Tory Burch Resort 2012 Collection

Posted on June 14, 2011

We’ll be honest; a lot of Tory Burch’s stuff isn’t to our taste at all. A bit too ’70s focused and referential; and she seems to actively court the wealthy mommy demographic, which is fine, but boring for a couple of gay fashion bloggers. We have always recognized her skill; it’s just that the clothes never really spoke to us.

But we have to say, resort is where it’s at for her. Her aesthetic fits perfectly in this milieu and you can’t always say that about other designers. For some, resort seems like an afterthought or like something with which they’re not particularly comfortable. Tory’s work looks right at home here. Inspired by Santa Fe and the colors of the southwest;  there’s the usual great sense of color and fun mix of prints and textures and the usual Burch aesthetic of low-key practical chic. It’s not all fierce and fabulous (nor should it be), but it does speak to a specific woman and gives her what she’s looking for.

But the capri length pants have got to go. We’re sorry. They only look good on 1 percent of the population.

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  • Anonymous

    I really love a lot of this collection, with a few exceptions, e.g.  the first look in the last row makes the model look squat. I would happily wear that first floral dress while hanging out playing croquet at the Parker Palm Springs.

  • LOL, you are so right about courting the wealthy mommy niche. Which is why she has capris – though they may look good on only 1%, 99% of mommies seem to wear them (to the point where it’s hard to find regular length pants sometimes.)  See also: Kate Spade.

    • Yes! Why is it impossible to find normal pants any more? I don’t want capris, or 3 in shorts, or pants that look like they swallowed their last victim whole and are looking for dessert.

    • Anonymous

      I know! I went shopping yesterday and couldn’t find one cool, decent pair of standard length casual pants. I did find a pair of cargoes that I like a lot, but even they’re a tad short. I got them and love them, but what the hell is the deal with all the capris? Ack!

      Also, Kate Spade gives me a rash.

      • AwwwTrouble Trouble

        I think the deal with the capris is one of tailoring.  Or specifically, lack of tailoring.  I”m 5’4″, so regular length pants are always too long, but petites are too short.  Most capris are just a bit above ankle length on me.  A woman who is 5’8″, for example, might find regular pants too short, but long pants too long.  Capris are also shorter on her, but perhaps still acceptable.  Or, regular pants look more like capris.  Bottom line, no one has to tailor capris.  And so for casual, summer wear, when i don’t want to fool with hemming, I pretend capris are flattering and I always try to wear shoes that are at least interesting so the whole thing looks intentional.  Not a perfect solution by a long shot, but who wants to hem (or have tailored) every pair of casual pants she owns?  Not me. 

        • You are spot on! I am 5’2″, so the “ankle” length in jeans or pants actually fits pretty perfectly. Otherwise, I don’t stand a chance of just buying the proper length off the shelf. I am not going to get every item of clothing I own tailored, so I love the shorter lengths.

    • Anonymous

      Capris are horrific.

      • capris are for the masses (like me) who can’t wear shorts but still want to feel like they have something going on. The older we get….the more I want to cover up! As for normal length pants, get a good taylor and/or learn to sew. You can even hem jeans and make them look like they have not been hemed.

        • Anonymous

          I am the masses … but I would still rather wear shorts than capris. They don’t have to be short shorts, you know. Anyway, it probably has to do with the fact that I have short legs so capris make me look REALLY stumpy. 

  • Anonymous

    Tragically, the wealthy mommy demographic is boring for the mommies as well.


  • MilaXX

    It’s okay. I like the maxi dresses in the series of pics, but overall the collection reads a bit 70’s Partridge family to me.

  • Didn’t we see the orange shirt-striped blue pants outfit (second row from the bottom, left) on Austin Powers already? Yikes.

  • Wow, I hate that model. Angry PTA mom. But that is her niche, so I guess it works. But I love the clothes!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always found Tory Burch styles to be very matronly, and I could go on a major rant about capri pants, but I’ll spare you. I like her bags, though.

  • Anonymous

    The main reason I don’t like Tory Burch’s line (aside from not fitting into the demographic – you guys nailed it with that) is that her clothes look like shit on me. On the rare occasion I see something I like (and it’s on sale), it never fits right. And of course it’s all about me. So there ya go.

  • Not feeling this one.

    • Me neither.  I like a couple pieces, but definitely not the collection.

  • The model’s face is freaking me out.  I love the print dress on the top row. 

  • Jill Roberts

    Are capris really so bad?  I wear them about five inches shorter than that and I think they are cute.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, here is a newsflash:  Wealthy suburban Mom’s may be a small group they have incredibly large buying power of expensive sportswear.  Also, they made her famous.  “You dance with the one that brought you.”
    It’s a nice collection, very “Tory”.  Some of the ikats are really gorgeous.

  • This is a hasty lunch-time comment, so I don’t have time to look it up, but doesn’t this seem to share a lot of the color pallette and themes of the Marc Jacobs spring line?  Only, you know, not as good?

  • Remember when Tory said on Project Runway that orange and blue don’t go well together? Remember her last collection? And now this?

  • High water style capris = HATE. They look good on NO ONE. Knock a few more inches off (like Jill Roberts suggested above) and then they work for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Milaxx. I like the maxi dresses, but pretty much everything else is really dowdy. The blue striped pants would be really cool if they were full length. But I’m neither wealthy nor a mommy (except to three insane cats), so it’s no wonder I’m not impressed.

  • Cute. Don’t like the high-water pants, tho.

  • Anonymous

    I like capri pants…if they are maybe mid calf.  I hate the pedal-pusher length, like in the pictures above.  You just look like your pants are too short.  And I really dislike flared capri pants.

    I might wear a couple of the dresses (you know, if I was rich and thin) but overall, this is not my kind of collection.

    I think I saw some of the Brady kids wearing some of those patterns…

  • Anonymous

    well the model certainly has the “oh god, I’m so sick of hearing my children scream and fight and if my damned husband ‘stays late’ one more night, I’m going to to divorce his  ass” look

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Will the trust-fund boho look ever go away?

  • The blonde model’s bow legs are NOT helping sell this collection, though truthfully, I would find it unappealing  anyway.

  • ew! those capris look like something my mother made me wear back in 1972. hated them then and hate them now

  • Anonymous

    Wake me when we’re done with the 70’s.  They just don’t wan to go away.

  • In the 70’s, I was a lanky teenager with a 33″ inseam.  Clothes didn’t come in “tall” or “long” sizes and pretty much every pair of pants I owned were “high-waters” and every shirt was “3/4 sleeved” on me.  Finding something that fit was truly the Holy Grail . . . so needless to say — I CAN’T STAND CAPRI PANTS!!! 

    • Lisa

      I had the opposite problem than you did – I loved capris, and here’s why.  In 1983, when they came back into style in a big way, I loved them because they came all the way down on my short little legs like real, normal length slim fit pants (I only bought the slim fit ones)!  I’m 5’3″, and back then, they didn’t really have a big selection of petite lengths in the stores like they do now.  In our mall, we had Petite Sophisticate, which was HIDEOUS, and that was it.  So on my 19 yr. old college student budget, the fact that I could run into – yes – Kmart (which, have pity on me – it was as far as I could make my babysitting money stretch!) and buy as many capris as I could fit into a shopping cart was like heaven!  I didn’t have to hem anything, they fit me like a glove, I had them in every style and color (it was the 80’s, y’all… don’t judge!), and they were roughly $14 a pair.  I may not have been wearing them in the style they were intended, but from 1983 to around 1988, I was one happy little shrimp!

  • Lighten up, model. You’re at a resort with wealthy people who buy clothes to wear to resorts.

  • ru

    I’m going to defend the model a bit here. Yeah, she looks pissed, but that’s probably what the director of the photoshoot told her to look like…

    I like that she doesn’t look as unhealthy as most models do when their full legs are showing.

  • EW.

  • Lisa

    I like these!  Very cute and summery!

  • Anonymous

    Hate this. Well, mostly. There’s one skirt, one and a half jackets and one coat I think I’d like, if worn without the revival of the worst colors, patterns and cuts of the past. So unflattering, and it goes far, far deeper than capri-length pants.

  • Um, no. Austin Powers Four.

  • Dear Gretchen…THIS is how you reference Southwest and Santa Fe in a clothing collection.  Please take notes mkay…okaythanksbye!

  • Anonymous

    The folkloric patterned stuff is fun. 70s ISH fabric but not the caftans and schmattas of that era.

  • Anonymous

    The folkloric patterned stuff is fun. 70s ISH fabric but not the caftans and schmattas of that era.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people wear capris? Many of us no longer dare go out in public in shorts, but when it’s hot we need air on our legs. Capris are the next best thing to shorts and make a fine substitute.  I for one am happy that women have a tasteful alternative. Skirts aren’t always practical, nor are long dresses. 

  • Anonymous

    Capris are the work of the devil. They look good on skinny little girls and Audrey Hepburn. Period.

    • margaret meyers

      Mary Tyler Moore proves that a nicely shaped woman can look smashing in nicely tailored capris.  She owned them on the Dick Van Dyck show.

  • Don’t like the styling. Love the individual pieces. Lots of potential.

  • All of the proportions are seriously messed up.  And that model looks pissed off.

  • Anonymous

    Those blue striped pants brought back memories of junior high and are therefore hideous.  Remember when the 70s were known as the Decade that Taste Forgot?  As for capris, I wear them because I will spare the world, and myself, the sight of me in shorts.  I wish I could find light weight long pants but they are very hard to find.  Those capris are very long, though, and would stumpify most people.

  • Kate Gorton

    ….but aren’t designer clothes usually made for that one percent?

  • Anonymous

    But who wears a blazer with her bathing suit?

  • Anonymous

    so referential – almost costume

  • Anonymous

    It seems that the capris should be ankle pants – better proportions with the look the designers are going for.

  • Anonymous

    those aren’t capri length

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Marcia Marcia Marcia!