In or Out: Dominic Cooper

Posted on July 21, 2011

What the hell. Let’s do a boy.

Dominic Cooper attends the ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Los Angeles Premiere.

We wanted to give this one a closer examination because we’re somewhat torn on it. At first glance, he’s working a pretty stylish and sharp look. And as our minions know, we will always praise a boy willing to put the work in on the red carpet. However, it’s all a bit tight and shiny and unbuttoned. Chic crossed with lounge lizard. Style plus “What New, Pussycat?” We want to like it, but with the shiny hair, shiny suit, and tight pants, it’s all a bit much, especially when you start undoing buttons and not shaving for a couple days. This suit with a tie, less showy shoes, a clean shave, and half a pound less product in the hair and we’d probably love the look without reservation. As it is, we’re assuming he smells like Axe body spray and has either breath mints or rubbers in each of his pockets.

Are we being picky here? You tell us.


IN! Rico Suave!

OUT! Rico Suave!

The voting on Jen Aniston’s “pretty dress/shitty shoes” ensemble is still very much open.

[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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  • Anonymous

    Scroll down OUT.  Hate the shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. OUT for the shoes alone. 

    • Anonymous

      The shoes look like they were recently spray painted.

      He looks greasy and sleazy.  OUT!

      • Joseph Lamour

        Really y’all? A man wears grey shoes and he’s out? Or is it the shoes combined with the general douchieness? He’s OUT for me, but not because his shoes aren’t a standard black. They don’t really go with his outfit.

  • spygrl1

    OUT due to the aura of douchiness.

    • Cindi Williams

      So that vinegar I was smelling *was* douche?!?

  • Joyce VG

    Meh. Rico Suave OUT.

  • Marguerite

    Torn. It’s the shoes that are killing me. I don’t mind the hair product or slightly disheveled look. I could even stand to breathe in the Axe body spray because he’s young enough and cute enough to excuse the scent. But it’s the shoes that just ruin the look for me. Just don’t know if I can get past them. I guess I will let him slink by this time because if I can excuse the scent of Axe I guess I should be willing to overlook the too shiny, just plain wrong shoes. in, but just barely.

  • Olechka Milashka

    Still in, even after a closer look

  • Terence Ng

    The shoes give the look more visual variety, highlighting the lapel. I’m tired of guys looking monochrome from head to toe with a triangle of shirt. IN.

  • sunandmoon24


  • Brian @ PWYJudges

    Compared to how Chris Evans showed up to the same event, Dominic looks like a style god. A very biased IN!

  • Anonymous

    Nice bulge, cutie pie!  I like the skinny look & crisp white shirt but the vest seems to weigh it all down too much.  Needs a tie…. but is that the kind of jacket you would wear a straight tie with?  If it requires a bow tie, then scrap the whole thing and start anew. 

  • Anonymous

    “Rico Suave” haha.

    Is that a tuxedo lapel on a pinstriped jacket. . . with a vest? 
    Hmmm. . . very unusual.

  • Anonymous

    I can smell the Axe from here.
    Plus — the lapels on that jacket look like something leftover from prom, circa 1973.

  • Anonymous

    Insults slide off him, he’s so greasy, therefore he gets a Rico Suave IN.

    He’s just workin’ the douche-factor, and as long as we stay up wind, he’s a yummy bacon sammich.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I actually like it and I don’t mind the scruff, some guys just look good with a little bit on their cheeks. Plus the suit is interesting and, while tight, he’s working it. IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Way too douche.

  • Heather

    Also – doesn’t he look kind of twig-like here? I remember him being more built in “The Duchess.”

    I’m on the fence, but can’t believe y’all didn’t mention the need for hemming.

  • Michael

    yup, pants are way too long and tight – TAKE THEM OFF NOW AND LET”S MEASURE YOU FOR A PROPER FITTING PAIR.
    digging the bulge. hubba hubba

  • Janie R

    He lost me at the shoes. And aren’t those pants a little long?

  • Kathleen Coyle

    I don’t like a three piece suit sans tie.  It’s trying too hard, in an “I’m not trying at all” kind of way.  Out.  And also his pants are so tight I’m pretty sure I can tell what religion he is.  Ew.

  • Andra Ruscoe

    He’s an English boy…they wear LYNX!  I’m sure he reeks of it.  The shoes are awful but his smile gets me every time.

    • Anonymous

      LYNX is just AXE in another can, there were branding issues in the UK and Australia. Trust me, my boy’s family inexplicably gave him a gift set of LYNX products last christmas. 

  • Jennifer Marie Wegmann-Gabb

    I always think smarmy lounge lizard whenever I see him.  OUT. 

  • Dina dV

    Heh.  I think this whole hipster/dandy look works better on him than Gosling.  He’s slim enough to wear a slim/European/athletic/whatever we call it this year cut and all the other affectations work with the look.  Maybe because he feels more like a hipster/dandy than Gosling. 

    I give him an IN because he has that face, which is a great accessory to have if you’re going to veer off the beaten path.  Maybe if he were more traditionally handsome it would look off. This look on Chris Evans would be so very laughable, but on someone who appears to be the Tim Roth for the new millennium, I think it works.

  • Valerie Owens

    Hahahaha! Love you guys. You make me laugh. 

  • Jessica Rowe

    Is he from Essex (UK)? He should be.  Looks like a right Essex bloke here.

    • Dina dV


  • Anonymous


  • Linda Dodson

    Ew.  Skeevy.  

  • Erica

    A total DB look.  All he is missing are the sunglasses perched on top of his head–OUT.

  • Amye

    The shoes make him look sleazy.  Without those, he’d be less lounge lizard.

    Still, I think he looks hot, so I say IN.

  • Ebba Svantesson


  • Katherine Lavender

    In. Think he’s treading on just the right side of sleaze.

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    He’s right on the dividing line between Cute and Creepy

  • Amelia Logan

    The crotch is too low, it doesn’t look like the pants fit at all.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    OUT!!! Can’t believe you guys are even pausing to ponder. He just looks like a giant sleazebag, and how ’bout that hem and those hideous shoes….

  • Super Red

    Ugh. This is very much an OUT for me. Too douchy!

  • Anonymous

    OUT for the ridiculous hem and shoes.

  • Meghan Young

    At first glance he’s an in, but upon examining those shoes – and how the pants are hemmed badly enough around them to bunch up like that, which just draws even MORE attention to the crappy shoes – he’s Out. 

    Also, less hair product plz. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The guy isn’t young enough to be forgiven for smelling like Axe. He had a good idea but it’s poorly executed. Button up, hem the pants, change the shoes and then it’d be good. De-gunk the hair and shave and this might be really good. 

  • Anonymous

    You’ve indoctrinated me to much about the pooling pants.  So out.  Otherwise, I’d give him a Rico Suave in.

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes, think he gets away with the open buttons because of the vest, and am very biased but think most men look better with stubble. He DOES look like he has condoms and breath mints in his pockets, but that only makes my IN that much heartier. But yeah, the pants are a little too tightly fitted.

  • Anonymous

    He gets points for effort but the whole look just doesn’t work.  That hem!  That hair!  Those ridiculous shoes that make his feet look clownish!  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    HOT.  I love both breath mints and Axe body spray though.

  • Paige Boerman

    Ugh, douche vibe, but so much potential. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The suit could be okay, but the hair, the shirt and especially the shoes and pants that are way too long, make it out.

  • Judy_J

    Looks like he needs a bath.  And those shoes and the length of those pants are unforgivable. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The naughty girl in me is digging the naughty boy in him. In.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, this suit is too tight, but Ryan Gosling’s fit properly? ; )

    He does look a little greasy and a little slippery, that’s for sure, but he’s also sporting a nice bulge and a cute smile. He needs to button up and put on a tie and wash that gel right outta his hair. I love the shoes even though I probably shouldn’t, because they were the kind I used to wear back in the swingin 80s.

  • Molly Harrington

    I’m kind of torn but ultimately, I’m going to give it an IN. He looks good.

  • Nicole Merrill

    He looks sleazy and disgusting; OUT!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Go back to your hotel room, shower, and try again.

  • Anonymous

    He’s handsome and I’d probably take a second glance but the outfit is kinda silly. And those grey shoes. What to say.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving him an IN just because I love the contrast of the navy lapel so much.  I don’t love the shoes, but the worse thing about the look for me is the cut of the pants.  But still, navy lapel!

  • Rand Ortega

    The new Orlando Bloom/Colin Farrell. He’s pretty gorge, but those shoes ruin the allure.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the shoes with that suit – it is different but not in a bad way.  The pant length and that hair are what is killing it from me.  Still, I would say an overall IN because it is an interesting suit.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I can see his junk.

    • margaret meyers

      His junk  i s  on display.

  • Anonymous


  • Sorana Tarmu

    IN – Rico Suave.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    IN – Rico Suave.

  • Jamie

    IN – not minding , not one little bit.

  • Jamie

    IN – not minding , not one little bit.

  • Lauren Jean St. Martin


  • Emily Rose

    I love everything about this look. I don’t even mind the break on the pants. IN.

  • Grace Ritt

    I think you are being a little too picky. To me, he looks IN. Although I do not like the hair. He does have some natural scruffy hair that he could be working.

  • k_skenes

    I was going to say “In”, and then I saw the bulge.  Wow.  Not red carpet ready.  Out.  But from the waist up, a very definite in.

  • Deborah

    In. Hate the hair, but I think the rest works. Plus he’s earned my goodwill by dancing in a kick-line with boys in flippers in Mama Mia.

  • Anonymous

    He’d fit right in on Jersey Shore. OUT.

  • Rachael Jones

    OUT, pants and shoes ruin it! Get a tailor and different shoes!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for the shoes but that suit is MILES AWAY better than the shiny POS that you fawned and drooled over on Ryan Gosling.  Seriously, THIS gets you going about “shiny”?  I could see my reflection in ryan’s, this is toned down much more. 

    • MilaXX

      I was digging Ryan, bit since he’s got a movie for hype he’s making the talk show circuit. What a fake hipster douche! In one interview he actually referred to his Gucci suit as “the Guch”.  Why can’t they all just stand there and look pretty? They always speak and ruin things.

  • Terri

    I love you TLo for saying “rubbers”. I hate being forced to say “condom”, it sounds so clinical!

  • Anonymous


  • Marie Medina

    I like scruff on my man, so suck it, IN

    Hair needs to be less shiny, and I think black shoes would have put the lounge lizard act on full display so I’m not hatin the gray entirely. Plus I’m a tight pants kind of gal, so obviously biased. I like to see what I’m in for 😉

  • Anonymous

    Torn. Love the suit, first glance, the shoes are fine but with that suit?, but are the pants supposed to fit like that? Clearly they are too long, yes? and maybe too skinny-pants for a 3 piece suit?

    Dubious about the lapel, dubious about the open collar, okay: 2-3 day beard DING! DING! DING! The balance is tipped: OUT.

  • Tina

    Out Rico, Out!

  • Adella Thompson

    Shoes killed it for me. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Well, you most defenetelly have a point guys, maybe it’s a little too much and i pretty much hate the shoes, but damn is he working it or what? He is IN for me.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Crap – you had to mention Axe body spray; now my nose will itch for the next few hours. 
    If he lost the vest and rectified the pants hem and facial lounge lizard situations, he might’ve been able to pull this off without a tie.
    If he insisted upon wearing the vest, he should have called up Ryan Gosling, who could rock the heck out of the look, and got some pointers on WERQing it.

  • Anonymous

    No thank you.

  • Anonymous

    No thank you.

  • MilaXX

     At first glance it appears as if he’s doing a Ryan Gosling retro look, but get up close and it all looks sleazy and dirty. You can almost smell the scent of day old cigarettes and sex. Also if you are wearing a slim leg pant, they can’t puddle into your shoes.

  • Anonymous

    The shoes unfortunately make it an out. I’m digging the contrast lapels on the suit though. 

  • Laura Ann Springer

    Say hello to my little…..OUT Really did Scarface just come out??

  • Judy S


  • Anonymous

    Let’s do a boy picking his ear and playing pocket ball on the red carpet. Seriously? Was this kid raised in a barn?

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Out.  He’s not owning it and he seems like he can’t stop itching and fidgeting.  And the hem on his pants needs to be shorter. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT, but only for the shoes.  The rest is fine.  

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give him an In. I think he is working the look pretty well, even if it is a lounge-lizard look. He actually looks like he is enjoying himself, which is another plus.

  • Lee Reece

    Rico-had-some-potential-Suave OUT.

  • Courtney Hellams

    in! he looks fierce.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IN. I want to have sex with him. That’s how I know.

    Also I’m in love with his shoes.

  • xadie other

    Aw, poor D-Coop. All the greasy douche comments are a little mean! I went to see The Misanthrope in London and he  was sitting on the same row as me. He was very polite whenever he went past us and didn’t smell at all of Lynx! I think he might have been with his mum, just turning out to see his old castmate Keira Knightley. 

    ETA – In!

  • Anonymous


    I like all except the hem and shoes. Nice details on the 3 piece suit…fits well, except the hem.  Crisp white shirt, unbuttoned with no tie, looks

    Shoes shouldn’t be the focal point of this outfit though.  Shiny black would have been perfect.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, I can smell the cheap cologne wafting from my screen.

  • Anonymous

    “This suit with a tie, less showy shoes, a clean shave, and half a pound less product in the hair and we’d probably love the look without reservation. As it is, we’re assuming he smells like Axe body spray and has either breath mints or rubbers in each of his pockets.”

    I can’t say it any better BUT I have one modification.  I still hate three-piece suits!!!

  • Karen K.

    Those shoes and that hem???????  Unquestionably OUT.

  • kittenmasks

    I despise him as a person and as an actor (he was so incredibly miscast in “History Boys,” which was the first film of his that I saw and ever since then, I haven’t been able to forgive him… not that any of his other roles made him worthy of redemption), buuuuuuuut he doesn’t look horrible here.

    Minus the extra 5″ on his pants and his jacket (it seems a bit long to me), I could deal.

  • Vera

    I like the suit.  The shoes not so much, but at least he dressed up. IN.

  • Alexandria N

    IN! HOT Rico Suave! Not everyone would look good dressed like this, but you’re insane if you can’t see the hotness in this picture.

  • Anonymous

    its too tight but he doesnt seem to care, he’s just thriving off of it. total in!! 

  • G


  • Anonymous

    best thing i have seen all week in my world. IN

  • Danielle West

    The hem on the pants is killing me (I blame the two of you for making me notice it).  And I hate the shoes.  but he is just too damn hot to call an out.

  • Anonymous

    He looks quite sleazy… OUT

  • Anonymous

    As far as I know, “jazz shoes” (as they were called in these parts) went out for guys AND girls in the late 80s.  OUT for the shoes and somewhat smarmy aura.

  • Mercy

    It’s hard to tell if you boys are right b/c I’m panting so hard… ummmm… Questionable IN, he’s an unfathomable combo of slime and sex on a stick that my hormone addled brain can’t process.

  • Dawn

    I had a pair of shoes JUST LIKE THAT in the ’80s.  OUT.

  • Hazelnuts

    Hate the shoes, loathe them. Some things from the 80s shouldn’t be allowed back in and those stupid paper-thin-soled tap shoe looking things are definitely one. Don’t mind the rest of the look at all, but yeah, got down to the too-long hems on stovepipe pants and those shoes and I cringed. Typical guy mistake, don’t pay enough attention to the shoes!

  • Emily

    In.  He looks hot.  In spite of the long pants and bad shoes.  He is working it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OUT! Shoes could be ok but too scruffed. Suit/Vest combo could be ok but those stripes offend. Hair is gross. Who could touch that slime.
    He looks like the young garbage collector my cousin dated in Yonkers in 1987.

  • Sara Jenkins

    In for the lapel and vest.

  • Samantha Ritchie

    In, but he looks like a creeper when he is smiling in those pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Out, out out!

  • Joseph Guarino

    I just want him to touch me in my no no parts.

  • Anonymous

    Lounge lizard is the perfect description. Very much out.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about the hem! That’s what did it for me. Out.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    looks like he could easily be an ex-husband of mine. i mean, among the varied & sundry i dont have one that looks just like that but, you know, same vibe.
    means he looks pretty good but underneath is a total & utter mess of mess. flip city, that sort of thing.

  • Meira Niibori

    OUT.  Each of the elements could potentially work, but not all in combination.  For example, the hair would probably be okay if he was clean shaven and wearing a tie.  The shoes, however, are pretty much beyond hope no matter what they’re paired with – I can’t think of any way to salvage them.  They should be burned at the first opportunity.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The shoes would look good with a pair of jeans and a gray T-shirt but nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    I really WANT to like this so badly.  I’m living for those lapels, but overall it reads as too much and he’s not selling me.  Out.

  • Megan Sullivan

    My initial response was “whoa, sexy,” so I’m going to just go with that. I like the shoes and the scruff. He hasn’t quite crossed the line from sexy to sleazy for me. In.

  • Anonymous

    Being that I follow what is hot in Asia (specifically Korea), the shiny doesn’t bother me so much.  It is the fact that his pant legs are too long, and the top looks horribly heavy on top of the bottom.  The shoes are also a bit too much.  I can give the hair a pass, but not the half-growth of beard.  He needs to shave, lose the vest, and get his pants hemmed and replace the shoes. 


  • Anonymous

    I was kind of like, “Mmmm…not bad,” until I got to the close ups.  He looks smelly, like he would stink of Pall Malls and cheap cologne.

  • NesTtor Chocolato

    nice bulge hahahah

  • Anonymous

    IN! I like the shoes and he looks kind of hot.

  • AWStevens

    OUT! Ricky Martin!

  • Sammi M

    You know, you aren’t being picky, but I would still totally hope he’s carrying both breath mints and condoms in his pockets ‘cuz I would TOTALLY let him “trick” me into sleeping with him. Just the right amount of douche-y for me, mmmmm.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    I still have a crush on him from Mama Mia. In.

  • Anonymous


  • Darren Kinoshita

    all I can see is his package, which we do not get enough of on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks pretty handsome. The wrinklines of some of the suit is disconcerting, but overall, he looks good.

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  Points for the vest covering the top of his pants. Points off for all that fabric swimming around his ankles. Points off for scruffy. Points off for shiny. Points for the attempt. Points off for too tight.  I’m hungry for a well groomed, well dressed hunk. They don’t seem to be lurking anywhere near a red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, I’m trying to be mature and give this an IN or an OUT but I appear to be a little distracted by the bulge in the crotch area…. 

  • Anonymous

    He always works the greasy factor. Sexy as hell, in a badboy, douchebag way. He exudes FU confidence. And, HE’S PACKIN’!

  • Anonymous

    OUT, he just looks pervy to me.  The fabric pooled around his ankles is sad too.  

  • Vera Sticker

     He looks extremely greasy and the shoes are terrible. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    In. A hot man can wear any clothes, or better, without clothes. I will not blame him.

  • John O’Connell

    I can’t tell if the jacket looks really small because of his arm placement or because this that grown-men-wanting-to-look-like-small-boys thing. The pants are way too long. And I wore jazz shoes in the 80’s. Didn’t miss ’em.

    Don’t mind the contrasting lapel and edging on the vest and double besom pocket. The basket, though, is hysterical.

  • narita_rayna

    i dunno who he is, but the outfit is passable enough to merit an IN.  not a strong in, but it’s not bad enough for an out.  ffs – at least he’s not douchey enough to show up in jeans -.-

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Ick.

  • Anonymous

    He was a great Willoughby–Jane Austen’s most wonderful version of the ultimate douchebag–in the latest remake of Sense & Sensibility. He may have taken the role to heart.

  • Anonymous

    i think even just a clean shave and a proper, minimal break in the pants would’ve worked.  i like the contrasting lapels and edging on the coat and jacket, respectively ~ it lowers the need for a tie, imo.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    OUT.  Quite like the jacket, but he just looks a mess.

  • Andrew Holmes

    Out. The pants are so tight I can tell his religion.

  • Cindy

    Well, like another poster I can bypass the Axe scent.   The “multi dimensional” shirt look is visually appealing.  The hair is a little early 90’s.  The shoes.. well.. I have seen worse (at least I don’t see Jennifer Anistons 11th toe)     Sure he looks more My Cousin Vinny than he should but he looks better than Chris Evans.

  • Trevor Burroughs

    Out! He needs to see a tailor about the pants length. I can’t believe you let him skate by on that.

  • Anonymous

    The shoes are throwing me, but I still vote In.

  • Anonymous

    I love a good damask, but those blue lapels ruin it. And his head needs a shower. I like the shoes, though! OUT. 

  • Summer Born

    IN. I don’t think he needs a tie, but there is some room for improvement. But I thought y’all graded on a curve??

  •ébaul/100002426617563 Juline Débaul

    His eyes being far apart do add to that “Lizard Lounge” effect. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out. At first glance he was fine until scrolling down to the shoes. And then a second closer look all around it’s a definite no.  

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Enh… if it looks like a douche, and it acts like a douche, and it smells like a douche… it’s probably a douche. 

    An OUT, but honestly only for the execution. The look itself is pretty good, but you’re attending a movie premiere, not filling stripper thongs with dollar bills, sir.

  • Anonymous

    He’s cute but I’m not a fan of the penile outline.  Commando?  No.  OUT.

  • oohsparkley!

    IN.  I like it, it shows a little originality.  Maybe originality is the wrong word?  More like personal style, putting his own spin on the outfit.

  • Anonymous

    dick bulge + grey jazz shoes? in, out, who cares? they all need to be on my bedroom floor postehaste. 

  • Anonymous

    The pants are too long, but the shoes don’t bother me much.  I rather love the “tribute to John Hamm” fit on the crotch.  The whole outfit could have been saved by adding a little skinny tie to go a bit more Beatles retro look.  The hair is a bit of an issue, but no so much.

  • Anonymous

    Gray Capezios!?!  OUT!!!

  • merrigator

    LOL!  “Axe body spray and rubbers.”  The grey shoes sunk his sinking ship for me. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Love it!

  • Marissa

    I’m not a fan. I used to think he was super hot but here he looks too…European. (I mean no disrespect to any Europeans here, but it’s just not my style).

  • Anonymous


  • Patricia Biswanger


  • Amber

    Jacket up, IN.  Knees down, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Can the English pull off Rico Suave?  ¡OUT!

  • Samantha Irene

    Not picky, just accurate.

    Could have been great, but it’s just too sleeze-y

  • Melissa Della

    Smidge too tight, not too shiny. Shoes..enh. Could take em or leave em. Reserved IN

  • Juanjo Rodriguez

    the bulge is distracting me from anything else…

  • Anonymous

    You got it right. Too much of a mess….to much Macy’s going on here. How do you make a cute guy look sleezy? This is a perfect example.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I expect him to say something like, “Hey, how yoooouuu doin'”

  • collhi

    Out…too many elements going on.

  • Danae

    Ouch. Right on the mark, sadly. Lounge lizard overtaking good style sense.