WERQ: Cameron Diaz in Emilio Pucci

Posted on June 17, 2011

Not that Cammie’s been looking bad lately, but we just have to give a “WERQ!” shoutout both to her and to Rachel Zoe, who styled this look for her:


Cameron Diaz attends the Moscow premiere of Bad Teacher in an Emilio Pucci dress paired with Lanvin shoes.

Of course, it looks like something that came right out of Rachel’s closet, but still. It suits Cammie to a T and it gives her a chance once again to show off her legs. Aside from the disco fabulousness of it, what we love is how simple and easy it looks. It’s almost certainly not true, but it gives off an air of “I just threw this and a pair of shoes on and don’t I look ridiculously good?” Love the makeup, love the simple hair and LOVE the “Eat it, bitches” smirk. She’s earned it.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    Someone’s been to the doctor.

    • Ella B. Mudge


    • I know she looks “refreshed” but I’m trying to decide what she’s had done.  I know the hair is darker! lol

      • Anonymous

        I’m going to guess botox in the forehead, filler in the cheeks.  They ALL do it.   Even the ones you think never would.

        • Yep, she maintained for years that she would never touch her crooked nose, and then just around last year it’s suddenly been fixed. My guess for who’s next? Kiki Dunst and her teeth.

  • G

    I am so over her and her legs….  Hate the clunky shoes.  Dress cute.  Hair blah – at least it looks clean for a change.  Needs new do STAT.   Doesn’t really werq for me.

  • Anonymous

    I think the WERQ here is a big mistake.  The dress is way too much; too boxy, too sparkly, too thick looking in cut and fabric and yet too cheap.  Yeah, her legs are great, but she just looks like she’s trying too hard.  Take back the WERQ, guys.  Save it for her recent shirt dress, with the same amount of leg, but much nicer feel.

  • Amanda in Austin

    Her hair drives me insane. It is so limp and mousy.  But the dress is killah.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great.  More like a grown-up.  And I’m usually so inexplicably resentful of this person.

    P.S. T Lo, love the “edit” button!

  • Those legs are gorge, but Madonna wants her eyelift back.

  • i’m surprised the dress isn’t shorter.  This is long by her standards

    • Anonymous

      I know, right?

  • Anonymous

    I love it!

  • Anonymous

    So much better than the romper, much more age appropriate.  She does need to do something about the hair, though.

  • Anonymous

    This is a pretty great look on her. Looks like she might have actually taken the time to wash AND comb her hair.

  • Anonymous

    Great dress. Her hair looks clean and shiny and the make-up brings out her eyes without being too much.
    This is a really great look for her.

  • Anonymous

    To me, the most WERK is in her face…eyes? cheekbones?? 
    maybe that is why she won’t get than annoying flat HAIR OFF HER FACE

    too simple and too short and too “hey it’s me, the surfer girl” for my taste

  • This is not a werq! It’s just a typical CamD!

  • Anonymous

    Really? WERQ with those shoes?  Huh…. I think they are a little clunky for the dress.  And her hair looks MARGINALLY better than it’s usually skanky self.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, whoever styled her and dressed her for the movie “The Holiday” should be on retainer.  She looked so freaking good in that film, pretty, pretty, pretty.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She looks great.  Much better than the romper.

  • Anonymous

    What y’all said, plus it fits in with the (stereotypical, I know) idea of glamour among Russia’s New Money.

  • Anonymous

    Cam always looks a little unfinished: like her attention wandered during the decision-making or she’s waited till the last minute to put herself together.  (I bet Charlize could’ve rescued this.)

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I am just tired of her.  She never changes her hair, her dresses are alway just about showing the good china, her eyes are always ringed in dark black liner.  She bores the hell out of me.  Cute dress, tho.

    • Rand Ortega

      Warmheartedgirl Seattle: LOL! Your handle is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    So much better than the Awful Romper with Fried Hair.  Thank you.

  • Can’t stand her, never have seen her appeal. Yes, I’m hungover but it’s the god’s honest truth. She nauseates me.

  • Anonymous

    something very rough on tbe edges Angie Dickinson about Diaz

  • Anonymous

    Way way too short. The dress is okay, though not my style and looks fine on her, but damn, that thing is way too short.

  • Anonymous

    No. Looks like a t-shirt from Costco.

  • Anonymous

    I strongly dislike the dress, I love the makeup and the hair, and the shoes tip the scale. The square dress and clunky shoes make her look clumsy and shapeless, no matter how nice her legs are. And I’m sick of R. Zoe. If you can tell who styled it, the stylist is probably not doing their job right; it’s supposed to be impecable you, not something she would wear.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. What’s to style? “Put this over your head, put these on your feet, and now we’ll go spend two hours on hair and make-up.” 

    • Anonymous

      I know! I was thinking the same thing. How friggin’ hard is it to pick out this kind of dress? Either one of us could have done it for her.

  • Anonymous

    Eh. Its ok but much better than the romper/jacket combo.

    I have never been a big fan of Cameron but as a former teacher I am very much looking forward to her new movie “Bad Teacher”. I loved the bit in the trailer when she is correcting an exam and wrote, “Are you fucking kidding me.” Oh how I wanted to write that comment numerous times.

  • Well, I agree with TLo.  I like it.  Light, breezy, showing off those great legs.  

  • I’ve seen this look before. Nevertheless, I think her makeup and hair looks radiant and glamorous. She rocks this outfit. But she better grow into another look soon. How old is she now? Her knees are beginning to show their age. 

    • Anonymous

      True about the knees. I thought that in the sweater/white romper photo.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to hold my tongue but I can’t take it! Her hair is AWFUL. It’s always awful these days. It ruins her whole look.

  • Anonymous

    Very Charlie’s Angels.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but wonder…what is “styled” about this look?? Plain black pumps, zero jewelry or accessories, Cam’s usual droopy, wispy, in need of a touch-up hair-do. Cute dress though.

  • Lisa

    I”m going to say something ridiculously unkind, but I’m in a horrible mood right now, which always tends to make me less than diplomatic.  The girl needs some botox in a BIG way.  Now, normally, I’m very much against that, but her age is seriously showing in her face, and she’s not aging gracefully.  So – pair that face up with a sequined, tiger print mini dress, and the whole look just screams “Trashy Cougar.” Being 47 myself, I’m going to be frank and say that this would be a “WERQ” look on a woman who was 10 years younger; but not here.

  • Grace Ritt

    She definitely looks like her “Bad Teacher” character. I guess that’s what she’s going for. I do like the dress, though. Good job! At least it’s not another awkwardly accessorized romper.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree, her body is Bang’n no question about that. However, she puts so little effort into everything else she always looks drab to me. Try Nail Polish, a Fabulous Ring, earrings, a Belt, Make-Up, or a Colorful Clutch for Gosh Sakes!

  • Honestly, if I never again see another sparkly animal print dress on a woman over 30 I can die happy. (Recusing myself from Cameron judgement.  I’m sure she didn’t wake up this morning trying to work my last nerve.)

  • MilaXX

    Homerun and the perfect look for her age. The fact that is shows off

  • I like it, except for the booooring shoes. I would’ve expected a bright aqua or orange shoe from her.

  • Love the dress, hate her. Absolutely will not see a Cameron Diaz movie, she bugs me. Hate models-turned-actresses who have NO talent who scam the roles from real actresses.

  • Anonymous

    The  more I look at that dress, the more I don’t like it. This is the exact opposite of WERQ.

  • Margot Brose

    WERQ~ It’s lovely and simple and diva!

  • Anonymous

    A lot of time in the sun + loads of time in the gym will do things ‘for’ and ‘to’ a middle-aged person . . . .  

  • Anonymous

    Sexy. The best she’s looked in a while.

  • Anonymous

    MUCH better! 

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. She annoys.

  • Anonymous


  • She looks great — except for the hair.

  • hot

  • I used to really like her but lately she’s been disappointing. Plus I’m over the dark eyeliner, find a new song book.

  • No stringy hair this time but lighten up on the conditioner Hon!

  • Carol Emmet

    This is SO not a “WERQ.” No way, no how. It’s just more of the usual. And the hair? Really? Also: way clunkmeister shoes. Surprised that TLo thumbed-up them. And? No matter how great her legs, i’m just tired of them, as with Jennifer Aniston. Show some creativity!

  • veronika voss

    At least she is one of the few Hollywood actresses that doesn’t need a personality lift.

  • I love you Cammie! You don’t mind at all be silly and get dirty in a movie as long as it’s all in good fun and entertainment! You are true actress, they was you guys are suppose to be. I love that you don’t always have to be the glamazon at the theater and I can always count on you being the best in the film and giving us all a wink of comedy. Stay golden girl, cuz I know you are going to be around for a long time making us laugh and having fun along the way. BTW you are rocking this look! 😉 Love the look R.Zoe!

  • Regina Dardis

    This is very Cheryl Tiegs.  Yes, I’m an old.

  • Anonymous

    In a later post (the beachwear throwover, posing with the ex) someone said she looked like a tired old hag. IMHO, this is the inevitable result of the drugs and the “dental work”. And has she always looked like a chipmunk? Or is it just the alleged “filler in the cheeks” clatie tips on below?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and the hair….