Glee: The Spanish Teacher

Posted on February 09, 2012

We will admit right upfront that we’re caught up in the whirlwind of New York Fashion Week and that we watched this episode a full 24 hours late, on iTunes, on a laptop in our hotel room. But to be perfectly honest, we don’t think any of that has anything to do with what we’re about to say.

We have no idea what to make of that episode.

Is it us? Because we really haven’t had the time to check the twitter machine or read other recaps, but wasn’t this one of the oddest – and dumbest – episodes the show’s had in a while? We swear we could feel the cast’s embarrassment, but maybe that was projection on our parts. We realize plenty of people have been hating the show for quite some time (and inexplicably tuning in every week), but we thought there were good parts to this season and it felt to us like the creators were at least trying (but not always succeeding) to avoid the show’s most common past mistakes. Did they all take the week off and hand the writing chores over to some interns? Practically nothing about this episode made any sense. Forget realism; that’s not what we’re talking about. The show’s not interested in it and as a musical, it more than has the right to go that route. But people still have to act in a way that seems recognizable and make some sort of sense, even in a fantasy setting where 30-year-old high school students break into song all the time. Let’s run down a few things, shall we?

The newly tenured school counselor (tenured school counselor?) advised two students going through some emotional turmoil that the way to deal with it was to NOT talk about it. No matter how much they want to.

The Spanish teacher doesn’t speak Spanish. Now, that would be quite the satirical commentary on our modern educational system except we’ve seen this teacher actually teaching Spanish to his students before. And we have an impossible time believing that it took Santana speaking up before anyone even noticed. He’s been teaching Spanish for years and no one picked up on that fact that he doesn’t even have basic vocabulary skills?

The cheerleading coach – who, we might add, is also up for tenure, which is something we can’t quite wrap our heads around – is going around asking high school students to donate their sperm so she can have a baby by one of them. Nothing comes of this. We can accept a lot of ridiculousness from this show, but come the fuck ON.

Later, she asks the one person she hates more than anyone to father her child. Because he was “always” kind to her. Except anyone who watches this show knows that’s not true.

A night school teacher of about 40 years of age is asked to come in to the school during the day to sing raunchy songs and grind his hips with teenage girls because this will educate them somehow. And hey, Ricky’s a very charming performer, but he was wasted here. And while he was good with the material he was given, we thought most of the musical numbers were kind of lackluster.

We ask again: Is it us? You can expect to have your suspension of disbelief tested all the time with this show, but not IN EVERY SCENE and with EVERY character and plot development.  We kept having to take breaks from it because it kept annoying us. EVERYONE was saying and doing things that just didn’t make any sense. We have so many questions. Why the fuck was Will suddenly outrageously offensive with is ethnic prejudices? Why did he give such an awkward, sweaty performance at the end when every other time we see him perform, he’s smoothly giving it his all? Since when did Emma write all the pamphlets in her office? Do high school guidance counselors and cheerleading coaches normally get offered tenure? Why do people keep calling Will “kind” and “a great teacher” when the stories constantly go out of their way to show us exactly the opposite? Why is Emma teaching kids how to wash their taints? And finally:

How the fuck did NeNe Freaking Leakes wind up giving the best, most believable and entertaining performance in the entire episode?

What the hell does THAT tell you?

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  • Right? It took me twenty minutes to get through sexy and I know it because I kept having to pause just to laugh/feel embarrassed for them all, and when I finally committed to getting through it I only watched it out of the corner of my eye. The only musical number I enjoyed this week was La Isla Bonita.

    I recently started watching Supernatural again, and commented to one of my friends that the bad thing about watching shows that are actually well-written is that it’s so much more difficult to watch Glee afterwards. I suppose there was no way it’d be a well-written episode this week after that, just to really drive the point home! I have a very high tolerance for poor quality, as long as I’m entertained, but they’re really trying my patience.

    • Anonymous

      I noted last week that I deleted the last few episodes from my DVR. I can’t do it anymore. It pains me.

      BTW, you’d better go back and catch up on the last THREE seasons of Supernatural

      • Supernatural — yes! Easily my favorite show – although I am really partial to Grimm as well, all streaming on Netflix, would love to know what T-Lo thinks.  Take a peek guys, if only for Winchester hottness. 

        How bad was this episode my biggest concern was  “Why did T-LO watch it on Itunes – cant’t they get it on Hulu?” 

    • I totally agree, as I have a high tolerance for bad writing as long as I’m enjoying it. I watched this episode only because I had a huge crush on Ricky Martin in high school (before I knew of such things as gaydar), and I wanted to see him shake his ass!

      Other than that I though this episode was easily one of the worst.

      Totally going to watch Supernatural now.

  • It was worth sitting through that tripe just to see NeNe. OMG, she has some acting chops, she stole the show!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, NeNe is KILLING IT!!! Luv. Huh.

  • Anonymous

    This was a ridiculous episode, not even funny! Then they tried to sneak in the rachel/finn engagement, whatever. Very bored with this episode. On a side note, Rachel spell checked as roaches!

  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling the plot meeting went something like this:
    “Alright!!! We got Ricky Martin! It’s Latin song time!”

    “Now what?”

    • Gabriella Soza

      Except the only “Latin song” was the Gipsy Kings number, which was lost in the mashup with Hero.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck did NeNe Freaking Leakes wind up giving the best, most
    believable and entertaining performance in the entire episode?

    This right here.

  • NeNe’s put down of Sue was worthy of the best of Sue: “You need to start praying that your child likes to eat sand because
    that’s all that’s going to come out of those old, wrinkly boobs.” Almost worth this confusing, embarrassing episode. And yes, they wasted Ricky Martin. All that charisma and they couldn’t come up with a story line as good as the ones they gave Gwyneth?

    • Pinup Ghoul

      I know! It’s so sad! I love Ricky Martin and I was all about The Latin Invasion when I was in high school. He’s an incredible performer and so charming… and they had no idea what to do with that at all. Oh my gosh, Glee. Oh my gosh. What a wasted opportunity.

      • Anonymous

         Exactly my feeling.  I watched only for RM and I was so disappointed. 

        • Anonymous

          Ricky has to be wondering why he let his agent talk him into doing the show.

  •  If all Sue does is coach the Cheerios and isn’t a PE teacher, then no, she wouldn’t get tenure.  Same for counselors.  You can’t get tenure if you’re not on a contract.  I’ve completely lost all interest in this show.  I watched half of it, and turned it off, and I haven’t even wondered what happened..until I saw the pic of Will in the bull fighting costume.  Now, I just want to know wtf that was all about. 

    • That was the cherry on the embarrassment cake that was this episode. I have loved this show in spite of all its flaws, but I had to watch most of this episode through my fingers. It was a horror.

    •  I’m like you, I couldn’t watch the whole episode. When Rickey bumped and ground, the suspension of disbelief was too much, and I officially severed my conection with this increasingly horrible show.  Bizarrely stupid and grabbing at at straws. Glad I read this review to know that my choice to quit watching it after this episode was the right one.

  • taodon

    As I had decided months ago to only read your synopsis, I want to take a moment to thank you for watching this horrific train wreck so I don’t have to.

    Now, I’m just eagerly awaiting your write-up of ‘REVENGE’ – which is currently very much watchable and enjoyable.

    • Anonymous

      I also gave up after episode 3 of this season. I still love reading the recaps, though.

      •  The recaps are the only thing interesting anymore. And the poor souls who put themselves through watching to recap deserve ———– fill in the blank, TLO.

      • taodon

        How odd… why on earth was my comment removed?

      • Anonymous

        I too gave up watching the show. In my case it was after the end of last season.  The music/dance stuff is fun and all, but it’s no longer fresh and I found myself bored and not caring about the characters or any story lines. 

  • NeNe Leakes: future Emmy nominee. 

  • Anonymous

    I <3 Nene! She is one of the only reasons I watch RHOA.

    This episode was so odd. I can't place what bothered me the most about this whole episode.

    Santana complaining about Shue bothered me. What does it matter if they had someone Hispanic teaching Spanish or not? Any half decent teacher can teach anything pretty well. Plus Ohio isn't exactly filled with Hispanic people. (I am trying to rationalize.)

    • I don’t think her problem was that he isn’t Hispanic, but that he doesn’t really speak Spanish (apparently just in this episode), and that he’s using ethnic stereotypes. Plus, the idea that ”
      Any half decent teacher can teach anything pretty well” is actually REALLY not true. Ask a high school Chemistry teacher how well they think they’d do in a preschool classroom, and vice versa. 

      • Anonymous

        Amanda I agree with you….”Plus Ohio isn’t exactly filled with Hispanic people” That isn’t true and why is that an excuse for butchering and demeaning a language/culture? AAANNNDDD if this is (now) Will’s approach for teaching spanish through racial sterotypes, now that he is a history teacher I can only imagine what he will do for Black History Month…smh…

        • Terence Ng

          This was one of the only redeeming moments of the episode:

          Will: It was you. You’re the one who complained to Principal Figgins about me.

          Santana: Yeah. And I’d do it all over again after that performance.

          Will: You’re messing with adult things here, Santana. This is my job. This is my life.

          Santana: This is my education, and it’s not a joke to me. Although it seems to be one to you.

          Will: What are you talking about? They all loved my performance!

          Santana: Because they don’t know any better. It’s your fault! You’re their teacher! You went from La Cucaracha to a bullfighting mariachi? Why don’t you just dress up as the Taco Bell chihuahua and bark the theme song to Dora the Explorer? You don’t even know enough to be embarrassed about these stereotypes that you’re perpetuating.

          •  Wow–I would like to see that.

          • Sobaika Mirza

            YES. I went through the entire episode staring in shock over what the eff was taking place, but it was worth it for the final exchange between Santana and Will.

            As someone who has experienced a clueless history teacher “explain” my culture in front of a classroom of equally clueless students, I thought it was a nice commentary on our public school system and the lip service given to multiculturalism.

          • Terence Ng

            I know right? Thankfully her final bit puts a cork in all those inane “Well, at least we’re trying to show we appreciate your culture” comments that come up whenever this stuff happens. 

            Speaking of which, where is Lady Gaga? Santana needs to read her and her defending fans their rights with this speech. “At least she’s showcasing handicapped people.” “At least she’s showcasing trans people.” “At least she’s giving a shout out to cholas and orientals.”

            Santana, report to Lady Gaga immediately.

          • Anonymous

            That moment was amazing–not just in this phoned-in episode, but in general.  (Of course, it’s a little bit hard for me to believe it comes from the writers of Glee, who generally love perpetuating cheap stereotypes. . .maybe it WAS an intern!)

          • Anonymous

            See, I hated that–because it wasn’t in keeping in what we’ve seen from the characters earlier.  And why is Santana *in* Will’s Spanish class?  We’ve already seen her speak it to her grandmother and Will’s now been made out to be so incompetent that he doesn’t seem to be teaching the AP class.

            Ugh.  LAZY writers.

      • Anonymous

         Exactly.  You have to certify for the subject matter in order to teach it.  A great English teacher would not necessarily make a great math teacher. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, what was that?  How did Will become a completely incompetent Spanish teacher and why is he suddenly suited to teach history?  Just no.sense.  

        I keep thinking what did Matthew Morrison do to the writers to deserve this latest career-trashing humiliation.  Sleep with Ryan Murphy’s boyfriend?

    • There are actually quite a few hispanic people in ohio.

      • Anonymous

         And even if there weren’t, would it be okay for the Spanish teacher to use ethnic stereotypes?  Of course not. 

  • Seriously… the most consistent event was Will trying to use his students to solve a personal problem (because doesn’t he always?). I enjoyed NeNe ripping Sue a new one, although I felt the script was VERY insensitive around fertility issues (I mean… Glee adressing fertility issues? SERIOUSLY? WHY? It’s not that they shouldn’t, it’s that they obviously CAN’T). I also thought that the most ‘reasonable’ lines were Kurt’s little speech to Finn (which got completedly lost amidst nonsense). Ricky Martin’s character was sweet but he was given crappy lines and his number with Santana made me throw up a little.  
    Also, as a native spanish speaker (I’m Argentinian, born and raised and still living here), it was kind of offensive. Not only because the spanish spoken here was (with the obvious exception of the guest star) ATROCIOUS, but also because no one in this episode besides Santana seemed actually interested in latin language or culture for any reason other than getting a tenure, being more effectively racist to the maid or talking to the dentist.

    • Terence Ng

      I think that was sort of the point about the Spanish class. I don’t think it was supposed to be approving of their reasons, just lampooning it. Even Ricky’s reasoning for why they should learn Spanish was a bit odd, playing into “Fear of Latin Nation” (which seems to be a trend right now, given ex-Rep. Pete Hoekstra’s racist “Fear of Yellow Planet” ad). How about he encourage people to learn Spanish because he thinks it’s a beautiful and useful language, and because learning languages is a good thing in and of itself.

      Kurt’s speech was good in its content, but had little business coming from Kurt, considering that two episodes ago, he was bemoaning how if he didn’t get into NIADA his life was over, and only turned around when his letter came in. Sure, that’s how real people/teens act in changing circumstances, but “real people” don’t ask teens for their sperm in school, and like it or not, his brother has no “letter coming in the mail.” Someone needed to say it, but this was a prime moment in which an adult should have said it to him: His mom, Burt, Will (god willing), Sue, Bieste, or, if they REALLY wanted to prove why she deserves “tenure” (in a public high school?), EMMA.

      • You have a good point, Kurt’s speech was a bit “out of character”. And oh my GOD I forgot about the SPERM thing… 

    • Anonymous

      The woman who only wanted to learn Spanish to be racist to her maid seriously made me angry, and the fact that nobody at any point pointed out that that was a bad thing was just crazy. It’s not like there weren’t plenty of opportunities for someone in that room to argue against her blatant racism which came up basically any time she was shown, why would the teacher at least not have countered it? Urgh.

      • Terence Ng

        I agree. Even a throw away comment or a look on another character’s face can speak volumes about intentional irony or a refutation of the action, attitude, or mindset being lampooned.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed -it was also a blatant rip off “The Help” BTW

      • Anonymous

        If you want to say something insulting and or racist put it in the mouth of an old person, an old woman if possible.  Aren’t they just so amusing and harmless.

    • Anonymous

       I agree about Kurt’s monologue to Finn was heartfelt and exactly on point.

  • Wendy Wetzel

    Worst episode ever… culturally insensative, bordering on offensive…  NeNe rocked it, but the rest was a hot mess…..  WTF?

  • Danielle B

    I actually feel sorry for the writers.  They must cringe whenever Ryan Murphy comes in to tell them about his latest theme or guest star, wondering how the hell they’re going to weave his impulsive decisions into what used to be a great show.  Episodes like these can only be interpreted as a grand eff you to their boss.

    • Anonymous

      No, no mercy to the writers–they’re responsible for some awful choices.  I do feel for the actors.

  • Anonymous

    I understand and agree with the criticisms in this recap and the comments, but I have to say I found this episode significantly funnier than the past few. I loved the kids breathless reaction shots to the introduction of Ricky Martin (particularly Kurt’s breathy, “Oh, God, please, yes!” As much as this kid is supposed to feel uncomfortable with sex (Although, he and Blaine have been sleeping together for months now, so he should be over that, right?), he plays turned on incredibly well.)

    I also enjoyed the Kurt/FInn moment; I hoped they would go there when Kurt found out about the engagement. I enjoy Kurt and Finn relationship — at least, when FInn isn’t promising Kurt he’ll be a real brother to him after cowering in the corner while Kurt is assaulted by Finn’s football buddies — and we’ve been missing it lately since they apparently do all their brotherly bonding at home. Or not at all.

    • I’ll watch on Hulu next week for Kurt. I also wish they explored their brotherhood more. Such great storyline potential.

    • Anonymous

      It was one of the few times we saw some indication that there was a brother relationship happening.  Yeah, there were some funny lines, but the overall arc was just so cringe-inducing.  Sigh.

  • Beth G

    yep.  You nailed it. 

  • I don’t think the complaint was “how come our teacher is not HISPANIC” it was “how come our spanish teacher does not know A WORD OF SPANISH” which I think is a very valid point. In Argentina you are required to learn English before teaching English, I thought that was common sense.

  • Anonymous

    I. can’t. even.

    This show’s endless fuckery has wrung every drop of give-a-damn out of my bones. 

  • Trust me. Many of the people who don’t like the show anymore don’t know why they keep watching, except maybe hoping that it will one day get better again. My sister is one of those.

    That being said, the plot line is beyond inane. I think the “I. can’t” is just the perfect response to it.

    • Anonymous

      That would be me.  I’ve loved some Glee episodes–so I cross my fingers and hope.  I used to like some of the weaker episodes.  But the bad has just gotten *sooooo* bad.  

  • juliet L

    I was ranting all through this episode – as a teacher and someone who’s had to use donor gametes to get pregnant, so very many things were wrong about this episode. Not only are counselors and coaches not tenured positions, tenure is not a limited thing in high schools like it is in colleges/ universities. If you’re there for more than 3 years, you pretty much automatically get tenure. It’s also called “professional status”. Will & Sue should both have gotten tenure if they’ve been at McKinley for so long. Let’s not even get into the issue of certification – if you can’t speak Spanish, you can’t get a license to teach Spanish. You usually have to pass a test to get the cert, so I have no idea how Will is able to switch to history just like that, in a high school. 

    The sperm donor stuff was just absurd. You don’t “go down to the sperm bank” at all. You look through a catalog of their donors (no pictures, just stats like height, ethnicity, and blood type), they ship the sperm to your doctor, and the doctor places it where it needs to be (the whole “turkey baster” thing is pretty much a myth, unless you’re doing it yourself, and that definitely doesn’t have a high success rate). Plus, the fertility drugs being given with a) a needle like that, b)in that spot c) through clothes and d) on no particular schedule, just “once or twice a day until it takes” is nuts.

    I don’t expect anything close to realism with these things, but a tiny bit of believability would have gone a long way.

    • Anonymous

      Very good points.  Although I have to disagree with a couple of them based on my experiences.  I taught in Los Angeles for 24 years, and yes, after 2 years teaching, if your credentials are complete and clear, you would get tenure.  But then I moved to a small district in TN and taught for 3 years and then was denied tenure for no reason, because in TN they allow that (right to work state), even with the excellent evaluations I had (I think the principal and some others didn’t like me or my big city ways), and I lost my job.  True that they don’t limit it like they do in college. And a coach is usually a certified teacher, certified in physical education, and I think counselors are also certified, so they would also be eligible for tenure.
       Regarding the Spanish issue, I have seen Spanish teachers (here in TN) who don’t seem to be comfortable in conversational Spanish.  I am fluent in Spanish from my years of teaching in LA, and I worked a summer program as an ESL teacher, and the principal had me translating the announcements and contacting the Spanish speaking parents even though there were 2 high school Spanish teachers working the same program.  And no, of course you don’t have to be of Hispanic origin to be fluent in Spanish.  But you do have to pass a test to teach a subject, and perhaps those multiple choice tests can be passed even though a person isn’t a fluent speaker.
      I have been through the sperm donor stuff too (although the only donor was my husband), and agree it was ridiculous, especially asking students to donate, bordering on the illegal.  Can you imagine Sue on the fertility drugs? 
      The writing in this episode was so off, that it felt like it was from someone who had never seen the show.  Really bad episode all around, I have to say.  To me, the only believeable part was the way Sam looked at Mercedes.  So sweet.

  • I do hope NeNe comes back, again and again and again. In fact, that spinoff they keep teasing us with? The NeNe Show, or It’s NeNe, or…NENE.

  • Evy Colón

    I will focus on the positive… Amber Riley was fantastic in her spanish singing… to be honest she had the best spanish pronunciation out of all the cast members. For some reason her voice gets a softness whenever she sings to the Sam character that is very endearing. Chord Overstreet wasn’t too bad at Spanish-ing. Also.. those insane, hilarious, boots and my two favorite quotes… “How can a girl with no ass choose between the jacked up werewolf and the depressed vampire?” and “Our periods don’t start until the end of the month.”

    • Tamara Hogan

      It IS nice to see Amber Riley be given an opportunity to use the more subtle part of her range, and not just bust out some gospel melisma every dang week. And yeah, lots of WTFery and WRONG in this episode.

  • This is why I stopped watching Glee three and a half years ago.  But the recaps are fun 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For the first time since the beginning of the show, I didn’t watch this week’s episode of Glee because I’m so sick of it all. And it felt so good. Love your recaps, but nope, I just can’t watch it anymore.

  • I am still reeling over the fact that Blaine got seriously injured and no one is pressing charges. What kind of message does that send to the kids who are still faithfully watching this crap? 

    Are you watching Smash? It’s entertaining.

    • Well, my 12 year old thought that was stupid and insulting.  Guess when even the teeny boppers think the story lines are contemptible Glee has not only jumped the shark, it’s inside the refrigerator too.

      I watched Smash.  It was good to see nicely sung and choreographed musical numbers.  But the dialogue was painful.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I haven’t watched yet (in fact, just watched the Michael episode last night, a week late) but I will say this – as a school counselor in training, pretty damn sure you can’t get tenured. Even more so, I’m positive that the cheerleading coaches don’t. Honestly, it barely even makes sense that she has an office given that this is a public school and she doesn’t teach or coach anything else. But whatever, I watch the show for entertainment, not for realism, as you so rightly said.

    Now, I have seen one of the musical performances from the episode (Sexy and I Know It – if that’s what it’s called) and I thought it was awful. That song was annoying enough in the original version. The Glee version did not improve upon it.

  • I don’t expect ultra-realism with this show, but the bit with Will not knowing Spanish was just too over the top. Also, as someone with a history degree I was offended that he could just easily shift to the history department because he “watches the history channel.” Just about the only parts I enjoyed were NeNe’s smackdown of Sue (nice to see that Sue finally has a worthy opponent), and Kurt’s heart-to-heart with Finn.

    • As a former history teacher with a BA from Yale and an MEd from Harvard, I can tell you this is very much the stereotype: “How do you address a high school history teacher? ‘Coach’.”

      • Anonymous

        Of course, I know it’s not true everywhere, but the high school I went to, every history and geography class offered was taught by coaches.  It was the only class you could take and know that the homework assignments and tests were copied right out of the teacher’s manual.  It is unfortunate.  Will watching the History channel would make him more qualified to teach history than anyone that taught me.

        •  The head football coach was a history teacher at my high school but he was also a good teacher.  He didn’t just teach straight from the book, he made us take page after page of notes.  He also hand-wrote the tests and the questions came straight from the notes we took.  The way he explained it was that he was preparing us for college. 

          But, you’re correct for the most part.  All the coaches at my school taught math, science or history.  I know I lucked out in the fact that they all cared about the classes they were teaching.

          • Anonymous

            Your teacher sounds just like one of my history teachers.  My freshmen year history teacher at my high school coached a bunch of sports but he was a great teacher.  I think I may have learned the most from his class, definitely one of the hardest classes I took in high school (though that might not really be saying much…) and he also was all about trying to prepare us for college.  He also had really high expectations for his students.

            On the other hand, basically every PE teacher was also a coach for something.

      • Terence Ng

        I think that joke works for sex ed teachers, too.

        …At least, all of my sex ed teachers were school coaches.

  • This was a JOKE! I only watched the Ricky Martin scenes (hello aging well!) b/c the rest of it was just beyond ridiculous. 

  • I’m starting to think that Ryan Murphy should produce shows for the BBC instead of American networks.  I think the quality would be vastly improved if he had 8-10 episodes per season instead of 20-22 episodes.

    The only things I liked were Nene Leakes scene (which is deeply disturbing to me) and the moment with Finn and Kurt.  Oh, and the scene with Dot Jones, even though it wasn’t anything special, simply because I freaking love Dot Jones.

    • Terence Ng

      I love her too. Her character 9and her) are one of the only things I like about this show.

  • That Nene Leakes has talent that was wasted threatening to pull off Kim’s wig for the last 2 years? 

    The only non-WTF performance for me was Ricky and Naya…the rest of it? #wompwomp

    • Evy Colón

      Seriously? Naya’s spanish pronunciation is HORRENDOUS… I’m a native speaker and her singing with Ricky was uneven and  while their voices do work, it would’ve benefited from a dialect coach lesson… or at least phonetic learning of the song… hell if Japanese people can sing salsa in Spanish, a 1/2 PuertoRican girl should be able to at least get some of the pronunciation right. In my opinion, half her rant was a little hypocritical because she, herself, does not speak the language and once in a while she HAS enforced the stereotype… Still I love me some Naya

      • Terence Ng

        I think you can interpret it as Santana trying to legitimately learn the language because it’s her culture, which is why she’s so especially put off by Will’s “teaching”.

        • Anonymous

          Except that we’ve seen her speaking Spanish with her grandmother.

          The whole thing was just so offensive on so many levels–including the notion that a non-native speaker is, of course, an incompetent Spanish teacher.  

          • Terence Ng

            I had wondered about that. I recalled Santana speaking with her grandmother, so I at first I thought she was fluent. But then with this episode, I figured she just knew a little bit, and was probably unexplainably in the class just to learn more, while giving her perspective. I have no idea what’s going on with Glee.

          • Anonymous

            It was just laziness.  I keep thinking why not have Will, oh, I dunno, not completely incompetent at teaching Spanish, but kind of on autopilot–and then have the Ricky Martin character into it.  And why not give Will something Latin-themed that wasn’t cringe-inducing?  

            I don’t speak Spanish, but I actually have to sing in Spanish all the time in front of Spanish speakers.  And everyone’s really nice about it.  I was actually hoping to hear a little less Spanglish and a little more true Latin music.  South America has some amazing music that you don’t hear on mainstream stations.  Matthew Morrison’s a terrific dancer–there was really a lot that could have been done here–even if his accent sucks, he could have gotten some Latin rhythms going–understood a bit more.  

            But that would have required thinking about a plot line that made some sort of sense given what we know about the characters.  Hell, I’d have preferred Will transferring, Ricky coming in to teach without the storyline being that Will’s a fraud as a teacher and then centering on, say, Santana’s mixed feelings about her roots–particularly with her granny not talking to her.  

            But that would be continuity, wouldn’t it?  Oops.  

            You know I can’t quite quit the show, but I find myself relieved when there’s no new episode on.

  • Anonymous

    let’s not forget that Sue *also* wanted Will’s baby batter to ensure her offspring had a nice full head of hair. if that’s not a sincere attempt at a plot point, i don’t know what is!

  • It’s not just you. Generally, I take most of Glee with a grain of salt, and just enjoy it for what it is, but this was the worst episode I have ever seen. Hated it.

  • I have 3 episodes sitting unwatched on my DVR.  I just can’t anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t bother. I want my 60 minutes back.

    • Anonymous

       I had six! Erase and cancel the series. You will feel better.

  • If they wanted to make Ricky Martin the new Spanish teacher, couldn’t they have found a different way to do it? Or, gee, I don’t know. Maybe made Ricky Martin the new History teacher?? 

    Why does he HAVE to be the Spanish teacher? THAT to me is offensive. 

    • Because he speaks Spanish? Better than Will? I don’t think it was so much “We gotta get Ricky Martin on the show! He must be a Spanish teacher!” so much as his being a Spanish teacher was integral to the plot. If he’d been cast as the history teacher, Will wouldn’t have realized his true passion. The whole tenure stuff and Santana’s complaints would’ve been pointless if there wasn’t a better Spanish teacher in the wings. 

      Basically there wouldn’t have been an episode. Which would’ve been okay since this episode sucked. I just thought the new Spanish teacher aspect was at least justified.

      • “Basically there wouldn’t have been an episode. Which would’ve been okay since this episode sucked.”
        That’s kind of my point.

        I think you are a little overly optimistic to think that the plot was written before the stunt casting was complete. 

        • That’s seriously true with this show. I actually was more offended that the music theme had to be Latin American music, the whole “duende” thing was horrible. 

  • Anonymous

    I broke up with Glee back in December and every recap you write makes me even more happy about that decision. I miss season one.

  • Anonymous

    I do not watch Glee.  Never have.  I watched this episode ONLY for Ricky Martin (I LOVE HIM) and I was so disappointed.  I, too, couldn’t understand why a grown man was singing Sexy and I know it with high school kids.  I also don’t get why the songs were all about Latin music and the majority of the music was English songs with a few verses translated into Spanish.  You had Ricky Martin on the show and not one Ricky Martin song!?  I could see if it the idea was okay, RM’s song are not current-but they sang La Isla Bonita and Little Less Conversation?

    ETA: I guess a bit of a Ricky Martin song made it in, with that blond kid singing in the class room with the exaggerated boots. I was so distracted by the boots, I barely registered the song.

    • Evy Colón

      The song you’re referring to is sung by Enrique Iglesias (Hero)… also those boots are hilariously awful

      • Anonymous

        Was that “Hero?”  Man.  No idea. 

  • Anonymous

    “I’ll just go be a History teacher. There’s an opening.”

    Sure, except that that’s not how it works, like…anywhere. As a teacher you can’t just switch from Spanish to History without PROPER CERTIFICATION and coursework. And this is just Will continuing to do the same thing: taking a job that’s available without really caring about it.

    Maybe this was one of the smaller issues, but it sort of cemented for me that this was a lazy, embarrassing episode. I was squirming with discomfort the whole time.

    • Doug Orlyk

      I agree with what most have said above and I would like to add…

      Ricky shows up and pretty much states that he is there to show them some REAL Latin music.  He then performs some craptastic piece of music that doesn’t sound Latin in any way and is almost entirely in English.  Horrible.  (And then “La Isla Bonita?”  Really?)  The Latin music that this show was supposed to showcase was not represented at all.  Embarrassing.

      Further, it is never a case of several teachers competing for tenure.  If you have been employed for the required number of years (in Illinois, it’s 4), the administrator then awards you tenure, provided you have not been put on remediation.  Sue Sylvester, Will and Emma have all been at McKinley long enough to have already earned tenure.  Ridiculous bending of truth for a stupid plot.

      And no mention in these posts of what an asshole Will was to Emma about her pamphlets?  What a jerk.  I’m sick of him being darn near misogynous with regard to the woman who is supposedly the love of his life.

      I used to love the show, but the writing got too wrapped up in silly plots and guest stars and forgot to be music- and character-driven.

      • Anonymous

        YES. He was AWFUL to her. He’s so self-centered and unlikeable. I almost turned off the TV when he comes up to Emme and Beiste (UNDER-USED) and says, “What’s awesome? My plan for regionals?” Why in Sam hell would they be talking about regionals? He is insufferable.

        I think NeNe needs to take him down a peg.

        • Do they even know what they’re doing with Bieste anymore? She just randomly pops up in the faculty office at lunch, shares important information and disappears. “I eloped! See ya next week!”, “My husband is working with your wife on a really big project! Clean taints! Well, I gotta eat a chicken, bye!”

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure there are people who will say that Will was “only” an asshole to Emma so they could have that cheesy scene at the end.  I’ve never liked the character much, but his general lack of respect for Emma, and the ease with which he treats her like crap, really really bugs me, because I do think the show wants us to like him and his stupid romantic gestures.

        I’m still annoyed about the way he mangled the whole proposal.

  • Terence Ng

    I will say this: Thank you Glee for giving Santana one of the most “Amen!” moments about race (despite all the racist jokes that get made…). I’d be thrilled to keep referencing people back to that as the situation requires.

    All the other stuff didn’t make sense, and Will was even MORE of a dick than before. Why is Emma going to marry him, again?

  • Anonymous

    But, geez, Ricky is hot!  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I WILL say that I thought Kurt’s confrontation of Finn was spot-on and was a real turning-point for Finn’s character. Of course, it’s one we knew was coming, but I loved it. I also loved the scene with Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel. More of this genuine interaction, please!

  • Allyson Wells

    And once again Will is terrible to Emma… he was mean and condescending, but all was forgiven when he cooked her dinner! Reminds me of the episode where he proposed. Are they doing this on purpose to make us hate him? I wonder if at some point Emma will have enough and call off the engagement. Maybe Will and Sue will end up together and make babies the old fashioned way! 🙂

  • Seline Chan

    I’m a Gleek and I was embarrassed throughout the entire episode. The only highlight was Nene. 

  • So now Glee is reduced to stealing plot lines from “Community”? And Mr. Schue is now the Senor Chang of the school? I think Ryan Murphy needs a long vacation…

  • Answer to your question—cuz Ricky needed new shoes for his twins? No didn’t see the episode and between yours and TWOP’s reviews I’m glad I didn’t.

  • W A

    This episode was ridiculous, false, and propaganda. As someone with a degree in linguistics, I can say that Spanish will NOT overtake English. No language has ever eclipsed another language without the assistance of major political or social upheaval.

    It’s somewhat impossible, actually. Children will naturally acquire whatever languages they are exposed to; unless Spanish-speaking families and children are completely isolated, with no exposure to English, the children will grow to be bilingual. Hence, the amount of English speakers will grow with the amount of Spanish speakers.

    This episode was nothing more than an artificial attempt to reach to another demographic. And I’ll add that catering to Spanish speakers, by offering bilingual  only hurts Spanish-speaking immigrants in the long run. If one can’t speak the main language of the country, one won’t assimilate, move up the career ladder, or rise above the unfortunate stigma of being an immigrant.

    • Anonymous

      Sigh, yes, there was that, too.  They had Ricky Martin spouting these “facts” that were simply wrong.  Hispanic immigration’s actually slowed down AND kids switch to the local language.  I know a lot of immigrant parents and it takes a real effort on their parts to get their kids to learn and keep their parents’ first language.  By the third generation, everyone’s speaking English at home.  

  • Anonymous

    I had to stop watching Glee last year. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. While Downton Abbey can get silly (and the muppet proved that last week) there is still a sense of order and reason to the world created by Julian Fellows. While he may go on a bender once in a while creatively, he gives you ground to stand on and take in the story he’s spinning. Glee, on the other hand, is all up in the air, manic, coke-infused bursts of creative energy, and most of the time it doesn’t make sense.  Too bad, because when it was good, it was brilliant.

    • Anonymous

      And, hey, the DA characters, except for Edith, saw the muppet as a fraud.  There’s no self-awareness in Gleeland.

  • I normally agree 100% but I kinda enjoyed this one. Yes, the tenure is totally ridiculous. In terms of Will’s fluency, we’ve seen hints before that he is barely competent as a Spanish teacher. You can totally fake your way through teaching a romance language. Will knows basic vocab but is not fluent in conversation. He can prep lessons and grade tests but a conversation with a native speaker will show he’s a long way from qualified.

    I’m also thinking the conflict between how people talk about Will and the reality is intentional. He tries to be that teacher in the after school special and screws up every time. But he gets a pass for being cute, young, and passionate about teaching.

    Anyway, Ricky was fun. Naya was great.

    •  I totally agree with you. I really enjoyed this one!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  Completely.  A ridiculous, disappointing episode.

  • I have loved Glee, but I actually turned this off and watched “Biggest Loser” instead, (where a whole lot of bullying was going on, so I’m not sure that was a good choice).  I would have never in the past thought of turning Glee off.  I thought Ricky Martin was amazing, but he’s just amazing anyway.  But TLo is right, the continuous changes in the characters is off-putting and I just got to the point where I was not going to try to follow anymore.  The thing where the counselor told them not to talk, where a teacher was going around asking for sperm (something that in real life would make international news), and that all of a sudden Will doesn’t speak Spanish!!!! were all too much.  I’m sad.  It’s all just a big jumbled mess.

  • Anonymous

    What you said. It’s not just you. I’ve been hanging with this show, but this last episode was, in fact, my last. Deleted “record this series” and will rely on your recaps should I feel the need for Glee news. It’s a shame really, but I had to make room for “Smash”! Something had to go and Glee was an easy choice for elimination. Also, NeNe Freaking Leakes is tearing up the screen….whodathunkit?

  • Jen Anderson

    NeNe gave a great performance, but the actual words of that rant were as idiotically written as the rest of the episode. Someone too old to get pregnant is “over as a woman”? We womenfolk have been known to do stuff besides incubate the next generation.

    But how psyched must Naya Rivera have been to do a duet with Ricky freaking Martin?

  • AWFUL awful episode.  Totally true that Nene’s performance was the best thing to come out of it.  I thought it was just me because I have a cold and couldn’t really pay attention.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously! I found myself tuning out most of the episode or wanting to yell at the TV. Up till this and kind of the last episode, I’ve been enjoying this season.

  • shark. jumped.

    that is all.

  • R. L.

    During Glee I was easily distracted and I can’t remember even one song and very little of the plot.  They’ve lost me with the ridiculousness.  I have room for Glee and Smash in my TV-watching but if I had to give up one it would be Glee.  Smash is excellent, for now.  I hope the writers don’t fuck it up the way Glee’s did.

  • Anonymous

    I watch this show for Kurt. There I said it. I love Kurt’s relationships with Rachel and Finn. 
    I guess I like Rachel and Finn’s characters enough because they have some depth. I used to love Kurt and Blaine but I’m sort of over that these days. 
    Pretty much the rest of it has gotten so bad I can hardly watch. I never watch on Tuesdays anymore. I’m just watching until Kurt leaves. I hate that Santana is a perpetual Beee-otch and never gets held accountableI hate that Shue is a tool 90% of the timeI hate that we are TOLD Sam and Mercedes happened but we have no investment in themI hate that Sue has suddenly lost her attitude 

    Too bad they are scrapping that spin-off. 

  • YES! everyone seems really divided on this episode. the av club reviewer basically said “it wasn’t horrible, but i wasn’t paying attention” and gave it a b+ while the audience gave it a c.

    I thought this episode was horrible. Ricky Martin was surprisingly charming however.

  • Anonymous

    Glad it wasn’t just me, I stopped watching half way and deleted it. Hated the songs and everything but Nene. 

  • Anonymous

    No… it wasn’t you, it was Glee. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who went “wha?”

  • marilyn

    I almost could not stop laughing when you  said that the counselor told a student to stop talking about their problems.  Anyone who has raised teenagers probably can’t stop laughing.  Most teenagers won’t shut up about every minor annoyance in their lives, especially girls, usually.  That may not be what a counselor would say, but I am sure that is exactly what a parent would say about the broken record of a kid. 

    As we know, any teacher who is soliciting sperm from her students is going to be immediately fired and arrested for something.  The problem with this show is that it ignores the little distance that must be kept between children and their teachers, so the teachers are not arrested en masse.

    • Anonymous

      I agree to a point. Kids won’t stop talking about minor annoyances, but they rarely seem to want to talk about the big problems. When they bring up a big issue (and I consider relationship issues to be big), then you want to keep them talking! At least I do.

  • I watched the episode to see Ricky Martin be hot and to see Nene chew up that scenery like a pro. And in those regards I wasn’t disappointed.

    Honestly I love how Nene is breaking out of the Real Housewives box she’s been put in. I find her to be a funny, talented, and big hearted woman.

    Not to mention a strong woman. After suffering through and eventually escaping domestic abuse, she started a charity to help other women who were in the same situation. Compare that to Taylor of Beverly Hills who writes a book days after her abusive husbands death, but then tells the other housewives it’s a touchy subject? On top of that Nene can be a bully sometimes (though I feel this stems from her insecurities on how to defend herself and her ideas), but it’s not unwarranted most of the time. I can not blame her for knocking Star Jones off her pedestal or for getting fed up with Donald Trump using her and Star as tools for ratings. Or for telling some of her RHoA costars to wake up.

    And Divatude aside, Nene has some acting chops. She’s not the next emmy winner by any means, but to go head to head with jane lynch in a scene AND impress her? I doubt that it is an easy feat. Who would of thought a RH would charm a lot of the audience. I hope they use her more because that is all that is keeping me watching.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This show just isn’t fun anymore. In the first season, we had to suspend disbelief, but at least the characters were consistent and the writing was so hilarious. With this episode, it seemed like the show runners were trying to get back to some of the whackiness of the old days, but it was so forced. All the silly brochures weren’t funny like they used to be. Those were funny in the past because the titles were often just glimpsed in passing, like a sly little joke. Now, they shove them in our faces, write a plot point around them, and tell us how funny it is. “Taint! We said “Taint”! See how funny we are??!!” Ugh.That is just one example, but I think it applies to the entire show at this point. It has become a parody of itself.

    I watch because my daughter does. I need to turn to her every few minutes and say, “You know that if that ever happened at your school, you’d have to tell me right away, right?”

    •  Okay, you’ve confirmed what I read in the review (see message from just a few minutes ago). I repeat ewwwwww–N.O.
      I’m glad you watch with your daughter–you must have a great, honest relationship. I would certainly want to be with my daughter (or son) to discuss some of this particular plot as commented upon.

    •  Okay, you’ve confirmed what I read in the review (see message from just a few minutes ago). I repeat ewwwwww–N.O.
      I’m glad you watch with your daughter–you must have a great, honest relationship. I would certainly want to be with my daughter (or son) to discuss some of this particular plot as commented upon.

      • Anonymous

        The best conversations are when we get to a commercial break, then I pause the tv and ask, “Okay, please tell what was messed up about that last scene.” Hilarious. I don’t want to take away from her enjoyment of the show, but I don’t want her to think it is realistic in any way. Much the same way I made her wait to read Twilight. Then she threw it aside because the writing so bad. LOL She had just turned 12.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it had a lot of funny moments. I must admit I’ve given up on the show having any kind of dramatic continuity or making any kind of sense. Last week’s episode and the not-pressing-charges was ridiculous and dismaying.

    That said, I thought Ricky Martin and Nene both gave the show a terrific jolt and energy that’s been missing lately.

    (Nitpicker alert) I was wondering… the pamphlet that Will gives Emma that’s titled something like “I Was A Jerk To My Fiance” – shouldn’t that be “fiancEE”? Because then it would mean that she was a jerk to him. Not sure I saw it correctly.

    • You saw it correctly. Most likely it was a mistake by the show, but I’m choosing to believe it was Will being a passive aggressive jerk.

      • Terence Ng

        “So My Fiancee Annoyed Me With Her Life Ambitions While I Stressfully Translated a Song into Spanish for an Ignorantly Racially Stereotyped Musical Number To Impress A Bunch of High-Schoolers to Prove I Can Do a Job I’m Not Qualified For…”

        Emma…you should pay attention, because this concerns you.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously??? I taught in a public high school and it would take about 3 seconds for an untenured teacher or coach (and coaches never get tenure, BTW) to be fired after asking a student for him sperm. This is not only ridiculous, it smacks of a form of abuse towards kids.

  • This is the episode that’s making me quit Glee. Yep. 

    And Nene is hilarious. 

  • Not a huge fan of this episode…But I just keep repeating Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum (and Matt Bomer) are coming…over and over again. It helps.

  • Anonymous

    the will storyline is what really killed me. it’s just totally ridiculous. like, we’ve seen him talking. in spanish. to his students. before. if anyone found out that their spanish teacher was taking night school spanish classes a full four years (at least) after getting the job of spanish teacher… just, what??

    it’s been a while since this show made any sense, but it’s really going off the deep end. and i love how there were so many nonsensical plotlines to address that you didn’t even have the space to mention the one in which the two seventeen-year-olds get engaged.

  • This felt like an episode that would have worked better (or at all) in the first season, so filled as it was with its nurturing and pointed free-for all snark. As well as a greater suspension of reality. The more ‘real’ the show gets with its insane plotlines, the more the conceits they’ve worked with have started to falter and kind of trip over themselves. Emma designing her own brochures was hilarious, in my opinion and fit her character because /really/ that does seem like what she would do. No one in that school teaches things normally, which makes Will’s shenani-whatsit-IAMGOODTEACHER harder to stomach. (Although I love those brochures lingering in the background and they have been a favoured point of any ‘visiting the counselor scene’.)

    Unfortunately, it was just all the more painful as we were slapped in the face with nauseating sentimentality about characters who have presented themselves to be more or less most jackhats. (If entertaining ones, love you Sue.) But no one believes Will is all that good.

    The musical numbers were also mostly bad, but I will happily watch Santana snark her sassy little heart out at people. And make faces in the background the whole episode. It was a sad use of the undeniably charming as heck Mr. Martin.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is a small complaint given the myriad of rightfully lodged complaints at this episode but both Santana and NeNe said to Sue “You and whose vagina?”.  Hello, it’s a uterus, not a vagina that houses the baby.  I get it – vagina is a funnier word than uterus but they couldn’t even get that right.  Grade:  F

  • glennethph

    This made Ricky Martin unsexy, and he hasn’t been like that since probably he was a twig in Menudo a million years ago.

  • I read yesterday that Glee may be asking Ricky Martin to come back as a semi-regular when he finishes Evita.

  • Guys, I wholeheartedly agree this episode was one of the worst I’ve seen.  Others keep telling me how much they liked it and I’m like did we see the same show?  Made no sense at all.  I liked NeNe and I liked Ricky but thought he was underutilized. That is it. Oh yeah, I guess Kurt boosting Finn’s confidence in himself was kinda cute.

  • Anonymous

    And let the choir say amen.

    You know it’s going to be a looooong hour when Nene Leakes and Ricky Martin’s brilliant teeth are the best parts of the episode.

  • Oh ewwww! I just read a review of the show (wish I could remember which one but now I can’t bring it back) and I gotta say, I may be older but I don’t think I’m the most prudish person on earth. According to this reviewer, however, the title of one of Emma’s pamphlets was ‘taint misbehavin’??? And the comments from the students ran into an extremely blue area regarding their anatomy. Now if I’m incorrect, please tell me. But for now, I gotta say this seems extremely inappropriate for a show that is catering to teens for the most part. I’d expect this on a Logo reality show. Besides I can’t even imagine Emma writing that title (altho’ I understand some of the other pamphlets were also pretty questionable in terms of titles).

    • That part was pretty gross & creepy. There was a whole scene of Coach Bieste praising Emma for teaching all the jocks the importance of keeping their taints clean, i.e. thanks to her wonderful (creepy & inappropriate) pamphlet.

    • My friends and I were using the word taint when we were 12. It’s just another part of the body, gotta keep it clean. When I took sex ed they gave all the girls pamphlets on properly cleaning their ladybits. This is normal.

      Now the way Coach Bieste talked about was creepy and weird. If she had just said “Emma’s hygiene pamphlets have been so great for the team! Cooter recommended them for the whole state!” that would’ve been fine.

  • I can ignore Sue’s behavior, as she’s done awful stuff all along & not gotten in trouble. But the ‘Will doesn’t really even speak Spanish at all’ stuff? It’s just…wow…I’m incredulous. Overlooking how inconsistent it is with past happenings–which happens all the time on Glee-the problem w/this latest development is that it causes the audience to lose any shred of respect they ever had for him, naye–to outright loathe him.

    In the same ep where Sue’s espousing what a good person he is, we find out he’s been cheating his students & their parents (who pay his salary!) for YEARS?! He’s the worst kind of scum. And what, we’re supposed to think his actions are ok because he’s a good person at heart, I guess? Of course, the principal apparently knew he wasn’t qualified, so what the hell. Just accept a total lack of reality, consistency or accountability and enjoy the numbers. I quite liked Ricky’s ‘I’m sexy & I know it’ number and the duet w/Santana.

  • Anonymous

    I decide to stop watching this show, forever, really not coming back, after last week’s terrible MJ “tribute” episode. I am glad I read this recap to confirm for myself that I made the right choice.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I could go on for hours about the stupidity of the tenure thing. Tenured. Guidance. Counselor. WTF?

    They’re running out of things to do with Schu… The pattern lately is that he acts like a giant a$s, everyone around him talks about how great he is, he apologizes, and then it’s over. No growth, no development, no nothing.

    I really only watched this episode because I happened to be home and had nothing to do, but I’m going to start making a more concerted effort to be out of the house when Glee is on. I just can’t do this anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Some of Emma’s pamphlet’s were hilarious, like “So you’re a two-timing ho” and “So you’re dating a two-timing ho,” but I really didn’t need the mental picture of Damian McGinty’s dirty pubic hair.  Definitely not the best episode.

    In other news, I had to look it up, because I didn’t believe you that Ricky Martin is 40.  He’s looking damn good.

  • 100% with you guys on this creepy, horrible episode.

  • Stephanie Mechmann

    Sue wanting to have a baby is a coming a bit out of left field, considering her mean personality.  However, we’ve seen her compassionate, empathetic side with her sister and Becky.  Why wouldn’t she adopt a special-needs baby?  That would be more consistent with her character.

  • MilaXX

    I have to confess I ‘stan hard for Ricky so there’s no way I hated this episode. To me it was GLEE with Ricky in it, and a chance to see Ricky perform is always a welcome sight for me. I went out and got Evita tickets as soon as they went on sale.

    I can add a few reactions about the show;
    ~ Nene really is quite good. Color me surprised.
    ~ Will was a bigger douche than usual this week. I kinda hope he doesn’t marry Emma, because he can be just as verbally abusive as her parents at times.
    ~ The Sue storyline was STUPID and annoys me because it’s a waste of Jane Lynch’s talents.
    ~I liked the LMFAO spanglish mix, but I wish they had let Ricky sing some of his own songs, either from his Spanish CDS or even the La vida loca days.

  • MilaXX

     It was to encourage the jocks to wash their junk. I’m sure I used worse words than “taint” when I was a child.

  • MilaXX

     She’s also guest hosting on The Talk this week. I caught 1 episode and Nene is holding her own.

  • Anonymous

    Guidance counselors, social workers and school psychologists all qualify for tenure if they are full time employees of the school system.  Related service providers such as speech language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers of hearing or visually impaired would also qualify if in tenure track positions.  I always assumed Sue taught something like PE since I don’t know of a school that employs a full time cheerleader coach – especially in this economy.

  • It’s not just you. 

  • Anonymous

    I did not read all the comments, so I dont know if this was already said, but high school guidance counselors are ont he same contract as teachers…they become tenured just as teachers do.

  • This show is like the bad boyfriend you won’t get rid of. At the beginning of the episode, there’s some funny dialogue, a peppy dance number, and I think Maybe this time he’ll be different. And then it all unravels. Will doesn’t actually know Spanish? Well…I can ignore this one slip. Sue asks a student for sperm? But he used to be so funny, and charming. And then by the end of the episode I hate myself for letting myself be duped. AGAIN.

    What I don’t understand is how the show can have such hilarious dialogue and yet not be able to have the slightest bit of plot consistency. Who are these writers? Often I can overlook the problems but Will not being able to speak Spanish was just so ridiculous I couldn’t get past it. Is it just me or was his character presented in Season 1 as someone who was deeply dedicated to TEACHING? Not just glee club? What did Matthew Morrison do to Ryan Murphy? He used to be presented as well-meaning if sometimes out of touch, not the complete and total ignoramus that we see these days.

    And the nail in the coffin was the song choices. Santana’s great speech was undercut by the fact that her big latin number was LA ISLA BONITA. I mean, really? A latino episode and this was the best you could come up with? They could have at least done a pop song by someone like Shakira who is ACTUALLY FROM LATIN AMERICA instead of an ITALIAN FROM DETROIT.

    The saddest part is that I love Jeff Goldblum and I”m totally watching that episode. See…the boyfriend who keeps showing up. And I keep letting him in.

  • i broke up with glee this week.

  • As a non Gleek, I was going to catch this episode for Ricky Martin, but it looks like I shouldn’t bother or just look for his musical numbers.

  • Anonymous

    This kitten must not have taken her bitter pill this morning…I actually liked this show, in fact I thought it was the best all season. I liked the songs, mostly all up beat. I liked the Latin theme. It had more one liners and quick quips than I have heard in a while. Belief is always suspended when I watch Glee, I like to get my quirky on. Alright, off to choke down my bitter pill…

    • Anonymous

       I can’t agree that this was the best episode of the season, or even a great episode, but I don’t think it was the worst. I think you make a great point that watching Glee requires total suspension of disbelief, though I know that with subjects that are close to people’s hearts and currently under heated debate in society (like education is), it is easy to forget that NOTHING on this show reflects the politics or mechanics of real life, or is meant to be taken seriously.

      Was it crazy that a Spanish teacher is revealed to not know Spanish? Yes. Was it batshit crazy that Sue wanted a student’s sperm to have a child? Hell, yes. But it was also crazy in the first season when Sue was throwing around kids like they were dolls with no repercussions;and it’s crazy in general that Sue, Coach Bieste, and now the swim coach don’t actually seem to teach at the school.

      I feel the same way about this discussion as I did about the adoption controversy early on in the season. Various organizations and adoptive parents in general were up in arms about the fact that Glee seemed to be saying a teeenage girl who gave her daughter up for adoption can get her back again just by tainting the reputation of the child’s adoptive parents. To which I say, 1) who actually thought that plan was going to work?!, and 2) this show is about furthering plot points, often at the expense of realism — Quinn needed to be losing her shit and they needed to re-introduce a popular guest star, so the stars aligned and Quinn went on a psychotic and unrealistic quest to win back her child.

      Like you say, I’m in this to be entertained, and in this episode I was; both by the quirky one-liners and by the totally out-of-left-field plot points. This might not make me popular, either, but I think this show does not beg to be taken seriously and, though there might be those that do, it seems like the majority of viewers understand the satire and hyperbole, and at least try to go with it (though bad writing and over-dramatic plot twists often trip us up).

      End rant. Return to productive life.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you mila_8!  I enjoyed the musical numbers and laughed out loud many times.  I was entertained and found the whole episode to be good, goofy Glee fun.  If I want realism or any kind of character consistency I’ll watch something that isn’t Glee.

  • Anonymous

    In Chicago you have to be certified and take classes every 4 yrs.  Cheerleader coaches and other Coaches are P.E. teachers. The requirement for  Substitute teachers I don’t know.  One sub. did not know who Emmett Till was.

  • Anonymous

    I think they really hammer out a great episode once every three weeks then draw straws for the between shows. This shitis like a codependent relationship. We viewers look only at the good and get spoonful enough once in a while to STAY when we all ought to leave I’m invested and will watch til the end of this season then I quit Glee and Ryan. PS Where the hell is the dreadlock kid Sam who won the 7 episode arc?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! Terrible episode!

  • Larissa Pelc

    On top of everything else, they spelled fiancee wrong.

  • as a latino I felt offended and sincerely I hated the episode

  • as a latino I felt offended and seriously I hated the episode which was full stereotypes