WERQ: Zooey Deschanel in Kate Spade

Posted on July 12, 2011

It seems we too often default to the common usage of “WERQ,” which is to say, outfits that are so fierce they rate a head roll and two snaps up, but the T Lo Philosophy of WERQism is broader than that. A gal deserves a “WERQ!” when she’s put together well and clearly thinks so. Case in point:

Zooey Deschanel attends the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Winnie The Pooh’ in Kate Spade.

Sometimes Zooey’s predilection for tweeness gets on our nerves. The same can more than be said about Kate Spade’s designs. And yet, this looks adorable to us without giving us a toothache. We figure if you’re on a beige carpet celebrating a Winnie the Pooh premiere, this level of sweet is just about right. We, of course, would not have chosen such bland shoes, but we kind of like the purse she’s sporting. She looks fresh and sophisticated without looking too cute or too showy. That’s not an easy balance to strike and we salute her … with a head roll and two snaps up.

Just doing our best to keep those ancient gay stereotypes alive, darlings. We’re like the Library of Gay Congress.

[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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    • Anonymous

      What’s up with her undereye circles??

      • Bad lighting.

        • Shawn Hill

          Being vegan.

          • “Being vegan” is NOT the reason.  It’s just an overexposed shot which often gives portraits a “ghoulish” appearance.  As Celia said, “bad lighting.” 
            Shawn Hill – if you don’t agree with people being vegan then DON’T be one.  Geesh.  That shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out.  Why is it that there are some people who choose to eat meat and think the rest of the world gives a damn.  Grow up.

            • Jesus Christ, relax Krab.

            • overexposure, darling, doesn’t under eye shadows cast.Quite the contrary. And what does anything have to do with lentils and chicken feed?

          • Zooey’s not a vegan. 

    • She looks adorable! Totally WERQing it!

    • Anonymous

      Anyone else immediately think of Charlotte from S&C (who would probably have kittens if she got to go to a WTP premiere)?

      She looks great & totally appropriate for the event.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely!  That was my first thought as well: Charlotte is probably wearing this right now…

    • Super cute summer dress! Nice work, ZD!

    • Perfection! I always love large, light floral prints on small, dark-haired women. Mostly because I am one, and I have the ego the size of Montana, and I’m Ok with that (and now I want that dress). She looks adorable and also appropriate for the event! Head to toe, she looks adorable without looking like a walking gimmick. Just fresh and sweet. Go, Zooey!

      “We’re like the Library of Gay Congress.” I think you gentlemen have found your new tagline.

    • It’s amazing how much less irritating I find her when she takes off the opaque black tights! That dress is cute!!

    • MilaXX

      I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of Zooey since she has a new show coming in the fall. I like this look. It’s very summery, yet still very Zooey. Even with the beige shoes, I’ll give her, 2 snaps in z formation

    • Love it. Sweet without the toothache. Well said.

    • Anonymous

      That dress is adorbs! I like the shoes, though a color would have been fun.
      WERQ it gurl!

    • Grace Ritt

      I just love her! I know she’s a little crazy but that’s why.

    • Anonymous

      I love Zooey-did you guys hear about this? After the BAFTA event a LA Times reporter wrote an article http://opinion.latimes.com/opinionla/2011/07/downtown-la-good-enough-for-the-royals-but-not-for-zooey-deschanel.html and started with calling Zooey a “snobby cow” for a quote taken completely out of context. Zooey kept her head up and responded here: http://hellogiggles.com/an-open-letter-to-los-angeles-times-writer-patt-morrisson on her website and I think she was very classy about it. Loved her in Elf and Once Upon a Mattress and am looking forward to The New Girl this fall. I think she looks great 🙂

    • She looks very pretty here, and I especially like it because I don’t hear her singing.  Throw tomatoes at me if you wish, but her breathy singing works my nerves, which now happens a lot because she’s singing in some TV commercial that airs all the time in my city.

    • voter1

      Cute dress.  I think the length separates her look from looking “tweeney.”  Though I think a brighter handbag might have been better.

    • Refreshing to see her looking good in what you could call “her style” (I mean, flirty dresses with a retro feeling, sometimes a little nerdy…). It´s like, I love the idea, but she doen´t always manage it well.

    • aussiegal77

      That dress has my name written all over it.  And I even have the curly hair too!  =D  Not loving the clutch though.  Shoes work for me =D

    • Now that she’s fixed the tights situation and found a way to make herself look good from the forehead down, can she FINALLY get a new hairstyle?  That one always looks like a wig.

    • scottyf

      T & Lo said…
      “We’re like the Library of Gay Congress.”

      Gay Congress…isn’t that redundant?

    • Anonymous

      See, now this how green and pink can be effectively combined.

    • Those ancient gay stereotypes are scary, darlings. Snap out of it! So glad about this Zooey Deschanel WERQ. Twee is my middle name.

    • Anonymous

      She looks perfect. I even like the shoes for this dress.

    • Anonymous

      Totally disagree. Boring hair, purse and shoes. There’s nothing here to look at except a pretty lady and a cute dress. 

    • Anonymous

      Pretty. Nice to give some love for [not-so] simple competence.

    • Anonymous

      “A pretty lady and a cute dress” on a sunny day suits a Pooh premiere just fine (is there a kind of kiddie-werq subcategory?).

      Accessories kinda random, though I enjoy the little cowlick punctuation on the back of the shoes. 


    • She’s totally cute. And I envy her hair greatly.

    • on a different star this would be WERQing but on Z its her standard go-to look. 24/7/365(6) style-rut

    • Anonymous

      She looks good, youthful and fresh.

    • Anonymous

      I love the purse with a shoulder strap!  Because even if this premiere happened in the evening, this is a daytime sort of movie, and a little evening clutch would have been all wrong for the mood, and the dress.  Don’t love how she’s cupping said purse in every shot, but I love the dainty chain strap so much!

    • Anonymous

      I love the purse with a shoulder strap!  Because even if this premiere happened in the evening, this is a daytime sort of movie, and a little evening clutch would have been all wrong for the mood, and the dress.  Don’t love how she’s cupping said purse in every shot, but I love the dainty chain strap so much!

    • Emily Ho

      TLo, you guys crack me up!  😀

    • TLo, you two CRACK ME UP!

    • Anonymous

      The dress, and, she look adorable. The purse is kind of hilarious, though: what can you put in it? An iPhone, a purse pen from Tiffany’s, 2 keys (not on a key ring), and a pack of gum. That’s about it.

    • Anonymous

      1. I love Kate Spade.
      2. I’m just glad Zooey isn’t wearing black tights.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry guys, I’m disagreeing with you on the strength of the hideous shoes and bag.  in a different color, maybe, but as is, nonononononono

    • Ugh. You know, for all the complaints about curtain fabric from you guy’s, this is actually the only dress that reminds me of just that. Hate. So much hate for that outfit. 🙁 

    • Rand Ortega

      It’s an improvement on the near caricature she has become re: her style. 
      Talk about being in a style rut! She definitely needs a IWWHG makeover.

    • the shape works really well. she often misses in that regard, but this time she hits that very nail smack dab. same for the length.
      do not dig, as we once said, them shoes nor kate spade in general &, of course, ida preferred she go real vintage rather than en hommage, but she still looks very nice.

    • Anonymous

      This is a WERQ–a 20 year working a desperate housewife crazy in her eyes look?

      And on the Emma Watson post, you called that dress “gorgeous”?

      Oh no. Today may be an alternative universe day.

    • I’m glad she gave up the black tights.  She looks really great.

    • Anonymous

      With different accessories, I would have snapped along.  Great look and attitude, nonetheless.

    • I love the dress but would have defaulted to that kind of shoe as well. What should she have chosen instead?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. She looks adorable. The dress is pretty and very flattering.

    • I WANT I WANT I WANT!  I can’t afford, I can’t afford, I can’t afford.  Sigh…..

    • Anonymous

      Pretty dress on a pretty girl. But that hair is bad — too much, too long, not well styled for the outfit. Maybe a cute ponytail.

    • Anonymous

      I like the print of the dress and the general cut, but am not a fan of the pocket or how the lower seam of the waistband seems to sit a little high.  And I don’t care if it brings out the matchy-matchy police, but I’d have paired it with a hot pink classic stiiletto for a pop of color on the feet.  Sometimes, non-matchy matchy is the bigger crime.

    • LOVE!

    • Jill Roberts

      Pretty cute.  She has *got* to lose the bangs.  You’re a big girl now, Zooey.

    • Anonymous

      This is good. Her style is still hers, but maturing. She also looks a lot like Lucy Lawless in these pics. And I adore that print.

    • Anonymous

      She looks adorable, no toothaches here. Cute little purse, I want one in a different color. 

    • Lisa

      Very cute, very fresh – definitely not overboard, just right.

    • Anonymous

      How pretty she looks!

    • Alisa Rivera


    • Anonymous

      Pretty dress on a pretty girl. I love Kate Spade.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      Perfection. Including the shoes! 😛

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know, you guys. Sure, she looks cute, and it’s event appropriate, but I don’t see a girl exemplifying real style here. It’s a dress with a nude bag and shoes–no other accessories or interesting bits. Not a WERQ moment for me.

    • Anonymous

      I finally figured out how to add a comment… all this time I’ve had to be silent, cause Disqus confused me so….had to change my name, but ahwell!!
      As to me sweet Zooey… she looks edible!!
      Love her…