLO said a few weeks back they weren’t surprised he was straight, and I realized that I’d read him as gay and completely the ignored the scenes with his gf. like, i saw him kiss her and it NEVER dawned on me that this was supposed to show us that he wasn’t gay.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

        Between Derek, Ellis, and Eileen’s ex, it seems like the writers are making a weird point that all heterosexual men in theater are eeeeeeeeevil.

        • hmmm. i could see that. but i don’t read Derek as evil just mean, focused and entitled.

      • lisaepc

        I still don’t believe he is straight. He is just so painful to watch…annnd Ellis looks like he is wearing Cover Girl Flawless make-up

        • RIGHT?!!??! his face is flawless.

  • MilaXX

    This show is losing me fast. Dev the boyfriend is so dull, half the time I can’t even remember his name. Katherine McPhee, for all her singing ability is B.O.R.I.N.G. and still one of the better things about the show, yet we get a little of her and Megan singing as possible.  Not sure how long I’ll be sticking with this.

    • Marc Naimark

      “Dev the boyfriend is so dull” but he looks good in a nicely fitted dress shirt.

  • What the heck was that Glee-esque sing-and-bowl sequence about?!? Seriously, you boys said it best when you said this show was a RESPONSE to Glee, and tried to be everything Glee wasn’t; it’s about the WORK behind the music, not music as icing on top of shitty drama. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s veering off course.

    • Terence Ng

      I saw it and immediately feared they were going to launch into “Score Tonight” from Grease 2.

      • lordandtaylor

        Oh my gosh…you hit the nail right on the head. Grease 2…such a classic.

      • I did not fear. I hoped. But I was disappointed. 

  • Annie Leung

    I haven’t actually yelled at a television screen in a while but last night’s episode had my disgust with Ellis at its boiling point. Seriously, what is he getting out of all this? Does he really think he’s going to be able to waltz into the Broadway production business by pitting people in this production against each other until it falls apart? This even isn’t about getting back at Julia anymore, I have no idea what his motivations are other than to be a plot device.

    • Terence Ng

      All he needs is a finger pyramid of evil contemplation and more hand ringing to be perfectly cartoonish. He’s not even subtle about his listening in and digging. Anyone would have picked up on it. At least Katie, despite how annoying she was, and his girlfriend were the only ones to call him out on it, though his girlfriend totally just flopped over on her problem with it like a wet paper towel.

      • Annie Leung

        I just laughed at the fact that he showed up in that rehearsal space by the docks with a car for Eileen and Julia was the only one to question why he was there. I agree he needs to be more cartoonish, throw in one of the chairs from the Voice and he would be the perfect animated villain.

        • Terence Ng

          “How did he get here?”

          “Does that even matter right now?”

          “No, you’re right it doesn’t.” or “Uh, YEAH, it matters! WTF?!”

      • Browsery

        Is it the character or the actor? #HateEllis

        • Terence Ng

          The actor’s fine, kinda cute. The character is awful. I want him fired.

  • I agree completely. The show’s only interesting when it’s about the musical, the work. I feel like someone at the top has bought into the tired cliche that only family can provide emotional depth to characters. It’s my own bias, but I would love tv shows with nothing to do about families, while miraculously not being a procedurals. This used to happen right? I remember WKRP, News Radio, Northern Exposure, Seinfeld and Friends. Now, it seems like only Homeland is about adults at work, probably the reason I’m so attached to it.

    Back to Smash, I’m sticking with it for Derek. I adore him. It’s one of the best portrayals of the ugliness of competence, something unavoidable in real life, but rarely shown sympathetically.

    • Diane_Chambers

      Parks and Rec.  Not a baby or a little kid in sight, unless Leslie is leading a scout troupe.

      • Ah, noted. Thank you! That’s always been on my “get around to it” list.

        • Browsery

          It’s funny.  I avoided it for some time because I think it was created by the same people responsible for “The Office,” which I find unwatchable.  But it’s quite charming in its loopy little way.

        • Diane_Chambers

          I agree with Browsery, it’s a great show!  Don’t start watching with Season 1, though, it had some growing pains at first.  Season 2 onward is excellent.

  • JMB_edits

    When the “Bowl to the Music” scene came on I thought I’d accidentally switched the channel to an old episode of TV’s “Fame”.

    • I actually flipped back to the Drag Race aftershow when that popped up.

      • I too have now gone into skim-watching mode, not a good sign.

  • Yeah, last night was a dud for sure.  No memorable musical numbers out of that one.  Just ones I want to forget.  They should have revamped “Score Tonight” from grease 2 in the bowling alley.  Still love me some Derek, though!

  • Does anyone else find Julia’s husband icky? Granted, he REALLY looks like a high school science teacher. and, BTW, I could believe that Gummer nose could have come from Huston’s loins, but nothing else. They must have really wanted to use her, rather than find someone remotely similar looking to the parents. 

    • I loved  Brian D’Arcy in Next to Normal. I don’t know how they’re managing to bungle his appeal.

      • They’re bungling Debra Messing’s appeal, too, which is not easy either…

  • I just don’t get it. Who is writing this show? How do they not see how lame their product is? Even Glee didn’t insult our intelligence this egregiously so early in the game.

  • YolandaHawkins

    That was the worst episode so far.  My hopes are still high that at some point in time, the writers will remember the show is about musical theater and will start to focus on that.  Julia’s mouthbreathing son grinning when he overhears his parents playing Guitar Hero in their room – CREEPY!  I’m glad her lame affair is over, but I see more domestic drama on that front is coming our way.  Sigh…

  • Terence Ng

    I lol-d so hard during this episode, particularly when Julia complained about not receiving any calls after “putting your heart and soul into something”. Oh honey, was that in between taking days off to negotiate your emotional roller coaster of an affair? If Julia had actually been killing herself to make this work instead of crying and having sex and laughing and crying and taking days off to address her mascara running, I’d get her complaint. But seriously, girl didn’t bring her best and acted like she did.

    I also have no sympathy for Ivy. How does she have any moral high ground at all? She’s been nothing but a snotty diva since she spent her first 5 minutes as a non-chorus girl. I get she’s under pressure, but plenty of people strain under pressure without being irrational assholes to everyone around them and still get the job done well. Honestly, I think it’s her personality. Send her back to the chorus. Maybe she can learn to be less paranoid, less passive aggressive, and more humble.

    I actually feel bad for Karen and appreciate Derek a little, though his constant statements about “Let me tell you about Marilyn” border on creepy. Not that he needed to be alive to appreciate her in full, but he was probably 1 or 2 years old when she died. Everything else is him sounding off about her when he never lived in her era and I doubt he’s a biographer of Marilyn in his free time. Maybe I missed it though. Did they ever show why Derek is so obsessed with Marilyn? From how he talks about her, he should have a shrine to her in his apartment.

    Also, totally agree about the gay vs. straight male perspective on Marilyn.

    • lilibetp

      If Derek is the same age as Jack Davenport, Marilyn was dead for more than 10 years before he was born.

  • Wow, you are being so kind, more than I thought you would be, more generous than I’m feeling. 

    There was nothing I liked about this episode and I am not feeling optimistic about this show, and I’ve been pretty willing to let a lot of things skate. What they’re doing to the Angelica Huston character is a TV crime, the relationship between Ivy and Karen is ridiculously one dimensional, and even Derek is becoming a cartoon. The whole concept behind this episode was a joke. That musical number was appalling and it was not believable that Derek thought that would in any way fit into the show. I liked the conflict you mention here between Derek and Tom, but the crap about his dad and the NY Times critic ruined it for me, on top of the horrific acting by Tom.  Hard to blame the actor, though, when the writing is so appallingly bad. 

    Really a waste. There have been a few REALLY good episodes but the ratio is dwindling, and I am experiencing near The-Killing level of disappointment….

    • CozyCat

      Angelica Huston had about 5 seconds I liked in this episode (literally):  when she’s talking to Ellis in her new empty apartment, she does a perfect model stance and says:  “I like it empty!  So much space!”  Only part of the whole show I enjoyed.

      I cringed during the musical number, which seemed like an excuse to imply that Katherine MacPhee might occassionally get naked.  But like many others I don’t see why springing a new approach on the writers (after a less than completely sucessful workshop) was a betrayal.

  • SignLadyB

    Totally agree. And I had just finished watching the rerun of Mad Men so I was psyched for a great episode of Smash. Instead I sat there open mouthed as I watched the stupid bowling number. Trying to keep my eyes open during Julia and Michael’s conversation. Gagging during the Karen on the bed number. Groaning everytime Ellis appeared on screen.
    I’ll give this show one more shot then it’s going the way of Glee and Pan Am for me.

  • GorgeousThings

    Ellis’ Weasel-Boy lurking in corners is a trope used by writers who can’t seem to find logical ways to move the plot around.

    And what the HELL is with Eileen hiring Weasel-Boy, after threatening to ruin him and after her daughter catching him lurking about?

    But the Derek/Tom smackdown made the whole thing worth watching.

  • SneakyKitty

    I wasn’t sure anything could be worse than the Julia/whatshisname rape scene, but this was sure close.  The big musical number was ridiculous, and I had a hard time believing that Derek actually thought it was a good idea.  Ellis needs to be written out already, he couldn’t be a more transparent wannabe villain if he had a fluffy cat to stroke while voicing aloud his nefarious plans.  Ugh, whatever.  

  • I jumped ship last week; sounds like I made the right decision.

  • LuvLy01

    simply put: awful!

  • Not sure this is a good thing or not:“While the pilot of Smash was universally praised, there have been some qualms about the creative direction of the series — chronicling the creation of a Marilyn Monroe Broadway musical — which became increasingly soapy. Additionally,Smash, which started off big and broad, sometimes meandered into niche territory by focusing too much on the insider Broadway stuff over the human drama of the two singers, played by Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee, battling it out for the role of their career.”

  • Lilithcat

    I missed it.

    If Ivy’s out, so am I.

  • Elizabeth Mahon

    What this show needs is more Broadway and less soap.  HIre Roger Rees to play an Andrew Lloyd Webber type producer/composer to mix it up with Eileen. More Nick & Nora behind the scenes shenanigans. Actors who have some charisma.

    • lordandtaylor

      You may get what you wish for. Now that the producer’s want a “Name” to play the lead, the door is open for a whole a parade of actresses to be considered for the part. This most likely happen during sweeps week in late April/early May.

      • Terence Ng

        According to Wikipedia, Uma Thurman will play Rebeccah Duvall during a 5-ep arc, a famous actress who wants to play Marilyn.

        • lilibetp

          Was it filmed before she popped?  At this point, she looks about 5 months pregnant, and that’s at 6 feet tall.  Or is the character supposed to be pregnant?

    • CassandraMortmain

      Love this idea so much!  But then I’d watch Roger Rees do anything.

  • CassandraMortmain

    So boring.  And stupid, to boot.  They’ve got some potentially very interesting characters but they’re doing their best to make them ridiculous and unlikeable.  I’m so over Derek.  I know that it’s possible to be brilliant, creative and dedicated to your work without being an abusive  asshole.  (Okay, maybe it’s rare).  But he’s just become so unlikeable.  And I really can’t watch any scene between him and Ivy anymore.  I just wanted to shake her last night and say girl, just say no.  He is so using you in such a transparent way.  And I don’t really understand Derek’s jones for Karen since she is the most boring person on the planet.  How long can she milk her naive-I-just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck-from-Iowa schtick?  Apparently for quite a while.

    I so love Anjelica Huston but they really don’t know what they’re doing with her character.  The Streep daughter was so ridiculous in so many ways.  Don’t care about Julia’s son or Dev’s job (though I’m hoping he ditches Karen and takes up with the smart NYTimes reporter).  It looks like they’re planning to heap more humiliation on Ivy next week while giving Karen yet another plum.  Ugh.  May be bailing on this one soon. 

    • Browsery

      The NYT reporter is sleazy and way too involved in helping a potential source.  I didn’t buy that subplot at all.

  • lordandtaylor

    Oh me, Oh my. Did you ever watch a movie or TV show and feel embarassed for the actors. Case in point: the musical number in the bowling alley. How embarassing for all involved. It looked like a number from ZOOM or the Electric Company.
    Only reason to watch is how Derek is getting cuter and cuter with each episode. How do you do that messy – but great looking – hair trick. Can any of you teach me?

    • FunButNutz

      Hey I liked ZOOM! (But then again I was 8)

    • alula_auburn

      I was more embarrassed by poor Katherine McPhee wrapped up in a sheet in a cage while the so-called grown-ups were talking.  Seriously, that number was HORRID, in about every way. 

  • R. L.

    I am not patient with the boring scenes and am losing my ability to watch 50 minutes of dreck to see 10 minutes of good.  Sometimes I am ok if it is 10 min of FAB.  I can’t stand AH’s daughter.  I wish she, Dev, Julia’s family would all DIAF.  TV has gotten pretty damn boring lately.  

  • abigail3

    McPhee’s bed song was just unwatchable. She is so dull and when she’s trying to be sexy, yuck. But like other posters, I’m getting more hooked on Derek, why I don’t know. I’m still rooting for Ivy and hope some dopey plot twist will save her ass. I agree, I truly could do without the family members. Let’s focus on the show, people! And now I just read that another season of the show was ordered so they better get their act together or no one will be watching!

  • granddelusion

    Eileen has a daughter?

    • Terence Ng

      Yes. And she’s off to count salmon in Alaska.

      •  Salmon. REALLY? dumb dumb dumb

      • Browsery

        With $3 million-plus her trust fund.  Indonesia yesterday, Alaska tomorrow.  The character was sweet, but ultimately she came off as a Trustafarian.

        • alula_auburn

          It was bad enough the first time they called her “Mahatma Karen.”  Twice actually crossed into GROSS for me.  

      • granddelusion

         Just as well. I’m done with her.

  • All that potential and such a dumb show. Can T & L take over? The creator is leaving:

  • Oh, I cringed at the bowling musical number… LAAAAAME. I also thought the “Touch Me” number was weird – I actually liked the song, but the faceless masked dancers creeped me out, and the song doesn’t fit in with the other numbers we’ve seen so far.

    Also, when will Ellis be out of the picture? He’s useless and an unnecessary distraction. 

  • Ugh.  I just skipped my way through most of the show.  I really hope they get it together.

  • Amy

    I’m guessing since the major plot is still getting the show to the stage which usually involves lots of rewrites/rehearsing of the SAME material by the SAME people (not exactly prime time tv entertainment)…they had to try to create new conflict and bring in fresh faces. That said, my theory is the Ivy replacement eventually goes nowhere and gets cut and we will circle back to “is it Ivy or Karen playing the lead?”

    And if this theory that getting a broadway show off the ground requires star power (evidenced in real like by so many big screen stars doing broadway??) then why not get the MALE lead to be a star? Hugh Jackman or Daniel Radcliff anyone? 🙂

  • FunButNutz

    I think Angelica Huston’s daughter now has a new reason to run away to Micronesia….

  • CQAussie

    This was the one thought I had repeatedly thru out the episode:  This show is getting annoying.  

    I just can’t care about the characters that much now.  And the Ellis story line is working my last nerve.  How Eileen hasn’t told that weasel to bugger off by now is beyond me.  Because he brought her to the bar with the cute bar tender?  PUH-lease.  Everyone else……if I roll my eyes one more time, I will give myself a stroke.  Ivy was incredibly dickish, Karen unbelievably naive, Julia pathetic and Dev?  Yeah, he’s cute but come on, get over it, no one in politics has a conscience…..Dev’s saintliness is not even believable anymore.  They’re skating on thin ice with me, I’ll watch one or two more eps but if it continues this way, I gotta be out.  

  •  There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a
    time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as
    rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.

  • CarolinLA

    Loved Derek’s Dark Shadows coat.  And that was about it.

  • Marie Henri

    you guys may not agree but allow me to vent:
    -Indian Boyfriend vs the gov’t- get rid of it, who cares?! why would you even add that to a show about a musical? 
    -was Debra Messing’s son the same guy? he looked different to me but i don’t really pay enough attention but really who cares lame story there as well…are they trying to teach us a lesson here? kids don’t step on grass or smoke it?
    -Did it creep anyone else out that Ellis was sitting on the bed legs WIDE OPEN… gross
    -The bed song/scene was… i don’t have words… it in no way reminded me of Marilyn and wasn’t the point supposed to be “another side of marilyn”?

    sigh, I didn’t want to watch this episode but did and it only reiterated the fact that I don’t like it, Unfortunetly i am a bitter ender so i will give it one more go and then i’m out if an episode like this is repeated.

  • Browsery

    Tom and Derek fight:  Was the critic who had slept with Derek’s father (resulting in a great review for Derek’s direction) an allusion to Clive Barnes?

  • Why can’t you just enjoy the show for what it is instead of picking it apart at every scene?  The episode was fine.  Every TV show has episodes that are not as great as the others.  If you expect EVERY episode to have developing content, then you’re just ruining it for yourselves.

  • EliseC

    I seem to be in the minority, but I really liked ‘Touch Me.’ Similar to Glee, I watch this show for the songs… but, the outside drama does seem a little more realistic and on point.  Totally not liking the Ellis charater or either of the kids (especially the son), though. I loved the scene with Derek and Tom (who I adore). 

  • The only short to the point piece of writing for this show has been the title. And you think these writers don’t know how to edit? Have you been to the movies lately? Everything is at least a half hour too long. Have you attempted to watch Saturday Night Live anytime in the last 5 years? They drag every skit out, no matter how bad they may be. That show should be half an hour long, and so should this one. Alas, the only writers/shows who know how to pull off a real hour (with commercials) are Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

    • bellafigura1

      Alack, some of us are waiting absolutely breathlessly for thrilling and flawless Homeland to return. 

  • lilibetp

    Was it filmed before she popped?  At this point, she looks about 5 months pregnant, and that’s at 6 feet tall.  Or is the character supposed to be pregnant?

  • Well kids, here’s the problem.  You can’t get more than one season if the show features nothing but the work behind the work, so to speak.  You need to have characters everyone invests in, and the series is trying, poorly, but trying, to give them all enough story to follow.  Problem is (and this seems so common with network shows that are not pure drama), that the background characters aren’t characters, they are ideas for characters.  So they are poorly thought out, they don’t behave consistently or believably (the NYT reporter is going to turn in credibility for a minor political battle? C’mon).  Either you have to leave them one-dimensional and develop the other guys, or do the whole thing right, kids.  See any HBO show, but especially Treme, the Wire, The Sopranos….

  • This crap makes me want to flee to Micronesia.

  • This crap makes me want to flee to Micronesia.

  • Is anyone else annoyed by Julia wearing her sunglasses indoors at meetings? HATE HER.

  • For gawd sake there are two hit dance reality shows right now. The world is full of talented choreographers and dance is experiencing a revival, why do they keep doing these crappy routines??

  • I thought Derek had a salient point about the value of the heterosexual male viewpoint on Marilyn. It’s just too bad that the way he came up with to illustrate it was Karen writhing on a bed looking drugged with a bunch of masked men and then having the bed turn into a prison. I’m losing interest fast.

  • Rroxy

    I like Smash. God knows why, because every single episode lately has centred around the asinine lives of the non-actors of the workshop. Tom’s lawyer boyfriend? Not interested. Eileen’s ex-husband and even more so, Meryl Streep’s second daughter daughter ? Go count wild salmon in Alaska. Geez! How do you go from doing humanitarian works in Africa to saving the wild salmon? The character is all over the place! Julia’s entire family? Please have the husband learn about her affai and go teach maths in Idaho, taking their extremely boring son — and putative Asian baby — with him. Take Ellis too, while you’re at it. His ‘Eve’ persona is really grating on my nerves, and making him supposedly straight doesn’t help. He’s gayer than Liza Minelli’s ex. Isn’t there enough drama on Broadway to fill a weekly episode? Dev’s job is of no interest to me. Show Me Ivy, Karen, Derek, Tom, Julia, Eileen and the chorus, Lee Conroy, whatever bitchy star they choose over Ivy, show me Marilyn. I’m not interested in all the drek.

  • cleep1000

    That bowling scene was so laughably bad. It was straight out of Glee, only with even less reason to exist. Embarassing for all concerned.

    As others have said, the idea of presenting a modern version of Marilyn alongside the traditional one, with different types of music for each, is a great idea. I have a feeling that is where they will end up. Two seasons from now. God only knows how much more torture we have to sit through until that starts to take form, if it does at all.

    Angelica’s daughter character is just annoying for no good reason. And Ellis. UGH. Why are they forcing these awful people on us?

    I don’t know how much longer I can hang on with this show.