Yea or Nay: Miu Miu Glitter Pump

Posted on July 20, 2011

We’re a little fascinated by modern women’s shoe design. It seems like western culture locked down the shape of women’s shoes about a century ago and everything since then has been mere variations on a theme, with periods of experimentation every couple of decades or so (the ’40s, ’70s, and ’00s). Having cycled through complicated bear trap shoes, minnie mouse platform pumps, gun heel shoes (and no-heel shoes), and taken insane detours into the land of open-toed boots and lobster claws, it seems like the fashion world is currently settling into more classic designs, which is why we’re seeing more and more of the classic pump, which is fine by us.

But leave it to Miuccia Prada to find that just too damn restrictive for her.

Camilla Belle attends MIU MIU presents Lucrecia Martel’s ‘Muta’
in Beverly Hills, California in head-to-toe Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Glitter Platform Pumps

We have to laugh at the shape of these because they look like cartoon drawings of pumps instead of like actual pumps. They’re fine, but we can’t help thinking they make the wearer’s feet look gigantic. And while we’re not experts on wearing heels (believe it or not) the backwards slant of these shoes combined with the high heel make them look to us like they’d be almost impossible to walk in for any length of time. Still, they’re disco fabulous and we always appreciate when a designer can work within a certain style but still make something original out of it. We suppose what we’re saying is, these work wonderfully from a pure design perspective but we question the practicality of them.

Of course, we could have written that exact sentence to describe 90% of the women’s shoe designs of the last decade.

YEA or NAY: Miu Miu Cartoon Pumps?


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  • Liana Brooks

    I’m waiting to see it in red. “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” -Nay.

    • I’d LOVE to see it in red. I had Dorothy flats that filled me joy every time I wore them. Haven’t brought myself to throw them out even though they’re unwearable at this point.

    • The book-originals were silver, so I think Miu Miu nailed the Baum perspective here. 🙂

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! Then they would sell them at Target!

  • Valerie Owens

    Yea! Major points for lack of toe cleavage. Also, they’re fun. Could/would I wear them? No. But they’re fun.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the part that I don’t like….It seems too high on the forefoot. Maybe I don’t need to have all my toes exposed, but a little lower would make it seem less orthopedic slipper (for me!)

    • Anonymous

      Amen! I am so sick of shoes that cut across the widest part of my feet and show toe cleavage. I hope this is the start of a new trend. I wish they were lower heeled, though.

  • Kind of love them. I have a slingback pair of 9 West shoes that are a little similar.

  • I hate the shape of the heel (can’t wait for clunky and awkward to go back out of style), but other than that, I like them a lot.  Nothing groundbreaking, but a cute way to dress up.

  • Anonymous

    cookie monster blue next?  these are hideous.  hated them when adrianna maloof wore them on RHOBH.

  • Alyssa Caruso

    Hate em. They look like something an old Broadway diva would wear. Which actually doesn’t sound that bad.

    • That inwardly curled heel is bizarrely hard to walk in. It makes you feel as if your feet are going to slide right out from under you

  • Anonymous

    If the vamp wasn’t so high (and they weren’t covered in glitter), I’d buy the inevitable knockoffs in a heartbeat.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for glittery shoes (in moderation). I honestly think every woman should have at least one pair of glitzy shoes (usually in black) but the heel on these are driving me crazy. Nay.

  • Love the glitter but not too keen on the shape of the heel. It’ll be a NAY from me.

  • Anonymous

    YEA! I love a sparkly shoe and a heel that’s interesting without being straight up fugly.

  • Grace Ritt

    Yea, because they are adorable, and a slanted in heel can slightly help the walking of it. But this one still looks weird. Okay nevermind, I just love them!

  • Well, it’s a stacked heel, so it’s automatically more comfortable than stilettos, in my opinion. They might cause a little bit of slippage because of the relatively obtuse angle from bottom of the heel to back of the heel, but no more than your average wedge, really. These actually look incredibly comfortable to me. And glitter makes me happy (though I can’t believe she didn’t make a pair in red for ruby slippers!)

  • HISS. I hate stiletto heels. Stacked heels for-eva.

  • Sarah Asarnow

    Yea for the disco fabulous, but Nay for the shape: I don’t actually think that walking would be too much of a problem; I just happen to hate this type of rounded-out heel. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing!

  • Nay.

  • Anonymous

    Nay–  My barbie had shoes like that in vinyl.  

  • G

    What I like about them – they look like shoes “almost anyone” could wear.  It is good to see a sturdy heel, not some 6″ wafer thin spike that looks truly difficult (and dangerous) to remain upright on.   I say YEA.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with the weird, phallic heel? Nay. 

  • Yes indeed! Love them. Very Minnie Mouse.

  • Anonymous

    Hearts , flowers, and tweeting birds for the cartoon pumps. I love them glitter and all.

  • Anonymous

    I’m torn, but ultimately, that ridiculous heel pushes this into a NAY. Not to say that I have anything against glittery pumps (I own a pair myself), but I prefer to have my fab without a side of crazy.

  • Judy_J

    They totally look like cartoon drawings, but I find them strangely attractive.  Not sure I’d wear them, but I like looking at them.

  • Anonymous

    I think the shape is really interesting, but I’m not diggin’ the glitter. Reminds me of the cheap flats all my friends had from Payless/Target when I was a little girl.

    • They still sell those. Every year. My four-year-old loves them. And I won’t lie, when I saw these shoes my first thought was “Yay, they make them in grownup sizes now!”

      • Anonymous

        Hehehe…Well, I won’t deny that they’re fun shoes (and that I secretly resented all the girls who had those, because my mother wouldn’t let me have a pair), but I wouldn’t ever consider spending hundreds of dollars on *designer* versions of them.

      • Uh, is it bad that I’ve already gone through 2 pairs of the grownup glitter flats?

    • Anonymous

      I should have read the comments first. I just posted that you can still find them at Target! I see them on little girls all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Just a heel click away from “there’s no place like home.”

  • Nay – they look uncomfortable and do nothing to flatter the foot. The ridge on the top of the foot is way too far up to be even remotely attractive. Love the glitter though.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I find the hideous floral frock so closely related to my Nana’s housecoats that I’m having a hard time concentrating on the shoes . . . .

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t even notice it at first, but you’re right: it IS hideous. And it & the shoes are so completely wrong for each other.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. That was so the wrong dress for the shoes it’s almost hard to believe. The cartoon nature of the shape requires the wearer to go full Jessica Rabbit or full Minnie Mouse (perhaps a Minnie Mouse via Harajuku girls thing could work too).

    • Rachel Sawyer

      That is exactly how I felt!

  • MilaXX

    YEA! I like them. Despite the curve I think the heel is wide enough to be sturdy and comfortable. Would prefer them in something other than glitter though.

  • Anonymous

    Why are they doing glitter but not ruby slippers? I’d call that a missed opportunity. And yes, the shape is a bit Minnie Mouse, but they do them in red and I am so there!


  • nay. I hate the heel.

  • They look better on, and they need that pizzazz of glitter to compliment the oddity of the shape.  And blogger please!  Who cares about practicality if the shoe is ah-mazing?!  My hang up is that the shoe covers up too much of the top of the foot.  I don’t like to cleavage, but I think cut it back just a tad.

  • Love me some glitter shoes, but those def look like cartoon pumps. Nay.

  • Real fun shoe to give a little extra to an outfit… Not so thrilled about the high cut at the toes… But Yae

  • They are cute. I wouldn’t wear them, but they are cute to look at.

    HOWEVER. Let’s talk about Camilla Belle. Tragic. It’s like she’s trying on someone else’s shoes, they are so wrong for that outfit.

  • I buy glittery shoes for my 5 year old daughter.  I would never buy them for myself.  NAY

  • Jillian Kroos

    I can appreciate them for looking at, but I’d be afraid it looks like the shoes are buckling under the weight they’re carrying. I love a sparkly shoe, but my tastes would venture more towards the Brian Atwoods that Anne Hathaway wore to the Oscars. Nay.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! I hadn’t realized why I disliked the heels until then. Hate them sticking out backwards-looks like they are worn out, and hate them bending forward-buckling under the weight. (Plus they look like my favorite pair of heels did after I fell down the stairs!)

  • Anonymous

    Yea! Like another poster noted, the stacked heel has got to be easier to walk in compared to stilletos. And I just like the glitter. It works for me, even if these are not shoes I would personally wear.

  • Tamara Hogan

    I think they’re fug.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t bother with them myself, but I think they look pretty on someone who doesn’t walk much. So, yay, but not with the dress she’s paired them with. Day-looking dress + evening shoes = clunky. 

  • I’d say NAY, do you see the arch of her foot and how unsupported it is? To me, that means that her toes are going to feel ridiculously scrunched and that her feet and back are going to be hurting for days after this…. They may look decent (though the toe of the shoe looks weirdly long…) but they look really uncomfortable.

  • bookish

    NAY. Love the glitter, hate the heel.

  • aussiegal77

    I have to say YEA for being fabulous but it looks like it’d be murder to walk in. And I have to wonder too how clunky it’d make my feet look.  So overall – it’s a NAY.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love a glitter shoe, but for some reason I’m not entirely digging these. I suppose it’s the heel. Don’t love it. Despite the comfort of a stacked heel, I think I’d prefer shoe this with a slimmer and sleeker heel.

  • Nay. the heel looks weird, and i don’t find anything inherently fabulous in glitter. ugly on all counts.

  • Toni Mitt

    Cute to look at, but I’d never wearr them.  I don’t need my size 12s to look any bigger.  Although…the heel looks good and sturdy…Nope.  Can’t do it…

  • Anonymous

    Hell Yeah to the disco fabulousness!  Now if only they came in Ruby Red…

  • I would have said nay based on the shoes themselves, but then I saw them on.  They look cute and fun. Yea.

  • I don’t particularly care for the shape of the shoe, but have to come to the defense of the glittery pump. I own black, gold and silver glitter pumps and wear them all the time (even to church, and even at work…at the interview FOR this job, come to think of it). They’re fab and add an extra bit of fun to any outfit. So YAY.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. I don’t like the shape of the heel, have no idea if they’re comfortable. Glittery shoes is not my thing either.

  • Anonymous

    I’m oddly indifferent.   I don’t dislike them, but at the same time I don’t really like them either.  Not sure why.

  • Anonymous

    The vamp is cut a little too high, which is what makes the wearer’s feet look big. Don’t mind the curved heel. The glitter? Well, I don’t mind it on other people, but it reminds me far too much of shoes that many 3-5 year old girls wear. Just check the girls’ shoe section at Target.

  • Anonymous

    Yea!  They’re not practical, but you wouldn’t wear them at practical events, so I don’t think that’s a fault.  What it comes down to is, yes, they should exist, but they should be deployed with care.

  • Anonymous

    YEA! I love that they look like cartoon shoes. If they were plain old pumps in glitter, they’d just be boring and trashy. I have no idea what effect the angle has on wearability, but at least the relatively chunky mass of the heel offers a measure of stability. (I can and do wear stilettos, but it requires more attention and effort. I’m all for heel options.)

  • The design of these makes the shoe itself look like it’s stumbling.

  • Anonymous

    Nay.  To me, the front border of pumps and ballet flats must hit the beginning of the toes, not the instep.  

    And the heel could have been a bit more delicate. 

  • Minnie Mouse goes to the disco on LSD.


  • Anonymous

    Yea! The slightly odd shape keeps them from being too streetwalker. I’m anxiously awaiting the knock-offs.

  • Lauren Field

    I love the silver! I’m not sure about the gold though… they would be great in sparkly pink too. Also I like the heel, it being so large it might actually make them easier to wear, plus yay to no foot cleavage… Whoever came up with that should be shot.

  • Nay I say!

  • Anonymous

    nay on the heel, yay for the glitter. ruby slippers forever.

  • They are cute I guess, but not particularly sexy.  The high forefoot is what makes it a huge NO for me.

  • Nay. Any number of glittery sparkly shoes can already be found just on the Pleasers site. Glitter shoes are nothing new. Not seeing the fuss here.

  • If they were red…”There’s no place like home, Toto.”

  • Anonymous

    i kinda love the silver.  i wasn’t convinced until i saw them worn. 

  • Anonymous

    Sparkly! YAY!

  • Anonymous

    Nay.   They look like little Janey found Grandma’s pumps and spent an afternoon getting glitter all over the house to make them “pretty.”

  • suzq

    What I can’t tell from the pictures is whether the glitter is contained or whether it is simply stuck to the surface of the shoe.  If it is the latter, how lovely would it be to leave a trail of glitter in your wake as you walk down the red carpet? 

  • suzq

    What I can’t tell from the pictures is whether the glitter is contained or whether it is simply stuck to the surface of the shoe.  If it is the latter, how lovely would it be to leave a trail of glitter in your wake as you walk down the red carpet? 

  • Anonymous

    In the 1980s, I saw a pair of Robert Clergerie black suede pumps in Vogue, and I went right out and bought a pair. The heels were shaped exactly like this, but the vamp was lower and the overall profile was more elegant. They were easy to walk in and were my favorite shoes for years.

    So it goes without saying that I love the heel, and I don’t even mind the look the high vamp gives the shoe. What I cannot forgive is the glitter. In the photos, it’s the glitter that makes the shoes look so totally wrong with that summer dress. She looks like she got her real shoes drenched in a downpour, and someone, in a panic, grabbed these and said, “Here! Put these on! At least you won’t have to go barefoot!”  If you’re not 10 years old and in a tap dance recital, or the mother of the bride at a very formal wedding, or someone young and tragically hip going clubbing, why are you wearing glittery shoes?

    So nay.  Despite the fact that I am so happy to see the fashion shift away from gladiator shoes, horse-hoof shoes, and all the other ugly shoe shapes of the past decade fading away.

  • Anonymous

    NAY for two reasons:
    1. I don’t like any heels that are shaped like a tapir’s snout
    2. Glitter on shoes only belongs on little girls and Vegas showgirls.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE them.  I am willing to bet they won’t be that hard to walk in if you are experienced at wearing heels.  I also wear a sz 6 shoe so I am not worried about my feet looking big.

  • Yea, I think they’re adorable. I’m not sure what they should be worn with, though… I certainly wouldn’t have worn them with that dress (the dress is lovely).

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re kind of fabulous, but in an only-Iman-could-pull-them-off kind of way.  I think most mortals should stay away form them.

  • I love them, I would wear them with EVERYTHING

  • YAY.  I will dream of wearing these.  

  • Donna Schmidt

    I believe these are an adult version of the glitter shoes sold for years in Target. Now adult women can relive their childhood and that’s fine with me.

  • If it had a lower vamp, yes, but this way? No. Eugh.

  • Maria Figueroa

    I can’t help but feel that they make your ankles look like they’ve been snapped in half.

  • Kelly Ridings

    I hate how high cut the vamp is!  I know people hate toe cleavage (though I don’t mind it), but this is too far in the other direction.  

  • I agree, from a design perspective they’re fabulous! To wear them I think would be painful.

  • The whole foot looks off in that shoe. Nu. Not like I wear a lot of Miu Miu anyhow.

  • Mariah J

    NO. Those are TACKY. Save ’em for the hookers. Drag queens wouldn’t even wear those.

  • Anonymous

    I dig em.

  • Anonymous


  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    I really like them on Camilla Belle, and heels aren’t meant to be comfortable, and it’s fashion so…yea?

  • Anonymous

    Yay, but they’d be better in Swarovski crystals.  I mean if you’re going to be ridiculous, you might as well make them even more expensive.

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re adorable. I hope they do make them in black or red. They look like they’re fun shoes that won’t kill your feet. I’m old enough to find that important!

  • Anonymous

    I like the heel shape a lot, but that high vamp is killing me, as is the glitter (esp. the gold version). Still, I think a different finish could save the shoe, so I’m giving it a tentative YEA.

  • Anonymous

    So much YAY!!!! I need them in gold. Not that I could walk in them. Or afford them. But I want.

  • The design looks too heavy.  There’s something off about the line.  Perhaps its because of the odd heel.

    Love the idea behind it though. I’m more a pump girl, myself.

  • Elena

    I like it in theory, but those shoes look clunky and impossible tonstand in. But I guess I’ll still go with a yea.

  • They are perhaps a bit Minnie Mouse, but I still dig them. Agree with everyone who longs to see them in red.

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re kinda funky/fun, but I’d have to try them on to give them an up or down vote.  Something about the angle of the footbed makes my knees hurt just looking at them.

  • Anonymous

    Nay, Nay, and Nay again. I sound like a fucking horse.

  • Jennette Kobiela

    I say “yay” for sure. I would so wear those if I had a huge amount of money to blow on ridiculous shoes.

  • Except for the slightly odd heel I don’t see anything unique here.  Glitter shoes have always been around

  • I absolutely love the shape of these shoes!

  • Anonymous

    What, no ruby?

  • Anonymous

    I like the shape…but if that’s actual, non-encased-in-some-way glitter, I need a paper bag to breathe in.  I have a glitter phobia, and that much exposed glitter is liable to send me to the hospital.

  • I hate the slant more than the glitter. NAY.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nay. It’s not the glitter that bothers me, but the bow curve of the heel. It looks wrong. It gives me an optical illusion that the wearer is about to pitch forward on her face. (Which I imagine is no more true of these than of any other high heel)

    Now, were I to try them on & find them more comfortable than Miu Miu pumps with a “normal” heel my objection would be dropped.

  • YAY!  I love these, but I’m 22 years old and love impractical shoes.

  • YAY!  I love these, but I’m 22 years old and love impractical shoes.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Look i’m okay with a little glitter or whatever, but these look like Daisy Dack’s shoes and that’s a NAY to me!

  • “Work wonderfully from a pure design perspective”?  Are we looking that the same shoe?
    Glitter pumps go with nothing.

  • i agree that they are fun and fabulous, but probably not comfortable or practical to wear!

  • Anonymous

    They make me wish for a re-release of funky 70s disco plats, the clear lucite ones with water and live goldfish in them. Frenchy Fuqua was the ultimate God of style!

  • Anonymous

    That super deep vamp just looks really painful. Like it would dig into the foot everytime you took a step.
    Love the glitter.

  • Anonymous

    Nay. (Too … Wicked. Witches, Glinda, Dorothy, etc.) BUT — I’m thinking the backward curve of the heel actually helps with balance.   

  • Adella Thompson

    I like the whole big glitter shoes thing, but it seems more like something I’d be buying in the smallest possible size at a store catering transvestites. The shape is really nice on these though. I’d like to see some less expected colors for the concept, I guess to really sell me. 

  • Katherine Brant

    I kind of really love these.

  • Anonymous

    These are adorable.  The Miu Miu Open Toe Glitter boot on the other hand, is seriously hideous:

  • Anonymous

    Nay.  way too chunky.  Does not flatter foot or leg.

  • There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home. 

  • Anonymous

    If Judy Garland had tried tripping down the Yellow Brick Road in those, she’d have broken an ankle.

  • YES to glitter!  NO to shoes that don’t actually fit to your feet!

  • Anonymous

    I like the shape of the shoe more than the glitter, but since glitter does have a place sometimes, YEA.

  • They’re quite pretty, but I’m of the (rare, I know) camp that believes in a combination of beauty AND comfort.  (It can be done – why isn’t it??)  

    Which is why no one ever asks me for fashion advice.Nay.

  • Yea.  Love glitter!  The heel is thick enough and actually sits directly under your heelbone.  Should be steady enough for what they’re meant to do – be pretty!

  • Forget about the weird puffy heel, any shoe that glittery makes me instantly love them. Totally an IN

  • “There’s No Place like home…There’s no place like home!”

  • Lisa

    Oh, a TOTAL In from me!  They’re so… so… sparkly!

  • Anonymous

    NAY! I hate the shape beyond words. Ugly, unflattering and tacky. At least Dorothy’s shoes were red…and kinda cute.

  • magnificent.

    but the gold ones woulda looked better w/ the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to change my vote to a YAY. They’ve been growing on me. 

  • Anonymous


  • hell yeah

  • Sylvia Baba

    Nay! They look tacky, but my main issue is that the top goes too far up the foot, making them look very 80s. I personally like a little toe cleavage.

  • yay-thousand!

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t get past how much these remind me of the little glitter flats that Target used to sell. The little girls who loved those will love these. I think I must go with YEA.

    • Anonymous

      yes! I was thinking the same thing!

  • Ew. Barf.

  • Sarah Clever

    Love. LOVE!!!

  • Lauren Bradshaw


  • in

  • Anonymous

    Yea! they are fun and fab

  • narita_rayna

    i want them so hard.

  • Anonymous

    yea! If I could afford them and they came in a size 13 (I am man) I would slap those on a trip to the grocery store.

  • Anonymous

    Twee + Fabulous = Complete YEA

  • Anonymous

    If that heel went straight up and down I would say yay but that random curve makes my brain hurt so nay it is.

  • YEA FOR DISCO FABULOUS. I’ve been wanting a pair of disco pumps for a while, and thank you Pucci for telling me that it’s fashionable! I’m not really sold on the shape of the heel, but I can see it being fun. They’re very much like the shape of Minnie Mouse’s shoes, aren’t they?

  • L-O-V-E

  • YEA on so many levels!!

  • Anonymous

    They actually look really comfortable!

  • Hate it. Yuck. And I love chunky heels.

    Just to address your point about the heel shape–I wouldn’t expect these heels to automatically be uncomfortable to walk in. Thicker heels actually give you a steadier base to walk on (because of greater surface area to contact the ground), and even though these curve outwards, it’s really just an illusion. In terms of balance, draw a line from the middle of the heel of the foot (inside the shoe) down to the ground. It’s still a straight line down (in this case, the line partially bisects the arc of the shoe’s heel, ending on the farthest back tip of the heel point). It should still be comfortable (provided that the rest of the shoe is well constructed–especially the last) for your weight distribution and balance. The illusion that it’s unstable is because of the outwards curve, but when you wear a shoe, you don’t distribute your weight by walking on the very back of your foot. It’s the middle of your foot’s heel.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I kind of like them. YEA!

  • John Fluevog and Chie Mihara have been making shoes like this years (decades for ‘Vogs) and I can say from experience that this type of heel is WAY easier to wear and walk in than a stiletto. Love the shape, there nothing duller than a stiletto heel pump, whether its from Louboutin or Payless.

  • Anonymous

    What every girl wants – big yellow feet that sparkle. I might like them in red, though. Big red feet that sparkle would be fine. They’re wishing feet.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, they’re silly and fun!

  • Anonymous

    YEA!hot shoes…

  • Anonymous

    YEA!hot shoes…

  •  FANTASTIC! Love ’em.

  • Anonymous

    In.  Hey, they’re pumps that aren’t nude.  I think that actually puts them on an endangered species list.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I dig the shape A LOT! Like crazy for sane feet.

  • Saoirse Lee

    Ew, they look cheap and sweaty, like those glitter ballet pumps that you see in Penneys/Primark (Irish/UK ultra-cheap clothes chain).
    This comes from a woman who is unfortunately drawn like a magpie to sequins and glitter.

  • Love the shape, not sure about the glitter.