In or Out: Christina Aguilera in Givenchy

Posted on July 13, 2011

You guys, we’re very confused about this one. All our bitchy fashion blogger instincts are failing us here. You see, Xtina once again went out in a tacky, too-tight dress, enough makeup to paint an army of hookers, hair that looks like you could break it off like dried spaghetti and a pair of gigantic silver platform heels to Snooki things up even more. And yet?

Christina Aguilera presents the new fragrance ‘Royal Desire’ at the Upside East Lounge in Munich, Germany.

She somehow looks better here than she has in ages.

Givenchy Metal-Eyelet Dress

Don’t get us wrong; we don’t think she looks great or anything, but some sort of weird voodoo is going on here because this is how she always dresses and the normal result is that she looks like a 70-year-old burlesque queen. Somehow, she looks her age here. What magic is this? And honey, why couldn’t you extend it to your outfit?


IN! Who cares how she did it? It’s STYLE MAGIC and she is a GODDESS, bitches!

OUT! A chemical peel and good lighting will never make up for bad taste.

The voting is still open on Kyra Sedgwick’s little getup, which strangely included both a shitty black dress and a need for a haircut. Darlings, it’s a theme today!

[Photo Credit: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images,]

    • Anonymous

      There’s a distinct lack of orange here, which may be contributing to your confusion.  Even so, total out.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking the same thing.  She looks totally different w/o the orange.  Not a huge improvement, but a step in the right direction.

      • Jenna Kuhmann

        I agree.  The reason she looks so good is that her foundation actually matches her skin tone.  The rest of it, however, makes her look like a hooker for clowns.

      • Anonymous

        That *is* what it is.  I hadn’t noticed but the orange ages her and always reminds me of George Hamilton.

      • narita_rayna

        you nailed it! the oompaloompa face is toned down. also the height of the hair is less guidette than usual. the length & style of the dress suit her, even if it is a few sizes too small.  and she gets points for slammin’ heels.

        i still cant give her an in, though, even if this is an improvement.  she’s got a long way to get before she gets it right.  XTina is OUT.  

    • Judy_J

      You’re right…she doesn’t look quite so much like Mae West here.  Maybe it’s because Mae West didn’t wear mini skirts.  Whatever, Xtina does look better, but I still can’t give her an IN.  That dress is beyond tacky, and she needs some serious work done on her hair and makeup.  OUT.

      • Anonymous

        I sorta like the dress on the model.  But on Xtina?  Just goes to show you–and I know from experience–the difference having a huge bust makes.

    • Megan Patterson

      I don’t HATE it, she defintiely needs to cut that hair off though. And she definitely looks her age, but I think it’s because she lay off the bronzer/self tanner

    • Ann Strunk

      I say IN.  Somehow she looks good.  I think she either lost some weight or didn’t try to stuff herself into a smaller size for once.  We must encourage the good!

      • Anonymous

        That may be contributing.  The dress looks closer to actually fitting her than what’s she’s been wearing recently.

    • mari paz

      It’s the bitchface she’s giving. Normally she has an open-mouthed smile that transforms her face into bimbo territory. Now she looks like she doesn’t give a shit what you think, and I’ll rate that an IN.

      • Anonymous

        wow!  oh my god, you’re so right!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed.  The middle pic is moving back the wrong way but the first has an attitude that improves the mess that is the rest. 

    • Anonymous

      Getting better (minus the orange) but still room for improvement.  I don’t want to discourage her by giving her an out, but I can’t give her an in.  Poor thing.

    • Anonymous

      Dig her shoes. Don’t quite know what to say about everything else, she looks a little like Jerry Hall.

      • Anonymous

        Bite your tongue!

    • Anonymous

      Looking your age does not an in make. Lay off the paint, spandex, and platforms! OUT.

    • Laura Schultz

      It’s because it almost fits. However, she’s an OUT for me. I always hate her make-up

    • Lauren Jean St. Martin

      Its a step in the right direction, so I say in. The dress isn’t as tight as she usually does it, I kinda like the shoes, and while she has a lot of makeup on, it doesn’t seem to be as horrifyingly painted on as she usually does.  Big improvements. But someone desperately needs to attack her hair with scissors.

      • Dina dV

        Oh, I’m sure she just unclips that hair at night.

    • Anonymous

      Out. She is looking better and she doesn’t have that awful fake tan, but she still has a ways to go.

    • jane

      IN. alright so there’s still alot to be improved, but come on, its XTINA! this is the woman famous for being “dirrty” so this is downright demure. plus she needs all the support she can get…keep it up ms aguilera !

    • Anonymous

      I just want to note that that blush is an awful color on her. I think it’s made for someone with darker skin… on her, it looks like her cheeks are bruised with inexplicable symmetry. 

      • Anonymous

        So true!!  I’m confused by her boobs.  The one whose side we see in her cleavage looks like it’s 3″ higher than the one that remains in the dress.

        • Anonymous

          She seems to still be having issues with how to treat her new-ish frontal accessories, as evidenced by pretty much everything she’s worn since buying them.

    • Anonymous

      i cant give her an in, but she appears to have shed a few pounds and is uncharacteristically sans her normal orange hue….an improvement to be sure…

    • Sara Munoz

      Better, yes. Good, no. IN? Definitely not! OUT, sorry girl, nice try.

    • foodhussy

      Those shoes are fugly

    • Kyle


    • Samantha Ritchie

      still out for me…sorry!

    • Anonymous

      Even though an improvement because she is not wearing half of her closet at the same time, and is clearly giving it her own version of “less is more,” I’m giving it an OUT.

      Keep trying, though, girlfriend!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know. I like this, and I appreciate Christina’s determination with her style. “I will make this work,” she says, “even if I can’t bretahe and my boobs yell at me.” And for that, I say IN, today.

    • Anonymous

      IN  finally! 

      I like the dress.  She looks softer and pretty…still sexy though.  Now if she’ll just work on that hair, and play around with softer shades of lipstick. 

    • Anonymous

      I can’t even look at her hair. It’s too upsetting.

    • Anonymous

      If I’m grading her against past efforts: In.

      If I’m grading her on basic taste and style: Out.

    • Anonymous

      disagree, boys. she looks like she always does, which means OUT. her make-up is atrocious and the dress, which looks really good on the model, looks tacky as hell on her.

    • Micaela Cannon

      This is the best her hair has looked in ages…it’s still bad hair, but it makes me think of a tacky hair dresser instead of an aging country star. This dress is also something a young woman would wear, unlike most of the other things I’ve seen her in the past few  years

    • MilaXX

      It’s close. Still not good but close. I think the clothes are a hair looser than usual, the makeup’s a hair less caked on and the weave though not great doesn’t look like she got it from the $.99 bin at Wig World. The shoes however are atrocious. They look like leftover’s from Lisa the Cyberwoman’s wardrobe.

      Close but no cigar, still OUT

    • Shalia

      Up.  A.  Size.  I promise, the universe will not implode if you go up a size.  Wearing properly fitting clothes actually makes you look THINNER than stuffing yourself into something that’s clearly too small.

      Go buy this in a size that fits (see that?  It’s meant to zip *over* your boobs…) and we’ll talk about being in.  But when you’re one inadvertent step from splitting the seams (or exposing more cleavage than even Xtina intended) it can be nothing but an OUT.

    • Susan Foster

      I’m giving an OUT because I like the dress zipped up (as shown on model).  Becomes “look at ME!!!” when unzipped, and much less attractive.

    • Vera

      What a righteous dress, and Xtina is trying it work. She totally needs to ditch the Mae West look, and there’s no shame in going a size up. Still out, but in lower case.

    • Michelle Shields


    • Anonymous

      It’s pretty sad that this is considered an improvement, which it is. I agree she looks a bit younger here than usual. But make no mistake, OUT.

    • Anonymous

      The dress itself would be an IN but with THAT hair and makeup- OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, she’s a dead ringer for Jerry Hall in that first shot. Still totally ridiculous though. Those shoes make me nauseous.

    • Richi Robilotto

      I still would like less makeup, but it’s looking a lot better, and I’m loving the dress and the shoes.

      She gets an IN from me. 

    • Anonymous

      IN!  It’s too much for normal people, but feels like it’s Christina, getting back into her groove!

    • Anonymous

      Minor improvements should not earn an in.  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, less spray tan helps.  In a weird way, her “less-than-thrilled-to-be-here” face works for her instead of her usual “vamps, tramps, gypsies and thieves” mugging normally seen on the red carpet.  That is a hot little dress, I prefer it with the zipper up.  That’s a lot of tit for early afternoon.

    • Anonymous

      Still looks like she’s 40.  It’s a close call — in for taking a step in the right direction.

    • Merneith

      In – by the power of that bitchin’ black dress.

    • David Albright

      She gets points for no longer looking like Mamie Van Doren’s older sister but she’s still out

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      IN for not covering her gorgeous skin with orange spray tan. I still think her dress is too tight, but it does flatter her more than other recent choices.  The shoes though – I’d like to launch them into the sun.

    • Jennifer Hofstetter

      It’s OUT for me, but I think she’s toned down a lot of the make up, which makes her look closer to her age, which makes her look softer and better.  But still – ugly dress, stripper shoes, bad hair.  NO.

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      I think she looks very pretty.  She could have gone up a size on the dress, the shoes are heinous, and that hair needs to be set on fire, but over all, I think she looks pretty: IN

    • Emily


    • Suzie Vazquez

      no i really disagree. she’s out

    • Anonymous

      She looks better but she doesn’t look good. Out!

    • Beth G


    • Sorana Tarmu

      I agree about her looking her age finally, still, she’s very OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Out. She still looks like a low rent hooker.

    • Anonymous

      She appears to be considerably less orange-tinted here. That alone deserves an ‘in’.

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      It fits without too many pulls and wrinkles and it flatters her. On the model it looks like some sort of Amish bondage garment.

    • Kevin VanOrd

      OUT. “Hooker” is not a significant improvement over “aging hooker.”

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I don’t think that’s enough make up for an army of hookers. A platoon, maybe, but not an army.

      (Cool dress, though.)

    • Pamela

      She only looks less hideous than usual, which is not the same thing as looking good.  And those hooves look like she stole them off of a unicorn.  Funny you mentioned Snooki because I always think of Xtina as a photo-negative image of Snooki.

    • Anonymous

      I’m really not seeing much improvement here; gotta call her Out!

    • Aniela Marie Perry

      A step in the right direction but hair/makeup/orangeness still = out.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the dress – the waistline flatters her instead of making her look like a bratwurst on stilettos….dress=in, hair=out, makeup=out, cleavage=whack for a grand total of OUT :(

    • Lisa

      Oh, come on, still OUT!  And I’m gonna feel both of your foreheads to see if you’re running temperatures!

    • Laura Ann Springer

      O U T out….Really WTF Christina stop dressing like a drag queen, you are better then that.

    • Sara Parker

      Just because she looks better than usual doesn’t mean she’s not still totally OUT

    • Anonymous

      Madame zee dress ez too small.

    • Shannon Merryman

      She only looks slightly better, which means, in my opinion, she still looks bad. Out.

    • Jenni Kirk

      Until she stops pushing her boobs up like that, I’m calling her out. It looks painful the way she straps those things in!

    • Anonymous

      She’s looking whole lot better here, but I’m going to have to give her an out. Damn, she could have been in: if the dress was one size up, her hair wasn’t so bleached and she didn’t have pounds of make-up on. However, thank goodness she got rid of that horrible spray tan.

    • Anonymous

      No excuses. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      She still looks 40+ in the first picture, though only 35ish in the subsequent ones. At least she doesn’t look like she should be collecting social security.

      What she did right here was balance. She’s got some foundation garment slimming her hips a tad, and then she’s got the shoulders and bust emphasized. The skirt’s the right length, the bodice hits at her waist, and her hair looks as if someone actually put conditioner in it in the last week sometime.

      For anyone else it would be an out, but following the “encourage them when they improve” principle, I’ll give her a mild IN.

    • Anonymous

      Personally I think it’s the color of the dress. If it was any color but black she’d look awful. But the black is sophisticated and the design keeps it young.

    • Anonymous

      The dress looks like it belongs in the Victoria’s Secret sale catalog I just got in the mail and subsequently pitched. She’s a pretty woman with a great figure and nothing in this look is doing anything for her. Out.

    • David Calder

      You don’t give a car crash a medal for not being as bad as a train wreck. OUT.

    • jean horton

      IN?! God no. I just can’t get past the hair. It is disgusting! Gwen Stephanie pulls off the bleached blode/red lipstick, but she has style. Christina is just tacky, and not in a good way. 

    • Anonymous

      She needs to let go of that long hair.
      That short bobbed wig she was rocking for a second in Burlesque looked GREAT on her!
      And that blush that she’s marinated her cheeks in is doing absolutely nothing for her.
      Also, her boobs look like they’re screaming in pain here.

    • Anonymous

      Her hair looks as bad as ever, look at her part, it looks like her hair is falling out. But she does look a little younger. A little.

    • mcglory13

      Out, out, out. 

    • Jocelyn Delmar

      girlfriend needs to exercise – no muscle tone whatsoever.

    • Vesper Beauty

      girlfriend needs to exercise … no muscle tone whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      She looks quite good here. I’m kind of a fan of her usual style, in a weird way. I always get where she’s coming from and I always love the vintage inspiration, but she just doesn’t pick pieces that are flattering (or that fit her properly). But I’ve never thought that she should stray away from a vintage-inspired style, especially because she clearly likes that the most. But she does look pretty good here….for Christina. The dress fits alright and I love the shoes. Now she just has to continue trying to fix that bloody tan (it does look a bit better, though). Next step, the hair! I’m going to go with an IN, though.

    • Anonymous

      For Xtina this is really a very nice look.  For anyone else it would be hideous.  There is something really sweet and adorable about her.  I wish she would realize it and dress accordingly.  And do something about that icky hair.

    • Madison Chua

      She looks like a slutty secretary, ops, I mean executive assistant. 
      Boring as hell for a Diva. 

    • ali meowmeow

      Grading on her (relatively extreme) curve, this is definitely an in. There’s lots of things she should change to look even better (the usual “size up on the dress, tone down the makeup, de-hooker the shoes, check the hair into an ICU” checklist) but she’s managed to keep her tiny army of taste issues and still find something that doesn’t NOT work outright. So definite “in”… for her.

    • Anonymous

      In – it suits her style.  Her make-up and hair seem a little toned down and that is good.

    • Laura Evans

      I think it’s not a bad fit around the waist, and the accessories are good – nice little salute to the rivets. Also her foundation is a better colour…Imma say IN, because she needs to be encouraged!

    • Kyle Henry

      Out, but I do love the dress.  Just not on her, most definitely due to her persistent LBD meets red lipstick motif. 

    • Anonymous

      The dress on the model: You can kinda, sorta, if you squint and maybe toss back a few cocktails, see the house that clothed Audrey Hepburn. Xtina looks like Goth Bondage Secretary Reporting for Dictation. But it’s not lacy and it’s not a floor-length fish-tail, and she’s lost some weight and, as others have noted, does not look quite so orange. Small victories?

    • margaret meyers


      Where’s that Tilda Swinton post……….

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

      i do love the shoes. WERQ (but out)

    • Anonymous

      thats it!  no orange. but damnit girl can you please do something with that hair?  OUT

    • Vickie Lord

      She lost a few pounds, and is less orange, but other than that, this is still a hooker look.  Too bad, she’s just a mess lately.

    • Anonymous

      In! she can work it when she wants to…I think a lot of the time, she just doesn’t give a damn, a trait I also like..also, it is indeed nice for her to be looking her age, I hope she keeps it up….

    • Rachel Lee

      Wow, look, she’s not spray-tanned! Maybe because it’s summer and she can actually get some sun. I think the black dress is classy verging on tacky, and that makes her look slightly presentable. But nothing will save her fried hair and 4-year old’s make up. Out. 

    • Sau-Chih Feng

      I think it’s the dress. Yes, it’s a little small for her, but that’s a pretty chic rocker style dress, and the shoes actually go with the dress, for all that they’d be tasteless on their own. So even though her make up is hideous and her hair is fried, I’m going to give her an IN for moving the right direction.

    • BeckyS

      it’s called a little weight loss 

    • BeckyS

      it’s called a little weight loss 

    • Elena

      An unsympathetic out.

    • Erin Leahy

      Its better than usual!!  The dress actually has some fashion quality to it, as do the shoes!  Slutty on everyone else, a step up for her! IN!

    • Catherine Rhodes

      OUT. Better than usual does not mean good.

    • Anonymous

      IN! IN! IN! She looks great here! The difference is the rocker edge and attitude!

    • NesTtor Chocolato

      eeewwwwwwwwwwwwww  out

    • Anonymous

      If that dress was one size bigger, her hair was a few inches shorter and/or not so blonde, and she had on about half as much make-up, this would be a definite in. As it is…well, it’s an improvement, but still an OUT.

    • Jill Roberts

      IN!  Slutty is her schtick and she looks surprisingly hot.  Room for improvement of course.  A whole house full of improvement, really.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      She doesn’t look like an orange oompa loompa like she usually does, which makes her look much closer to her age. Plus she’s got a doe-eyed innocent, young smirk going on, which helps too. But still, looking “better” does not an “in” make. OUT. Sorry Xtina… you’re getting warmer though! Good for you!

    • Fifi LaRoux

      I feel like I need to give her an IN just to reward her good behavior.

    • Melissa Della

      OUT… she isn’t orange. And maybe she slept last night. That’s about it.

    • { edi } ilovetrash

      maybe she just looks less depressed?

    • Anonymous

      Simple improvement, while laudable, does not an “IN” vote make.  It’s like graduating from high school, but with only a “C” average.  So my vote is OUT, but with the consolation prize of this week’s Most Improved Look.  Keep up the good work, maybe you’ll earn the honor cord soon.

    • Patricia Biswanger

      OUT.  She looks OK only because the dress has nice classic lines that even she can’t screw up.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  As always.  She makes everything she wears seem tacky regardless of who designed it and what it might look like on someone else.  The “hoochie” factor or something.  It’s a gift.  Not a good one, but still a gift.   

    • Ali B

      Chop off a few inches of her hair, an inch off the platforms, paint her nails a lighter color and you’ve got a killer look. THIS IS A DRESS THAT ACTUALLY FITS HER!

    • Danny Maza


    • Anonymous

      She will always be an OUT to me until she changes up her rasty hair color and dime store hooker make-up.

    • Anonymous

      i love the earrings and the way they relate to the grommet work (stellaaaa where are you ?)  which i also love.  and the ring too.  too bad the dress is two sizes too small and the hemline emphasizes the baby fat (?) above her knees.  are the shoes green?  like them too.  agreed that the makeup is a big improvement and, strangely, i like the hair.  possibly because i could wear that style and look better than her, as my hair is a natural gold and silver while hers is yellowish white.  at least she did her roots.  i guess it’s an IN, given past history.

    • Anonymous

      oops, never mind about the shoes, i was thinking of the ones on kyra sedgewick.  TLo overload.

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE the dress, though it is a bit tight on her. Heartily applaud the lack of orange skin. IN.

    • sonictofu

      If I see one more pair of those CL platform pumps on a red carpet….ugh.  They belong on a “real” housewife somewhere.  This dress works on her.  A little less makeup, and she woulda been in – but sorry, dress is in, whole look – out.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a step in the right direction for her, so IN. But Christina, you still have A LOT of work to do. And please do something about your hair.

    • Manon Eileen

      Still out…

    • brett shymanski

      She looks great — maybe she finally got clued in and got a gay stylist that is trying to work with her. It sucks when you have great talent that has a bad sense of style.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      Out, but almost in.  If she picked a less ridiculous pair of shoes, and zipped up the top of the dress it would have been in.  That dress is cute and looks good on her, but the unzipping just makes it look so tacky. 

    • Anonymous

      I think the dress is more youthful, not the old lady dresses she usually wears. Plus her tanorexia seems to be in remission.  IN, for only taking steps in the right direction.

    • Brittany


    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe I’m saying this but, IN! 

    • Jessica Ballinger

      Something about her eye makeup seems different, and her hair isn’t as big, maybe?  It’s still an out.  But at least this time it’s not an OOOOUUUUUTTTT as usual.

    • Anonymous

      no she doesn’t… she’s out like a cheap tart!!

    • lilibetp

      She’s not as orange as usual.  That right there is a MASSIVE improvement!

    • Alexandra Simons

      She looked great in Burlesque. Even though the movie got panned, it’s really loads of fun and campy. 

    • Anonymous

      IN! No kidding! I love the red on the heel of her shoes. Matches her lipstick. 

    • Anonymous

      I think she took off a lot of makeup and self tanner.  She’s still working the “hoochie-mama” thing here, but she looks more her own age.  Not classy, but better.  And it is a good dress for her, given that her preference is to work the curves.

    • Sharon Weissburg

      OUT.. Sorry Xtina, but you are better looking than this. I have not forgotten how good you have looked in the past! GO BACK TO THAT.

    • foodycat

      Out. She still looks like an elderly receptionist at a brothel.

    • Daniela ‘Dani’ Weiss-Bronstein

      Those shoes are so ugly. Why do people buy things with designer names without stopping to decide if the items are actually nice?

    • Anonymous

      OUT! You ladies need more coffee

    • Anonymous

      Well, it’s *better* but still not a win. I LOVE the dress, although not particularly the way she’s styled it — we don’t always need to see her breasts, no matter what she may think.  Still Out, but closer to an In.

    • Christa Hylton

      She has, as far as I know, never once looked actually beautiful or stylish.  She’s a singer and has a particular persona and that’s fine.  But I think she is up to the same tricks as Lady Gaga from a different angle…  Basically, they’re part of a stable of girls who are truly talented and therefore deserve their fame, however, they’re not actually beautiful.  So they fall back on extra-dramatic looks to call attention to something else.  I’m my little theory and I’m sticking with it.

    • Cindy

      She does look better, but well here’s what I would say.. honey that dress is not for you.. let it free and go to somoeone with a smaller bust.  I understand , dear, I really do.   As someone with a larger bust, I emphasize.. I don’t do buttons, zippers or vests (except for one unfortunate period in the late 80’s)

    • Anonymous

      i realise it’s not her fault that she’s a buxom lady, but the way she took a magnificent dress and made it all BOOBS! annoys me to no end.

    • Justin Hunt

      uck.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I attribute to the power of Givenchy. I guess it makes ANYBODY look more edgy. I give it an IN with reservations. 

    • suzq

      Out.  Despite the shoes and earrings, the whole get-up screams “aging biker chick” to me.  And she’s not old!!!!

    • merrigator

      Out.  That dress does not fit her properly and she looks like a streetwalker.

    • Anonymous

      IN, but only for her. Graded on the curve. No magic: she’s thinner, or looks thinner because there are fewer bulging-out-of-the-too-tight-clothes than usual, she’s not orange, and her skin looks as good as it’s looked in years. And she’s either coiffed or lit so that we don’t see a lot of crispy fly-aways from the hair.

      This is probably what she *thinks* she always looks like. It’s still an unfortunate look for a pretty gal her age but it’s her look and it’s working here.

    • Karen Stephens Bassett

      She definitely loves her Louboutin’s.  She wore them on every episode of “The Voice”.   Okay, I admit it.  I am a crazy shoe lady who will check out the shoes (and handbags) before I do the dress.  Since I don’t wear a size 2, I can at least wear a pair of shoes that are pretty, and no one has to be sized for a nice purse. :)

    • Dee B

      In.  She’s not orange so that’s a plus.  I really wish she would dial the makeup(mostly the blush) down one more notch and I’d forgive the hair.

    • Chris Hampton

      I think it’s the ever-so-slightly softer eye makeup and more naturally-styled hair.

    • Anonymous

      She’s still out. I like the dress on the model, but it’s way too tight on her. Her bitchface isn’t doing much for me either.

    • Paula Berman

      Now HERE is someone who needs to cut her hair (extensions) off.  She is so pretty, why does she have to do herself like this?

    • Aisling O’Connor

      Jesus, give me strength. I think she looks awful. The Givenchy is beaten onto her and looks cheap as hell. What is going on with her fingers? Has Frau Seal been giving her hand-accessorising tips?

    • Melissa Kelly

      Looking “better” does not equal looking good.  While I accept that she’s staying true to her persona, I give her a definite OUT.

    • Christine Campbell

      OUT.  I refuse to grade on a curve for someone who has so many resources available to her.

    • Anonymous

      She does look better than usual plus i really like tat dress… Just not on her. if she had just bothered to wear the right size! She goes at least 2 sizes down her normal size, does she think an unflattering dress will make her look thiner? We will never now.
      Nice try girl, but you’ll have to try again! OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I say IN.  It’s like everything wrong is right again!

    • Mariah J

      She should have zipped that thing all the way up. She can’t not have her boobs popping out of every outfit she puts on. OUT

    • Laura Martinez

      Still fugly.  But certainly making some steps in the right direction.  The dress is nice, but too tight and unzipping it to show cleavage does not help matters at all.  Looks better than normal, but definitely OUT.

    • Anonymous

      In. I grade on a curve. 

    • Kathleen Coyle

      I think if she picked either lips or eyes, she wouldn’t look nearly so tacky to us, even if she does stick to her “madam” fashions.  She could also stand to cover up the boobs once in a while. 

      In.  I’ll give a girl a break.

    • Kathleen Coyle

      I think if she picked either lips or eyes, she wouldn’t look nearly so tacky to us, even if she does stick to her “madam” fashions.  She could also stand to cover up the boobs once in a while. 

      In.  I’ll give a girl a break.

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      out out out out out. Ugh

    • Joyce VG

      The dress does flatter but her makeup and hair causes points to drop off.  OUT.  Barely.

    • Anonymous

      Hate the hair, and the dress.
      Too white, too tight.

    • erin l.

      out. new makeup artist is great, though, major props for making her look closer to her actual age!

    • Kim Pham

      IN for me!I think it’s because her makeup is simpler on the eyes compared to the amount she usually wears. Also, the black stands out because it’s not too shiny and she doesn’t have too voluminous hair as before. And her expression is yeah, I look awesome!

    • Anonymous

      OUT. The dress is slightly less hooker-ish than usual, but I’m not setting the bar that low.

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  OUT.  OUT.

    • oohsparkley!

      I’m grading on a curve and giving her an IN.  A more natural hairstyle (a few low-lights) and a trim and she might get a werq.

    • Summer Born

      Very OUT. Pleeeeease don’t grade this one on a curve, TLo!! Have some standards!!

    • Carolyn Smrcka

      She was always tacky; now she’s just chubby and tacky.

    • Carolyn Smrcka

      She was always tacky; now she’s just chubby and tacky.

    • Anonymous

      O.U.T.!!!!  Please wake her up NOW!!!

    • Nimith

      Out! Terrible! She looks like she was vacuum-packed into this dress and is it me or is there a major titscrepancy here?

    • Anonymous

      Halfway IN.

    • Anplica Fiore

      Love the jewelry but not enough to make this an in. OUT

    • katie

      this is an IN, but only for her. I’m also grading on a curve. we have to encourage positive change people!

    • Robert Sanchez

      I think it’s only because the skirt is a few inches longer than she usually favors. I just can’t believe she doesn’t have a single gay in her world who hasn’t said, ‘Gurl, I will snatch you baldheaded if you go out in public looking like that!”

    • Margot Brose

      It’s still out. Negative infinity plus 2 still equals negative infinity, dolls.

    • Anonymous

      the haor the makeup the hair the makeup the hair the makeup. Just make it stop

    • theneva

      OUT. Christina, honey, your tits do not have to be on constant display. Even the crown jewels get a day off.

    • Anonymous

      GOD. OUT.